28th NSPSL Wrestling Championships

The North Suburban Parochial School League concluded the 2010 wrestling season with their 28th annual championships on Saturday, March 27th at Totino-Grace High School. Twelve schools participated in the dual meet season and the individual tournament, involving upper elementary through 8th grade boys. Epiphany of Coon Rapids won the team title, ahead of runner-up Meadow Creek Christian School (Andover), St. Vincent de Paul (Osseo) and St. Stephen’s (Anoka). This was the 12th time Epiphany has taken home the league championship trophy, as Meadow Creek’s string of three straight titles came to an end.

Epiphany won with a balanced effort in placing wrestlers among the top six at 11 of 12 weight classes, with four championship finalists, including three individual gold-medalists. Epiphany eighth grader Corey Vaillancourt was awarded “Outstanding Wrestler” honors after earning his 5th consecutive NSPSL title at 103 pounds to join an elite group in league history. Three more outstanding eighth graders also finished successful parochial careers by capturing titles, while earning special note in the NSPSL record book. Meadow Creek’s James Pinewski (95 lbs), Epiphany’s Justin Robillard (125) and St. Odilia’s Walker Thiele (140) all won their third titles in 2010. Other wrestlers repeating to become 2x champs include sixth grader Esteban Teigen (70 lbs) and seventh grader Billy Hentges (80) both from Meadow Creek and St. Vincent’s seventh grader Christian Smith (112).

The league’s dual meet championship was determined on Tuesday, March 16th at Meadow Creek Christian High School Gym, with the RSC “cooperative” (St. Alphonsus/Sacred Heart/St. Raphael’s) winning the program’s first title ever, following a dramatic victory over Epiphany in the finals.  St. Alphonsus, Sacred Heart and St. Raphael’s are located in Brooklyn Center, Robbinsdale and Crystal respectively.

2010 North Suburban Parochial School League Wrestling Results

Schools – Season Records
1. St. Alphonsus/St. Raphael’s/Sacred Heart “RSC”  (7-0)
2. Epiphany (5-2)*
3. Meadow Creek Christian (5-2)
4. Benilde-St.Margaret’s (4-3)*
5. St. Vincent de Paul (4-3)
6. St. Stephen’s (2-5)
7. St.Odilia/Jn/Holy Spirit (1-6)
8. Trinity at RiverRidge (0-7)
*head to head tie-breakers determined higher placing teams.

St. Alphonsus/St. Raphael's/Sacred Heart "RSC"
NSPSL dual meet champions – “RSC” cooperative (Sacred Heart/St. Alphonsus/Sacred Heart).

NSPSL ‘Final Four”Duals
Championship: RSC (36)  Epiphany (24)
3rd Place: Benilde-St. Margaret’s (33)  Meadow Creek Christian (33).
Dual Meet Tournament:  3/16 at MCC High School Gym.

Schools (Pts)
1. Epiphany, Coon Rapids (149)
2. MeadowCreek Christian, Andover (143)
3. St. Vincent de Paul, Osseo (133)
4. St. Stephen’s, Anoka (117.5)
5. Benilde-St. Margaret’s, St. Louis Park (91)
6. Trinity at RiverRidge, Egan (84.5)
7. St. Raphael’s, Crystal (76)
8. St. Odilia, Shoreview (58)
9. Sacred Heart , Robbinsdale (55)
10. St. Alphonsus, Brooklyn Center (30)
11. Holy Spirit, St. Paul (0)
12. St. John the Baptist, New Brighten (0)

Epiphany Team
Epiphany’s 2010 NSPSL Championship team members

Tournaments at MCCS and TGHS (3/16 and 3/27)
League Director:  Dan Vandermyde
Tourn. Coordinators:  Kim Brown and Doug Svihel.

65 LBS
1. Henry Exner (St. Stephen’s)
2. Jake Svihel (Epiphany)
3. Dominic Cummings (Sacred Heart)
4. Andy Hanson (Benilde-StMrgt’s)
5. Luke Chiaka (Meadow Creek)
6. Jackson Gray (Trinity@RvrRdg)
70 LBS
1. Esteban Teigen (Meadow Creek)
2. Daniel Claussen (St. Alphonsus)
3. Michael Kellett (St. Raphael’s)
4. Jack Vettel (St. Vincent dP)
5. Michael Menth (Epiphany)
6. Dominic Bulger (Trinity@RvrRdg)
75 LBS
1. Kaden Spindler (St. Stephen’s)
2. Luke Nolden (Meadow Creek)
3. Kiernan Lundgren (St. Vincent dP)
4. Luke Cantu (Meadow Crk)*
5. Max Cummings (Sacred Heart)
6. Timothy Janisch (Epiphany)
80 LBS
1. Billy Hentges (Meadow Creek)
2. Henry Leighton (Trinity@RvrRdg)
3. Alex Robillard (Epiphany)
4. Alex Kocon (St. Stephen’s)
5. Tucker Mortier (Meadow Crk)*
6. Tanner Freeburg (Meadow Crk)*
85 LBS
1. Adam Vettel (St. Vincent dP)
2. Zach Fritz (Meadow Creek)
3. Ryan Bhagroo (St. Stephen’s)
4. John Lewis (Epiphany)
5. Griffin Ewing (Benilde-StMrgt’s)
6. Tanner Mortier (Meadow Crk)*
90 LBS
1. Carter Walch (Epiphany)
2. Jake Koene (Benilde-StMrgt’s)
3. Patrick Larson (St. Raphael’s)
4. Ryan Kusch (St. Vincent dP)
5. Grant Colestock (Meadow Creek)
6. Caleb Jungling (St. Stephen’s)
95 LBS
1. James Pinewski (Meadow Creek)
2. Jake Aller (Benilde-StMrgt’s)
3. Kevin Bucher (St. Odilia)
4. Bryant Ridgeway (Trinity@RvrRdg)
5. Giovanni Jessee (St. Alphonsus)
6. Spencer Howe (St. Stephen’s)
103 LBS
1. Corey Vaillancourt (Epiphany)
2. Pierce Rothenbacher (St. Odilia)
3. Adam Ries (Meadow Creek)
4. Matt Wolfbauer (Benilde-StMrgt’s)
5. Nick Battaglia (St. Stephen’s)
6. Brandon Lundeen (St. Raphael’s)
112 LBS
1. Christian Smith (St. Vincent dP)
2. Dietrich Balsbaugh (Trinity@RvrRdg)
3. Jake Sansovich (St. Stephen’s)
4. Nathan Cummings (Sacred Heart)
5. Tyler Sunell (Epiphany)
6. Liam Schmelzle (Benilde-StMrgt’s)
125 LBS
1. Justin Robillard (Epiphany)
2. Sam Swanson (Trinity@RvrRdg)
3. Riley Johnson (St. Raphael’s)
4. Greg White (St. Vincent dP)
5. Jake Hilton (St. Stephen’s)
6. Tucker Manske (Meadow Creek)
140 LBS
1. Walker Thiele (St. Odilia)
2. Maverick Cain (Sacred Heart)
3. Jared Anderson (St. Vincent dP)
4. Peter Crema (St. Stephen’s)
5. Tyler Janisch (Epiphany)
6. Zach Conati (Benilde-StMrgt’s)
1. John Pugh (St. Raphael’s)
2. Aaron Kusch (St. Vincent dP)
3. Kiefer Floreal (Benilde-StMgrt’s)
4. Alex Lundeen (St. Rphl’s)*
5. Alex Hanson (BSM)*
6. Mike Green (Epiphany)

* Wild Card Entries.

NSPSL “Most Outstanding Wrestler” 2010: *Corey Vaillancourt (Epiphany/class of 2010), 103 lbs.  5x League Champion!

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