MN/USA Wrestling Junior Freestyle State Championship

April 17, 2011 at Minneapolis, MN

Brackets/Results –

Medal Matches

Junior – 98 pounds
1st Place – Skyler Petry of Unattached
2nd Place – Michael Donnay of Unattached
1st: Skyler Petry (Unattached) over Michael Donnay (Unattached) Fall 0:39

Junior – 105 pounds
1st Place – Tommy Thorn of Hi-Flyers
2nd Place – Jarred Oftedahl of Hi-Flyers
3rd Place – Tanner Johnshoy of Ghost Riders Wrestling Club
4th Place – Gabe Foltz of Unattached
5th Place – Cody Hanson of Unattached
6th Place – Lane Dooley-Jesso of Blaine
1st: Tommy Thorn (Hi-Flyers) over Jarred Oftedahl (Hi-Flyers) Dec 2-0,3-3
3rd: Tanner Johnshoy (Ghost Riders Wrestling Club) over Gabe Foltz (Unattached) Dec 7-0,5-1
5th: Cody Hanson (Unattached) over Lane Dooley-Jesso (Blaine) FF

Junior – 112 pounds
1st Place – Tristan Manderfeld of Central Minnesota
2nd Place – Erik Olson of Central Minnesota
3rd Place – Trevor Westerlund of Barbarians
4th Place – Collin Hays of Unattached
5th Place – Reid Lyden of Unattached
6th Place – Drew Bienusa of Central Minnesota
1st: Tristan Manderfeld (Central Minnesota) over Erik Olson (Central Minnesota) TF 6-0,7-0
3rd: Trevor Westerlund (Barbarians) over Collin Hays (Unattached) TF 8-0,7-0
5th: Reid Lyden (Unattached) over Drew Bienusa (Central Minnesota) TF 7-1,9-2

Junior – 119 pounds
1st Place – Wesley Azariah of East Side Wrestling Club
2nd Place – Blong Kong of East Side Wrestling Club
3rd Place – Luke Zilverberg of Ghost Riders Wrestling Club
4th Place – Austin Hjelle of Unattached
5th Place – Luke Betchwars of Ghost Riders Wrestling Club
6th Place – Joe Anderson of Coon Rapids Mat Bandits
1st: Wesley Azariah (East Side Wrestling Club) over Blong Kong (East Side Wrestling Club) Dec 3-1,6-1
3rd: Luke Zilverberg (Ghost Riders Wrestling Club) over Austin Hjelle (Unattached) TF 7-0,6-0
5th: Luke Betchwars (Ghost Riders Wrestling Club) over Joe Anderson (Coon Rapids Mat Bandits) Dec 6-3,1-1,4-4

Junior – 125 pounds
1st Place – Jacoby Bergeron of Thief River Falls Prowlers
2nd Place – Evan Caldon of Unattached
3rd Place – Brett Stolarzyk of Stewartville
4th Place – Mark Voss of Hi-Flyers
5th Place – Vitrais Allen of Thunderbolts
6th Place – Roman Wundrow of cannon falls matrats
1st: Jacoby Bergeron (Thief River Falls Prowlers) over Evan Caldon (Unattached) Dec 7-0,7-3
3rd: Brett Stolarzyk (Stewartville) over Mark Voss (Hi-Flyers) Dec 3-3,6-1,7-0
5th: Vitrais Allen (Thunderbolts) over Roman Wundrow (cannon falls matrats) Fall 4-7,0:34

Junior – 130 pounds
1st Place – Matthew Kelliher of Apple Valley
2nd Place – Juan Torres of Simley
3rd Place – Sam Brancale of Eden Prairie
4th Place – Marcus Hamer of Central Minnesota
5th Place – Andy Underhill of Unattached
6th Place – Zachary Goldberg of Lakeville
1st: Matthew Kelliher (Apple Valley) over Juan Torres (Simley) Dec 9-1,3-0
3rd: Sam Brancale (Eden Prairie) over Marcus Hamer (Central Minnesota) Fall 8-1,1:48
5th: Andy Underhill (Unattached) over Zachary Goldberg (Lakeville) Dec 6-1,4-0

Junior – 135 pounds
1st Place – Brady Johnshoy of Ghost Riders Wrestling Club
2nd Place – Mason Brownlee of Valley Elite WC
3rd Place – Austin Walz of Central Minnesota
4th Place – Deven Donais of Central Minnesota
5th Place – Brandon Strong of Unattached
6th Place – Samuel Olson of Unattached
1st: Brady Johnshoy (Ghost Riders Wrestling Club) over Mason Brownlee (Valley Elite WC) Dec 2-2,3-3,1-0
3rd: Austin Walz (Central Minnesota) over Deven Donais (Central Minnesota) Dec 2-0,2-0
5th: Brandon Strong (Unattached) over Samuel Olson (Unattached) Dec 4-0,4-8,7-5

Junior – 140 pounds
1st Place – Hayden Zillmer of Omega Wrestling
2nd Place – Dakota Trom of Apple Valley
3rd Place – Dustin Dylla of Mankato WC
4th Place – Ben Rynda of Bloomington Wrestling Club
5th Place – Tj Ohara of Unattached
6th Place – James Lettow of Bloomington Wrestling Club
1st: Hayden Zillmer (Omega Wrestling) over Dakota Trom (Apple Valley) ID
3rd: Dustin Dylla (Mankato WC) over Ben Rynda (Bloomington Wrestling Club) Dec 5-2,7-0
5th: Tj Ohara (Unattached) over James Lettow (Bloomington Wrestling Club) TF 6-0,6-0

Junior – 145 pounds
1st Place – Brandon Kingsley of Apple Valley
2nd Place – Garret Hoffner of Unattached
3rd Place – Zach Friederich of Unattached
4th Place – Adam Cooling of Mankato WC
5th Place – Holden Nelson of Unattached
6th Place – Jonny Dill of Unattached
1st: Brandon Kingsley (Apple Valley) over Garret Hoffner (Unattached) TF 6-0,5-0
3rd: Zach Friederich (Unattached) over Adam Cooling (Mankato WC) Dec 2-0,1-0
5th: Holden Nelson (Unattached) over Jonny Dill (Unattached) Dec 3-0,6-0

Junior – 152 pounds
1st Place – Jordon Rothers of Unattached
2nd Place – Cody Skog of Rum River Wrestling
3rd Place – Gabe Fogarty of Ghost Riders Wrestling Club
4th Place – Brett Schwartz of Valley Elite WC
5th Place – Ben Cousins of Bloomington Wrestling Club
6th Place – Caramon Hansen of Central Minnesota
1st: Jordon Rothers (Unattached) over Cody Skog (Rum River Wrestling) TF 7-0,9-3
3rd: Gabe Fogarty (Ghost Riders Wrestling Club) over Brett Schwartz (Valley Elite WC) Dec 6-3,4-6,4-4
5th: Ben Cousins (Bloomington Wrestling Club) over Caramon Hansen (Central Minnesota) Dec 1-0,3-0

Junior – 160 pounds
1st Place – Steve Keogh of Apple Valley
2nd Place – Ben Sullivan of Apple Valley
3rd Place – Brett Pfarr of Valley Elite WC
4th Place – Adam Jackson of Thunderbolts
5th Place – Tim Ostby of Central Minnesota
6th Place – Cooper Moore of Flat Earth Wrestling Club
1st: Steve Keogh (Apple Valley) over Ben Sullivan (Apple Valley) Dec 9-1,6-2
3rd: Brett Pfarr (Valley Elite WC) over Adam Jackson (Thunderbolts) Dec 4-3,6-5
5th: Tim Ostby (Central Minnesota) over Cooper Moore (Flat Earth Wrestling Club) ID

Junior – 171 pounds
1st Place – Tommy Longendyke of White Bear Ice WC
2nd Place – Sean Huls of Central Minnesota
3rd Place – Trevor Mahlum of Unattached
4th Place – Corbin Farrell of Apple Valley
5th Place – Matthew Sadlowsky of Central Minnesota
6th Place – Uthman Rabiu of Thunderbolts
1st: Tommy Longendyke (White Bear Ice WC) over Sean Huls (Central Minnesota) TF 6-0,2-8,7-0
3rd: Trevor Mahlum (Unattached) over Corbin Farrell (Apple Valley) Dec 5-0,5-1
5th: Matthew Sadlowsky (Central Minnesota) over Uthman Rabiu (Thunderbolts) Dec 4-0,8-1

Junior – 189 pounds
1st Place – Jake Waste of Apple Valley
2nd Place – Richard Carlson of Iron Mustangs WC
3rd Place – Clayton Jennissen of Rum River Wrestling
4th Place – Jake Emerfoll of Coon Rapids Mat Bandits
5th Place – Jon Volp of Iron Mustangs WC
6th Place – Abe Williams of Unattached
1st: Jake Waste (Apple Valley) over Richard Carlson (Iron Mustangs WC) TF 6-0,6-0
3rd: Clayton Jennissen (Rum River Wrestling) over Jake Emerfoll (Coon Rapids Mat Bandits) Fall 1:08
5th: Jon Volp (Iron Mustangs WC) over Abe Williams (Unattached) Fall 8-6,0:30

Junior – 215 pounds
1st Place – Logan Barrett of Owatonna
2nd Place – Nathan Preston of Barbarians
3rd Place – Coyte Kuefner of Owatonna
4th Place – Alex Thurber of Central Minnesota
5th Place – Dakota Hanson of Unattached
6th Place – David Lange of Mayhem WC
1st: Logan Barrett (Owatonna) over Nathan Preston (Barbarians) TF 7-0,7-0
3rd: Coyte Kuefner (Owatonna) over Alex Thurber (Central Minnesota) Fall 1:52
5th: Dakota Hanson (Unattached) over David Lange (Mayhem WC) Dec 6-4,6-0

Junior – 285 pounds
1st Place – Michael Kroells of Ghost Riders Wrestling Club
2nd Place – Donny Longendyke of White Bear Ice WC
3rd Place – Isaac Eichmann of Hastings
4th Place – Tim Twohey of Stewartville
5th Place – Matt Kadrlik of Simley
6th Place – Colin Fisher of Eagan Wrestling Club
1st: Michael Kroells (Ghost Riders Wrestling Club) over Donny Longendyke (White Bear Ice WC) Dec 1-1,2-0
3rd: Isaac Eichmann (Hastings) over Tim Twohey (Stewartville) Dec 3-0,1-0
5th: Matt Kadrlik (Simley) over Colin Fisher (Eagan Wrestling Club) FF