29th NSPSL Wrestling Championships

The North Suburban Parochial School League concluded the 2011 wrestling season with their 29th Annual championships on Saturday, March 26th at Totino-Grace High School. Twelve schools participated in the dual meet season and the individual tournament, involving upper elementary through eighth grade boys. Epiphany of Coon Rapids won their second straight team title, ahead of dual meet champion St. Stephen’s (Anoka) Benilde-St. Margaret’s (St. Louis Park) and Trinity at River Ridge (Eagan). This was the thirteenth time that Epiphany has won the league championship trophy, since NSPSL wrestling began in 1983. Over 130 boys participated in the league this season.

Epiphany wrestlers placed in the top three at eight of thirteen weight classes with six finalists, including three champions. Eighth grader Bryant Ridgway of Trinity at River Ridge took home the “Outstanding Wrestler” award after winning the 112 pound class for his first NSPSL title. Three individuals earned their second league titles as Kaden Spindler of St. Stephen’s (80 lbs) and St. Vincent de Paul’s Adam Vettel (95 lbs) repeated from a year ago, while Trinity’s Dietrich Balsbaugh matched his championship effort from two years ago by winning a very competitive 125 pound class. Providence Academy’s Austin Robertson became the school’s first ever NSPSL wrestling champion as the eighth grader won the heavyweight division to finish his season undefeated.

The league’s dual meet championship was determined on Tuesday, March 22nd with host St. Stephen’s defeating defending champion “RSC” cooperative in the final meet.

2011 North Suburban Parochial School League Wrestling Results

Schools – Season Records
1. Benilde-St.Margaret’s (7-0)
2. Epiphany (6-1)
3. St. Stephen’s (5-2)
4. St. Alphonsus/St. Raphael’s/Sacred Heart “RSC” (3-3-1)
5. St. Paul Area (2-4-1)
6. Trinity at RiverRidge (2-5)
7. St.Odilia/John the Baptist (1-6)
8. St. Vincent de Paul (1-6)

NSPSL dual meet champions
NSPSL dual meet champions St. Stephen’s (7-2) dual meet record)

NSPSL “Final Four” Duals
Championship: St. Stephen’s (47) RSC Cooperative (21)
RSC (36) Benilde-St. Margaret’s (27)
St. Stephen’s (40) Epiphany (29)

Dual Meet Tournament: 3/22 at St. Stephen’s Gym.

Schools (Pts)
1. Epiphany, Coon Rapids (191.5)
2. St. Stephen’s, Anoka (152)
3. Benilde-St. Margaret’s, St. Louis Park (143)
~ Trinity at River Ridge, Egan (143)
5. St. Vincent de Paul, Osseo (96.5)
6. St. Paul Area, (89)
7. St. Alphonsus, Brooklyn Center (80.5)
8. St. Raphael’s, Crystal (34)
9. Sacred Heart , Robbinsdale (29)
10. Providence Academy, Plymouth (24)
11. St. Odilia, Shoreview (17.5)
12. St. John the Baptist, New Brighten (7)

Epiphany “Stars” 2011 NSPSL ‘League’ Championship team
Epiphany “Stars” 2011 NSPSL ‘League’ Championship team

Individual Tournaments at St. Alphonsus and TGHS (3/25 and 3/26)
League Director: Dan Vandermyde
Tournament Coordinators: Kim Brown and Doug Svihel.

65 LBS
1. Jake Svihel (Epiphany)
2. Daniel Villapenaloza (St. Paul Area)
3. Joe Lewis (Epiphany)*
4. Jack Ridgway (Trinity at River Ridge)
5. Nate Jacobi (St. Stephen’s)
70 LBS
1. Connor Dehn (Epiphany)
2. Dominic Cummings (St. Alphonsus)
3. Henry Exner (St. Stephen’s)
4. Dominic Bulger (Trinity at River Ridge)
5. Michael Fahnlander (St. Alphonsus)*
75 LBS
1. Frankie Gormley (Benilde-St. Margaret’s)
2. Daniel Claussen (St. Alphonsus)
3. Michael Menth (Epiphany)
4. Rowan Jungling (St. Stephen’s)
5. Ben Kocon (Trinity at River Ridge)
80 LBS
1. Kaden Spindler (St. Stephen’s)
2. Kiernan Lundgren (St. Vincent dP)
3. Tim Janisch (Epiphany)
4. Riley Norman (Benilde-StMrgt’s)
5. Tyler Nygren (St. John the Baptist)
85 LBS
1. Henry Leighton (Trinity at River Ridge)
2. Evan Guisinger (Epiphany)
3. Max Cummings (St. Alphonsus)
4. Brandon Snyder (Benilde-StMrgt’s)
5. Trevor Wright (St. Paul Area)
90 LBS
1. John Lewis (Epiphany)
2. Devin Howe (St. Stephen’s)
3. Andrew King (Trinity at River Ridge)
4. Justin Newhouse (St. Paul Area)
5. Matt Burns (St. Alphonsus)
95 LBS
1. Adam Vettel (St. Vincent dP)
2. Griffin Ewing (Benilde-StMrgt’s)
3. Caleb Jungling (St. Stephen’s)
4. Alex Claussen (St. Alphonsus)
5. Casey Malone Povolny (St. Paul Area)
103 LBS
1. Jake Allar (Benilde-StMrgt’s)
2. Carter Walch (Epiphany)
3. Keenan Thacker (St. Paul Area)
4. Ryan Bhagroo (St. Stephen’s)
5. Dominic Smith (St. Vincent de Paul)
112 LBS
1. Bryant Ridgway (Trinity at River Ridge)
2. Matt Wolfbauer (Benilde-StMrgt’s)
3. Isaiah Wallace (St. Paul Area)
4. Max Martinez (St. Vincent dP)
5. Spensor Howe (St. Stephen’s)
125 LBS
1. Dietrich Balsbaugh (Trinity at River Ridge)
2. Jake Sansovich (St. Stephen’s)
3. Hunter Rust (Benilde-StMrgt’s)
4. Nathan Cummings (St. Alphonsus)
5. Joe Page (Trinity at River Ridge)*
140 LBS
1. Maverik Cain (Sacred Heart)
2. Matthew Lillis (St. Vincent dP)
3. Will Rog (St. Odilia)
4. Tyler Sunell (Epiphany)
5. David Dahl (Trinity at River Ridge)
155 LBS
1. Brandon Lundeen (St. Raphael’s)
2. Ian Smith (Benilde-StMrgt’s)
3. Peter Crema (St. Stephen’s)
4. Daniel Bittner (Trinity at River Ridge)
5. Spencer Egan (St. Vincent dP)
1. Austin Robertson (Providence Acd)
2. Tom Mokamba (Epiphany)
3. Erion Holliday (St. Paul Area)
4. Brandon Jackson (SPA)*
5. Joe Wilson (St. Raphael’s)

* Wild Card Entries.

NSPSL “Most Outstanding Wrestler” 2011: Bryant Ridgway (Trinity at River Ridge), 112 lb. Champion