Bennett and Ulmer Take Second for Dragons at Cobber Open

MOORHEAD, Minn. – The Minnesota State University Moorhead wrestling team traveled across 8th street to take part in the Cobber Open, which hosted 14 teams. Jacob Bennett and Corey Ulmer finished second in their divisions to lead the Dragons, Saturday.

Corey Ulmer earned wins in his first three matches in the 125 weight class to finish in second with a 3-1 record. Ulmer began the day with a 2-0 decision over Corey Hodowanic (University of Minnesota). To win the second match, Ulmer took just 3 minutes and 49 seconds to pin Phillip Levine (North Dakota State University). A 5-0 decision over Pen Presler (Concordia) sent Ulmer to the finals match against Bryden Lazaro (Dickinson State). The close match was ultimately won 2 minutes and 39 seconds in via a pin from Lazaro. In the Dragons’ two tournaments so far, Ulmer has finished third in the Bison Open and second in the Cobber Open.

Senior Matt Wuorinen took part in the 133 class finishing 0-2. The Rush City, Minn. native fell in both his matches, first in a 15-5 major decision to Cody Paulsen (St. Cloud State) and second from a 9-4 decision to Randy Hanson (Minnesota). Tyler Steinwand faced the same results as Wuorinen but in the 141 class. The first of Steinwand’s two losses came as he was pinned by Jay Hildreth (St. Cloud State) 2 minutes and 27 seconds into the match. Timothy Ruter (Concordia) ended Steinwand’s day and handed the senior a 0-2 record on the day.

Derek Lee and Connor MacGregor participated in the 149 class as both finished the day 0-2. Lee started the day by losing 21-3 to Matt Mincey (Minnesota). The second match resulted in a similar fashion as Lee was on the wrong side of an 11-3 major decision. MacGregor faced off against Joseph Garner (NDSU) for his first match. The sophomore fell to Garner in a 19-6 major decision. Kyle LeDuc (Concordia) sent MacGregor home following a 16-0 loss.

Kerron Williams led the way for the Dragons in the 157 class as he finished fourth with a 2-2 record on the day. The junior began the day earning a close 2-1 decision over Michael Nord (Jamestown College). In the second round Williams again defeated his opponent, Brandon Haluptzok (Concordia), in a 5-3 decision. David Bonin (Northern Iowa) handed Williams his first loss via a pin after 6 minutes and 22 seconds. The loss sent Williams to the third place match where Jacob Horn (St. Cloud State) earned an 18-8 major decision.

Jacob Bennett and Jesse Puncochar represented the Dragons in the 165 class. Bennett earned a second place finish on the day following a 3-1 record. A big 16-0 win over Johnathon Gonzalez (Jamestown) started the tournament for the junior. Bennett would make his way to the semi-final after defeating Taylor Berger (Northern Iowa) in a close 4-3 decision. In the semi-final Bennett earned another close win by beating Jaymes Stanley (Minot State) in a 6-3 decision. Bennett put up a fight in the final but could not prevail as he lost in a 6-2 decision to Jacob Begin (Southwest Minnesota State). Puncochar faced Jake Krogstad (Concordia) in his first match of the day. The freshman beat the Cobber in a 9-1 major decision. The first round win sent Puncochar on to the next round where he faced Riley Banach (Northern Iowa). Banach defeated Puncochar in a 4-0 decision for the Dragon’s first loss. The next round would prove to be Puncochar’s last as Tyler Johnson (NDSU) earned a 10-4 decision.

Tyler Kivel and Trent Sovde wrestled in the 174 class in the gold division. Kivel faced Tad Merritt (St. Cloud State) and lost due to a 9-3 decision. A 7-2 decision from Jack Barnes ended Kivel’s day. Sovde finished the day with a 2-2 record, one win short of making the fifth place match. Sovde opened up with an 8-3 decision over Ben McPhail (St. Cloud State). Cameron Schrempp (Dickinson State) gave Sovde his first loss coming as a 3-1 decision. Sovde would answer the loss by defeating Ryan Festag (South Dakota State University) in a 5-2 decision. Pat Nord (Jamestown College) gave Sovde his second loss as a 6-2 decision to end the Dragon’s day.

Kody Kalkbrenner was the lone Dragon in the 184 class. The sophomore earned sixth place coming from a 1-2 record. Kalkbrenner was pinned in his first match by Kallen Kleinschmidt (NDSU), 5 minutes and 33 seconds into the match. Following the loss Kalkbrenner earned a 9-7 decision over Cody George (Minot State) that sent the Dragon to the fifth place match. Brady Anderson (Mary) solidified Kalkbrenner’s sixth place finish by winning in a 10-1 major decision.

Three Dragons took part in the 197 class. Tayler Yliniemi finished with a 1-2 record. Yliniemi’s first match resulted in a 4-0 decision in favor of Trevor Parlberg (SMSU). The freshman followed the loss with a 7-4 victory but was sent home due to a 4-0 decision in favor of Joe Johnson (Northern Iowa). Brandon Manderschied finished his day 0-2. The first match resulted in a 2-0 decision loss to Andrew Rodas (SMSU). The second and final loss came as a 7-0 decision to John Gusewelle (NDSU). Max Collins finished with the same results as his teammate Manderschied. The first match ended as an 8-3 decision loss to Josh Conrath (St. Cloud State). Blaize Cabell (Northern Iowa) defeated Collins in a 6-3 decision to end the Dragon’s day.

Deven Loepp and Mario Tuccitto participated in the 133 class in the maroon division, which only included freshman. Loepp earned third place in the class and finished with a 2-1 record. Loepp earned a 15-0 victory to start the day. Levi Specht handed Loepp his first loss via a pin 2 minutes and 29 seconds into the match. The loss sent Loepp to the third place match where he earned a win against Tyler Chapple (Concordia). Tuccitto finished his day with an 0-2 record. Tuccitto was on the losing end of a 5-4 decision to Jackson Winkelbauer. The freshman faced Austin Frazier (Dickinson State) in the next match. The Dragon fell in his last match, 7-4.

Lucas Monderow stood as the only Dragon freshman in the maroon division 174 class. The freshman was handed two losses to make his record on the day 0-2. The first match came as an 11-7 decision loss against Nick Bachmann (Concordia). Monderow’s final loss came against Travis Kammerer (NDSU).

Raymond Orwig and Matthew Doom both took part in the maroon division 184 class. The Dragons both finished with a record of 1-2. Orwig’s first match was against Kody Sorenson (NDSU), which came via a pin 6 minutes and 29 seconds in. Orwig answered the loss by pinning Ross Hoksbergen (Dakota Wesleyan University) only 1 minute and 35 seconds into the match. A pin would also prove to be the fall of Orwig. Hudson Buck (NDSU) put the Dragon on his back for the pin in 5 minutes and 41 seconds. Doom’s day would shape out like his teammates as Doom was pinned by Chandler Trout (Concordia) 4 minutes and 15 seconds into the match. A 6-4 decision victory would follow the loss as Doom defeated Kyle Hoisington (DWU). A major decision of 12-2 in favor of Kevin Hahn (Ridgewater College) ended the day for Doom.

The Dragons had five wrestlers place in the top six places, including four in the top four. The Dragons will host the Dragon Open on December 3 for the team’s next action.

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