Jordan Holm and Dylan Ness talk about their futures for the Minnesota Storm in Greco-Roman – Guillotine Grapevine Ep. 1

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Oct 082015

guillotine-grapevine-350The first official episode of the Guillotine Grapevine takes us to two local campuses in the Twin Cities as we visit Augsburg College to meet with three-time Greco-Roman World Team member Jordan Holm to get a little bit of insight into the Minnesota Training Center and the performances of Storm athletes at the 2015 World Championships in Las Vegas.
Holm breaks down his own performance and identifies what he has to do to put himself in a position to make the Olympic Team in 2016 and win a medal. He also breaks down the performances of Andy Bisek and Bebeto Yewah, both Storm wrestlers who participated in the World Championships.

We then move across the river to the University of Minnesota and talk with four-time All-American Dylan Ness, who will be continuing his career on the senior level in Greco-Roman with the Storm. Ness breaks down what he had to do to separate himself from the comparisons to his older brother Jayson and why he’s picking Greco-Roman over freestyle.

Ness also looks back on his career at The U.

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Oct 072015

WORTHINGTON — Twin brothers Hser Eh and Hser Moo Pwae were 9 years old when they arrived in the United States. Life was very different in Burma, their native country, where a civil war had been raging. In America, they needed to learn English. They needed to make friends. They needed to find a way to fit in.

“It was hard,” said Hser Moo. “We didn’t know the language. Especially school. School was hard. The way we made friends was being involved with sports. That’s how we made friends.” Continue reading at

Oct 062015

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Rudis, a premier athletic apparel brand that is uniquely marketed to the national wrestling community, has partnered with The Clash to promote an exclusive event driven product line. The line, which will be unveiled at The Clash XIV, will feature a new logo and look to promote the single greatest high school dual meet event in the United States.

Since 2003, The Clash has been the battlefield for some of the most storied dual meets that high school wrestling has seen in the past decade. Many of America’s most storied programs have made the trip to Rochester, including but not limited to St. Paris Graham, St. Edward, Apple Valley, Clovis CA, Oak Park River Forest, Montini Catholic, STMA, Brandon FL, and many more. This year’s event is no different, as many teams in the top 20 return to Rochester for another great event on January 1-2, 2016. Continue reading at

Oct 062015

In previous episodes of the Short Time Wrestling Podcast, we’ve brought up the rise in college recruiting combines that are starting to populate around the sport of wrestling. On Episode 208 of the show, we’ll talk with Lance Hughes and Robert Steveson about the upcoming College Recruiting Combine that will come to Apple Valley High School in Apple Valley, Minnesota on October 16-18.

Lance and Robert will break down the growth of the combine and what they hope to do with future combines and spreading them around the country. Listen/continue reading at

Oct 062015

When is last time you took a risk?

When is the last time you truly evaluated your life? It’s often a terrible thing in life to wait until you’re ready. There’s really no such thing as ready. There’s just NOW. With this being said, I’m excited about a plan that gives you inward significance. I wish more than only 40 people would see this. I want to shout it out to the world! If you happen to read this, pass it to someone you care about. Here’s why – Goals add meaning to your life and ensures that your spirit and sense of purpose remain healthy and in some cases, alive. It’s spiritual suicide having no goals. Goals are a blueprint for growth, achievement and conquering your desires. Goals give your day value, structure, and purpose. Everyone wants a purpose, but few take the time and awareness to discover what their purpose is. I highly implore you to find your purpose – this will change your life and give meaning from within. Continue reading »

Oct 052015

By Brian Jerzak

There never has been much doubt in the mind of St. Michael-Albertville wrestler Mitchell McKee. He had a pretty good idea what he wanted to do at a young age. Most kids have an idea of what they want to do when they get older, but few have the talent and drive of a guy like McKee. From the day he invited his friend over for a play date in kindergarten, Mitchell McKee knew he wanted to be a wrestler.

McKee’s goals are much higher now than they were when he invited his friend over for a weekend play date, but big goals always have to start small. Continue reading »

Oct 022015

Headlining clinicians include Chris Perry, Dylan Ness, and Kane Thompson

The University of Minnesota wrestling team, led by head coach J Robinson and his staff, will once again host a coaches clinic this fall. The event will take place on Friday, October 30, 2015 at the Bierman Field Athletic Building in Minneapolis, Minn. The clinic offers professional instruction on the fundamentals and techniques of coaching wrestling and is open to all interested participants and fans of the sport. Continue reading »

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