Aug 222016

This message is for anyone who cares.

No matter how many times we hear certain words, phrases or instructions in life, we/they need to be subjected to constant renewal. Just because we have seen or heard something, does not mean we know it or more importantly do it. Anything worthwhile must be reviewed, studied and put into action, again and again, a constant renewal of focus and stimulation. Take praying for example, would or do you not pray anymore or today because you already know the prayer and you prayed two weeks ago? Do you refrain from telling loved ones today that you love them because you already told them a week ago? Athletes, are you not running, lifting, and working on skills because you already did a week ago and you already know them? Students, are you done studying and reviewing because you already have done plenty of that? No!! Continue reading »

Aug 222016

J Robinson and the University of Minnesota have reached an impasse in discussions over the longtime wrestling coach’s exit and potential buyout, sources close to the talks told the Star Tribune.

The sources also said the university’s internal investigation into Robinson’s handling of the alleged use and sale of the prescription sedative Xanax by Gophers wrestlers is complete, with a report on the matter expected to be released to the public as soon as Tuesday.

It has been nearly three months since the first reports of an alleged drug problem permeating Robinson’s team earlier this year. Continue reading at

Aug 212016

RIO DE JANEIRO – Last September Kyle Snyder shocked the world and became the youngest World champion in U.S. wrestling history. Today he leaves Rio with Olympic gold.

Snyder’s legend grew on Sunday afternoon inside Carioca Arena 2 as he became the youngest Olympic wrestling champion in U.S. history at age 20 with a 2-1 victory over eight-time World and Olympic medalist Khetag Goziumov of Azerbaijan.

Scoring opened in the gold medal match with Snyder securing a single leg and driving Goziumov out of bounds for one point. The two traded points off shot clock violations in the second. Snyder was able to fend off every Goziumov attack throughout the match and secure the U.S. its 50th Olympic gold in men’s freestyle.

“It was a tough match. I wrestled that guy like a month ago and he beat me, so I’m happy that I’ve been able to improve on that performance, and, I keep saying it, I’m really thankful and grateful that I’ve even had this opportunity wrestle and my family and friends have been down here, to share it with them,” said Snyder. Continue reading at

Aug 212016

RIO DE JANEIRO – Both U.S. wrestlers are still in medal contention on the final day of the Olympic Games with 2015 World champion Kyle Snyder wrestling for gold and Frank Molinaro still in the hunt for bronze.

Snyder, the youngest World champion in U.S. history, brutalized his side of the 97 kg bracket to earn a spot in the gold medal match against seven-time World and Olympic medalist Khetag Goziumov of Azerbaijan.

“I am ready to go,” Snyder said. “I am excited. There will be a little break and then I will be ready to wrestle.”

The two behemoths met at the Grand Prix of Germany last month with Goziumov edging Snyder, 2-1. Continue reading at

Aug 202016

RIO DE JANEIRO – The next young U.S. superstar has arrived. 21-year-old J’den Cox proved to the World he belonged and claimed an Olympic bronze medal on Saturday night.

Staring down Cox in his bronze medal match was the formidable three-time World medalist Reineris Salas Perez of Cuba who entered the Olympics ranked No. 3 in the World.

After several fascinating exchanges between the two, Cox led Salas 1-0 deep into the second period and was placed on the shot clock with just over one minute to go. A wild turn of events ensued after Cox secured a double leg on the Cuban as the shot clock expired. Initially, Salas was awarded the go-ahead point with six seconds remaining in the match. After official review, Cox was awarded a takedown and a 3-0 lead. Salas did not finish the match out of protest and was disqualified, giving the U.S. its first men’s freestyle medal of the Rio Olympics.

“It was awesome to know that I accomplished a great feat,” Cox said following his bronze medal victory. “That wasn’t my goal. I am not going to say that I accomplished my goal because my goal was to win gold. I am not bitter about it. I am happy. I accomplished a great feat, and so many people never get the chance to even come close to taste it. I got to taste it. I enjoy it and am very happy about it.” Continue reading at

Aug 202016

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil – 2015 World champion Kyle Snyder (Woodbine, Md./Titan Mercury WC/Ohio RTC) at 97 kg/213 lbs. as well as Frank Molinaro (State College, Pa./Nittany Lion WC) at 65 kg/143 lbs. have weighed in and received their first round draws for the Olympic Games. They will compete in Carioca 2 Arena on Sunday, the final day of the 2016 Olympic Games.

Snyder, as the defending World champion is the No. 1 seed, and is in the top spot of the top bracket. He will face Cuba’s Javier Cortina in the first round, a 2014 World bronze medalist. Snyder beat Cortina in the Beat the Streets Dual in 2015, by a 4-0 margin.

If Snyder wins his first bout, he would face the winner of the match between 2011 World bronze medalists Albert Saritov of Romania and Nicolai Ceban of Moldova.

In the bottom portion of Snyder’s half-bracket are Jose Diaz Robertti of Venezuela, Mamed Ibragimov of Kazakhstan, Elizbar Odikadze of Georgia and 2008 Olympic bronze medalist Georgii Ketoev of Armenia. Odikadze was fifth in the 2014 and 2015 World Championships. Continue reading at

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