Above Your Shoulders – Motivation By Mark Schwab

We’re constantly searching for this and that answer for an uncertain question. We read books, and I’m all for self-education. I think self-education is superior to formal education. However, I believe you need both. We search and rummage for answers; is this the book?, tarot cards, palm readers, psychologist, counselor, etc. The answer is the same place it has always been. We all need help and direction. However, almost all solutions are found above the shoulders. We start out in life with simple directions and solutions, but we complicate the majority of our life. If we’re fortunate, we realize simplicity provides the best answers and solutions. I think any elderly individual will support this claim.

About Mark SchwabThe answer is above the shoulders. We try to open flowers with sledge hammers; it does not work. Self awareness can save your life. Self awareness and changing defeating behaviors and thoughts can and will catapult you into a rare assembly of merit.

It starts with awareness and monitoring our self talk. Identify thought patterns that knock you off the beam by challenging these patterns when they make their appearance. If you want unusual results, then butt in and dictate your thoughts, thoughts that build you up. We try everything but challenging our thoughts; it’s uncomfortable, and we say “This does not work.” So you undertake a different boulevard; nope, that’s not it! The answer’s always above the shoulders. If you slow down, relax, and position this input into behavior, you will realize your ring of keys is endless; you can open any door. Don’t wait to be rescued. Don’t miss your opportunities to succeed. Don’t let the time run out, only to find you held the product but failed to apply it; so close, yet so far away.

You can be successful wherever you are. Success is not a site; it’s a condition of mind. Achievement can be wherever you are. This is liberating and lets us know anything is possible. But it also eliminates excuses. I’m not foolish enough to think some locations are not better than others as far as experience, history, resources, preparation, a plan, coaching, management, facilities, talent, etc. But in the end or the beginning, you can negate everything, if you choose to commit and dictate the course of your thoughts. You’re not responsible for what thoughts appear in your thinking, but you’re responsible for how long you cleave to your thoughts. The difference is not the thoughts you have, but the thoughts you entertain. In fact, whatever thoughts you consistently entertain, will become habit; it then becomes habitual and one’s conditioned response.

You’re going to be thinking anyway, so why not be a marksman of your thoughts, and think to your profit? Never confuse the cow with a glass of milk. It takes no more time to think profitable than it does to think detrimental. Damaging thoughts are like a rigged pin ball game; the magnets are always working to get the ball (thoughts) out of play, between your two flippers. You have to bump the machine and tilt it if necessary.

You have to work at it! You have to practice and challenge your thinking, especially in hard-hitting situations. You will get out what you put in. It’s not so much a problem to solve as a decision to make. Get involved with your thinking! Take an active role in the course of your thoughts. Leave nothing to chance, and look no further than yourself. Make a decision to upgrade your frame of mind. Stop expecting something for nothing. Stop expecting improvement to be undemanding. You’re the lone novelist of your provision.

There is one position that ensures enhanced thoughts; it’s residency is permanent, so you won’t get lost. Get off the sideline and participate in whether you will be at the mercy of your view or attain a mountain-top experience. Keep it simple and know triumph is above the shoulders.

The Guillotine will be featuring articles by Mark Schwab throughout the season. Look for Mark’s advice every other Tuesday Monday.

Mark Schwab is an assistant coach at the University of Northern Iowa. Schwab has a Masters Degree with an emphasis on Sport Psychology and is currently writing a book entitled “Opportunities to Succeed-Common Sense but Not Common Practice.” Schwab also gives a 40 minute presentation on opportunities to succeed. To know more you can email him at mark.schwab@uni.edu for details.

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