The Clash National Duals welcomes back Brandon

By Steve Elwood

The Clash board and the city of Rochester, Minnesota is proud to welcome back Brandon, Florida to Clash X. Coach Russ Cozart is taking the 2,000 mile trip for the second consecutive season in search of the elusive national title he has been seeking. If healthy, Brandon will be bringing the most talented team in the history of this storied program. This team is absolutely loaded and as the field is settled, they have to be considered one of the strong favorites to win.

First a little history: Brandon FL owns the longest winning streak in the history of high school sports (459 – broken in 2008). They have taken one loss since then, to Apple Valley at Clash IX. They finished last season winning their eleventh straight state title and ranked third nationally behind Blair Academy (New Jersey) and Apple Valley. In the last thirty years, Brandon has won twenty-one state titles and has been runner-up three times.

Returning State Medalists:
Incoming ninth grade Dylan Lucas, State Champion at 103 for Tampa Bay Christian (class of 2015)
Devan Berrian, 2nd at 103 (class of 2014)
James Flint, State Champion at 112 (class of 2014)
Kevin Norstrem, State Champion at 125 (class 2013)
Rossi Bruno, State Champion at 130 (class of 2012)
Tyler Liberatore, State Champion at 135 (class of 2012)
Bryce Jones, 5th at 140 (class of 2012)
Travis Berridge, 2nd at 145 (class of 2012)
Clark Glass, State Champion at 152 (class of 2012)
Kyle Koziel, State Champion at 171 (class of 2012

Additional state qualifier: Victor Fugate 119 (class of 2013)

That is SIX state champions returning and one more joining.

The Clash National High School Wrestling Duals
Friday-Saturday, December 30-31, 2011
University Center Rochester Field House, Rochester MN