Report Minnesota High School Wrestling Results


Report results to help wrestlers and teams get the recognition and exposure they deserve!

Report Dual Meet Results

(single dual, double dual, triangular, quadrangular, dual tournament)

Options for reporting:

  1. TrackWrestling – Each team manages their own results.
  2. Email The Guillotine –

Report Individual Tournament Results

Options for reporting:

  1. Email The Guillotine –
  2. Run your tournament on TrackWrestling ($). – Visit for information.
  3. Fax 612-605-0159
  4. If your tournament results are already posted on an independent web page you can enter the URL as an “Other Event” on (Dual Meet Admin account required).
Team representatives

Team representatives sign up for the season here.

About Results Reporting

Trackwrestling’s system offers free tools for high school teams:

  • Teams can post and manage their roster, schedule, and results through Trackwrestling’s system. Dual meet results will be available as soon as they are entered – no waiting hours to see results appear.
  • Live scorebook that allows you to enter match details (time, score, takedown, reversal, etc.) and then people from home can watch matches unfold live online.
  • Compatible with any device that can connect to the internet or mobile internet (phones, pda’s, computers, etc.). This means you can access the data at work, at home, on the go, etc.
  • The interface used to enter results remembers rosters and lineups to make data entry as easy as possible. No need to enter the same names over and over throughout the season.
  • Teams can manage media contacts so when dual results are entered those results are also sent wherever they want.
  • Provides an easy way for a team hosting an event (dual or tournament) to get an initial roster from participating teams.
  • It only takes one of the teams participating in a dual to enter the result and both teams get all the benefits.
  • If your team participates in a tournament that uses TrackWrestling:
    • You can import your roster into that event.
    • You can import the results from that event back to your teams individual schedule and results.
  • Team representatives can sign up for the season here.
  • Direct link to sign in and manage your team results and information:

Results reported by email:

  • Results are manually updated and will not appear on the web immediately.
  • Email formats: text, pdf, html
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