Upload video clips and receive critiques from top coaches

TechniqueDoctor (www.techniquedoctor.com) is a new website that enables performers, including wrestlers, to upload video clips of themselves performing and receive critiques from credentialed coaches located throughout the country.

Individuals upload their video, select their coach, and the coach provides a critique of their performance. All information passed between the athlete and coach is kept confidential. The list of categories and credentialed coaches continues to grow.

At launch, the following Sports Categories are offered: Archery, Basketball, Baseball, Bowling, Golf, Racquetball, Softball, Volleyball, and Wrestling. Performing Arts Categories offered are Strings and Woodwinds. Each category consists of respected, credentialed coaches.

Coaches participating in the site have won individual national, world, and Olympic medals as athletes and as coaches.

The goal is to provide a seamless platform that enables individuals to connect to great coaches that they would normally not have access to. Several benefits of the site: individuals do not have to commute for assistance, parents and performers can select a coach of their choice, anyone can participate regardless of skill level or experience, the performer gets the individual attention of the coach, actual footage from live events is encouraged, functionality is easy, and individuals receive email notifications when critiques are complete.

The website was founded by Brian Kaskavage. He is the head wrestling coach at a small high school in northern Illinois. He designed the site with the intention of giving people an easy outlet to reach their maximum potential from their very own computer without having to sacrifice a great deal of time to do so.