MN/USA Wrestling Junior Freestyle State Championships

MN/USA Wrestling Junior Freestyle State Championships

April 18, 2010

Augsburg College – Minneapolis, MN

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Tournament Results

Tournament Results
Junior – 98 Results
1st Place – Tristan Manderfeld of Central Minnesota
2nd Place – Jarred Oftedahl of Hi-Flyers
3rd Place – Scottie Bonds of Unattached
4th Place – Erik Olson of Central Minnesota
Round Robin Matches
Jarred Oftedahl (Hi-Flyers) over Scottie Bonds (Unattached) Fall 0:48
Tristan Manderfeld (Central Minnesota) over Jarred Oftedahl (Hi-Flyers) Dec 5-6,7-0,0-6
Tristan Manderfeld (Central Minnesota) over Scottie Bonds (Unattached) Dec 5-0,6-0

Junior – 105 Results
1st Place – Luke Zilverberg of Ghost Riders
2nd Place – Trevor Westerlund of Unattached
3rd Place – Kyle Gliva of Simley
Round Robin Matches
Trevor Westerlund (Unattached) over Kyle Gliva (Simley) Fall 1:35
Luke Zilverberg (Ghost Riders) over Trevor Westerlund (Unattached) Dec 1-1,3-3,7-7
Luke Zilverberg (Ghost Riders) over Kyle Gliva (Simley) Dec 1-4,8-5,1-0

Junior – 112 Results
1st Place – Jordan Kingsley of Apple Valley WC
2nd Place – Jacoby Bergeron of Unattached
3rd Place – Cole Sladek of Hi-Flyers
4th Place – Brett Stolarzyk of Stewartville
5th Place – Wesley Azariah of East Side Wrestling Club
6th Place – Mitchel Herian of Hi-Flyers
1st Place Match
Jordan Kingsley (Apple Valley WC) over Jacoby Bergeron (Unattached) Dec 5-3,5-5
3rd Place Match
Cole Sladek (Hi-Flyers) over Brett Stolarzyk (Stewartville) TF 5-9,7-1,6-0
5th Place Match
Wesley Azariah (East Side Wrestling Club) over Mitchel Herian (Hi-Flyers) TF 8-2,6-0

Junior – 119 Results
1st Place – Mike Fuenffinger of Itasca Titans WC
2nd Place – Sam Brancale of Eden Prairie
3rd Place – Lincoln Mallinger of Hi-Flyers
4th Place – Jacob Braaten of Central Minnesota
5th Place – Roman Wundrow of CF Mat Rats
6th Place – Jared Duffy of CF Mat Rats
1st Place Match
Mike Fuenffinger (Itasca Titans WC) over Sam Brancale (Eden Prairie) Dec 2-0,7-1
3rd Place Match
Lincoln Mallinger (Hi-Flyers) over Jacob Braaten (Central Minnesota) Dec 1-4,1-1,7-1
5th Place Match
Roman Wundrow (CF Mat Rats) over Jared Duffy (CF Mat Rats) Fall 2-0,1:16

Junior – 125 Results
1st Place – Hayden Zillmer of Omega
2nd Place – Cola Jensen of Simley
3rd Place – Brady Johnshoy of Ghost Riders
4th Place – Wayne Voss of Hi-Flyers
5th Place – Zachary Goldberg of Unattached
6th Place – Deven Donais of Central Minnesota
1st Place Match
Hayden Zillmer (Omega) over Cola Jensen (Simley) Dec 6-4,6-4
3rd Place Match
Brady Johnshoy (Ghost Riders) over Wayne Voss (Hi-Flyers) TF 6-0,6-0
5th Place Match
Zachary Goldberg (Unattached) over Deven Donais (Central Minnesota) TF 7-0,8-0

Junior – 130 Results
1st Place – Bronson Steuber of Flat Earth
2nd Place – Ben Morgan of Forest Lake WC
3rd Place – Tyler Tischer of Rum River
4th Place – Mitchel Lexvold of CF Mat Rats
5th Place – Keng Xiong of East Side Wrestling Club
6th Place – Trey Fitzke of Valley Elite
1st Place Match
Bronson Steuber (Flat Earth) over Ben Morgan (Forest Lake WC) Dec 1-0,7-0
3rd Place Match
Tyler Tischer (Rum River) over Mitchel Lexvold (CF Mat Rats) Dec 0-7,1-0,4-2
5th Place Match
Keng Xiong (East Side Wrestling Club) over Trey Fitzke (Valley Elite) Fall 4-6,1:04

Junior – 135 Results
1st Place – Matthew Kelliher of Apple Valley WC
2nd Place – Drew Lexvold of CF Mat Rats
3rd Place – Christian Skillings of Unattached
4th Place – Ben Rynda of Eagan Wrestling Club
5th Place – Darren Gagne of Coon Rapids Mat Bandits
6th Place – Matt Fuller of Central Minnesota
1st Place Match
Matthew Kelliher (Apple Valley WC) over Drew Lexvold (CF Mat Rats) Dec 5-5,6-2
3rd Place Match
Christian Skillings (Unattached) over Ben Rynda (Eagan Wrestling Club) Dec 2-0,6-0
5th Place Match
Darren Gagne (Coon Rapids Mat Bandits) over Matt Fuller (Central Minnesota) Fall 1:23

Junior – 140 Results
1st Place – Brandon Kingsley of Apple Valley WC
2nd Place – Paul Norgren of Mankato
3rd Place – Jake Siegle of Ghost Riders
4th Place – Marcus Wolf of Rochester Wrestling Club
5th Place – Matthew Kruse of Simley
6th Place – Kahron Nix of Coon Rapids Mat Bandits
1st Place Match
Brandon Kingsley (Apple Valley WC) over Paul Norgren (Mankato) TF 7-0,6-0
3rd Place Match
Jake Siegle (Ghost Riders) over Marcus Wolf (Rochester Wrestling Club) Dec 8-1,3-1
5th Place Match
Matthew Kruse (Simley) over Kahron Nix (Coon Rapids Mat Bandits) FF

Junior – 145 Results
1st Place – Dylan Ness of Bloomington Wrestling Club
2nd Place – Devon Scott of Apple Valley WC
3rd Place – Dan Dick of Simley
4th Place – Eric Stevens of Unattached
5th Place – Anthony Caputo of Unattached
6th Place – Eric Twohey of Stewartville
1st Place Match
Dylan Ness (Bloomington Wrestling Club) over Devon Scott (Apple Valley WC) TF 7-0,7-0
3rd Place Match
Dan Dick (Simley) over Eric Stevens (Unattached) Dec 6-0,5-0
5th Place Match
Anthony Caputo (Unattached) over Eric Twohey (Stewartville) ID

Junior – 152 Results
1st Place – Jake Long of Unattached
2nd Place – Nick Wanzek of Simley
3rd Place – Shawn Hatlestad of Central Minnesota
4th Place – Brett Pfarr of Valley Elite
5th Place – Jake Lillie of Hi-Flyers
6th Place – Colten LaChance of Hastings
1st Place Match
Jake Long (Unattached) over Nick Wanzek (Simley) Dec 4-1,2-2,1-1
3rd Place Match
Shawn Hatlestad (Central Minnesota) over Brett Pfarr (Valley Elite) Fall 0:28
5th Place Match
Jake Lillie (Hi-Flyers) over Colten LaChance (Hastings) ID

Junior – 160 Results
1st Place – Steve Keogh of Apple Valley WC
2nd Place – Micah Barnes of Simley
3rd Place – Nick Tourville of Bloomington Wrestling Club
4th Place – William Baker of SLP/STA Matstalkers WC
5th Place – Tyler Mergen of Central Minnesota
6th Place – Matt Meyer of Central Minnesota
1st Place Match
Steve Keogh (Apple Valley WC) over Micah Barnes (Simley) Dec 5-1,6-0,0-0
3rd Place Match
Nick Tourville (Bloomington Wrestling Club) over William Baker (SLP/STA Matstalkers WC) Dec 1-1,2-3,5-2
5th Place Match
Tyler Mergen (Central Minnesota) over Matt Meyer (Central Minnesota) Dec 6-0,6-5

Junior – 171 Results
1st Place – Jake Waste of Apple Valley WC
2nd Place – Zak Coates of Unattached
3rd Place – Cooper Moore of Flat Earth
4th Place – Ben McPhail of Unattached
5th Place – Justin Bowland of Central Minnesota
6th Place – Tyler Thomas of Unattached
1st Place Match
Jake Waste (Apple Valley WC) over Zak Coates (Unattached) Dec 0-1,3-0,2-0
3rd Place Match
Cooper Moore (Flat Earth) over Ben McPhail (Unattached) Dec 4-2,7-5
5th Place Match
Justin Bowland (Central Minnesota) over Tyler Thomas (Unattached) ID

Junior – 189 Results
1st Place – Spencer Johnson of Unattached
2nd Place – Kody Kalkbrenner of Central Minnesota
3rd Place – Josh Willaert of Valley Elite
4th Place – Coyte Kuefner of Owatonna WC
5th Place – Chad Matthees of CF Mat Rats
6th Place – Sean Huls of Central Minnesota
1st Place Match
Spencer Johnson (Unattached) over Kody Kalkbrenner (Central Minnesota) Dec 5-4,3-2
3rd Place Match
Josh Willaert (Valley Elite) over Coyte Kuefner (Owatonna WC) Dec 4-6,6-2,4-4
5th Place Match
Chad Matthees (CF Mat Rats) over Sean Huls (Central Minnesota) Fall 6-0,1:00

Junior – 215 Results
1st Place – Michael Kroells of Unattached
2nd Place – Yusef Hassan of Sisu/Inferno
3rd Place – Dakota Hanson of DC Wild
4th Place – CJ Hays of East Metro
5th Place – Austin Holland of Valley Elite
6th Place – Jacob Lueck of Eagan Wrestling Club
1st Place Match
Michael Kroells (Unattached) over Yusef Hassan (Sisu/Inferno) Dec 2-0,7-1
3rd Place Match
Dakota Hanson (DC Wild) over CJ Hays (East Metro) Fall 3-4,1:37
5th Place Match
Austin Holland (Valley Elite) over Jacob Lueck (Eagan Wrestling Club) Dec 3-2,0-2,3-3

Junior – 285 Results
1st Place – Cole Wilson of Faribault
2nd Place – Mike Kessler of Hi-Flyers
3rd Place – Parker Betts of Unattached
4th Place – Mitchell Johnson of Eagan Wrestling Club
5th Place – Tim Twohey of Stewartville
6th Place – Aaron Bruihler of Valley Elite
1st Place Match
Cole Wilson (Faribault) over Mike Kessler (Hi-Flyers) Dec 2-0,6-0
3rd Place Match
Parker Betts (Unattached) over Mitchell Johnson (Eagan Wrestling Club) Dec 6-3,5-2
5th Place Match
Tim Twohey (Stewartville) over Aaron Bruihler (Valley Elite) Fall 1-0,2-2,0:27