NJCAA National Championships

NJCAA National Championships – nic.edu

Feb 25-26, 2011 at Spokane, WA

Visit www.nic.edu/athletics/wrestlingnationals for complete tournament results.

Team Results
1 Clackamas Community College 109
2 North Idaho College 98.5
3 Rend Lake College 94
4 Iowa Central Community College 93
5 Labette Community College 85.5
6 Harper College 84
Lincoln College 84
8 Northwest College 72.5
9 Muskegon College 69
10 Highline Community College 67.5

(The top five are recognized by the NJCAA)

First: Mike Garofalo, Nassau Community College
Second: Josh Heinzer, Iowa Central Community College
Third: Steven Romero, Highline Community College
Fourth: Jeff Vesta, Neosho County Community College
Fifth: T. T. Prayther, Rend Lake College
Sixth: Kyle McCrite, North Idaho College
Seventh: Garret Jones, Labette Community College
Eighth: Eduardo Dominguez, Harper College

First: Tyler Holloway, Rend LakeCollege
Second: Jesse Hillhouse, Northwest College
Third: Brandon Wright, Iowa Central Community College
Fourth: Martin Gonzalez, Clackamas Community College
Fifth: John Miller, Nassau Community College
Sixth: D’Marcus Spencer, Lincoln College
Seventh: Tim Hubbard, Mercyhurst North East
Eighth: Wismit Moinius, North Iowa Area Community College

First: Wilson Metellus, Ellsworth Community College
Second: Vinnie DiGravio, Mercyhurst North East
Third: DaMonte Riley, Lincoln College
Fourth: Sean Turner, Muskegon College
Fifth: Cody Randall, Clackamas Community College
Sixth: Kodie Silvestri, Nassau Community College
Seventh: Casey Williams, Itasca Community College
Eighth: Jace Campbell, Colby Community College

First: Victor DeJesus, Iowa Lakes Community College
Second: Jason Gray, Highline Community College
Third: Frankie BueneFuente, Bergen Community College
Fourth: Mark Marianovich, Lincoln College
Fifth: Michael Perez, Labette Community College
Sixth: Tyler Peet, Alfred State College
Seventh: Adam Will, Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology
Eighth: Justin Schumacher, Western Wyoming Community College

First: PJ Starnes, Harper College
Second: Jeremy Bommarito, North Idaho College
Third: Justin Pencook, Glouscester County College
Fourth: Matt Melendrez, Clackamas Community College
Fifth: Eric Jones, Highline Community College
Sixth: Eric Telford, Muskegon College
Seventh: Quinten Haynes, North Iowa Area Community College
Eighth: Scott Verner, Western Wyoming Community College

First: Isaiah Williams, Rend Lake College
Second: Derek Mestrovich, Clackamas Community College
Third: Dan McGillivray, Iowa Lakes Community College
Fourth: Isaiah Tatum, North Iowa Area Community College
Fifth: Troy Ireland, Niagara County Community College
Sixth: Theo Jensen-Innis, Rochester Community and Technical College
Seventh: Jake Mason, North Idaho College
Eighth: Lance Wade, Nassau Community College

First: Jesse Nielsen, North Idaho College (pictured below)
Second: Keithen Cast, Northwest College
Third: Travis Peralta, Ridgewater College
Fourth: Khari Washington, Harper College
Fifth: James Haywood, Lincoln College
Sixth: Jules Doliscar, Nassau Community College
Seventh: Carl Foreside, Iowa Central Community College
Eighth: John McArdle, Middlesex County College


First: Nick Petersen, Northwest College
Second: Austin Moorehead, Rend Lake College
Third: Brett Sanchez, Clackamas Community College
Fourth: Ray Hall, Labette Community College
Fifth: Arber Bebo, Harper College
Sixth: Marlon Baker, Mercyhurst North East
Seventh: Michael Johnson, Lincoln College
Eighth: Teagan Franco, Yakima Valley Community College

First: Jamelle Jones, North Idaho College
Second: Walker Clarke, Labette Community College
Third: Nick Pica, Iowa Central Community College
Fourth: Darren Faber, Highline Community College
Fifth: Trent Flegel, Muskegon College
Sixth: Vinny Campanille, Ellsworth Community College
Seventh: Fred Moses, Lincoln College
Eighth: Cully Butterfield, Itasca Community College

First: Tyrell Fortune, Clackamas Community College
Second: Seth McGregor, Iowa Central Community College
Third: Adam Chalfant, Harper College
Fourth: Matt Wyss, Iowa Lakes Community College
Fifth: Reno Redleaf, Labette Community College
Sixth: Kyle Gibas, Niagara County Community College
Seventh: Karl Green, Rend Lake College
Eighth: Ryan Steverson, Muskegon College

NJCAA Wrestling Man of the Year:
 Bergen Community College Head Coach Mike Massenzio

Hall of Fame Inductees: Western New England College Wrestling Coach Anibal Nieves and SCIFIT Board Member and former longtime coach at Black Hawk Community College in Illinois Denton Smith

Falls Award: (Most falls in the least amount of time) Eric Telford, 157 of Muskegon College, with four falls

Sportsmanship Award: Walker Clarke, 197, Labette Community College

Non-Scholarship Coach of the Year: Coach Paul Schmidt of Nassau Community College

Scholarship Coach of the Year: Josh Rhoden of Clackamas Community College

Wrestler of the Year: Jamelle Jones, 197, North Idaho College