Jul 142011

The 20th Annual Greg Schwartz Memorial Wrestling Camp at Morris, MN wrapped up on June 23. This year’s camp attracted over 100 wrestlers.

2011 Greg Schwartz Memorial Wrestling Camp

Camp Awards:

Craig Olsen Memorial Camp Hustle Award: Tim Ostby of Morris Area and Jordan Chouanard of Aitkin.

Takedown Champions: Ross Kwilinski, Montevideo; Adam Koosman, Benson; Alex Gausman, Morris; Riley Kwilinski, Montevideo; Logan Larsen, Chanhassen; Nick Warne, ROCORI; James Holen, Ottertail Central; Riley Schock, Moorhead; Tyler Donnay, Eden Valley-Watkins; Zach Gibson, Chokio-Alberta; Tyler Bare, Aitkin; Frank Wilzek, Little Falls; Shawn Rue, Paynesville; Colton LaPlante, Aitkin; Joel Harrison, Morris; Mitchell Peterson, Eden Valley-Watkins; Jordan Chouanard, Aitkin; Alex Lange, Little Falls; Tyler Gastecki, Little Falls; Adam Grams, Little Falls; Jared Novak, Aitkin; Clay Spanier, Paynesville; Jack Braton, Aitkin; Brian Wold, Aitkin; Cole Steihl, ROCORI; Elijah Cloos, Ortonville; Mitch Kwilinski, Montevideo; Maverick Whitcomb, A-C-GC; Mason Kwilinski, Montevideo; Ben Hoffman, ROCORI; Tyler Berghuis, A-C-GC; Myles Smith, Morris; and Dillon Kifer, Little Falls.

Most Valuable Wrestlers: Frank Wilczek of Little Falls, Dillon Kifer of Little Falls, Jonah Gahm of Milaca, Zach Gibson of Chokio-Alberta, Colton LaPlante of Aitkin, Cole Woehler of Paynesville, Adam Jackson of Aitkin, Adam Grams of Little Falls, Mason Kwilinski of Montevideo, Miten Kwilinski of Montevideo, and Zach Blanigan of Eden Valley.

All-Camp Squad: Tyler Moser, Morris; Jack Braton, Aitkin; Logan Larson, Chanhassen; Jordan Petrone, Little Falls; Luke Lodermeier, Little Falls; Connor Scherping, Little Falls; Conor Swanson, Little Falls; Joel Harrison, Morris; Brian Wold, Aitkin; Isaac Cloos, Ortonville; Maverick Whitcomb, Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City; Lee Whitcomb, Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City; Cody Buermann, ROCORI; Tyler Gastecki, Little Falls; Brock Wollschlager, Minnewaska; Ryan Schock, Moorhead; Aaron Krueger, Ottertail Central; Alex Gausman, Morris; Dillon Johnson, Chokio-Alberta; Chase Odegaard, West Central; Tyler Berghuis, A-C-GC; Cody Berghuis, A-C-GC; Keith Yorek, Little Falls; Aaron Wehking, Morris; Jake Moges, Paynesville; Axel Lange, Little Falls; Dan Mushel, Little Falls; Jimmy Cluff, Aitkin; and Travis Ostby, Morris.

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