USA Wrestling Northern Plains Junior Regional Greco-Roman Championships

USA Wrestling Northern Plains Junior Regional Greco-Roman Championships
May 13, 2011 at Waterloo, IA

Brackets/Results –

Junior – 98 lbs Results
1st Place – Sam Phillips of Iowa

Junior – 105 lbs Results
1st Place – Jarred Oftedahl of Minnesota
2nd Place – Alec Vogel of Iowa
1st: Jarred Oftedahl (Minnesota) over Alec Vogel (Iowa) Fall 7-0,0:53

Junior – 112 lbs Results
1st Place – Andrew Crone of Wisconsin
2nd Place – Erik Olson of Minnesota
3rd Place – Darius Wright of Wisconsin
4th Place – Collin Hays of Minnesota
1st: Andrew Crone (Wisconsin) over Erik Olson (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,4-2
3rd: Darius Wright (Wisconsin) over Collin Hays (Minnesota) Fall 1:07

Junior – 119 lbs Results
1st Place – Dylan Peters of Iowa
2nd Place – Phillip Opelt of Wisconsin
3rd Place – Wesley Azariah of Minnesota
4th Place – Trent Butcher of Minnesota
1st: Dylan Peters (Iowa) over Phillip Opelt (Wisconsin) Dec 2-1,8-0
3rd: Wesley Azariah (Minnesota) over Trent Butcher (Minnesota) Dec 4-3,7-1

Junior – 125 lbs Results
1st Place – Mitch Bengtson of Minnesota
2nd Place – Cory Clark of Iowa
3rd Place – Sam Brancale of Minnesota
4th Place – Jacoby Bergeron of Minnesota
1st: Mitch Bengtson (Minnesota) over Cory Clark (Iowa) Dec 1-0,2-1
3rd: Sam Brancale (Minnesota) over Jacoby Bergeron (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,5-0

Junior – 130 lbs Results
1st Place – Zane Richards of Illinois
2nd Place – Colin DeClark of Wisconsin
3rd Place – Hunter Neighbors of Missouri
4th Place – Jimmy Carpenter of Missouri
1st: Zane Richards (Illinois) over Colin DeClark (Wisconsin) TF 7-0,7-0
3rd: Hunter Neighbors (Missouri) over Jimmy Carpenter (Missouri) Fall 3-3,0-1,1:48

Junior – 135 lbs Results
1st Place – Ben Morgan of Minnesota
2nd Place – Walker Marshall of Iowa
3rd Place – Mitch Friedman of Wisconsin
4th Place – Deven Donais of Minnesota
1st: Ben Morgan (Minnesota) over Walker Marshall (Iowa) TF 7-0,6-0
3rd: Mitch Friedman (Wisconsin) over Deven Donais (Minnesota) TF 6-0,6-0

Junior – 140 lbs Results
1st Place – Hayden Zillmer of Minnesota
2nd Place – Brandon Rice of Illinois
3rd Place – Colton Gladwell of Illinois
4th Place – Gunnar Wolfensperger of Iowa
1st: Hayden Zillmer (Minnesota) over Brandon Rice (Illinois) Dec 1-0,1-0
3rd: Colton Gladwell (Illinois) over Gunnar Wolfensperger (Iowa) Dec 1-0,2-0

Junior – 145 lbs Results
1st Place – John Bozarth of Illinois
2nd Place – Logan Thomsen of Iowa
3rd Place – Luke Swalla of Iowa
4th Place – Jared DeGeeter of Iowa
1st: John Bozarth (Illinois) over Logan Thomsen (Iowa) TF 6-0,6-0
3rd: Luke Swalla (Iowa) over Jared DeGeeter (Iowa) Dec 3-1,6-0

Junior – 152 lbs Results
1st Place – Trey Hable of Minnesota
2nd Place – George Gonzalez of Illinois
3rd Place – Jordon Rothers of Minnesota
4th Place – Toby Mosley of Wisconsin
1st: Trey Hable (Minnesota) over George Gonzalez (Illinois) Fall 8-2,0:28
3rd: Jordon Rothers (Minnesota) over Toby Mosley (Wisconsin) Dec 5-0,2-0

Junior – 160 lbs Results
1st Place – Dylan Reel of Wahington
2nd Place – Justin Koethe of Iowa
3rd Place – Zeb Wahle of Iowa
4th Place – Alex Meyer of Iowa
1st: Dylan Reel (Wahington) over Justin Koethe (Iowa) Dec 2-0,1-0
3rd: Zeb Wahle (Iowa) over Alex Meyer (Iowa) Dec 0-6,4-0,1-0

Junior – 171 lbs Results
1st Place – Carson Powell of Iowa
2nd Place – Ben Schwery of Iowa
3rd Place – Jacob Morrissey of Wisconsin
4th Place – Aaron Rothwell of Wisconsin
1st: Carson Powell (Iowa) over Ben Schwery (Iowa) Fall 5-0,0:43
3rd: Jacob Morrissey (Wisconsin) over Aaron Rothwell (Wisconsin) TF 6-0,7-0

Junior – 189 lbs Results
1st Place – Shane Hughes of Wisconsin
2nd Place – Willie Miklus of Iowa
3rd Place – Mickey Pelfrey of Iowa
4th Place – Jon Volp of Minnesota
1st: Shane Hughes (Wisconsin) over Willie Miklus (Iowa) TF 6-0,6-0
3rd: Mickey Pelfrey (Iowa) over Jon Volp (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,5-1

Junior – 215 lbs Results
1st Place – Michael Sojka of Illinois
2nd Place – Josh Marchok of Illinois
3rd Place – Jonathon Dossett of Illinois
4th Place – Dakota Drake-Warner of Minnesota
1st: Michael Sojka (Illinois) over Josh Marchok (Illinois) Dec 1-0,2-0
3rd: Jonathon Dossett (Illinois) over Dakota Drake-Warner (Minnesota) Dec 0-2,3-0,4-2

Junior – 285 lbs Results
1st Place – Parker Betts of Minnesota
2nd Place – Joe Scanlan of Iowa
3rd Place – Brett Haas of Iowa
4th Place – Creighton Fox of Iowa
1st: Parker Betts (Minnesota) over Joe Scanlan (Iowa) Dec 7-3,6-0
3rd: Brett Haas (Iowa) over Creighton Fox (Iowa) Dec 3-0,4-2,0-0