2011 MSHSL State Tournament Results

March 3-5 at Xcel Energy Center, St. Paul

State Tournament Individual Results
Friday-Saturday, March 4-5

A 103

1st – Cameron Sykora, Border West, 8

2nd – Trevor Schultz, Martin County West, 10

3rd – Joey Majerus, Zumbrota-Mazeppa, 8

4th – Cody Hanson, Saint James, 10

5th – Tyler Keller, Medford, 9

6th – Tyler Berghuis, Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City, 9

First Round: Wayne Henslin, Kenyon-Wanamingo def. Isaac Schermerhorn, Frazee fall 5:28; Cody Hanson, Saint James def. Mitchell McKee, Kimball Area 9-6; Cameron Sykora, Border West def. Brady Zitzman, BOLD 11-4; Tyler Keller, Medford def. Luke Thompson, Mille Lacs fall 1:01; Joey Majerus, Zumbrota-Mazeppa def. James Goman, Trinity at River Ridge 5-0; Jordan Engler, Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg def. Ryan Bergeron, Badger/Greenbush-Middle River 11-6; Trevor Schultz, Martin County West def. Tyler Berghuis, Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City 6-2; Conrad Kondos, Breckenridge/Campbell-Tintah def. Caleb Voss, Crosby-Ironton 15-0

Championship Quarterfinals: Cody Hanson def. Wayne Henslin 4-0; Cameron Sykora def. Tyler Keller 6-4; Joey Majerus def. Jordan Engler fall 5:20; Trevor Schultz def. Conrad Kondos 9-3

Wrestlebacks: Wayne Henslin def. Mitchell McKee 4-2; Tyler Keller def. Brady Zitzman 5-0; James Goman def. Jordan Engler 3-1; Tyler Berghuis def. Conrad Kondos fall 3:29

Consolation Quarterfinals: Tyler Keller def. Wayne Henslin 7-0; Tyler Berghuis def. James Goman 4-1

Consolation Semifinals: Joey Majerus def. Tyler Keller fall 1:54; Cody Hanson def. Tyler Berghuis 5-4

Championship Semifinals: Cameron Sykora def. Cody Hanson 3-0; Trevor Schultz def. Joey Majerus 9-0

Fifth: Tyler Keller def. Tyler Berghuis 3-0

Third: Joey Majerus def. Cody Hanson 7-3

Championship: Cameron Sykora def. Trevor Schultz fall 3:21

A 112

1st – Jacob Braaten, Minnewaska Area, 12

2nd – Shane Novak, New York Mills, 10

3rd – Isaac Novacek, Badger/Greenbush-Middle River, 11

4th – Trevor Stilke, Frazee, 12

5th – Mitch Andrews, Border West, 12

6th – Quinten Berres, Kimball Area, 8

First Round: Dylan Herman, United South Central def. Nicholas Esping, Minneota 10-4; Shane Novak, New York Mills def. Mick Roemer, Wabasha-Kellogg 7-5; Quinten Berres, Kimball Area def. Jerod Novak, Aitkin fall 1:06; Trevor Stilke, Frazee def. Angel Soto, Saint James 5-4; Isaac Novacek, Badger/Greenbush-Middle River def. Brady Moulzolf, Royalton/Upsala fall :35; Jacob Braaten, Minnewaska Area def. Austin Brockhoff, Sibley East 9-1; Andrew Dayland, Saint Charles def. Cody Peters, Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg 7-1; Mitch Andrews, Border West def. Zack Kuhns, Maple River 6-0

Championship Quarterfinals: Shane Novak def. Dylan Herman 1-0; Quinten Berres def. Trevor Stilke fall :24; Jacob Braaten def. Isaac Novacek 6-4; Mitch Andrews def. Andrew Dayland 8-2

Wrestlebacks: Dylan Herman def. Mick Roemer fall 1:47; Trevor Stilke def. Jerod Novak 1-0; Isaac Novacek def. Austin Brockhoff 21-4 3:55; Zack Kuhns def. Andrew Dayland 5-2

Consolation Quarterfinals: Trevor Stilke def. Dylan Herman 6-1; Isaac Novacek def. Zack Kuhns 4-2

Consolation Semifinals: Trevor Stilke def. Mitch Andrews 3-2; Isaac Novacek def. Quinten Berres 11-7

Championship Semifinals: Shane Novak def. Quinten Berres 6-3; Jacob Braaten def. Mitch Andrews 6-3

Fifth: Mitch Andrews def. Quinten Berres 12-4

Third: Isaac Novacek def. Trevor Stilke 17-3

Championship: Jacob Braaten def. Shane Novak 5-4

A 119

1st – Mitchel Lexvold, Kenyon-Wanamingo, 11

2nd – Will McCarthy, Border West, 12

3rd – Dustin Esplan, New Richland-Hartland-Ellendale-Geneva, 11

4th – Hayden Rouser, Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City, 11

5th – Taner Trembley, Lake Crystal-Wellcome Memorial, 10

6th – Justin Doerr, Lewiston-Altura/Rushford-Peterson, 11

First Round: Justin Doerr, Lewiston-Altura/Rushford-Peterson def. Dustin Esplan, New Richland-Hartland-Ellendale-Geneva 9-8; Morgan Staton, Benson def. Cody Whitney, Mille Lacs fall 4:20; Isaac Carreon, Saint James def. Jordan Kohler, Frazee 5-4; Will McCarthy, Border West def. Tanner Mills, Kimball Area 5-2; Hayden Rouser, Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City def. Nate Merten, Crookston fall 44:36; Mitchel Lexvold, Kenyon-Wanamingo def. Alec Engler, Minneota fall 4:14; Taner Trembley, Lake Crystal-Wellcome Memorial def. Zach Johnson, Ottertail Central 5-0; Jesse Jaeger, Maple River def. Brandon Sullivan, Pierz fall 1:33

Championship Quarterfinals: Justin Doerr def. Morgan Staton 13-1; Will McCarthy def. Isaac Carreon fall 1:21; Mitchel Lexvold def. Hayden Rouser fall 3:16; Taner Trembley def. Jesse Jaeger dflt

Wrestlebacks: Dustin Esplan def. Morgan Staton 12-3; Tanner Mills def. Isaac Carreon 5-1; Hayden Rouser def. Alec Engler fall 4:37; Jesse Jaeger def. Zach Johnson 7-2

Consolation Quarterfinals: Dustin Esplan def. Tanner Mills 4-2; Hayden Rouser def. Jesse Jaeger 6-4

Consolation Semifinals: Dustin Esplan def. Taner Trembley 6-4; Hayden Rouser def. Justin Doerr 15-1

Championship Semifinals: Will McCarthy def. Justin Doerr 18-2 2:49; Mitchel Lexvold def. Taner Trembley 8-0

Fifth: Taner Trembley def. Justin Doerr inj. def.

Third: Dustin Esplan def. Hayden Rouser 4-2 OT

Championship: Mitchel Lexvold def. Will McCarthy 9-2

A 125

1st – Oakley McLain, Kenyon-Wanamingo, 11

2nd – Jake Wirtjes, Blue Earth Area, 12

3rd – Tanner Ellenberg, Frazee, 12

4th – Ben Rynda, Trinity at River Ridge, 11

5th – Gus McCarthy, Border West, 10

6th – Chris Pfarr, LeSueur-Henderson, 10

First Round: Gus McCarthy, Border West def. Jake Malone, United North Central 3-2; Marcus Hamer, Kimball Area def. Levi Specht, Yellow Medicine East 5-1; Jake Wirtjes, Blue Earth Area def. Michael Churchill, Southland fall 2:41; Chris Pfarr, LeSueur-Henderson def. Andy Poster, Royalton/Upsala 12-11; Oakley McLain, Kenyon-Wanamingo def. Logan Peterson, Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City 6-1; Ben Rynda, Trinity at River Ridge def. Greg Blum, Ottertail Central 3-0; Tanner Ellenberg, Frazee def. Brett Brausen, Pierz 7-2; Christian Skillings, Minneota def. David Lassahn, New Richland-Hartland-Ellendale-Geneva 10-0

Championship Quarterfinals: Gus McCarthy def. Marcus Hamer 9-3; Jake Wirtjes def. Chris Pfarr 7-2; Oakley McLain def. Ben Rynda 7-4; Tanner Ellenberg def. Christian Skillings 4-2 OT

Wrestlebacks: Marcus Hamer def. Jake Malone 5-1; Chris Pfarr def. Michael Churchill 10-0; Ben Rynda def. Logan Peterson 7-2; Brett Brausen def. Christian Skillings inj. def.

Consolation Quarterfinals: Chris Pfarr def. Marcus Hamer 7-1; Ben Rynda def. Brett Brausen 7-2

Consolation Semifinals: Tanner Ellenberg def. Chris Pfarr 5-1; Ben Rynda def. Gus McCarthy fall 4:51

Championship Semifinals: Jake Wirtjes def. Gus McCarthy fall 5:09; Oakley McLain def. Tanner Ellenberg 6-1

Fifth: Gus McCarthy def. Chris Pfarr 8-5

Third: Tanner Ellenberg def. Ben Rynda 3-2

Championship: Oakley McLain def. Jake Wirtjes 4-2 OT

A 130

1st – Hayden Zillmer, Crosby-Ironton, 12

2nd – Klinton VanHeuveln, Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg, 12

3rd – Beau Buysse, Minneota, 12

4th – Spencer Yackel, Lake Crystal-Wellcome Memorial, 12

5th – Jordan Theede, Lewiston-Altura/Rushford-Peterson, 9

6th – Bruce Lemon, Frazee, 10

First Round: Klinton VanHeuveln, Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg def. Seth Johnson, Blooming Prairie 4-3; Tyler Pasvogel, Sibley East def. Trevor Spanier, Paynesville Area 16-2; Jordan Theede, Lewiston-Altura/Rushford-Peterson def. Brian Wold, Aitkin 9-1; Bruce Lemon, Frazee def. Zach Matthys, Ottertail Central 11-5; Beau Buysse, Minneota def. Chris Cox, Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted 12-0; Spencer Yackel, Lake Crystal-Wellcome Memorial def. Paden Moore, Jackson County Central 7-4; Hayden Zillmer, Crosby-Ironton def. Chad Johnson, Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton fall :41; Mason Moreno, Hayfield def. Taylor McCalip, Border West fall 4:28

Championship Quarterfinals: Klinton VanHeuveln def. Tyler Pasvogel fall 5:18; Bruce Lemon def. Jordan Theede 9-3; Beau Buysse def. Spencer Yackel 7-1; Hayden Zillmer def. Mason Moreno 19-3 5:37

Wrestlebacks: Seth Johnson def. Tyler Pasvogel 5-1; Jordan Theede def. Zach Matthys 10-4; Spencer Yackel def. Chris Cox 17-8; Mason Moreno def. Chad Johnson 4-1

Consolation Quarterfinals: Jordan Theede def. Seth Johnson 5-4; Spencer Yackel def. Mason Moreno 11-7

Consolation Semifinals: Beau Buysse def. Jordan Theede 5-0; Spencer Yackel def. Bruce Lemon 5-2

Championship Semifinals: Klinton VanHeuveln def. Bruce Lemon 7-5; Hayden Zillmer def. Beau Buysse 3-1

Fifth: Jordan Theede def. Bruce Lemon 6-5 OT

Third: Beau Buysse def. Spencer Yackel 6-0

Championship: Hayden Zillmer def. Klinton VanHeuveln 9-2

A 135

1st – Bronson Steuber, Jackson County Central, 12

2nd – Mike Jarnot, Holdingford, 11

3rd – Jim Cossette, Pelican Rapids, 12

4th – Brett Schwartz, LeSueur-Henderson, 12

5th – Grant Kyllo, Zumbrota-Mazeppa, 12

6th – Jacob Anderson, River Valley, 11

First Round: Jim Cossette, Pelican Rapids def. Kyle Wentland, Royalton/Upsala fall 1:59; Brett Schwartz, LeSueur-Henderson def. Jacob Revier, BOLD 5-4 3XOT; Mike Jarnot, Holdingford def. Brandon LeBlanc, New Richland-Hartland-Ellendale-Geneva fall 1:27; Rusty Grisim, Lake City def. Wyatt Hanson, Crookston 12-5; Jacob Anderson, River Valley def. Mark Francour, Mille Lacs 8-5; Seth Felland, West Central Area/Ashby def. Andrew Swedzinski, Minneota 7-3; Bronson Steuber, Jackson County Central def. Grant Kyllo, Zumbrota-Mazeppa 3-0; Myrel Schermerhorn, Frazee def. Matt Lee, Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City 7-6

Championship Quarterfinals: Jim Cossette def. Brett Schwartz 5-4; Mike Jarnot def. Rusty Grisim 5-2; Jacob Anderson def. Seth Felland 8-6; Bronson Steuber def. Myrel Schermerhorn fall 3:10

Wrestlebacks: Brett Schwartz def. Kyle Wentland 5-1; Rusty Grisim def. Brandon LeBlanc 6-4; Mark Francour def. Seth Felland 8-6 3XOT; Grant Kyllo def. Myrel Schermerhorn 9-4

Consolation Quarterfinals: Brett Schwartz def. Rusty Grisim 3-1; Grant Kyllo def. Mark Francour 5-0

Consolation Semifinals: Brett Schwartz def. Jacob Anderson 8-3; Jim Cossette def. Grant Kyllo fall 3:46

Championship Semifinals: Mike Jarnot def. Jim Cossette 8-4; Bronson Steuber def. Jacob Anderson 7-4

Fifth: Grant Kyllo def. Jacob Anderson 10-2

Third: Jim Cossette def. Brett Schwartz 5-0

Championship: Bronson Steuber def. Mike Jarnot 6-3

A 140

1st – Clint Poster, Pierz, 12

2nd – Dustin Dylla, United South Central, 12

3rd – Larry Bomstad, Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City, 9

4th – Adam Cooling, Madelia/Truman/Martin Luther, 10

5th – Garret Hoffner, Mahnomen/Waubun, 10

6th – Tyler Kuechle, Kimball Area, 12

First Round: Adam Cooling, Madelia/Truman/Martin Luther def. Zach Curry, Chatfield 9-3; Larry Bomstad, Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City def. Jared Wegscheid, Wadena-Deer Creek fall 2:46; Rij Koehnen, Frazee def. Zach Revier, BOLD 3-1 OT; Clint Poster, Pierz def. Jacob Staloch, New Richland-Hartland-Ellendale-Geneva fall 1:29; Tyler Kuechle, Kimball Area def. Tyler Jackson, Kenyon-Wanamingo 9-4; Eric Hood, Lake Crystal-Wellcome Memorial def. Kyle Martineau, West Central Area/Ashby 12-4; Jordon Rothers, Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg def. Mitch Lange, Royalton/Upsala 12-0; Dustin Dylla, United South Central def. Garret Hoffner, Mahnomen/Waubun 4-3

Championship Quarterfinals: Larry Bomstad def. Adam Cooling 1-0; Clint Poster def. Rij Koehnen 8-2; Tyler Kuechle def. Eric Hood 5-2; Dustin Dylla def. Jordon Rothers 7-2

Wrestlebacks: Adam Cooling def. Jared Wegscheid 12-6; Rij Koehnen def. Jacob Staloch 4-0; Eric Hood def. Tyler Jackson 10-3; Garret Hoffner def. Jordon Rothers 7-1

Consolation Quarterfinals: Adam Cooling def. Rij Koehnen 9-5; Garret Hoffner def. Eric Hood 1-0

Consolation Semifinals: Adam Cooling def. Tyler Kuechle 7-2; Larry Bomstad def. Garret Hoffner fall 3:20

Championship Semifinals: Clint Poster def. Larry Bomstad 13-2; Dustin Dylla def. Tyler Kuechle 3-2

Fifth: Garret Hoffner def. Tyler Kuechle 7-0

Third: Larry Bomstad def. Adam Cooling 11-3

Championship: Clint Poster def. Dustin Dylla 9-3

A 145

1st – Curt Maas, Medford, 11

2nd – Darick Vancura, Jackson County Central, 10

3rd – Jordan Chouanard, Aitkin, 11

4th – Grant Hegge, Southland, 12

5th – Ryan Jones, Mille Lacs, 12

6th – Jadon Evans, Pipestone Area, 12

First Round: Myles Moreno, Hayfield def. Jordan Joseph, Kimball Area 14-9; Darick Vancura, Jackson County Central def. Casey Nunn, Frazee 7-1; Davantay Corey, Lake Crystal-Wellcome Memorial def. Tyler Olson, Ottertail Central 9-4; Ryan Jones, Mille Lacs def. Jadon Evans, Pipestone Area 8-7; Grant Hegge, Southland def. Austin Maanum, Border West 10-3; Curt Maas, Medford def. Matt Meyer, Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City 6-3; Alex Lessman, Minneota def. Giovanni Alvarado, Saint James 6-4; Jordan Chouanard, Aitkin def. Blake Bergeron, Crookston fall :39

Championship Quarterfinals: Darick Vancura def. Myles Moreno fall 3:29; Ryan Jones def. Davantay Corey 7-5 OT; Curt Maas def. Grant Hegge 8-5; Jordan Chouanard def. Alex Lessman 5-3

Wrestlebacks: Myles Moreno def. Casey Nunn 6-3; Jadon Evans def. Davantay Corey 4-3; Grant Hegge def. Matt Meyer 3-2 3XOT; Alex Lessman def. Blake Bergeron 12-6

Consolation Quarterfinals: Jadon Evans def. Myles Moreno 3-2; Grant Hegge def. Alex Lessman 1-0

Consolation Semifinals: Jordan Chouanard def. Jadon Evans 5-2; Grant Hegge def. Ryan Jones fall 2:50

Championship Semifinals: Darick Vancura def. Ryan Jones fall :51; Curt Maas def. Jordan Chouanard 9-1

Fifth: Ryan Jones def. Jadon Evans 16-3

Third: Jordan Chouanard def. Grant Hegge fall 4:11

Championship: Curt Maas def. Darick Vancura 3-0

A 152

1st – Alex Steffel, BOLD, 12

2nd – Brett Pfarr, LeSueur-Henderson, 11

3rd – Anthony Caputo, Crookston, 12

4th – Joe Franta, Blue Earth Area, 12

5th – Jake Krogstad, Dover-Eyota, 12

6th – Bryan Andrews, Martin County West, 11

First Round: Jake Krogstad, Dover-Eyota def. Cody Piper, Frazee 9-1; Alex Steffel, BOLD def. Matt Westman, Saint James 7-3; Bryan Andrews, Martin County West def. Nathan Tomala, Pierz 14-7; Caramon Hansen, Kimball Area def. Seth Hofland, New York Mills 19-5; Anthony Caputo, Crookston def. Dominic Sweetman, Redwood Valley 11-5; Brett Pfarr, LeSueur-Henderson def. Jordan Johnson, Triton fall 3:44; Joe Franta, Blue Earth Area def. Maverick Whitcomb, Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City 24-9 5:39; Zach Olson, Mille Lacs def. Brendan Hart, Ottertail Central 8-6

Championship Quarterfinals: Alex Steffel def. Jake Krogstad 8-7; Bryan Andrews def. Caramon Hansen 15-9; Brett Pfarr def. Anthony Caputo 6-5; Joe Franta def. Zach Olson 11-5

Wrestlebacks: Jake Krogstad def. Matt Westman fall 3:39; Caramon Hansen def. Nathan Tomala 11-3; Anthony Caputo def. Jordan Johnson fall 3:29; Zach Olson def. Maverick Whitcomb

Consolation Quarterfinals: Jake Krogstad def. Caramon Hansen 9-1; Anthony Caputo def. Zach Olson fall 3:58

Consolation Semifinals: Joe Franta def. Jake Krogstad 7-3; Anthony Caputo def. Bryan Andrews 7-6

Championship Semifinals: Alex Steffel def. Bryan Andrews 4-2 4XOT; Brett Pfarr def. Joe Franta 9-1

Fifth: Jake Krogstad def. Bryan Andrews 14-2

Third: Anthony Caputo def. Joe Franta 11-2

Championship: Alex Steffel def. Brett Pfarr 9-4

A 160

1st – Alex Cooling, Madelia/Truman/Martin Luther, 12

2nd – Stephen Erlandson, Breckenridge/Campbell-Tintah, 11

3rd – Brent O’Halloran, BOLD, 12

4th – Jacob Forcier, Eden Valley-Watkins, 12

5th – Trevor Mahlum, Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg, 12

6th – Cody Tibbetts, Lake Crystal-Wellcome Memorial, 12

First Round: TeJay Wojchowski, Badger/Greenbush-Middle River def. Carter Hanson, Blue Earth Area 3-2; Stephen Erlandson, Breckenridge/Campbell-Tintah def. Trevor Mahlum, Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg 12-9; Cody Tibbetts, Lake Crystal-Wellcome Memorial def. Brandon Klindworth, Zumbrota-Mazeppa 15-3; Sean Huls, Pierz def. Michael Kramer, Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City 2-1; Cooper Moore, Jackson County Central def. Jon Pikop, West Central Area/Ashby 17-2 3:16; Alex Cooling, Madelia/Truman/Martin Luther def. Collin Mitchell, Ogilvie 15-0 4:18; Brent O’Halloran, BOLD def. Scott Kern, Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton 6-2; Jacob Forcier, Eden Valley-Watkins def. Will Balow, Lake City 4-3

Championship Quarterfinals: Stephen Erlandson def. TeJay Wojchowski 20-5 3:10; Cody Tibbetts def. Sean Huls 4-3; Alex Cooling def. Cooper Moore dflt; Jacob Forcier def. Brent O’Halloran 5-1

Wrestlebacks: Trevor Mahlum def. TeJay Wojchowski 3-2; Brandon Klindworth def. Sean Huls 6-3; Collin Mitchell def. Cooper Moore dflt; Brent O’Halloran def. Will Balow 6-4

Consolation Quarterfinals: Trevor Mahlum def. Brandon Klindworth 10-8; Brent O’Halloran def. Collin Mitchell 6-0

Consolation Semifinals: Jacob Forcier def. Trevor Mahlum 6-0; Brent O’Halloran def. Cody Tibbetts 3-1

Championship Semifinals: Stephen Erlandson def. Cody Tibbetts 8-2; Alex Cooling def. Jacob Forcier 6-2

Fifth: Trevor Mahlum def. Cody Tibbetts 5-3

Third: Brent O’Halloran def. Jacob Forcier 8-3

Championship: Alex Cooling def. Stephen Erlandson fall 5:50

A 171

1st – Josh Willaert, LeSueur-Henderson, 12

2nd – Matt Doom, Paynesville Area, 12

3rd – Shawn Johnson, Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton, 12

4th – Ryan Larson, Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City, 12

5th – Ryan Sieberg, Saint Clair/Mankato Loyola, 12

6th – Thomas Sandt, Lake Crystal-Wellcome Memorial, 12

First Round: Brian Schlichting, Royalton/Upsala def. Blake Abraham, Minneota 9-3; Ryan Sieberg, Saint Clair/Mankato Loyola def. Thomas Sandt, Lake Crystal-Wellcome Memorial 8-3; Matt Doom, Paynesville Area def. Danny Pike, Park Rapids Area fall 4:51; Derek Melhouse, Kenyon-Wanamingo def. Kevin Hahn, Parkers Prairie dflt; Shawn Johnson, Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton def. Noah Pesola, New York Mills 17-6; Ryan Larson, Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City def. Dylan Kor, Pipestone Area 1-0; Tyler Nelson, Hayfield def. Levi Ringnell, Martin County West fall :59; Josh Willaert, LeSueur-Henderson def. Nick Lochner, Pierz fall :20

Championship Quarterfinals: Ryan Sieberg def. Brian Schlichting 8-0; Matt Doom def. Derek Melhouse fall 1:31; Shawn Johnson def. Ryan Larson 10-6; Josh Willaert def. Tyler Nelson 21-6

Wrestlebacks: Thomas Sandt def. Brian Schlichting fall 4:22; Danny Pike def. Derek Melhouse fall 4:54; Ryan Larson def. Noah Pesola 7-0; Tyler Nelson def. Nick Lochner fall 2:40

Consolation Quarterfinals: Thomas Sandt def. Danny Pike 8-7; Ryan Larson def. Tyler Nelson 4-3

Consolation Semifinals: Shawn Johnson def. Thomas Sandt 6-4; Ryan Larson def. Ryan Sieberg 2-1

Championship Semifinals: Matt Doom def. Ryan Sieberg fall 1:13; Josh Willaert def. Shawn Johnson 9-7

Fifth: Ryan Sieberg def. Thomas Sandt 4-1

Third: Shawn Johnson def. Ryan Larson 2-0

Championship: Josh Willaert def. Matt Doom 7-3

A 189

1st – Kody Sorenson, Frazee, 12

2nd – Nate Meixell, Lake Crystal-Wellcome Memorial, 11

3rd – Adam Josephson, Minneota, 11

4th – Chad Matthees, Zumbrota-Mazeppa, 12

5th – David Joseph, Kimball Area, 12

6th – Juan Gomez, Chatfield, 12

First Round: David Joseph, Kimball Area def. Cory Wensmann, Royalton/Upsala 17-4; Seth Petranek, New Richland-Hartland-Ellendale-Geneva def. Wylie Pullis, Border West 7-1; Kody Sorenson, Frazee def. Nathan Rose, Sibley East 7-2; Chad Matthees, Zumbrota-Mazeppa def. Tyler Evans, Pipestone Area fall 1:53; Nate Meixell, Lake Crystal-Wellcome Memorial def. Brandon Walz, Eden Valley-Watkins 6-1; Adam Josephson, Minneota def. Brady Thisius, United South Central fall 4:42; Greg Erlandson, Breckenridge/Campbell-Tintah def. Josh Edlund, Crookston 9-2; Juan Gomez, Chatfield def. Andrew Bast, Aitkin 14-3

Championship Quarterfinals: David Joseph def. Seth Petranek 7-5; Kody Sorenson def. Chad Matthees 12-4; Nate Meixell def. Adam Josephson 8-7; Juan Gomez def. Greg Erlandson 5-2

Wrestlebacks: Seth Petranek def. Cory Wensmann 7-2; Chad Matthees def. Nathan Rose 5-4; Adam Josephson def. Brandon Walz 4-2; Andrew Bast def. Greg Erlandson 6-4 2XOT

Consolation Quarterfinals: Chad Matthees def. Seth Petranek 10-2; Adam Josephson def. Andrew Bast fall :34

Consolation Semifinals: Chad Matthees def. Juan Gomez 7-4; Adam Josephson def. David Joseph 8-0

Championship Semifinals: Kody Sorenson def. David Joseph fall 5:53; Nate Meixell def. Juan Gomez 5-0

Fifth: David Joseph def. Juan Gomez 7-5

Third: Adam Josephson def. Chad Matthees 14-0

Championship: Kody Sorenson def. Nate Meixell 3-2

A 215

1st – Jon Gorter, Pipestone Area, 12

2nd – Brody Davidson, Crookston, 12

3rd – Matt Marketon, Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted, 12

4th – Cole Nelson, Zumbrota-Mazeppa, 12

5th – Billy Connelly, Border West, 12

6th – Dylan Nelson, Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City, 12

First Round: Jon Gorter, Pipestone Area def. Austin Holland, LeSueur-Henderson fall 3:44; Jordan Phibbs, Jackson County Central def. Rick Brandt, Frazee fall 1:28; Blake Arndt, Hayfield def. Gabe Tramm, Mille Lacs fall 1:00; Billy Connelly, Border West def. Dylan Nelson, Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City 11-9; Brody Davidson, Crookston def. Cole Nelson, Zumbrota-Mazeppa 4-2; Tony Reurink, Wadena-Deer Creek def. Andrew Plumski, Royalton/Upsala 7-3; Josh Johnson, Blue Earth Area def. Colby Salonek, River Valley 4-2; Matt Marketon, Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted def. Andrew Brooks, BOLD fall 4:46

Championship Quarterfinals: Jon Gorter def. Jordan Phibbs 4-2 OT; Billy Connelly def. Blake Arndt 12-9; Brody Davidson def. Tony Reurink fall 2:41; Matt Marketon def. Josh Johnson 5-1

Wrestlebacks: Jordan Phibbs def. Austin Holland 5-2; Dylan Nelson def. Blake Arndt fall 4:33; Cole Nelson def. Tony Reurink 4-3 3XOT; Andrew Brooks def. Josh Johnson 7-0

Consolation Quarterfinals: Dylan Nelson def. Jordan Phibbs fall 2:05; Cole Nelson def. Andrew Brooks 10-1

Consolation Semifinals: Matt Marketon def. Dylan Nelson fall 3:29; Cole Nelson def. Billy Connelly 4-2

Championship Semifinals: Jon Gorter def. Billy Connelly 16-13; Brody Davidson def. Matt Marketon 9-7

Fifth: Billy Connelly def. Dylan Nelson fall 3:35

Third: Matt Marketon def. Cole Nelson 5-3

Championship: Jon Gorter def. Brody Davidson 3-2 4XOT

A 285

1st – Alex Yeager, Badger/Greenbush-Middle River, 11

2nd – Travis Longhenry, Canby, 12

3rd – Josh Van Overbecke, Minneota, 11

4th – Colin Turchin, Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale, 11

5th – Blaine Meierhofer, Eden Valley-Watkins, 12

6th – Teddy DuFrane, Sibley East, 12

First Round: Luke Hainka, Kenyon-Wanamingo def. Bradley Brown, Mille Lacs fall 2:36; Josh Van Overbecke, Minneota def. Dylan Anderson, Wadena-Deer Creek 16-0 5:12; Teddy DuFrane, Sibley East def. Tony Willette, United South Central 5-3; Alex Yeager, Badger/Greenbush-Middle River def. Cody Torkelson, Osakis fall 2:24; Colin Turchin, Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale def. Payten Crosby, Martin County West fall :30; Aaron Bruihler, LeSueur-Henderson def. Brandon Ritter, Park Rapids Area fall 4:44; Blaine Meierhofer, Eden Valley-Watkins def. Kellen Franks, Royalton/Upsala 3-0; Travis Longhenry, Canby def. Alex Hoff, Lewiston-Altura/Rushford-Peterson fall 2:54

Championship Quarterfinals: Josh Van Overbecke def. Luke Hainka 7-0; Alex Yeager def. Teddy DuFrane fall 1:05; Colin Turchin def. Aaron Bruihler fall :15; Travis Longhenry def. Blaine Meierhofer fall 2:45

Wrestlebacks: Luke Hainka def. Dylan Anderson fall 2:38; Teddy DuFrane def. Cody Torkelson 5-2; Payten Crosby def. Aaron Bruihler fall :53; Blaine Meierhofer def. Alex Hoff fall 4:30

Consolation Quarterfinals: Teddy DuFrane def. Luke Hainka 4-0; Blaine Meierhofer def. Payten Crosby fall 4:40

Consolation Semifinals: Colin Turchin def. Teddy DuFrane fall 1:59; Josh Van Overbecke def. Blaine Meierhofer fall 1:47

Championship Semifinals: Alex Yeager def. Josh Van Overbecke fall 4:55; Travis Longhenry def. Colin Turchin fall 5:12

Fifth: Blaine Meierhofer def. Teddy DuFrane 6-2

Third: Josh Van Overbecke def. Colin Turchin fall 3:59

Championship: Alex Yeager def. Travis Longhenry fall :59

AA 103

1st – Kyle Gliva, Simley, 10

2nd – Jarred Oftedahl, Benilde-Saint Margaret’s, 10

3rd – Tristan Manderfeld, Foley, 10

4th – Luke Betchwars, Scott West, 11

5th – Skyler Petry, Waterville-Elysian-Morristown/Janesville-Waldorf-Pemberton, 9

6th – Anthony Luft, Worthington/Round Lake-Brewster, 9

First Round: Gabe Foltz, Detroit Lakes def. Dylan Siem, Plainview-Elgin-Millville 13-12; Kyle Gliva, Simley def. Logan Stiller, Monticello 18-3 3:29; Tristan Manderfeld, Foley def. Elissa Reinsma, Fulda/Murray County Central 7-0; Luke Betchwars, Scott West def. Kyle Schoenecker, Chisago Lakes Area fall 3:06; Skyler Petry, Waterville-Elysian-Morristown/Janesville-Waldorf-Pemberton def. Devin Fitzpatrick, Mahtomedi fall :27; Anthony Luft, Worthington/Round Lake-Brewster def. Triston Rubner, Pequot Lakes/Pine River-Backus 11-2; Jarred Oftedahl, Benilde-Saint Margaret’s def. Trevor Westerlund, New Prague 11-2; Joey Curtis, Milaca def. Jakob Stageberg, New London-Spicer 4-2

Championship Quarterfinals: Kyle Gliva def. Gabe Foltz 15-3; Tristan Manderfeld def. Luke Betchwars 4-0; Skyler Petry def. Anthony Luft 6-1; Jarred Oftedahl def. Joey Curtis fall 1:13

Wrestlebacks: Gabe Foltz def. Logan Stiller 20-5; Luke Betchwars def. Elissa Reinsma 9-2; Anthony Luft def. Devin Fitzpatrick 9-1; Joey Curtis def. Trevor Westerlund 8-4

Consolation Quarterfinals: Luke Betchwars def. Gabe Foltz fall 2:09; Anthony Luft def. Joey Curtis 6-2

Consolation Semifinals: Luke Betchwars def. Skyler Petry fall 2:06; Tristan Manderfeld def. Anthony Luft 3-0

Championship Semifinals: Kyle Gliva def. Tristan Manderfeld 3-2; Jarred Oftedahl def. Skyler Petry 3-1

Fifth: Skyler Petry def. Anthony Luft fall :28

Third: Tristan Manderfeld def. Luke Betchwars 9-3

Championship: Kyle Gliva def. Jarred Oftedahl 4-1

AA 112

1st – Brett Stolarzyk, Stewartville, 10

2nd – Nate Thomas, Kasson-Mantorville, 10

3rd – Abbot Aho, Fergus Falls, 10

4th – Eric Bourgeois, Monticello, 11

5th – Luke Zilverberg, Scott West, 10

6th – Ty Griffin, Rockford, 9

First Round: Luke Zilverberg, Scott West def. Brandon Goblirsch, Wabasso/Red Rock Central fall 1:52; Brett Stolarzyk, Stewartville def. Treyton Austvold, New London-Spicer 11-2; Ty Griffin, Rockford def. Tone Fuenffinger, Hibbing fall 5:42; Austin Hjelle, Thief River Falls/Goodridge def. Blong Kong, Saint Paul Johnson 11-10 3XOT; Abbot Aho, Fergus Falls def. Joe Moscho, Milaca 10-7; Eric Bourgeois, Monticello def. Ian Hedstrom, Saint Paul Central fall 3:59; Nate Thomas, Kasson-Mantorville def. Dru Strand, Adrian 2-1; Hunter Retzlaff, Saint Peter def. Tyler Jenson, Foley 14-1

Championship Quarterfinals: Brett Stolarzyk def. Luke Zilverberg 7-5; Ty Griffin def. Austin Hjelle 5-4; Abbot Aho def. Eric Bourgeois fall 3:33; Nate Thomas def. Hunter Retzlaff 14-5

Wrestlebacks: Luke Zilverberg def. Treyton Austvold 8-3; Tone Fuenffinger def. Austin Hjelle fall 4:29; Eric Bourgeois def. Joe Moscho 6-4; Dru Strand def. Hunter Retzlaff 6-3

Consolation Quarterfinals: Luke Zilverberg def. Tone Fuenffinger 9-2; Eric Bourgeois def. Dru Strand 4-3

Consolation Semifinals: Abbot Aho def. Luke Zilverberg 7-5; Eric Bourgeois def. Ty Griffin 9-0

Championship Semifinals: Brett Stolarzyk def. Ty Griffin fall 1:49; Nate Thomas def. Abbot Aho 8-4

Fifth: Luke Zilverberg def. Ty Griffin 7-4

Third: Abbot Aho def. Eric Bourgeois 9-5

Championship: Brett Stolarzyk def. Nate Thomas 8-4

AA 119

1st – Pedro DeLao, Simley, 11

2nd – Tony Morrow, Kasson-Mantorville, 12

3rd – Mike Fuenffinger, Hibbing, 12

4th – Jacoby Bergeron, Thief River Falls/Goodridge, 12

5th – John Weeding, Dawson-Boyd/Lac qui Parle Valley, 11

6th – Jordan Hanan, Annandale/Maple Lake, 10

First Round: Tony Morrow, Kasson-Mantorville def. Matt Lloyd, Montgomery-Lonsdale/Le Center 6-0; Mike Fuenffinger, Hibbing def. Jared Kinley, Worthington/Round Lake-Brewster fall 2:34; Jacoby Bergeron, Thief River Falls/Goodridge def. Wesley Azariah, Saint Paul Johnson 4-3 2XOT; Mitch Dunlap, Foley def. Hunter Smith, Zimmerman 8-0; Zach Beaumaster, Monticello def. Brandon Lueders, Perham 4-2; John Weeding, Dawson-Boyd/Lac qui Parle Valley def. Aaron Haley, Plainview-Elgin-Millville 7-5; Pedro DeLao, Simley def. Jordan Hanan, Annandale/Maple Lake 8-7; Quade Zupko, Chisago Lakes Area def. Aaron Sweeney, Watertown-Mayer/Mayer Lutheran 6-1

Championship Quarterfinals: Tony Morrow def. Mike Fuenffinger 5-3 OT; Jacoby Bergeron def. Mitch Dunlap 4-2 OT; John Weeding def. Zach Beaumaster fall 1:06; Pedro DeLao def. Quade Zupko 9-0

Wrestlebacks: Mike Fuenffinger def. Matt Lloyd fall 2:12; Wesley Azariah def. Mitch Dunlap 5-3; Aaron Haley def. Zach Beaumaster fall 2:42; Jordan Hanan def. Quade Zupko 4-2

Consolation Quarterfinals: Mike Fuenffinger def. Wesley Azariah 7-6; Jordan Hanan def. Aaron Haley 4-2

Consolation Semifinals: Mike Fuenffinger def. John Weeding 13-3; Jacoby Bergeron def. Jordan Hanan 2-0

Championship Semifinals: Tony Morrow def. Jacoby Bergeron 4-2; Pedro DeLao def. John Weeding 4-2 OT

Fifth: John Weeding def. Jordan Hanan 7-0

Third: Mike Fuenffinger def. Jacoby Bergeron 5-3 OT

Championship: Pedro DeLao def. Tony Morrow 7-2

AA 125

1st – Joey Munos, South Saint Paul, 11

2nd – Zach Stepan, Zimmerman, 12

3rd – Eric Madson, Hutchinson/Buffalo Lake-Hector-Stewart, 10

4th – Jonah Gahm, Milaca, 10

5th – Mason Brownlee, Montgomery-Lonsdale/Le Center, 9

6th – Tanner Rohlik, Wabasso/Red Rock Central, 10

First Round: Matt Fuller, Annandale/Maple Lake def. Sam Klingfus, United Clay Becker 15-0 4:00; Zach Stepan, Zimmerman def. Austin Kluis, Fulda/Murray County Central 6-1; Eric Madson, Hutchinson/Buffalo Lake-Hector-Stewart def. Nate Lecy, Stewartville 4-3; Jonah Gahm, Milaca def. Cola Jensen, Simley 16-3:37; Branden Schorr, Kasson-Mantorville def. Justin May, Fridley 12-2; Joey Munos, South Saint Paul def. Taylor Rothfork, Foley 12-8; Luke Sailer, Perham def. Tyler Jobe, Grand Rapids 5-2; Tanner Rohlik, Wabasso/Red Rock Central def. Mason Brownlee, Montgomery-Lonsdale/Le Center 10-6

Championship Quarterfinals: Zach Stepan def. Matt Fuller 8-4; Jonah Gahm def. Eric Madson 13-6; Joey Munos def. Branden Schorr 17-2 2:42; Tanner Rohlik def. Luke Sailer 5-2

Wrestlebacks: Matt Fuller def. Austin Kluis 3-2; Eric Madson def. Cola Jensen fall 5:34; Taylor Rothfork def. Branden Schorr 9-2; Mason Brownlee def. Luke Sailer 7-2

Consolation Quarterfinals: Eric Madson def. Matt Fuller 1-0; Mason Brownlee def. Taylor Rothfork 5-3

Consolation Semifinals: Eric Madson def. Tanner Rohlik 2-0 OT; Jonah Gahm def. Mason Brownlee 4-3 3XOT

Championship Semifinals: Zach Stepan def. Jonah Gahm 5-0; Joey Munos def. Tanner Rohlik fall 3:55

Fifth: Mason Brownlee def. Tanner Rohlik 6-3

Third: Eric Madson def. Jonah Gahm 3-2

Championship: Joey Munos def. Zach Stepan fall 5:28

AA 130

1st – Matt Nelson, Big Lake, 12

2nd – Matt Tlougan, Byron, 12

3rd – Drake Borsgard, Windom Area/Mountain Lake/Butterfield-Odin, 11

4th – Nate Lynn, Adrian, 11

5th – Jake Kostik, North Branch, 12

6th – Tyler Dobmeier, Scott West, 12

First Round: Nate Lynn, Adrian def. Tyler Dobmeier, Scott West 1-0; Jake Deutchlander, Benilde-Saint Margaret’s def. Keng Xiong, Saint Paul Johnson 8-7; Matt Tlougan, Byron def. Keegan Edgerton, Hinckley-Finlayson/Pine City/East Central 10-3; Chase Austvold, New London-Spicer def. Chaz Abrahamson, Thief River Falls/Goodridge fall 3:25; Drake Borsgard, Windom Area/Mountain Lake/Butterfield-Odin def. Adam Seifert, Totino-Grace 16-2; Mack Short, Simley def. Mitchell Hartwig, Glencoe-Silver Lake/Lester Prairie 6-3; Jake Kostik, North Branch def. Kyle McCourt, Roseau fall 1:13; Matt Nelson, Big Lake def. Coltan Laganiere, Kasson-Mantorville 4-0

Championship Quarterfinals: Nate Lynn def. Jake Deutchlander 10-2; Matt Tlougan def. Chase Austvold 8-2; Drake Borsgard def. Mack Short 6-0; Matt Nelson def. Jake Kostik 11-2

Wrestlebacks: Tyler Dobmeier def. Jake Deutchlander 10-4; Chase Austvold def. Keegan Edgerton 4-1; Mack Short def. Adam Seifert 14-3; Jake Kostik def. Coltan Laganiere 5-0

Consolation Quarterfinals: Tyler Dobmeier def. Chase Austvold 7-0; Jake Kostik def. Mack Short inj. def.

Consolation Semifinals: Drake Borsgard def. Tyler Dobmeier 4-0; Nate Lynn def. Jake Kostik fall 2:34

Championship Semifinals: Matt Tlougan def. Nate Lynn 6-4; Matt Nelson def. Drake Borsgard 2-0

Fifth: Jake Kostik def. Tyler Dobmeier 9-4

Third: Drake Borsgard def. Nate Lynn 3-2 3XOT

Championship: Matt Nelson def. Matt Tlougan 11-0

AA 135

1st – Gabe Fogarty, Scott West, 11

2nd – Zach Friederich, Montgomery-Lonsdale/Le Center, 12

3rd – Garret Garness, Kasson-Mantorville, 12

4th – Matt Kruse, Simley, 12

5th – Zach Campbell, Tracy-Milroy-Balaton/Westbrook-Walnut Grove, 12

6th – Dillon Kifer, Little Falls, 11

First Round: Sam Keeler, Foley def. Kyle Opsahl, Hinckley-Finlayson/Pine City/East Central 10-6; Matt Kruse, Simley def. Derek Varpness, Marshall/Lakeview 12-4; Gabe Fogarty, Scott West def. Zach Johnson, Rockford 9-5; Garret Garness, Kasson-Mantorville def. Parker Jackson, Detroit Lakes 15-2; Dale Barner, Saint Paul Central def. Ryan Bowers, Grand Rapids 4-3; Zach Campbell, Tracy-Milroy-Balaton/Westbrook-Walnut Grove def. Dillon Kifer, Little Falls 5-3; Zach Friederich, Montgomery-Lonsdale/Le Center def. Eric Nelson, Stewartville 2-1; Holden Nelson, Thief River Falls/Goodridge def. Walker Thiele, Totino-Grace 10-2

Championship Quarterfinals: Matt Kruse def. Sam Keeler 9-1; Gabe Fogarty def. Garret Garness 12-10 OT; Zach Campbell def. Dale Barner 12-0; Zach Friederich def. Holden Nelson 9-3

Wrestlebacks: Derek Varpness def. Sam Keeler 8-3; Garret Garness def. Zach Johnson 13-4; Dillon Kifer def. Dale Barner fall 1:52; Eric Nelson def. Holden Nelson 7-2

Consolation Quarterfinals: Garret Garness def. Derek Varpness fall 2:26; Dillon Kifer def. Eric Nelson 11-5

Consolation Semifinals: Garret Garness def. Zach Campbell 9-2; Matt Kruse def. Dillon Kifer 5-2

Championship Semifinals: Gabe Fogarty def. Matt Kruse 3-0; Zach Friederich def. Zach Campbell 7-2

Fifth: Zach Campbell def. Dillon Kifer 5-4

Third: Garret Garness def. Matt Kruse 3-1

Championship: Gabe Fogarty def. Zach Friederich 7-2

AA 140

1st – Jake Short, Simley, 10

2nd – Jamie Holt, Albany, 12

3rd – Jake Siegle, Scott West, 12

4th – Zac Bainville, Grand Rapids, 12

5th – Dustin Ellsworth, Saint Paul Harding, 11

6th – Bruce Harguth, Waseca, 12

First Round: Jake Short, Simley def. Bruce Harguth, Waseca 8-0; Jake Schmitz, Monticello def. Tyler Bemboom, Foley 8-3; Wyatt Wixo, United Clay Becker def. Joey Kinley, Worthington/Round Lake-Brewster 5-3; Zac Bainville, Grand Rapids def. Stephen Delwiche, Glencoe-Silver Lake/Lester Prairie 6-4; Lyndon Becker, Caledonia/Houston/Spring Grove def. Kyler Swanson, Rogers fall :20; Jamie Holt, Albany def. Dustin Ellsworth, Saint Paul Harding 8-0; Brock Bullerman, Adrian def. Cody Hanson, Hinckley-Finlayson/Pine City/East Central 9-5; Jake Siegle, Scott West def. Derek Teberg, Fergus Falls 15-0 4:05

Championship Quarterfinals: Jake Short def. Jake Schmitz 16-0 4:52; Zac Bainville def. Wyatt Wixo 10-4; Jamie Holt def. Lyndon Becker 5-0; Jake Siegle def. Brock Bullerman 3-0

Wrestlebacks: Bruce Harguth def. Jake Schmitz 13-5; Stephen Delwiche def. Wyatt Wixo fall 2:39; Dustin Ellsworth def. Lyndon Becker 9-3; Brock Bullerman def. Derek Teberg fall 4:47

Consolation Quarterfinals: Bruce Harguth def. Stephen Delwiche 6-4; Dustin Ellsworth def. Brock Bullerman 3-0

Consolation Semifinals: Jake Siegle def. Bruce Harguth 2-1; Zac Bainville def. Dustin Ellsworth 4-2

Championship Semifinals: Jake Short def. Zac Bainville 3-2; Jamie Holt def. Jake Siegle 4-2 OT

Fifth: Dustin Ellsworth def. Bruce Harguth fall :55

Third: Jake Siegle def. Zac Bainville 9-7

Championship: Jake Short def. Jamie Holt 3-2

AA 145

1st – Nick Wanzek, Simley, 10

2nd – Shawn Hatlestad, New London-Spicer, 12

3rd – Dallen Rud, Byron, 12

4th – Ryan Swenson, Dawson-Boyd/Lac qui Parle Valley, 12

5th – Joey Stadnick, Watertown-Mayer/Mayer Lutheran, 12

6th – Charlie Pesch, Scott West, 11

First Round: Logan Draack, Monticello def. Zach Gehloff, Waseca 4-3; Charlie Pesch, Scott West def. Matt Laugen, Fergus Falls 2-1; Shawn Hatlestad, New London-Spicer def. Mike Hauge, Minnehaha Academy/DeLaSalle 12-0; Ryan Swenson, Dawson-Boyd/Lac qui Parle Valley def. Zach Pederson, Princeton 16-5; Dallen Rud, Byron def. Chevy Goble, Foley 5-1; Joey Stadnick, Watertown-Mayer/Mayer Lutheran def. Weston Schwartz, Zimmerman fall 1:20; Nick Wanzek, Simley def. Mitchell Rohlik, Wabasso/Red Rock Central 3-0; Nathaniel Holecek, Thief River Falls/Goodridge def. Mitchell Jobe, Grand Rapids 9-2

Championship Quarterfinals: Charlie Pesch def. Logan Draack fall 5:27; Shawn Hatlestad def. Ryan Swenson 3-2; Joey Stadnick def. Dallen Rud 5-4 3XOT; Nick Wanzek def. Nathaniel Holecek 13-0

Wrestlebacks: Logan Draack def. Matt Laugen 6-4; Ryan Swenson def. Mike Hauge 15-4; Dallen Rud def. Weston Schwartz 12-1; Mitchell Rohlik def. Nathaniel Holecek fall 4:22

Consolation Quarterfinals: Ryan Swenson def. Logan Draack 10-4; Dallen Rud def. Mitchell Rohlik 7-1

Consolation Semifinals: Ryan Swenson def. Joey Stadnick 2-1; Dallen Rud def. Charlie Pesch 3-0

Championship Semifinals: Shawn Hatlestad def. Charlie Pesch 9-2; Nick Wanzek def. Joey Stadnick 1-0

Fifth: Joey Stadnick def. Charlie Pesch 13-2

Third: Dallen Rud def. Ryan Swenson 10-4

Championship: Nick Wanzek def. Shawn Hatlestad 4-3

AA 152

1st – Tyler Mergen, Monticello, 12

2nd – Jesse Munos, South Saint Paul, 12

3rd – Dan Dick, Simley, 12

4th – Jesse Puncochar, Annandale/Maple Lake, 12

5th – Tyler Zilverberg, Scott West, 12

6th – Codie Weeding, Dawson-Boyd/Lac qui Parle Valley, 12

First Round: Eric Twohey, Stewartville def. Brent Lisson, Staples-Motley 7-0; Dan Dick, Simley def. Codie Weeding, Dawson-Boyd/Lac qui Parle Valley 11-2; Cole Cihak, New Ulm def. Patrick Mork, North Branch fall 3:30; Tyler Mergen, Monticello def. Bryan Schlangen, Albany 12-4; Tim Ostby, Morris Area/Hancock/Chokio-Alberta def. Peter Harrison, Pequot Lakes/Pine River-Backus 8-6; Jesse Munos, South Saint Paul def. Corben Hansen, Kasson-Mantorville 9-0; Tyler Zilverberg, Scott West def. Quinton Thiele, Totino-Grace 5-2; Jesse Puncochar, Annandale/Maple Lake def. Pat Hopkins, Grand Rapids 11-7

Championship Quarterfinals: Dan Dick def. Eric Twohey fall 5:32; Tyler Mergen def. Cole Cihak fall 3:17; Jesse Munos def. Tim Ostby 12-7; Jesse Puncochar def. Tyler Zilverberg 4-2

Wrestlebacks: Codie Weeding def. Eric Twohey 9-5; Cole Cihak def. Bryan Schlangen 12-4; Corben Hansen def. Tim Ostby 4-3; Tyler Zilverberg def. Pat Hopkins 12-0

Consolation Quarterfinals: Codie Weeding def. Cole Cihak 5-1; Tyler Zilverberg def. Corben Hansen 6-2

Consolation Semifinals: Jesse Puncochar def. Codie Weeding 5-1; Dan Dick def. Tyler Zilverberg 4-2

Championship Semifinals: Tyler Mergen def. Dan Dick 5-3; Jesse Munos def. Jesse Puncochar 4-0

Fifth: Tyler Zilverberg def. Codie Weeding 5-0

Third: Dan Dick def. Jesse Puncochar 4-2

Championship: Tyler Mergen def. Jesse Munos 5-2

AA 160

1st – Taylor Lewandowski, Foley, 11

2nd – Micah Barnes, Simley, 11

3rd – Garret Miller, Plainview-Elgin-Millville, 11

4th – Hunter Rud, Byron, 12

5th – Sam Haas, Dawson-Boyd/Lac qui Parle Valley, 11

6th – Jamison Evans, Grand Rapids, 10

First Round: Christian Harrison, Pequot Lakes/Pine River-Backus def. Chris Gallus, Delano 10-6; Taylor Lewandowski, Foley def. Mitchell Sieve, Adrian 7-5; Hunter Rud, Byron def. Zack Barabash, Saint Paul Harding 19-5; Jamison Evans, Grand Rapids def. Payton Goodrich, Benilde-Saint Margaret’s fall 2:44; Nick Dvorak, Scott West def. Tanner Tobkin, New London-Spicer fall 1:26; Micah Barnes, Simley def. Kyle Nanti, Virginia Area fall 3:46; Sam Haas, Dawson-Boyd/Lac qui Parle Valley def. Bryant Marquedant, Fergus Falls 9-5; Garret Miller, Plainview-Elgin-Millville def. John Redepenning, Rockford 8-3

Championship Quarterfinals: Taylor Lewandowski def. Christian Harrison 6-3; Jamison Evans def. Hunter Rud 6-3; Micah Barnes def. Nick Dvorak fall 2:32; Sam Haas def. Garret Miller 9-2

Wrestlebacks: Mitchell Sieve def. Christian Harrison 2-1; Hunter Rud def. Payton Goodrich 1:49; Nick Dvorak def. Kyle Nanti 9-2; Garret Miller def. Bryant Marquedant 3-1 OT

Consolation Quarterfinals: Hunter Rud def. Mitchell Sieve 5-2; Garret Miller def. Nick Dvorak 7-5

Consolation Semifinals: Hunter Rud def. Sam Haas fall 2:58; Garret Miller def. Jamison Evans 7-2

Championship Semifinals: Taylor Lewandowski def. Jamison Evans 5-1; Micah Barnes def. Sam Haas 7-4

Fifth: Sam Haas def. Jamison Evans fall :33

Third: Garret Miller def. Hunter Rud 1-0

Championship: Taylor Lewandowski def. Micah Barnes 3-2

AA 171

1st – Sebastian Gardner, Monticello, 12

2nd – Brandon Pederson, Waseca, 12

3rd – Blake Petrich, Staples-Motley, 11

4th – Jared Peterson, Windom Area/Mountain Lake/Butterfield-Odin, 12

5th – Zack Rutt, Montgomery-Lonsdale/Le Center, 12

6th – Justin Ladehoff, Milaca, 11

First Round: Justin Ladehoff, Milaca def. Jordan Anderson, Fulda/Murray County Central 11-0; Zack Rutt, Montgomery-Lonsdale/Le Center def. Paul Olson, Minnehaha Academy/DeLaSalle fall 2:42; Sebastian Gardner, Monticello def. Craig Williams, Thief River Falls/Goodridge fall 4:55; Brock Gobin, Cannon Falls/Randolph def. Matt Sadlowsky, Becker 5-1; Blake Petrich, Staples-Motley def. Andrew Madson, Dassel-Cokato fall :53; Jared Peterson, Windom Area/Mountain Lake/Butterfield-Odin def. Pat Faber, Fridley 3-2; Brandon Pederson, Waseca def. Kyle White, Hutchinson/Buffalo Lake-Hector-Stewart 6-1; Travis Kammerer, Chisago Lakes Area def. Joe Rief, Simley fall 3:33

Championship Quarterfinals: Justin Ladehoff def. Zack Rutt 12-4; Sebastian Gardner def. Brock Gobin 6-5; Blake Petrich def. Jared Peterson fall 3:45; Brandon Pederson def. Travis Kammerer 9-0

Wrestlebacks: Zack Rutt def. Jordan Anderson fall 2:57; Brock Gobin def. Craig Williams 9-3; Jared Peterson def. Andrew Madson 11-9; Travis Kammerer def. Kyle White 3-2

Consolation Quarterfinals: Zack Rutt def. Brock Gobin 7-2; Jared Peterson def. Travis Kammerer 8-6

Consolation Semifinals: Blake Petrich def. Zack Rutt fall 1:26; Jared Peterson def. Justin Ladehoff 5-3

Championship Semifinals: Sebastian Gardner def. Justin Ladehoff fall 1:13; Brandon Pederson def. Blake Petrich 11-0

Fifth: Zack Rutt def. Justin Ladehoff 3-1

Third: Blake Petrich def. Jared Peterson 6-3

Championship: Sebastian Gardner def. Brandon Pederson 7-6

AA 189

1st – Broc Berge, Kasson-Mantorville, 10

2nd – Dakota Hanson, Dassel-Cokato, 12

3rd – Joe Hemmerich, Milaca, 12

4th – Taylor Neaton, Watertown-Mayer/Mayer Lutheran, 12

5th – Cody Welch, Wabasso/Red Rock Central, 11

6th – Ryan Michaelis, Monticello, 12

First Round: Ryan Michaelis, Monticello def. Nick Hopkins, Grand Rapids 5-2; Taylor Neaton, Watertown-Mayer/Mayer Lutheran def. Derek Rachel, Annandale/Maple Lake 9-0; Chandler Trout, Staples-Motley def. Cody Hazelett, Simley 13-9; Broc Berge, Kasson-Mantorville def. Dustin Polzine, Adrian 5-1; Jerome Paul, Saint Paul Central def. Mitch Robinson, Zimmerman 3-2; Cody Welch, Wabasso/Red Rock Central def. Zach Dvorak, Scott West 6-2; Dakota Hanson, Dassel-Cokato def. Christopher Zimmer, Walker-Hackensack-Akeley/Nevis fall 2:57; Joe Hemmerich, Milaca def. Nate Goeldi, Stewartville 8-1

Championship Quarterfinals: Ryan Michaelis def. Taylor Neaton 3-2; Broc Berge def. Chandler Trout 11-4; Cody Welch def. Jerome Paul 8-6; Dakota Hanson def. Joe Hemmerich 8-6

Wrestlebacks: Taylor Neaton def. Nick Hopkins 7-2; Dustin Polzine def. Chandler Trout 10-6; Zach Dvorak def. Jerome Paul 7-3; Joe Hemmerich def. Christopher Zimmer fall 2:41

Consolation Quarterfinals: Taylor Neaton def. Dustin Polzine 4-3 3XOT; Joe Hemmerich def. Zach Dvorak 10-0

Consolation Semifinals: Taylor Neaton def. Cody Welch 5-3; Joe Hemmerich def. Ryan Michaelis 8-2

Championship Semifinals: Broc Berge def. Ryan Michaelis 3-1; Dakota Hanson def. Cody Welch 3-2

Fifth: Cody Welch def. Ryan Michaelis 4-0

Third: Joe Hemmerich def. Taylor Neaton fall 3:24

Championship: Broc Berge def. Dakota Hanson 10-4

AA 215

1st – Michael Kroells, Scott West, 11

2nd – Anthony Gullickson, Totino-Grace, 12

3rd – Mario Arroyo, Montgomery-Lonsdale/Le Center, 12

4th – Mike Kellner, Stewartville, 12

5th – Daren Wingert, Plainview-Elgin-Millville, 12

6th – Matt Wakefield, Tracy-Milroy-Balaton/Westbrook-Walnut Grove, 12

First Round: Matt Wakefield, Tracy-Milroy-Balaton/Westbrook-Walnut Grove def. Mykar Groves, Simley 7-3; Michael Kroells, Scott West def. Garrett Edelman, Walker-Hackensack-Akeley/Nevis fall 4:54; Daren Wingert, Plainview-Elgin-Millville def. Josh Linder, Princeton fall 1:49; Joe Jude, Monticello def. Sam Olson, Foley fall 1:29; Mike Kellner, Stewartville def. Cody Nylander, Perham fall 3:22; Jake Nase, Chisago Lakes Area def. Kris Plath, Becker 2-0; Mario Arroyo, Montgomery-Lonsdale/Le Center def. Ben McDonald, Mahtomedi 3-1; Anthony Gullickson, Totino-Grace def. J.D. Struxness, Dawson-Boyd/Lac qui Parle Valley fall 3:13

Championship Quarterfinals: Michael Kroells def. Matt Wakefield 14-0; Daren Wingert def. Joe Jude fall 5:05; Mike Kellner def. Jake Nase 8-1; Anthony Gullickson def. Mario Arroyo 8-6

Wrestlebacks: Matt Wakefield def. Garrett Edelman 8-6; Joe Jude def. Josh Linder fall 1:47; Cody Nylander def. Jake Nase 7-1; Mario Arroyo def. J.D. Struxness 9-3

Consolation Quarterfinals: Matt Wakefield def. Joe Jude 6-4; Mario Arroyo def. Cody Nylander 9-2

Consolation Semifinals: Mike Kellner def. Matt Wakefield 6-1; Mario Arroyo def. Daren Wingert 4-2 4XOT

Championship Semifinals: Michael Kroells def. Daren Wingert 10-0; Anthony Gullickson def. Mike Kellner fall :44

Fifth: Daren Wingert def. Matt Wakefield 7-0

Third: Mario Arroyo def. Mike Kellner inj. def.

Championship: Michael Kroells def. Anthony Gullickson 1-0

AA 285

1st – Austin Goergen, Caledonia/Houston/Spring Grove, 11

2nd – Sam Stoll, Kasson-Mantorville, 9

3rd – Karl Eichinger, Princeton, 12

4th – Nick Cervantes, Thief River Falls/Goodridge, 12

5th – Derek Butcher, Delano, 12

6th – Donaldo Martinez, Sauk Center/Melrose, 12

First Round: Sam Stoll, Kasson-Mantorville def. Karl Eichinger, Princeton 3-2; Brandon Schmitt, Dawson-Boyd/Lac qui Parle Valley def. Brient Porkornowski, Dassel-Cokato 7-1; Derek Butcher, Delano def. Juan Salas, South Saint Paul fall 1:54; Jesse Hein, Perham def. Nic Grimley, Monticello 6-4; Donaldo Martinez, Sauk Center/Melrose def. Schoen Kichler, Waconia 8-3; Nick Cervantes, Thief River Falls/Goodridge def. Matt Kadrlik, Simley 3-2; Dylan Hoyt, Chisago Lakes Area def. Ben Goodrich, Brooklyn Center/Concordia Academy 6-4 2XOT; Austin Goergen, Caledonia/Houston/Spring Grove def. Zach Gibson, Morris Area/Hancock/Chokio-Alberta 11-0

Championship Quarterfinals: Sam Stoll def. Brandon Schmitt 4-1; Derek Butcher def. Jesse Hein fall 6:46; Donaldo Martinez def. Nick Cervantes fall 5:43; Austin Goergen def. Dylan Hoyt 17-6

Wrestlebacks: Karl Eichinger def. Brandon Schmitt 3-0; Jesse Hein def. Juan Salas fall 1:12; Nick Cervantes def. Schoen Kichler fall 3:54; Zach Gibson def. Dylan Hoyt 1-0

Consolation Quarterfinals: Karl Eichinger def. Jesse Hein 3-2; Nick Cervantes def. Zach Gibson 6-3

Consolation Semifinals: Karl Eichinger def. Donaldo Martinez fall :54; Nick Cervantes def. Derek Butcher fall 4:11

Championship Semifinals: Sam Stoll def. Derek Butcher fall 3:47; Austin Goergen def. Donaldo Martinez fall 1:10

Fifth: Derek Butcher def. Donaldo Martinez fall :23

Third: Karl Eichinger def. Nick Cervantes 5-0

Championship: Austin Goergen def. Sam Stoll 3-0

AAA 103

1st – Tommy Thorn, Saint Michael-Albertville, 9

2nd – Tanner Johnshoy, Prior Lake, 10

3rd – Seth Gross, Apple Valley, 9

4th – Erik Olson, Sauk Rapids-Rice, 11

5th – Luke Rowh, Hastings, 9

6th – Dakota Wangsness, Albert Lea Area, 10

First Round: Erik Olson, Sauk Rapids-Rice def. Devon Felten, Austin/Austin Pacelli 7-4; Matt Meuwissen, White Bear Lake Area def. Carson Brolsma, Osseo 3-0; Luke Rowh, Hastings def. Sam Bennyhoff, Mound-Westonka fall 2:18; Tanner Johnshoy, Prior Lake def. James Pleski, Forest Lake 5-1; Dakota Wangsness, Albert Lea Area def. Nathan Stebbins, North 9-4; Seth Gross, Apple Valley def. Nate Mittag, Willmar 15-0 3:49; Ryan Weinmann, Irondale def. Luke Finkel, Chaska/Chanhassen 5-2; Tommy Thorn, Saint Michael-Albertville def. Jacob Price, Hopkins fall 1:23

Championship Quarterfinals: Erik Olson def. Matt Meuwissen 13-1; Tanner Johnshoy def. Luke Rowh 9-4; Seth Gross def. Dakota Wangsness 9-1; Tommy Thorn def. Ryan Weinmann 7-1

Wrestlebacks: Devon Felten def. Matt Meuwissen fall :33; Luke Rowh def. James Pleski 3-1; Dakota Wangsness def. Nate Mittag 5-2; Ryan Weinmann def. Jacob Price 6-2

Consolation Quarterfinals: Luke Rowh def. Devon Felten 11-0; Dakota Wangsness def. Ryan Weinmann 2-0

Consolation Semifinals: Seth Gross def. Luke Rowh 6-2; Erik Olson def. Dakota Wangsness 5-1

Championship Semifinals: Tanner Johnshoy def. Erik Olson 8-4; Tommy Thorn def. Seth Gross 4-2 OT

Fifth: Luke Rowh def. Dakota Wangsness 3-1

Third: Seth Gross def. Erik Olson 12-5

Championship: Tommy Thorn def. Tanner Johnshoy 7-1

AAA 112

1st – Jordan Kingsley, Apple Valley, 12

2nd – Cole Sladek, Saint Michael-Albertville, 10

3rd – Nick Scheffert, Owatonna, 12

4th – Lucas Hansen, Albert Lea Area, 10

5th – Dustin Weinmann, Irondale, 10

6th – Nick O’Brien, Wayzata, 9

First Round: Trent Butcher, Chaska/Chanhassen def. Isaac Bauer, Hastings 6-4 OT; Nick O’Brien, Wayzata def. Lucas Hansen, Albert Lea Area 5-3; Cole Sladek, Saint Michael-Albertville def. Joey Neumann, Maple Grove 17-4; Justin Herold-Plakut, Woodbury def. Cedric Jimenez, Buffalo 9-0; Michael Pleski, Forest Lake def. Grant Dullinger, Saint Cloud Apollo 13-5; Dustin Weinmann, Irondale def. Dillan Nelson, Stillwater Area 15-0; Jordan Kingsley, Apple Valley def. Nick Scheffert, Owatonna 5-2; Ben Brancale, Eden Prairie def. Sean O’Neil, Prior Lake 7-5 OT

Championship Quarterfinals: Nick O’Brien def. Trent Butcher 5-3; Cole Sladek def. Justin Herold-Plakut 15-6; Dustin Weinmann def. Michael Pleski 4-3; Jordan Kingsley def. Ben Brancale 14-7

Wrestlebacks: Lucas Hansen def. Trent Butcher 6-5; Justin Herold-Plakut def. Joey Neumann 5-2; Michael Pleski def. Dillan Nelson 12-1; Nick Scheffert def. Ben Brancale fall 4:35

Consolation Quarterfinals: Lucas Hansen def. Justin Herold-Plakut 3-1; Nick Scheffert def. Michael Pleski fall 2:05

Consolation Semifinals: Lucas Hansen def. Dustin Weinmann 3-2; Nick Scheffert def. Nick O’Brien 9-1

Championship Semifinals: Cole Sladek def. Nick O’Brien 8-4; Jordan Kingsley def. Dustin Weinmann 6-0

Fifth: Dustin Weinmann def. Nick O’Brien 4-2

Third: Nick Scheffert def. Lucas Hansen 2-0

Championship: Jordan Kingsley def. Cole Sladek 5-2

AAA 119

1st – Mitch Bengtson, Saint Cloud Apollo, 10

2nd – Corey Latuff, Hastings, 12

3rd – Sam Brancale, Eden Prairie, 11

4th – Tyler Isaacson, Forest Lake, 11

5th – Mark Voss, Saint Michael-Albertville, 9

6th – Carson Canedy, Northfield, 9

First Round: Evan Green, Owatonna def. Ben Rock, Prior Lake 6-4; Tyler Isaacson, Forest Lake def. Andy Underhill, Burnsville 2-1; Mitch Bengtson, Saint Cloud Apollo def. Austin Jordan, Stillwater Area fall 1:47; Sam Brancale, Eden Prairie def. Donyale Rosenbloom, Park Center fall 1:50; Dan Babineau, Brainerd/Pillager def. Devin Wolf, Irondale fall 5:48; Corey Latuff, Hastings def. Erick Power, Austin/Austin Pacelli fall 4:46; Sami Abdisa, Robbinsdale Cooper def. Will Majerus, Roseville Area 9-0; Mark Voss, Saint Michael-Albertville def. Carson Canedy, Northfield 11-2

Championship Quarterfinals: Tyler Isaacson def. Evan Green 14-5; Mitch Bengtson def. Sam Brancale 1-0; Corey Latuff def. Dan Babineau 8-3; Mark Voss def. Sami Abdisa 7-3

Wrestlebacks: Andy Underhill def. Evan Green 9-2; Sam Brancale def. Austin Jordan fall 2:44; Dan Babineau def. Erick Power 14-6; Carson Canedy def. Sami Abdisa 5-4 3XOT

Consolation Quarterfinals: Sam Brancale def. Andy Underhill fall 2:30; Carson Canedy def. Dan Babineau fall 2:25

Consolation Semifinals: Sam Brancale def. Mark Voss 7-3; Tyler Isaacson def. Carson Canedy fall :30

Championship Semifinals: Mitch Bengtson def. Tyler Isaacson 7-0; Corey Latuff def. Mark Voss 4-2

Fifth: Mark Voss def. Carson Canedy 7-5

Third: Sam Brancale def. Tyler Isaacson 8-3

Championship: Mitch Bengtson def. Corey Latuff 15-0 5:20

AAA 125

1st – Dakota Trom, Apple Valley, 11

2nd – Austin Leibel, Saint Francis, 11

3rd – Eric Bauer, Hastings, 11

4th – Zach Goldberg, Lakeville North, 12

5th – Amin Buta, Minneapolis South, 11

6th – Ben Anderson, Owatonna, 11

First Round: Henry Wolfbauer, Hopkins def. Mitch Mehrwerth, Sauk Rapids-Rice 9-3; Eric Bauer, Hastings def. Zack Gawboy, Maple Grove 10-2; Zach Goldberg, Lakeville North def. Brady Nelson, Rochester Mayo fall 2:28; Austin Leibel, Saint Francis def. Mario Tuccitto, North fall 1:41; Ben Anderson, Owatonna def. Nate Stott, Centennial 6-4; Amin Buta, Minneapolis South def. Mickel Christensen, Robbinsdale Cooper 14-5; Tyler Tischer, Cambridge-Isanti def. Jake Crosby, Bemidji fall 2:58; Dakota Trom, Apple Valley def. Patrick Casey, Shakopee 18-3 5:39

Championship Quarterfinals: Eric Bauer def. Henry Wolfbauer fall 5:25; Austin Leibel def. Zach Goldberg 11-4; Ben Anderson def. Amin Buta 4-2; Dakota Trom def. Tyler Tischer 13-3

Wrestlebacks: Zack Gawboy def. Henry Wolfbauer 6-2; Zach Goldberg def. Mario Tuccitto 12-1; Amin Buta def. Nate Stott 11-7; Tyler Tischer def. Patrick Casey 4-2 OT

Consolation Quarterfinals: Zach Goldberg def. Zack Gawboy 6-5; Amin Buta def. Tyler Tischer 3-2

Consolation Semifinals: Zach Goldberg def. Ben Anderson 5-1; Eric Bauer def. Amin Buta 7-0

Championship Semifinals: Austin Leibel def. Eric Bauer 8-6; Dakota Trom def. Ben Anderson 18-2 4:15

Fifth: Amin Buta def. Ben Anderson 7-4 3XOT

Third: Eric Bauer def. Zach Goldberg 19-7

Championship: Dakota Trom def. Austin Leibel 4-2

AAA 130

1st – Mark Hall, Apple Valley, 7

2nd – Brady Johnshoy, Prior Lake, 12

3rd – Ben Morgan, Forest Lake, 11

4th – Alex Johannes, Willmar, 11

5th – Ben Donnelly, Woodbury, 8

6th – Jake Hanson, Rochester Mayo, 10

First Round: Brady Johnshoy, Prior Lake def. Jonas Gabreab, Eagan fall 3:47; Jonny Dill, Maple Grove def. Sam Rippe, Stillwater Area 9-7; Jake Hanson, Rochester Mayo def. Jeremy Beaman, Anoka 15-2; Alex Johannes, Willmar def. James Lettow, Richfield/Edina 6-2; Mark Hall, Apple Valley def. Bobby Jackson, Champlin Park 16-1 1:57; Ben Donnelly, Woodbury def. Hugo Felix, Bloomington Kennedy 8-0; Ben Morgan, Forest Lake def. Tommy O’Brien, Saint Cloud Tech 5-0; Bowen Schultz, Owatonna def. Michael deJolsvay, Hopkins 9-5

Championship Quarterfinals: Brady Johnshoy def. Jonny Dill 8-4; Alex Johannes def. Jake Hanson 3-2 3XOT; Mark Hall def. Ben Donnelly 14-2; Ben Morgan def. Bowen Schultz 20-1 5:18

Wrestlebacks: Jonas Gabreab def. Jonny Dill 2-1; Jake Hanson def. James Lettow 5-1; Ben Donnelly def. Bobby Jackson fall 2:19; Bowen Schultz def. Tommy O’Brien 5-1

Consolation Quarterfinals: Jake Hanson def. Jonas Gabreab 8-5; Ben Donnelly def. Bowen Schultz 7-5 OT

Consolation Semifinals: Ben Morgan def. Jake Hanson 8-0; Alex Johannes def. Ben Donnelly 4-2

Championship Semifinals: Brady Johnshoy def. Alex Johannes 8-0; Mark Hall def. Ben Morgan 8-6 4XOT

Fifth: Ben Donnelly def. Jake Hanson 3-1

Third: Ben Morgan def. Alex Johannes fall 2:52

Championship: Mark Hall def. Brady Johnshoy 8-1

AAA 135

1st – Matt Kelliher, Apple Valley, 12

2nd – Travis Holt, Cambridge-Isanti, 10

3rd – Grant Nehring, Saint Cloud Apollo, 10

4th – Adam Hammer, Osseo, 11

5th – Matt Kahnke, Prior Lake, 11

6th – Mark Mustradi, Shakopee, 12

First Round: Travis Holt, Cambridge-Isanti def. Weston Droegemueller, Wayzata 15-0 5:31; TJ O’Hara, Tartan def. Hunter Swenson, Hastings 4-1; Adam Hammer, Osseo def. Mark Mustradi, Shakopee fall 2:59; Joe Carpenter, Moorhead def. Triston Westerlund, Albert Lea Area 4-2; Sam Stewart, Andover def. Shane Shepherd, White Bear Lake Area fall 3:42; Matt Kelliher, Apple Valley def. Andrew Sutton, Minnetonka fall :50; Matt Kahnke, Prior Lake def. Kevin Tokar, Owatonna fall 2:25; Grant Nehring, Saint Cloud Apollo def. Nash Solberg, Champlin Park 7-0

Championship Quarterfinals: Travis Holt def. TJ O’Hara 3-2; Adam Hammer def. Joe Carpenter 11-3; Matt Kelliher def. Sam Stewart 6-3; Grant Nehring def. Matt Kahnke 8-2

Wrestlebacks: Weston Droegemueller def. TJ O’Hara 7-0; Mark Mustradi def. Joe Carpenter fall 4:48; Sam Stewart def. Andrew Sutton fall 3:50; Matt Kahnke def. Nash Solberg fall 2:48

Consolation Quarterfinals: Mark Mustradi def. Weston Droegemueller 16-9; Matt Kahnke def. Sam Stewart 4-2 OT

Consolation Semifinals: Grant Nehring def. Mark Mustradi fall 2:36; Adam Hammer def. Matt Kahnke fall :27

Championship Semifinals: Travis Holt def. Adam Hammer 8-4 OT; Matt Kelliher def. Grant Nehring 13-0

Fifth: Matt Kahnke def. Mark Mustradi fall :57

Third: Grant Nehring def. Adam Hammer 11-0

Championship: Matt Kelliher def. Travis Holt 16-0 4:45

AAA 140

1st – Brandon Kingsley, Apple Valley, 11

2nd – Colten LaChance, Hastings, 12

3rd – Cody Skog, Cambridge-Isanti, 9

4th – Derek Weinmann, Irondale, 11

5th – Carl Elmer, Farmington, 12

6th – Jamie Brazil, Robbinsdale Cooper, 12

First Round: Joe Raymond, North def. Caleb Kolodge, Albert Lea Area 4-1; Derek Weinmann, Irondale def. Austin Haecherl, Hopkins fall 3:44; Colten LaChance, Hastings def. Colton Doty, Bemidji 14-5; Cody Skog, Cambridge-Isanti def. Gavin Larsen, Chaska/Chanhassen 10-4; Frank Cramer, Maple Grove def. Adam Kubat, Owatonna 7-0; Jamie Brazil, Robbinsdale Cooper def. Duncan Potter, White Bear Lake Area fall 1:28; Brandon Kingsley, Apple Valley def. Michael Nerdahl, Saint Michael-Albertville fall :38; Carl Elmer, Farmington def. Chris Keske, Sauk Rapids-Rice 7-0

Championship Quarterfinals: Derek Weinmann def. Joe Raymond inj. def.; Colten LaChance def. Cody Skog 15-5; Jamie Brazil def. Frank Cramer fall 1:48; Brandon Kingsley def. Carl Elmer fall :48

Wrestlebacks: Austin Haecherl def. Joe Raymond inj. def.; Cody Skog def. Colton Doty fall 4:50; Frank Cramer def. Duncan Potter fall 4:29; Carl Elmer def. Michael Nerdahl 7-0

Consolation Quarterfinals: Cody Skog def. Austin Haecherl 15-1; Carl Elmer def. Frank Cramer 5-1

Consolation Semifinals: Cody Skog def. Jamie Brazil 10-7; Derek Weinmann def. Carl Elmer 4-2 OT

Championship Semifinals: Colten LaChance def. Derek Weinmann 12-3; Brandon Kingsley def. Jamie Brazil 18-0 5:23

Fifth: Carl Elmer def. Jamie Brazil 6-3

Third: Cody Skog def. Derek Weinmann fall 1:20

Championship: Brandon Kingsley def. Colten LaChance 11-0

AAA 145

1st – Zach Rohr, Hastings, 12

2nd – Daniel Woiwor, Apple Valley, 10

3rd – Luke Boroda, Mounds View, 12

4th – Dalton Westerlund, Albert Lea Area, 11

5th – Adam Kelling, Cambridge-Isanti, 12

6th – Tanner Carlisle, Prior Lake, 12

First Round: Luke Boroda, Mounds View def. Hunter Friesen, Mankato West 9-1; Mack Glasby, Brainerd/Pillager def. Austin Britnell, Lakeville South 10-6; Tyler Hebig, Mound-Westonka def. Matt Allen, Roseville Area fall 4:32; Daniel Woiwor, Apple Valley def. Adam Kelling, Cambridge-Isanti 6-0; Dalton Westerlund, Albert Lea Area def. T.J. Seehusen, Wayzata 12-0; Tanner Carlisle, Prior Lake def. David Burtness, Champlin Park 18-8; Zach Rohr, Hastings def. Alex Johnson, Tartan 16-0; Holton Lubinski, Elk River def. Jordan Hemmesch, Rocori 8-6

Championship Quarterfinals: Luke Boroda def. Mack Glasby 3-0; Daniel Woiwor def. Tyler Hebig 10-1; Dalton Westerlund def. Tanner Carlisle 3-2; Zach Rohr def. Holton Lubinski 7-1

Wrestlebacks: Mack Glasby def. Hunter Friesen 16-0 2:28; Adam Kelling def. Tyler Hebig fall 4:06; Tanner Carlisle def. T.J. Seehusen 11-1; Holton Lubinski def. Alex Johnson 16-1 3:35

Consolation Quarterfinals: Adam Kelling def. Mack Glasby 9-0; Tanner Carlisle def. Holton Lubinski fall 2:19

Consolation Semifinals: Dalton Westerlund def. Adam Kelling 4-0; Luke Boroda def. Tanner Carlisle 5-3

Championship Semifinals: Daniel Woiwor def. Luke Boroda 4-3; Zach Rohr def. Dalton Westerlund 7-6

Fifth: Adam Kelling def. Tanner Carlisle 6-2

Third: Luke Boroda def. Dalton Westerlund 5-4

Championship: Zach Rohr def. Daniel Woiwor 6-3

AAA 152

1st – Destin McCauley, Apple Valley, 12

2nd – Adam Jackson, Rosemount, 11

3rd – Logan Canedy, Northfield, 12

4th – Corey Parsons, Andover, 9

5th – Cody Glines, Cambridge-Isanti, 12

6th – Danny Egesdal, Chaska/Chanhassen, 12

First Round: Trey Hable, Albert Lea Area def. Nate Adams, Brainerd/Pillager fall 2:47; Destin McCauley, Apple Valley def. Cory Strecker, Roseville Area fall 2:41; Logan Canedy, Northfield def. Corey Parsons, Andover 6-1; Romar Daniel, Hopkins def. Cory Berry, Champlin Park 10-6; Adam Jackson, Rosemount def. Coty Milhausen, Willmar 10-7; Cody Anderson, White Bear Lake Area def. Jordan Zeman, Owatonna 5-3; Danny Egesdal, Chaska/Chanhassen def. Jake Mazanec, Centennial fall 5:15; Cody Glines, Cambridge-Isanti def. Alex Napiwocki, Robbinsdale Armstrong 10-6

Championship Quarterfinals: Destin McCauley def. Trey Hable fall 1:00; Logan Canedy def. Romar Daniel 5-2; Adam Jackson def. Cody Anderson 7-1; Cody Glines def. Danny Egesdal 12-7

Wrestlebacks: Trey Hable def. Cory Strecker 10-3; Corey Parsons def. Romar Daniel fall 3:55; Coty Milhausen def. Cody Anderson 1-0; Danny Egesdal def. Alex Napiwocki 5-3

Consolation Quarterfinals: Corey Parsons def. Trey Hable 3-1; Danny Egesdal def. Coty Milhausen 4-3

Consolation Semifinals: Corey Parsons def. Cody Glines 15-2; Logan Canedy def. Danny Egesdal 10-8

Championship Semifinals: Destin McCauley def. Logan Canedy 18-2 2:21; Adam Jackson def. Cody Glines 9-6

Fifth: Cody Glines def. Danny Egesdal 6-5

Third: Logan Canedy def. Corey Parsons 10-8

Championship: Destin McCauley def. Adam Jackson fall :59

AAA 160

1st – Kyle Begin, Anoka, 11

2nd – Steven Keogh, Apple Valley, 12

3rd – Tyrell Martin, Henry Sibley, 12

4th – Chase Morlock, Moorhead, 10

5th – Richard Carlson, Mounds View, 11

6th – Anton Kalista, Lakeville North, 11

First Round: Chase Morlock, Moorhead def. Mike Von Arx, Prior Lake fall :38; Tyrell Martin, Henry Sibley def. Nic Schweisthal, Minnetonka 12-2; Cory Hansen, Albert Lea Area def. Nathan Peterson, Minneapolis South 15-0 3:03; Kyle Begin, Anoka def. Will Noll, Centennial fall :32; Anton Kalista, Lakeville North def. Corey Buss, Eden Prairie 7-2; Tommy Longendyke, White Bear Lake Area def. Mark Volker, Cambridge-Isanti fall 3:19; Steven Keogh, Apple Valley def. Cole Ellison, Alexandria fall 1:44; Richard Carlson, Mounds View def. Justin Duruji, Owatonna 12-1

Championship Quarterfinals: Tyrell Martin def. Chase Morlock 3-2; Kyle Begin def. Cory Hansen 4-2; Anton Kalista def. Tommy Longendyke 3-1; Steven Keogh def. Richard Carlson fall 5:00

Wrestlebacks: Chase Morlock def. Nic Schweisthal 8-1; Cory Hansen def. Will Noll fall 2:20; Tommy Longendyke def. Corey Buss 6-4; Richard Carlson def. Cole Ellison fall 2:45

Consolation Quarterfinals: Chase Morlock def. Cory Hansen 3-1; Richard Carlson def. Tommy Longendyke 7-4

Consolation Semifinals: Chase Morlock def. Anton Kalista 5-3; Tyrell Martin def. Richard Carlson 7-2

Championship Semifinals: Kyle Begin def. Tyrell Martin fall 1:56; Steven Keogh def. Anton Kalista 4-0

Fifth: Richard Carlson def. Anton Kalista 3-1

Third: Tyrell Martin def. Chase Morlock fall 1:19

Championship: Kyle Begin def. Steven Keogh 8-5

AAA 171

1st – Jake Waste, Apple Valley, 12

2nd – Clayton Jennissen, Cambridge-Isanti, 11

3rd – Beau Bibeau, White Bear Lake Area, 11

4th – Jake Swenson, Hastings, 11

5th – Ryan Stott, Saint Michael-Albertville, 12

6th – Dan Rekuski, Maple Grove, 12

First Round: Clayton Jennissen, Cambridge-Isanti def. Jake Swenson, Hastings 3-1; Eric Hensel, Lakeville South def. Nick Bachmann, East Ridge fall 1:16; Dan Rekuski, Maple Grove def. AJ Wheeler, Moorhead 5-1; Nate Thome, Robbinsdale Cooper def. Mat Becker, Faribault 8-6; Tyler Kohlmeier, Brainerd/Pillager def. Nate Schermerhorn, Mound-Westonka 7-0; Jake Waste, Apple Valley def. Adam Cottrell, Champlin Park fall 1:23; Ben Zeman, Owatonna def. Jarod Rau, Bloomington Kennedy 17-8; Ryan Stott, Saint Michael-Albertville def. Beau Bibeau, White Bear Lake Area 5-4

Championship Quarterfinals: Clayton Jennissen def. Eric Hensel 9-5; Dan Rekuski def. Nate Thome 3-1; Jake Waste def. Tyler Kohlmeier 18-2 4:19; Ryan Stott def. Ben Zeman 9-6

Wrestlebacks: Jake Swenson def. Eric Hensel 5-3; AJ Wheeler def. Nate Thome 3-2; Tyler Kohlmeier def. Adam Cottrell fall 3:26; Beau Bibeau def. Ben Zeman 16-2

Consolation Quarterfinals: Jake Swenson def. AJ Wheeler fall 3:43; Beau Bibeau def. Tyler Kohlmeier 11-0

Consolation Semifinals: Jake Swenson def. Ryan Stott 3-0; Beau Bibeau def. Dan Rekuski 3-2

Championship Semifinals: Clayton Jennissen def. Dan Rekuski 10-5; Jake Waste def. Ryan Stott 13-3

Fifth: Ryan Stott def. Dan Rekuski 5-4 3XOT

Third: Beau Bibeau def. Jake Swenson 3-2

Championship: Jake Waste def. Clayton Jennissen fall 3:07

AAA 189

1st – Nathanial Swoyer, Willmar, 12

2nd – Shaun Little, Saint Michael-Albertville, 12

3rd – Matt Hechsel, Apple Valley, 12

4th – Joshua Vaughan, Bloomington Kennedy, 12

5th – Derek Swanson, Cambridge-Isanti, 12

6th – Tom Peterson, Lakeville South, 10

First Round: Derek Swanson, Cambridge-Isanti def. Jon Volp, Osseo 8-3; Tom Peterson, Lakeville South def. Melvin De Souza, Eden Prairie 15-6; Nathanial Swoyer, Willmar def. Ben Reil, Stillwater Area 5-0; Coyte Kuefner, Owatonna def. Bob Rada, Eagan 7-2; Steven Oczak, Mounds View def. Trae Story, Roseville Area 14-4; Matt Hechsel, Apple Valley def. Joshua Vaughan, Bloomington Kennedy 4-2; Andy Bouressa, Alexandria def. Chandler Arredondo, Richfield/Edina fall 4:47; Shaun Little, Saint Michael-Albertville def. Conner Kortan, Albert Lea Area 5-3

Championship Quarterfinals: Tom Peterson def. Derek Swanson 3-1; Nathanial Swoyer def. Coyte Kuefner 10-3; Matt Hechsel def. Steven Oczak 15-0 4:19; Shaun Little def. Andy Bouressa fall 4:56

Wrestlebacks: Derek Swanson def. Melvin De Souza fall 3:18; Coyte Kuefner def. Ben Reil fall 1:29; Joshua Vaughan def. Steven Oczak 14-1; Conner Kortan def. Andy Bouressa 7-4

Consolation Quarterfinals: Derek Swanson def. Coyte Kuefner fofeit; Joshua Vaughan def. Conner Kortan 3-1

Consolation Semifinals: Matt Hechsel def. Derek Swanson 3-0; Joshua Vaughan def. Tom Peterson 7-2

Championship Semifinals: Nathanial Swoyer def. Tom Peterson 7-4; Shaun Little def. Matt Hechsel 3-1

Fifth: Derek Swanson def. Tom Peterson 6-3

Third: Matt Hechsel def. Joshua Vaughan 8-4

Championship: Nathanial Swoyer def. Shaun Little 3-2 4XOT

AAA 215

1st – Zane Peterson, Lakeville South, 12

2nd – Isaac Eichmann, Hastings, 11

3rd – Mitchell Elmer, Stillwater Area, 12

4th – Michael Burckhardt, Coon Rapids, 10

5th – Zack Vine, Centennial, 12

6th – Logan Barrett, Owatonna, 12

First Round: Corbin Farrell, Apple Valley def. Kris Orloske, White Bear Lake Area 8-2; Zane Peterson, Lakeville South def. Dillon Schuaff, Alexandria fall 1:04; Logan Barrett, Owatonna def. Jake Toupal, Forest Lake 7-6; Zack Vine, Centennial def. Kevin Russell, Hopkins fall 4:27; Tyler Rudy, Sauk Rapids-Rice def. Caleb Gaudian, Albert Lea Area 5-0; Michael Burckhardt, Coon Rapids def. Justin Wheaton, Robbinsdale Armstrong 7-4; Mitchell Elmer, Stillwater Area def. Nicholas McKenzie, Shakopee 2-0; Isaac Eichmann, Hastings def. Gjullian Flemister-King, Champlin Park fall :41

Championship Quarterfinals: Zane Peterson def. Corbin Farrell 3-1; Zack Vine def. Logan Barrett fall 3:49; Michael Burckhardt def. Tyler Rudy 2-1 2XOT; Isaac Eichmann def. Mitchell Elmer 3-1

Wrestlebacks: Corbin Farrell def. Dillon Schuaff 6-1; Logan Barrett def. Kevin Russell 5-2; Justin Wheaton def. Tyler Rudy 10-4; Mitchell Elmer def. Gjullian Flemister-King fall 4:57

Consolation Quarterfinals: Logan Barrett def. Corbin Farrell 4-2; Mitchell Elmer def. Justin Wheaton 8-1

Consolation Semifinals: Michael Burckhardt def. Logan Barrett 4-2; Mitchell Elmer def. Zack Vine 3-1

Championship Semifinals: Zane Peterson def. Zack Vine 4-1; Isaac Eichmann def. Michael Burckhardt 3-1

Fifth: Zack Vine def. Logan Barrett 12-5

Third: Mitchell Elmer def. Michael Burckhardt 1-0

Championship: Zane Peterson def. Isaac Eichmann fall 2:47

AAA 285

1st – Donny Longendyke, White Bear Lake Area, 12

2nd – Brock Horwath, Stillwater Area, 12

3rd – Tanner Lowe, Coon Rapids, 11

4th – Corey Anderson, Shakopee, 11

5th – Parker Betts, Saint Michael-Albertville, 12

6th – Sam Gaul, Rochester Century, 12

First Round: Parker Betts, Saint Michael-Albertville def. Josh Woodrich, Owatonna 5-2; Mitch Johnson, Eagan def. Mike Dyer, Richfield/Edina 14-2; Donny Longendyke, White Bear Lake Area def. Corey Anderson, Shakopee fall 1:58; Jerrad Nieland, Saint Cloud Tech def. Charley Budd, Irondale 1-0; Sean Turner, Prior Lake def. Collin Nauth, Wayzata 3-2; Brock Horwath, Stillwater Area def. Cass Herzog, Willmar fall :55; Tanner Lowe, Coon Rapids def. Demetrius Sims, Park Center 2-1 2XOT; Sam Gaul, Rochester Century def. Zach Martens, Apple Valley 3-2

Championship Quarterfinals: Parker Betts def. Mitch Johnson fall 3:26; Donny Longendyke def. Jerrad Nieland fall 1:02; Brock Horwath def. Sean Turner fall 1:40; Sam Gaul def. Tanner Lowe 3-2

Wrestlebacks: Mitch Johnson def. Josh Woodrich 3-0; Corey Anderson def. Jerrad Nieland 11-7; Sean Turner def. Cass Herzog fall :59; Tanner Lowe def. Zach Martens 3-2

Consolation Quarterfinals: Corey Anderson def. Mitch Johnson 6-2; Tanner Lowe def. Sean Turner 3-2

Consolation Semifinals: Corey Anderson def. Sam Gaul 6-2; Tanner Lowe def. Parker Betts 3-2 4XOT

Championship Semifinals: Donny Longendyke def. Parker Betts 3-1; Brock Horwath def. Sam Gaul 5-0

Fifth: Parker Betts def. Sam Gaul 20-7

Third: Tanner Lowe def. Corey Anderson fall 4:16

Championship: Donny Longendyke def. Brock Horwath 3-2 3XOT

State Tournament Team Results
Thursday, March 3

Class A Championship

Jackson County Central 28, Frazee 28
103: Isaac Schermerhorn (F) fall Dakota Rossow (J) :48
112: Trevor Stilke (F) fall Jordan Biehn (J) 3:55
119: Eliot Jurries (J) dec. Jordan Kohler (F) 6-3
125: Tanner Ellenberg (F) maj. dec. Kegan Moore (J) 14-1
130: Paden Moore (J) dec. Bruce Lemon (F) 4-3
135: Bronson Steuber (J) dec. Myrle Schemerhorn (F) 8-5
140: Rij Koehnen (F) fall Luke Norland (J) 2:24
145: Darick Vancura (J) dec. Casey Nunn (F) 6-3
152: William Baker (J) dec. Cody Piper (F) 7-3
160: Patrick Hanson (J) dec. Brandon VanWaterMulen (F) 2-1
171: Tanner Menke (J) dec. Nathan Sandberg (F) 6-3
189: Kody Sorenson (F) fall Cooper Moore (J) 4:56
215: Jordan Phibbs (J) maj. dec. Rick Brandt (F) 13-5
285: Alex Tewes (J) dec. Brett Gildersleeve (F) 4-1

Class A Third Place

Minneota 33, Lake Crystal-Wellcome Memorial 21
103: Landyn VanOverbeke (M) dec. Levi Marsh (L) 8-5
112: Nicholas Esping (M) fall Dylan Keck (L) :51
119: Taner Trembly (L) dec. Alec Engler (M) 7-0
125: Christian Skillings (M) dec. Cole Bohnert (L) 2-0
130: Beau Buysse (M) dec. Dakota Yarger (L) 7-3
135: Andrew Swendzinski (M) dec. Spencer Yackel (L) 8-2
140: Eric Hood (L) dec. Isaac Josephson (M) 3-2
145: Alex Lessman (M) dec. Davantay Corey (L) 7-1
152: Aaron Hutchens (L) dec. Travis Longtin (M) 8-6
160: Cody Tibbetts (L) fall Sawyer VanHecke (M) 3:05
171: Blake Abraham (M) dec. Thomas Sandt (L) 5-4
189: Nate Meixell (L) fall Doug VanKuelen (M) 3:40
215: Adam Josephson (M) fall Chuck Gunderson (L) 1:53
285: Josh VanOverbeke (M) dec. Mathew Johnson (L) 8-2

Class A Consolation Championship

Kimball Area 37, Zumbrota-Mazzepa 25
103: Joey Majerus (Z) maj. dec. Mitchell McKee (K) 14-1
112: Quinten Berres (K) maj. dec. Hunter Prodzinski (Z) 14-3
119: Tanner Mills (K) dec. Nick Majerus (Z) 8-4
125: Marcus Hamer (K) maj. dec. Mitchell Watkins (Z) 12-4
130: Cody Heitman (Z) fall Jacob Linn (K) 1:36
135: Grant Kyllo (Z) dec. Mitch Pramann (K) 8-4
140: Tyler Kuechle (K) maj. dec. Nate Bennett (Z) 12-1
145: Jordan Joseph (K) dec. Dillon Downes (Z) 12-5
152: Caramon Hansen (K) maj. dec. Joe Sorensen (Z) 14-3
160: Brandon Klindworth (Z) fall Quentin Bryce (K) :20
171: Travis Scheifelbein (K) fall Andy Siems (Z) 1:15
189: Chad Matthees (Z) fall Alex Thurber (K) 1:13
215: David Joseph (K) dec. Cole Nelson (Z) 7-4
285: Austin Schiefelbein (K) fall Matt Hodgman (Z) 3:30

Class A Championship Semifinals

Frazee 27, Lake Crystal-Wellcome Memorial 25
103: Isaac Schermerhorn (F) fall Levi Marsh (L) 1:49
112: Trevor Stilke (F) fall Dylan Keck (L) 3:17
119: Taner Trembly (L) dec. Jordan Kohler (F) 8-7
125: Tanner Ellenberg (F) dec. Cole Bohnert (L) 4-3
130: Spencer Yackel (L) dec. Bruce Lemon (F) 7-2
135: Dakota Yarger (L) dec. Myrle Schemerhorn (F) 3-1
140: Rij Koehnen (F) dec. Eric Hood (L) 4-1
145: Casey Nunn (F) dec. Davantay Corey (L) 12-5
152: Aaron Hutchens (L) dec. Cody Piper (F) 3-2
160: Cody Tibbetts (L) maj. dec. Brandon VanWaterMulen (F) 15-6
171: Thomas Sandt (L) dec. Nathan Sandberg (F) 9-3
189: Nate Meixell (L) dec. Rick Brandt (F) 9-2
215: Kody Sorenson (F) fall Chuck Gunderson (L) 4:19
285: Mathew Johnson (L) dec. Brett Gildersleeve (F) 7-0

Class A Championship Semifinals

Jackson County Central 34, Minneota 25
103: Landyn VanOverbeke (M) fall Dakota Rossow (J) :45
112: Kyle Edlin (J) dec. Nicholas Esping (M) 7-3
119: Alec Engler (M) dec. Eliot Jurries (J) 5-3
125: Christian Skillings (M) maj. dec. Kegan Moore (J) 9-1
130: Beau Buysse (M) dec. Paden Moore (J) 3-2
135: Bronson Steuber (J) maj. dec. Andrew Swendzinski (M) 15-6
140: Luke Norland (J) dec. Isaac Josephson (M) 5-4
145: Darick Vancura (J) dec. Alex Lessman (M) 7-3
152: William Baker (J) fall Travis Longtin (M) :32
160: Patrick Hanson (J) fall Sawyer VanHecke (M) :33
171: Cooper Moore (J) dec. Blake Abraham (M) 10-6
189: Adam Josephson (M) fall Tanner Menke (J) :55
215: Josh VanOverbeke (M) dec. Jordan Phibbs (J) 7-0
285: Alex Tewes (J) fall Andrew Fadness (M) :55

Class A Consolation Semifinals

Kimball Area 32, Border West 28
103: Cameron Sykora (B) maj. dec. Mitchell McKee (K) 10-0
112: Mitchell Andrews (B) maj. dec. Quinten Berres (K) 8-0
119: Will McCarthy (B) fall Tanner Mills (K) :47
125: Marcus Hamer (K) dec. Gus McCarthy (B) 8-7
130: Taylor McCalip (B) tech fall Jacob Linn (K) 5:44 22-7
135: Mitch Pramann (K) maj. dec. Leonard Nicoletti (B) 14-1
140: Tyler Kuechle (K) fall Nick Stafford (B) 3:01
145: Jordan Joseph (K) dec. Austin Maanum (B) 9-3
152: Caramon Hansen (K) fall Chalmer Combellick (B) :30
160: Austin Rinke (B) dec. Quentin Bryce (K) 6-5
171: Charlie Maanum (B) dec. Travis Scheifelbein (K) 15-13
189: David Joseph (K) maj. dec. Wolfgang Brink (B) 17-4
215: Alex Thurber (K) fall Wylie Pullis (B) 3:00
285: Billy Connelly (B) dec. Austin Schiefelbein (K) 8-6

Class A Consolation Semifinals

Zumbrota-Mazzepa 47, Pierz 26
103: Joey Majerus (Z) fall Kolton Eischens (P) 2:54
112: Hunter Prodzinski (Z) fall Evan Woitalla (P) 3:15
119: Nick Majerus (Z) fall Brandon Sullivan (P) 5:20
125: Brett Brausen (P) dec. Mitchell Watkins (Z) 5-3
130: Bradly Meyer (P) dec. Cody Heitman (Z) OT 6-4
135: Grant Kyllo (Z) fall Mitchell Boser (P) 2:33
140: Clint Poster (P) fall Austin Walstad (Z) 1:15
145: Nate Bennett (Z) fall Josh Lanners (P) 4:31
152: Nathan Tomala (P) dec. Dillon Downes (Z) 9-4
160: Sean Huls (P) tech fall Joe Sorensen (Z) 16-0
171: Brandon Klindworth (Z) tech fall Nick Lochner (P) 5:32
189: Chad Matthees (Z) fall Dustin Waytashek (P) 1:43
215: Ryley Smude (P) fall Taylor Parker (Z) 1:59
285: Cole Nelson (Z) fall Travis Johnson (P) 1:04

Class A Quarterfinals

Lake Crystal-Wellcome Memorial 29, Kimball Area 24
103: Mitchell McKee (K) dec. Levi Marsh (L) 4-3
112: Quinten Berres (K) fall Dylan Keck (L) :37
119: Tanner Mills (K) dec. Taner Trembly (L) 3-1
125: Marcus Hamer (K) dec. Cole Bohnert (L) 11-6
130: Dakota Yarger (L) fall Jacob Linn (K) :50
135: Mitch Pramann (K) dec. Spencer Yackel (L) 8-2
140: Tyler Kuechle (K) dec. Eric Hood (L) 4-1
145: Davantay Corey (L) dec. Jordan Joseph (K) OT 3-1
152: Aaron Hutchens (L) dec. Caramon Hansen (K) 10-8
160: Cody Tibbetts (L) dec. Quentin Bryce (K) 7-3
171: Thomas Sandt (L) maj. dec. Travis Scheifelbein (K) 12-4
189: Nate Meixell (L) maj. dec. David Joseph (K) 11-3
215: Alex Thurber (K) dec. Chuck Gunderson (L) 6-3
285: Mathew Johnson (L) fall Austin Schiefelbein (K) 5:15

Class A Quarterfinals

Frazee 39, Border West 18
103: Cameron Sykora (B) dec. Isaac Schermerhorn (F) 4-1
112: Mitchell Andrews (B) dec. Trevor Stilke (F) 8-7
119: Will McCarthy (B) fall Jordan Kohler (F) 1:59
125: Tanner Ellenberg (F) dec. Gus McCarthy (B) 8-4
130: Taylor McCalip (B) dec. Wade Hukriede (F) 6-4
135: Bruce Lemon (F) fall Leonard Nicoletti (B) 3:42
140: Myrle Schemerhorn (F) dec. Nick Stafford (B) 10-4
145: Rij Koehnen (F) dec. Austin Maanum (B) 3-0
152: Casey Nunn (F) fall Chalmer Combellick (B) 1:39
160: Austin Rinke (B) dec. Brandon VanWaterMulen (F) 5-4
171: Nathan Sandberg (F) dec. Charlie Maanum (B) 2-1
189: Rick Brandt (F) dec. Wylie Pullis (B) 6-2
215: Kody Sorenson (F) fall Billy Connelly (B) 5:00
285: Devon Drewes (F) won by default Nick Kleindl (B)

Class A Quarterfinals

Jackson County Central 59, Pierz 16
103: Evan Woitalla (P) fall Dakota Rossow (J) 4:12
112: Jordan Biehn (J) fall Cody Meyer (P) 5:03
119: Eliot Jurries (J) tech fall Brandon Sullivan (P) 5:28
125: Kegan Moore (J) dec. Brett Brausen (P) 9-8
130: Paden Moore (J) fall Bradly Meyer (P) 3:20
135: Bronson Steuber (J) fall Mitchell Boser (P) 3:04
140: Clint Poster (P) fall Dylan Riggle (J) 3:24
145: Darick Vancura (J) fall Josh Lanners (P) :40
152: William Baker (J) dec. Nathan Tomala (P) 6-5
160: Sean Huls (P) maj. dec. Patrick Hanson (J) 14-1
171: Cooper Moore (J) fall Nick Lochner (P) 1:43
189: Tanner Menke (J) fall Dustin Waytashek (P) 2:49
215: Alex Tewes (J) fall Ryley Smude (P) 1:09
285: Brandon Pygman (J) fall Travis Johnson (P) 4:37

Class A Quarterfinals

Minneota 35, Zumbrota-Mazzepa 20
103: Joey Majerus (Z) maj. dec. Landyn VanOverbeke (M) 13-4
112: Nicholas Esping (M) dec. Hunter Prodzinski (Z) OT 6-4
119: Nick Majerus (Z) dec. Alec Engler (M) 7-3
125: Christian Skillings (M) dec. Mitchell Watkins (Z) 7-0
130: Beau Buysse (M) fall Tyler Poncelet (Z) 2:50
135: Andrew Swendzinski (M) dec. Cody Heitman (Z) 3-0
140: Grant Kyllo (Z) dec. Isaac Josephson (M) 14-12
145: Travis Longtin (M) maj. dec. Nate Bennett (Z) 9-1
152: Alex Lessman (M) dec. Dillon Downes (Z) 8-3
160: Brandon Klindworth (Z) maj. dec. Sawyer VanHecke (M) 18-4
171: Blake Abraham (M) maj. dec. Andy Siems (Z) 12-0
189: Chad Matthees (Z) fall Doug VanKuelen (M) 1:00
215: Adam Josephson (M) dec. Cole Nelson (Z) 1-0
285: Josh VanOverbeke (M) fall Matt Hodgman (Z) 1:49

Class AA Championship

Simley 39, Scott West 16
103: Kyle Gliva (S) dec. Zack Siegle (SW) 8-3
112: Juan Torres (S) maj. dec. Luke Betchwars (SW) 10-2
119: Pedro DeLao (S) tech fall Luke Zilverberg (SW) :30 25-10
125: Cola Jensen (S) fall Andrew Fogarty (SW) 1:07
130: Tyler Dobmeier (SW) dec. Mack Short (S) 5-4
135: Gabe Fogarty (SW) dec. Matt Kruse (S) 12-5
140: Jake Short (S) maj. dec. Charlie Pesch (SW) 23-9
145: Nick Wanzek (S) dec. Jake Siegle (SW) 10-5
152: Dan Dick (S) dec. Tyler Zilverberg (SW) 9-3
160: Micah Barnes (S) dec. Nick Dvorak (SW) 4-1
171: Marty Dvorak (SW) maj. dec. Joe Rief (S) 9-0
189: Cody Hazelett (S) dec. Zach Dvorak (SW) 6-4
215: Michael Kroells (SW) fall Mykar Groves (S) 2:48
285: Matt Kadrlik (S) fall John Lucas (SW) 5:19

Class AA Third Place

Kasson-Mantorville 40, Foley 18
103: Tristan Manderfeld (F) fall Ryan Erdmann (K) :49
112: Nate Thomas (K) tech fall Tyler Jenson (F) 5:46
119: Tony Morrow (K) dec. Mitchell Dunlap (F) 6-5
125: Branden Schorr (K) fall Taylor Rothfork (F) 3:26
130: Coltan Laganiere (K) dec. William Sustercich (F) OT 6-4
135: Garret Garness (K) maj. dec. Nathan Beehler (F) 11-3
140: Dakota Hanson (K) dec. Sam Keeler (F) 3-0
145: Tyler Benboom (F) dec. Ethan Damon (K) 5-4
152: Corben Hansen (K) maj. dec. Chavez Goble (F) 8-0
160: Taylor Lewandowski (F) dec. Zach Schreiber (K) 7-4
171: Nick Lefebvre (F) dec. Darrin Allen (K) 7-6
189: Broc Berge (K) fall Mitch Keeler (F) 2:58
215: Anthony Kipka (F) dec. Tully Hovda (K) 7-0
285: Sam Stoll (K) fall Samuel Olson (F) 2:42

Class AA Consolation Championship

Wabasso/Red Rock Central 41, Grand Rapids 18
103: Spencer Jenniges (W) maj. dec. Jackson Schauer (G) 15-1
112: Brandon Goblirsch (W) fall Caleb Happy (G) 3:30
119: Brady Bierl (W) fall Jake Schlader (G) 1:26
125: Tyler Jobe (G) dec. Tanner Rohlik (W) 7-2
130: Ryan Schroepfer (W) fall Dylan Casteel (G) 5:01
135: Mitchell Schroepfer (W) dec. Ryan Bowers (G) 6-4
140: Zac Bainville (G) dec. Matt Arnold (W) 6-1
145: Mitchell Jobe (G) dec. Mitchell Rohlik (W) 4-2
152: Pat Hopkins (G) dec. Blake Altermatt (W) 4-0
160: Jamison Evans (G) dec. Zach Ourada (W) 8-6
171: Nathan Mattison (W) maj. dec. Brandon Hess (G) 18-7
189: Nick Hopkins (G) dec. Raymond Hagberg (W) OT 4-2
215: Cody Welch (W) fall Will Rusch (G) 1:16
285: Adam Schroepfer (W) fall Zach Grandia (G) 1:37

Class AA Championship Semifinals

Scott West 36, Kasson-Mantorville 19
103: Zack Siegle (SW) fall Ryan Erdmann (K) 1:11
112: Nate Thomas (K) maj. dec. Luke Betchwars (SW) 8-0
119: Tony Morrow (K) dec. Luke Zilverberg (SW) 7-2
125: Andrew Fogarty (SW) dec. Branden Schorr (K) 8-6
130: Tyler Dobmeier (SW) dec. Coltan Laganiere (K) 3-1
135: Garret Garness (K) dec. Gabe Fogarty (SW) 7-3
140: Jake Siegle (SW) dec. Dakota Hanson (K) 1-0
145: Charlie Pesch (SW) dec. Ethan Damon (K) 11-5
152: Tyler Zilverberg (SW) dec. Corben Hansen (K) 4-2
160: Nick Dvorak (SW) dec. Zach Schreiber (K) OT 4-2
171: Darrin Allen (K) dec. Marty Dvorak (SW) 7-6
189: Broc Berge (K) fall Michael Riker (SW) 4:28
215: Zach Dvorak (SW) fall Bryce Seljan (K) 1:46
285: Michael Kroells (SW) fall Sam Stoll (K) 3:07

Class AA Championship Semifinals

Simley 52, Foley 3
103: Kyle Gliva (S) dec. Tristan Manderfeld (F) 5-2
112: Juan Torres (S) fall Tyler Jenson (F) :59
119: Pedro DeLao (S) dec. Mitchell Dunlap (F) 3-1
125: Cola Jensen (S) dec. Taylor Rothfork (F) 7-0
130: Mack Short (S) dec. William Sustercich (F) 3-2
135: Matt Kruse (S) dec. Sam Keeler (F) 5-2
140: Jake Short (S) fall Tyler Benboom (F) 1:06
145: Nick Wanzek (S) tech fall Chavez Goble (F) 5:12 20-5
152: Dan Dick (S) tech fall Nathaniel Struffert (F) 4:55 20-4
160: Micah Barnes (S) dec. Taylor Lewandowski (F) 7-4
171: Nick Lefebvre (F) dec. Joe Rief (S) 2-1
189: Cody Hazelett (S) dec. Anthony Kipka (F) 5-3
215: Mykar Groves (S) dec. Samuel Olson (F) 4-3
285: Matt Kadrlik (S) fall Cameron Svihla (F) 1:02

Class AA Consolation Semifinals

Wabasso/Red Rock Central 33, Monticello 20
103: Spencer Jenniges (W) tech fall Logan Stiller (M) 5:49
112: Eric Bourgeois (M) maj. dec. Derek Christians (W) 9-1
119: Brandon Goblirsch (W) dec. Zach Beaumaster (M) 7-2
125: Tanner Rohlik (W) dec. Jake Berthiaume (M) 6-2
130: Jordan Schroepfer (W) fall Mark Hickman (M) 2:53
135: Mitchell Schroepfer (W) dec. Carter Barnes (M) 7-1
140: Jake Schmitz (M) dec. Matt Arnold (W) 8-5
145: Mitchell Rohlik (W) maj. dec. Logan Draack (M) 15-2
152: Blake Altermatt (W) fall Seth Gardner (M) :52
160: Tyler Mergen (M) dec. Nathan Mattison (W) 12-5
171: Sebastian Gardner (M) maj. dec. Zach Ourada (W) 14-2
189: Ryan Michaelis (M) dec. Raymond Hagberg (W) 5-3
215: Cody Welch (W) dec. Joe Jude (M) 7-3
285: Nic Grimley (M) dec. Adam Schroepfer (W) 5-1

Class AA Consolation Semifinals

Grand Rapids 33, Thief River Falls/Goodridge 30
103: Jackson Schauer (G) fall Stephen Holecek (T) 1:16
112: Austin Hjelle (T) maj. dec. Caleb Happy (G) 12-3
119: Noah Bernier (T) dec. Jake Schlader (G) OT 5-3
125: Jacoby Bergeron (T) dec. Tyler Jobe (G) 10-5
130: Chaz Abrahamson (T) dec. Dylan Casteel (G) 5-0
135: Holden Nelson (T) maj. dec. Ryan Bowers (G) 15-7
140: Zac Bainville (G) fall Nolan Dyrdal (T) :54
145: Mitchell Jobe (G) fall Cody Bannert (T) 1:43
152: Pat Hopkins (G) dec. Nathaniel Holecek (T) 7-2
160: Jamison Evans (G) fall Jordan Kazmierczak (T) 2:13
171: Logan Alten (T) dec. Brandon Hess (G) 3-0
189: Nick Hopkins (G) fall Craig Williams (T) 3:03
215: Jon Erickson (T) fall Will Rusch (G) 3:41
285: Nick Cervantes (T) fall Zach Grandia (G) :28

Class AA Quarterfinals

Kasson-Mantorville 31, Wabasso/Red Rock Central 20
103: Spencer Jenniges (W) dec. Ryan Erdmann (K) 9-4
112: Nate Thomas (K) dec. Brandon Goblirsch (W) 6-5
119: Tony Morrow (K) tech fall Brady Bierl (W) 24-5
125: Tanner Rohlik (W) dec. Branden Schorr (K) OT 4-2
130: Coltan Laganiere (K) dec. Ryan Schroepfer (W) 7-5
135: Garret Garness (K) maj. dec. Mitchell Schroepfer (W) 13-1
140: Matt Arnold (W) maj. dec. Dakota Hanson (K) 12-3
145: Mitchell Rohlik (W) maj. dec. Ethan Damon (K) 14-5
152: Corben Hansen (K) dec. Blake Altermatt (W) 7-6
160: Zach Schreiber (K) dec. Nathan Mattison (W) 5-3
171: Darrin Allen (K) dec. Zach Ourada (W) 8-1
189: Broc Berge (K) dec. Cody Welch (W) 3-1
215: Raymond Hagberg (W) fall Harrison Barnes (K) 1:10
285: Sam Stoll (K) maj. dec. Adam Schroepfer (W) 8-0

Class AA Quarterfinals

Scott West 46, Monticello 22
103: Zack Siegle (SW) fall Logan Stiller (M) 1:13
112: Eric Bourgeois (M) dec. Luke Betchwars (SW) 5-1
119: Luke Zilverberg (SW) dec. Zach Beaumaster (M) 10-3
125: Andrew Fogarty (SW) fall Jake Berthiaume (M) 1:44
130: Tyler Dobmeier (SW) maj. dec. Mark Hickman (M) 13-4
135: Gabe Fogarty (SW) fall Carter Barnes (M) 1:32
140: Jake Siegle (SW) dec. Jake Schmitz (M) 6-2
145: Charlie Pesch (SW) fall Logan Draack (M) 3:53
152: Tyler Mergen (M) maj. dec. Tyler Zilverberg (SW) 8-0
160: Nick Dvorak (SW) fall Seth Gardner (M) 1:24
171: Sebastian Gardner (M) fall Marty Dvorak (SW) 1:59
189: Ryan Michaelis (M) dec. Zach Dvorak (SW) 5-2
215: Michael Kroells (SW) fall Joe Jude (M) 1:23
285: Nic Grimley (M) fall John Lucas (SW) 3:38

Class AA Quarterfinals

Simley 56, Grand Rapids 7
103: Kyle Gliva (S) tech fall Jackson Schauer (G) 17-2
112: Juan Torres (S) fall Caleb Happy (G) 1:24
119: Pedro DeLao (S) tech fall Jake Schlader (G) 3:03 16-0
125: Cola Jensen (S) maj. dec. Tyler Jobe (G) 8-0
130: Mack Short (S) dec. Dylan Casteel (G) 14-7
135: Matt Kruse (S) maj. dec. Ryan Bowers (G) 10-2
140: Jake Short (S) dec. Zac Bainville (G) 8-7
145: Nick Wanzek (S) maj. dec. Mitchell Jobe (G) 11-3
152: Dan Dick (S) maj. dec. Pat Hopkins (G) 10-2
160: Micah Barnes (S) fall Alex Seanger (G) 1:37
171: Jamison Evans (G) dec. Joe Rief (S) 8-1
189: Nick Hopkins (G) maj. dec. Brandt Olson (S) 11-0
215: Mykar Groves (S) fall Will Rusch (G) 3:33
285: Matt Kadrlik (S) fall Zach Grandia (G) :57

Class AA Quarterfinals

Foley 38, Thief River Falls/Goodridge 22
103: Tristan Manderfeld (F) fall Stephen Holecek (T) :33
112: Austin Hjelle (T) dec. Tyler Jenson (F) 4-2
119: Mitchell Dunlap (F) fall Noah Bernier (T) 4:46
125: Jacoby Bergeron (T) maj. dec. Taylor Rothfork (F) 16-7
130: Chaz Abrahamson (T) dec. Tyler Beehler (F) 6-0
135: Holden Nelson (T) dec. Nathan Beehler (F) 9-3
140: Sam Keeler (F) fall Nolan Dyrdal (T) 5:23
145: Nathaniel Holecek (T) dec. Tyler Benboom (F) 11-5
152: Chavez Goble (F) maj. dec. Cody Bannert (T) 12-3
160: Kyle Fenna (F) maj. dec. Logan Alten (T) 8-0
171: Taylor Lewandowski (F) fall Jordan Kazmierczak (T) 2:47
189: Anthony Kipka (F) dec. Craig Williams (T) OT 9-7
215: Samuel Olson (F) dec. Jon Erickson (T) 5-2
285: Nick Cervantes (T) fall Cameron Svihla (F) 1:38

Class AAA Championship

Apple Valley 61, Saint Michael-Albertville 6
103: Seth Gross (A) fall Aaron Dick (S) 1:09
112: Jordan Kingsley (A) won by forfeit
119: Cory Rathman (A) dec. Mark Voss (S) 6-4
125: Dakota Trom (A) maj. dec. Lincoln Mallinger (S) 11-1
130: Mark Hall (A) dec. Wayne Voss (S) 7-1
135: Matt Kelliher (A) dec. Michael Lindquist (S) 12-6
140: Brandon Kingsley (A) fall Evan Gammell (S) :29
145: Daniel Woiwor (A) dec. Lucas Martin (S) 10-3
152: Destin McCauley (A) tech fall Jake Lillie (S) 3:26 18-3
160: Steven Keogh (A) fall Ricky Briggs (S) 3:01
171: Jacob Waste (A) won by forfeit
189: Corbin Farrell (A) maj. dec. Mitch Eull (S) 9-1
215: Matt Hechsel (A) fall Mitchell Kolles (S) 2:42
285: Parker Betts (S) fall Zach Martens (A) 5:02

Class AAA Third Place

Prior Lake 29, Albert Lea Area 23
103: Tanner Johnshoy (P) dec. Dakota Wangsness (A) 4-1
112: Lucas Hansen (A) dec. Sean ONeil (P) 3-0
119: Ben Rock (P) dec. Garrett Wangsness (A) 7-2
125: Davin Nelson (A) dec. Blake Carlisle (P) 7-4
130: Brady Johnshoy (P) dec. Tristan Westerlund (A) 9-3
135: Matt Kahnke (P) fall Banypiny Chan (A) :57
140: Ryan Norton (P) fall Caleb Kolodge (A) 1:50
145: Dalton Westerlund (A) dec. Tucker Brietung (P) 3-0
152: Tanner Carlisle (P) tech fall Jacob Tyler (A) 5:04
160: Mike Van Arx (P) dec. Trey Hable (A) 4-3
171: Cory Hansen (A) dec. Mike Mello (P) 7-0
189: Conner Kortan (A) tech fall Tobby Schultz (P) :34 21-6
215: Caleb Gaudian (A) dec. James O’Brien (P) 12-8
285: Alex Nielsen (A) dec. Sean Turner (P) OT 4-2

Class AAA Consolation Championship

White Bear Lake Area 45, Centennial 21
103: Matt Meuwissen (W) fall Michael Mischke (C) 3:03
112: James Stefonick (C) fall Andrew Martin (W) 1:24
119: Jordan Thompson (C) dec. Alex Rod (W) 9-7
125: Elijah Muedeking (W) dec. Nathan Stott (C) 9-7
130: Cam Brandvold (W) dec. Blake Solberg (C) 8-5
135: Shane Shepherd (W) dec. Amakale Tilleskjor (C) 10-5
140: Duncan Potter (W) maj. dec. Jake Schmitz (C) 13-1
145: Jacob Mazanec (C) fall Joe Nasvik (W) 1:40
152: Cody Anderson (W) tech fall Wesley Hendrickson (C) 5:18
160: Tom Longendyck (W) fall Will Noll (C) :24
171: Conner Pariseau (W) maj. dec. Bret Pasche (C) 11-1
189: Beau Bibeau (W) tech fall Jake Cruz (C) 5:59
215: Zach Vine (C) fall Kris Orloske (W) 1:20
285: Donny Longendyke (W) fall Andrew Gustafson (C) :45

Class AAA Championship Semifinals

Saint Michael-Albertville 36, Albert Lea Area 13
103: Tommy Thorn (S) maj. dec. Dakota Wangsness (A) 8-0
112: Cole Sladek (S) dec. Lucas Hansen (A) 8-2
119: Mark Voss (S) dec. Garrett Wangsness (A) 7-5
125: Lincoln Mallinger (S) maj. dec. Davin Nelson (A) 12-4
130: Wayne Voss (S) dec. Tristan Westerlund (A) 10-3
135: Michael Lindquist (S) dec. Banypiny Chan (A) 7-5
140: Michael Nerdahl (S) dec. Caleb Kolodge (A) 6-0
145: Dalton Westerlund (A) maj. dec. Lucas Martin (S) 11-3
152: Jake Lillie (S) tech fall Jacob Tyler (A) 16-1
160: Trey Hable (A) dec. Ricky Briggs (S) 9-5
171: Cory Hansen (A) dec. Ryan Stott (S) 7-2
189: Conner Kortan (A) dec. Mitchell Kolles (S) 3-1
215: Shaun Little (S) dec. Caleb Gaudian (A) 7-0
285: Parker Betts (S) tech fall Alex Nielsen (A) :29 19-4

Class AAA Championship Semifinals

Apple Valley 70, Prior Lake 0
103: Seth Gross (A) dec. Tanner Johnshoy (P) 7-2
112: Jordan Kingsley (A) fall Sean ONeil (P) 1:32
119: Cory Rathman (A) dec. Ben Rock (P) 6-3
125: Dakota Trom (A) tech fall Sayed Rahmani (P) 4:00 21-4
130: Mark Hall (A) dec. Brady Johnshoy (P) 7-1
135: Matt Kelliher (A) fall Matt Kahnke (P) 1:25
140: Brandon Kingsley (A) fall Ryan Norton (P) :37
145: Daniel Woiwor (A) fall Stephen Lesko (P) 4:49
152: Destin McCauley (A) fall Alex Hart (P) :50
160: Steven Keogh (A) fall Mike Van Arx (P) 1:41
171: Jacob Waste (A) tech fall Mike Mello (P) :00 16-1
189: Corbin Farrell (A) fall Tobby Schultz (P) 3:32
215: Matt Hechsel (A) fall James O’Brien (P) :50
285: Zach Martens (A) dec. Ross Larson (P) 3-2

Class AAA Consolation Semifinals

Centennial 41, Hopkins 22
103: Jacob Price (H) fall Michael Mischke (C) 2:45
112: James Stefonick (C) dec. Maxwell Stelzner (H) 8-2
119: Jordan Thompson (C) maj. dec. Benjamin Calvert (H) 10-1
125: Nathan Stott (C) dec. Henry Wolfbauer (H) 12-5
130: Michael De Jolsvay (H) maj. dec. Blake Solberg (C) 25-13
135: Amakale Tilleskjor (C) fall Nathaniel Haecheri (H) 1:10
140: Austin Haecheri (H) dec. Jake Schmitz (C) 10-3
145: Jacob Mazanec (C) fall Quinn Rohweder (H) 1:18
152: Romar Daniel (H) dec. Wesley Hendrickson (C) 9-5
160: Will Noll (C) dec. Benjamin Tinkham (H) 15-10
171: Trey Goeman (H) fall Bret Pasche (C) 1:03
189: Jake Cruz (C) maj. dec. Daniel Schmid (H) 11-3
215: Zach Vine (C) fall Kevin Russell (H) 4:47
285: Andrew Gustafson (C) fall Kyle Russell (H) 5:56

Class AAA Consolation Semifinals

White Bear Lake Area 61, Bemidji 12
103: Andrew Martin (W) fall Tyler O’Beirne (B) :37
112: Matt Meuwissen (W) fall Michael Fogarty (B) 1:56
119: Logan Crosby (B) dec. Alex Rod (W) 6-5
125: Jake Crosby (B) dec. Elijah Muedeking (W) 12-5
130: Cam Brandvold (W) dec. Craig Maas (B) 7-4
135: Shane Shepherd (W) fall Dyaln Hardy (B) 2:41
140: Colton Doty (B) fall Duncan Potter (W) 4:28
145: Joe Nasvik (W) fall Kade Johnson (B) 2:58
152: Cody Anderson (W) fall Kodi Craft (B) time n/a
160: Tom Longendyck (W) won by forfeit
171: Conner Pariseau (W) maj. dec. Dustin Greenman (B) 14-1
189: Kyle Ross (W) fall Brenden Fredriksen (B) 1:29
215: Kris Orloske (W) fall Nick Maggert (B) 3:29
285: Donny Longendyke (W) fall Alex Johnson (B) 1:36

Class AAA Quarterfinals

Saint Michael-Albertville 59, Centennial 3
103: Tommy Thorn (S) fall Michael Mischke (C) 1:12
112: Cole Sladek (S) maj. dec. James Stefonick (C) 15-6
119: Mark Voss (S) fall Jordan Thompson (C) 2:44
125: Lincoln Mallinger (S) dec. Nathan Stott (C) 5-0
130: Wayne Voss (S) won by default Blake Solberg (C)
135: Michael Lindquist (S) dec. Amakale Tilleskjor (C) 6-2
140: Michael Nerdahl (S) dec. Jake Schmitz (C) 10-3
145: Lucas Martin (S) dec. Jacob Mazanec (C) 3-0
152: Jake Lillie (S) fall Wesley Hendrickson (C) 1:52
160: Ricky Briggs (S) dec. Will Noll (C) 7-0
171: Ryan Stott (S) fall Bret Pasche (C) 2:41
189: Shaun Little (S) tech fall Jake Cruz (C) 3:33 16-0
215: Zach Vine (C) dec. Mitchell Kolles (S) 3-1
285: Parker Betts (S) tech fall Andrew Gustafson (C) 3:40 20-5

Class AAA Quarterfinals

Albert Lea Area 60, Hopkins 9
103: Dakota Wangsness (A) fall Jacob Price (H) 1:41
112: Lucas Hansen (A) tech fall Maxwell Stelzner (H) 4:56 15-0
119: Garrett Wangsness (A) fall Benjamin Calvert (H) 2:07
125: Davin Nelson (A) dec. Henry Wolfbauer (H) 13-6
130: Tristan Westerlund (A) fall Michael De Jolsvay (H) 5:11
135: Banypiny Chan (A) fall Nathaniel Haecheri (H) 1:48
140: Austin Haecheri (H) dec. Caleb Kolodge (A) 13-7
145: Dalton Westerlund (A) fall Quinn Rohweder (H) 1:30
152: Trey Hable (A) maj. dec. Romar Daniel (H) 13-4
160: Cory Hansen (A) fall Benjamin Tinkham (H) 2:27
171: Trey Goeman (H) fall Dustin Samudo (A) 3:07
189: Conner Kortan (A) fall Daniel Schmid (H) 1:02
215: Caleb Gaudian (A) dec. Kevin Russell (H) 4-0
285: Alex Nielsen (A) dec. Kyle Russell (H) 7-1

Class AAA Quarterfinals

Apple Valley 65, White Bear Lake Area 12
103: Seth Gross (A) fall Andrew Martin (W) :40
112: Jordan Dufresne (W) won by default
119: Cory Rathman (A) fall Alex Rod (W) 3:14
125: Dakota Trom (A) fall Elijah Muedeking (W) 1:05
130: Mark Hall (A) tech fall Cam Brandvold (W) 15-0
135: Matt Kelliher (A) fall Shane Shepherd (W) :55
140: Brandon Kingsley (A) fall Duncan Potter (W) :23
145: Daniel Woiwor (A) fall Joe Nasvik (W) 1:07
152: Destin McCauley (A) fall Cody Anderson (W) 2:44
160: Steven Keogh (A) maj. dec. Tom Longendyck (W) 15-2
171: Jacob Waste (A) maj. dec. Beau Bibeau (W) 18-5
189: Corbin Farrell (A) maj. dec. Kyle Ross (W) 16-2
215: Matt Hechsel (A) fall Flynn Leider (W) 1:45
285: Donny Longendyke (W) fall Austin Hughson (A) 1:40

Class AAA Quarterfinals

Prior Lake 59, Bemidji 10
103: Tanner Johnshoy (P) fall Tyler O’Beirne (B) 1:04
112: Sean ONeil (P) fall Michael Fogarty (B) :55
119: Logan Crosby (B) dec. Blake Carlisle (P) 6-0
125: Ben Rock (P) fall Jake Crosby (B) 3:30
130: Brady Johnshoy (P) fall Ryle Masterson (B) 1:48
135: Matt Kahnke (P) fall Craig Maas (B) 3:48
140: Colton Doty (B) maj. dec. Ryan Norton (P) 12-4
145: Tanner Carlisle (P) tech fall Kade Johnson (B) 23-8
152: Tucker Brietung (P) dec. Kodi Craft (B) 6-0
160: Mike Van Arx (P) won by forfeit
171: Mike Mello (P) fall Tyler Molitor (B) 3:26
189: Brenden Fredriksen (B) dec. Tobby Schultz (P) 10-7
215: James O’Brien (P) fall Nick Maggert (B) 1:42
285: Sean Turner (P) dec. Alex Johnson (B) 6-1

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