The Guillotine – November 17, 1977

The November 17, 1977 issue of The Guillotine. In the headlines: Guillotine alive and well under new ownership | Halloran travels to Iran with USJN team | When Dan Gable talked – all the coaches listened | A Little BS from Bartels and Schmidt | Interview form for wrestlers | 185 lb class will replace 180 class | Major Rule Changes for 1977-78 | Refs Review – Chad Crow | Inspire us to your service | Coach Spencer Yohe says ‘Hard Work’ is Hancock’s key to success / Dennis Feuchtenberger / Jon Cunningham / Gene Hacker | Blind wrestler has 60 career wins – Randy Schwanke | Fergus Falls Cheerleaders | Blue Wrestling Camp keeps getting bigger and better | Kelvington’s Corner – President MWCA | Rummy Macias Clinic enters its 13th year | Buzz Cummins new coach at Waterville-Elysian school | Rummy Macias looking for 18th National Champion at Mankato / Brent Hagen / Joe Johnson | Chad Crow may be the youngest official to work world tourney | Minter wrestling clinic draws good crowd at Winthrop | Do you have more than 60 career wins? | Wrestling Records | Minnesota A.A.U. Cultural Exchange Team makes summer trip to Europe | Sweat Box Postmortem and Mixed Feelings | Parents Are An Asset To An Athlete | Sauter is N.A.I.A. All-American Wrestler | Wrestler Spotlight – Pat Thiry.

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