USA Wrestling Northern Plains Bantam/Girls/Cadet Freestyle

USA Wrestling Northern Plains Bantam/Girls/Cadet Freestyle
June 18, 2011 at Wisconsin Dells, WI

Brackets/Results –

Bantam – A Results
1st Place – John Martens of Minnesota
2nd Place – Noah Tonsor of Wisconsin
3rd Place – Brandon Morvari of Minnesota
Round Robin Matches
Noah Tonsor (Wisconsin) over Brandon Morvari (Minnesota) TF 8-2,8-2
John Martens (Minnesota) over Noah Tonsor (Wisconsin) Dec 4-0,6-0
John Martens (Minnesota) over Brandon Morvari (Minnesota) Fall 1:11

Bantam – B Results
1st Place – Sammie Hayes of Illinois
2nd Place – Nasir Bailey of Illinois
3rd Place – Rory Burright of Illinois
4th Place – Daniel Sheen of Illinois
5th Place – Kley Krause of Minnesota
6th Place – Charlie Webster of Minnesota
1st: Sammie Hayes (Illinois) over Nasir Bailey (Illinois) Dec 2-0,6-1
3rd: Rory Burright (Illinois) over Daniel Sheen (Illinois) Dec 2-5,5-2,5-3
5th: Kley Krause (Minnesota) over Charlie Webster (Minnesota) Fall 0-6,1:42

Bantam – C Results
1st Place – Derrick Cardinal of Minnesota
2nd Place – Grant O`Dell of Iowa
3rd Place – Tavius Hosley of Illinois
4th Place – David Jaffe of Illinois
5th Place – Parker McBride of Iowa
6th Place – Kaden Hooker of Wisconsin
1st: Derrick Cardinal (Minnesota) over Grant O`Dell (Iowa) Dec 5-4,7-0
3rd: Tavius Hosley (Illinois) over David Jaffe (Illinois) TF 10-3,9-1
5th: Parker McBride (Iowa) over Kaden Hooker (Wisconsin) Fall 0:29

Bantam – D Results
1st Place – Carson Wadel of Minnesota
2nd Place – Cael Berg of Minnesota
3rd Place – Jake Matthews of Illinois
4th Place – Hunter Garvin of Iowa
5th Place – Shane Piper of Illinois
6th Place – Kylie Welker of Wisconsin
1st: Carson Wadel (Minnesota) over Cael Berg (Minnesota) Fall 1:00
3rd: Jake Matthews (Illinois) over Hunter Garvin (Iowa) Dec 12-11,6-4
5th: Shane Piper (Illinois) over Kylie Welker (Wisconsin) Fall 1:48

Bantam – E Results
1st Place – Eric Reed of Illinois
2nd Place – AJ Aitkin of Minnesota
3rd Place – Trenton Dow of Wisconsin
4th Place – Tye Stuck of Nebraska
5th Place – Sammy Rubino of Nebraska
Round Robin Matches
Eric Reed (Illinois) over Trenton Dow (Wisconsin) Fall 4-4,6-0,1:56
AJ Aitkin (Minnesota) over Trenton Dow (Wisconsin) TF 11-3,7-0
Eric Reed (Illinois) over AJ Aitkin (Minnesota) Fall 0:10

Bantam – F Results
1st Place – Bennet Tabor of Minnesota
2nd Place – Nolan Springer of Wisconsin
3rd Place – Brandon Navarro of Illinois
4th Place – Colton Lauen of South Dakota
5th Place – Mathew Sloan of Minnesota
Round Robin Matches
Nolan Springer (Wisconsin) over Brandon Navarro (Illinois) Fall 0:22
Bennet Tabor (Minnesota) over Brandon Navarro (Illinois) Fall 0:42
Bennet Tabor (Minnesota) over Nolan Springer (Wisconsin) Dec 7-1,8-3

Girls – A Results
1st Place – Emily Shilson of Minnesota
2nd Place – Alice Todryk of Wisconsin

Girls – B Results
1st Place – Mackenzie Sloan of Minnesota

Girls – C Results
1st Place – Tayah Schraut of Minnesota
2nd Place – Madelynn Sloan of Minnesota

Girls – D Results
1st Place – Mayra Deluna of Illinois

Girls – E Results
1st Place – Alyssa Walker of Wisconsin

Girls – F Results
No wrestlers are guaranteed any place.

Girls – G Results
1st Place – Tessa Schraut of Minnesota
2nd Place – Payton Woodall of Illinois
3rd Place – Catherine Murphy of North Dakota
Round Robin Matches
Tessa Schraut (Minnesota) over Catherine Murphy (North Dakota) Fall 1:42
Tessa Schraut (Minnesota) over Payton Woodall (Illinois) Fall 0-8,1:59
Payton Woodall (Illinois) over Catherine Murphy (North Dakota) Fall 0:29

Girls – H Results
1st Place – Courtney Getty of Minnesota

Girls – I Results
1st Place – Alana Quackenbush of Wisconsin

Cadet – 84 Results
1st Place – Ali Ali of Iowa

Cadet – 91 Results
1st Place – Brett Stevens of Iowa

Cadet – 98 Results
1st Place – Tanner Rohweder of Iowa
2nd Place – J.j. McClelland of Wisconsin
3rd Place – David Flynn of Minnesota
4th Place – Sam Phillips of Iowa
5th Place – Joey Bloom of Illinois
6th Place – Nolan Hellickson of Iowa
1st: Tanner Rohweder (Iowa) over J.j. McClelland (Wisconsin) TF 7-0,8-2
3rd: David Flynn (Minnesota) over Sam Phillips (Iowa) Dec 5-0,4-1
5th: Joey Bloom (Illinois) over Nolan Hellickson (Iowa) Dec 2-2,6-0

Cadet – 105 Results
1st Place – Thomas Walton of North Dakota
2nd Place – Kenny Baldridge of Illinois
3rd Place – Jacob Nehk of Minnesota
4th Place – Kegan Calkins of Illinois
5th Place – Casey Callahan of Illinois
6th Place – Nathan Sands of Iowa
1st: Thomas Walton (North Dakota) over Kenny Baldridge (Illinois) TF 6-0,7-0
3rd: Jacob Nehk (Minnesota) over Kegan Calkins (Illinois) Fall 1:02
5th: Casey Callahan (Illinois) over Nathan Sands (Iowa) Fall 2:00

Cadet – 112 Results
1st Place – Joshua Alber of Illinois
2nd Place – Tristan Manderfeld of Minnesota
3rd Place – Max Thomsen of Iowa
4th Place – Kyle Akins of Illinois
5th Place – Jordan Shearer of North Dakota
6th Place – Justin Reiher of Iowa
1st: Joshua Alber (Illinois) over Tristan Manderfeld (Minnesota) Dec 0-1,3-0,1-0
3rd: Max Thomsen (Iowa) over Kyle Akins (Illinois) Dec 5-2,5-1
5th: Jordan Shearer (North Dakota) over Justin Reiher (Iowa) TF 6-0,7-0

Cadet – 119 Results
1st Place – Ben Brancale of Minnesota
2nd Place – Luke Rowh of Minnesota
3rd Place – Kyle Gliva of Minnesota
4th Place – Tanner Crissler of North Dakota
5th Place – Tone Fuenffinger of Minnesota
6th Place – Cole Erickson of Iowa
1st: Ben Brancale (Minnesota) over Luke Rowh (Minnesota) Dec 7-2,7-0
3rd: Kyle Gliva (Minnesota) over Tanner Crissler (North Dakota) Dec 6-0,5-3
5th: Tone Fuenffinger (Minnesota) over Cole Erickson (Iowa) Fall 1:41

Cadet – 125 Results
1st Place – Mark Voss of Minnesota
2nd Place – Chris Walters of Iowa
3rd Place – Cole Sladek of Minnesota
4th Place – Andrew Steiert of Iowa
5th Place – Luke Zilverberg of Minnesota
6th Place – Boden Pradel of Illinois
1st: Mark Voss (Minnesota) over Chris Walters (Iowa) Dec 1-0,1-2,6-0
3rd: Cole Sladek (Minnesota) over Andrew Steiert (Iowa) TF 7-0,6-0
5th: Luke Zilverberg (Minnesota) over Boden Pradel (Illinois) Dec 4-2,6-6

Cadet – 130 Results
1st Place – Brandon Arteaga of Illinois
2nd Place – Alex Blaney of Wisconsin
3rd Place – Chase Vosburgh of Illinois
4th Place – Cody Haugen of North Dakota
5th Place – Roman Stiff of Wisconsin
6th Place – Corey Abernathy of Iowa
1st: Brandon Arteaga (Illinois) over Alex Blaney (Wisconsin) Dec 3-3,4-0
3rd: Chase Vosburgh (Illinois) over Cody Haugen (North Dakota) Dec 4-3,11-4
5th: Roman Stiff (Wisconsin) over Corey Abernathy (Iowa) Dec 6-0,5-4

Cadet – 135 Results
1st Place – Logan Ryan of Iowa
2nd Place – Mack Short of Minnesota
3rd Place – Skyler St.John of Iowa
4th Place – Tionte Parks of Iowa
5th Place – Ramon Lopez of Illinois
6th Place – Garrett Litzinger of North Dakota
1st: Logan Ryan (Iowa) over Mack Short (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,2-2,3-1
3rd: Skyler St.John (Iowa) over Tionte Parks (Iowa) Dec 6-0,7-6
5th: Ramon Lopez (Illinois) over Garrett Litzinger (North Dakota) Fall 1:29

Cadet – 140 Results
1st Place – Ryan Blees of North Dakota
2nd Place – Quincy Kalkbrenner of Illinois
3rd Place – Chris Pfarr of Minnesota
4th Place – Zachary Carlson of Minnesota
5th Place – Robert Rocole of Wisconsin
6th Place – Jacob Schmidt of Wisconsin
1st: Ryan Blees (North Dakota) over Quincy Kalkbrenner (Illinois) Fall 1:30
3rd: Chris Pfarr (Minnesota) over Zachary Carlson (Minnesota) Dec 3-1,4-3
5th: Robert Rocole (Wisconsin) over Jacob Schmidt (Wisconsin) Dec 2-1,6-0

Cadet – 145 Results
1st Place – Alexander Walla of Wisconsin
2nd Place – Chase Monger of Minnesota
3rd Place – Spencer Derifield of Iowa
4th Place – Levi Meier of Iowa
5th Place – Sam Jones of Iowa
Round Robin Matches
Chase Monger (Minnesota) over Spencer Derifield (Iowa) Dec 3-0,4-1
Alexander Walla (Wisconsin) over Spencer Derifield (Iowa) Dec 8-1,5-3
Alexander Walla (Wisconsin) over Chase Monger (Minnesota) Dec 6-2,3-4,7-4

Cadet – 152 Results
1st Place – Timothy Moore of Minnesota
2nd Place – Jared Johnson of Kansas
3rd Place – Billy Duffert of Wisconsin
4th Place – Matt Gribben of Minnesota
5th Place – Jonathan Wagner of Illinois
6th Place – Cole Hooker of Wisconsin
1st: Timothy Moore (Minnesota) over Jared Johnson (Kansas) Fall 1-2,0:58
3rd: Billy Duffert (Wisconsin) over Matt Gribben (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,2-0
5th: Jonathan Wagner (Illinois) over Cole Hooker (Wisconsin) Fall 6-0,1:35

Cadet – 160 Results
1st Place – Adam Drain of Iowa
2nd Place – Bryce Bennot of Wisconsin
3rd Place – Brandon Gilligan of Illinois
4th Place – Trevor Potratz of Wisconsin
5th Place – Carter Focht of Minnesota
6th Place – Taggart Haase of Wisconsin
1st: Adam Drain (Iowa) over Bryce Bennot (Wisconsin) Fall 3-0,0:45
3rd: Brandon Gilligan (Illinois) over Trevor Potratz (Wisconsin) Dec 8-0,5-2
5th: Carter Focht (Minnesota) over Taggart Haase (Wisconsin) Dec 8-3,6-4

Cadet – 171 Results
1st Place – Codie Lafromboise of Minnesota
2nd Place – Jake Briggs of Minnesota
3rd Place – Nick Favale of Illinois
4th Place – Nikolas Rocha of Illinois
5th Place – Waylon DeCoteau of North Dakota
6th Place – Max Peterson of Wisconsin
1st: Codie Lafromboise (Minnesota) over Jake Briggs (Minnesota) Fall 0:43
3rd: Nick Favale (Illinois) over Nikolas Rocha (Illinois) Fall 9-0,0:20
5th: Waylon DeCoteau (North Dakota) over Max Peterson (Wisconsin) ID

Cadet – 189 Results
1st Place – Will VanSant of Minnesota
2nd Place – Drew Kary of North Dakota
3rd Place – Adam Walther of Iowa
4th Place – Kyle Terrill of North Dakota
5th Place – Matt Kent of Illinois
6th Place – Joshua Hines of Wisconsin
1st: Will VanSant (Minnesota) over Drew Kary (North Dakota) Dec 2-0,0-1,1-0
3rd: Adam Walther (Iowa) over Kyle Terrill (North Dakota) TF 6-0,7-0
5th: Matt Kent (Illinois) over Joshua Hines (Wisconsin) TF 6-0,7-0

Cadet – 215 Results
1st Place – Jordan Stevens of Minnesota
2nd Place – Shane Vincent of Illinois
3rd Place – Terrion Jones of Illinois
4th Place – Ismael Rodriguez of Illinois
5th Place – Kaleb Staack of Iowa
6th Place – Chris Keehler of Illinois
1st: Jordan Stevens (Minnesota) over Shane Vincent (Illinois) Fall 0:36
3rd: Terrion Jones (Illinois) over Ismael Rodriguez (Illinois) Fall 0:41
5th: Kaleb Staack (Iowa) over Chris Keehler (Illinois) Dec 2-0,6-0

Cadet – 285 Results
1st Place – Jerrad Nieland of Minnesota
2nd Place – Austin Edison of Wisconsin
3rd Place – Paul Pelfrey of Iowa
4th Place – Prentice Long of Illinois
Round Robin Matches
Jerrad Nieland (Minnesota) over Austin Edison (Wisconsin) Fall 6-0,0:40
Jerrad Nieland (Minnesota) over Paul Pelfrey (Iowa) Fall 0:17
Austin Edison (Wisconsin) over Paul Pelfrey (Iowa) Dec 4-0,0-4,6-0