Everything Counts – Motivation By Mark Schwab

Everything counts when you set out to reach your potential. Excellence is not a crowded place. Maybe you have been there before. If you have, I urge you to go back.

What are your behaviors when no one is watching, looking, or would ever find out?

About Mark SchwabWhat do you do when you find yourself in these situations? These are the times when differences are made. These are the times it pays to read a few more pages, a few more reps, or refrain from something that pays off in the now but sabotages the later. You can be sure “later” will come. The “later” will be a day you fear or have been waiting for. Yes, everything counts.

The takedown you give up because you’re fatigued or did not feel like fighting, counts. The class you skipped because you were not going to do anything that day anyway, counts. The negative attitude when a more optimistic attitude was available, counts. The whispering to your friends “I don’t care,” counts. You better care! You’re representing yourself, team, school or university. The individual who does not care is unappealing in any arena.

All opportunities you have to win the battle with yourself count. These are just a few daily examples that add up. Everything counts when excellence is the goal. If you want to succeed at a high level in anything, you will need quality. Hats off to those who risk and take necessary steps toward something they believe in. They are loading the dice in their favor. There is no dress rehearsal; it’s a live audience.

If your stiffest competition watched you train, how much effort would you expend? Would you rollover with all their eyes on you? How about the people who respect you and that you respect, what kind of effort would you give then? You don’t need eyes on you to know that everything counts. Believe it because it makes sense. Believe it because you will never be sorry for making everything count.

Give yourself the best opportunity to succeed. There has to be personal aspiration. There has to be something within you that prompts you to go forward, so you do. And on this path you discover obstacles are challenges that reveal new power once beyond them. We often find we can do what we are unsure of.

With everything we talk about, can you really see yourself not giving full effort? Will you deliver and exchange blows or just take them? It’s crucial to fight back! You’re born and obligated to fight back; it’s in you. It goes back thousands of years. You don’t have to learn how to fight if you care about your results. Determination will be in attendance. You won’t wait for the last sprint to go hard; you will go hard on the first and every one in between. You may not be the fastest, but you run the hardest. You make everything count.

Seconds wasted early on often make the difference later. We often need back earlier wasted time, but we don’t get time back. We can make it up, but it’s a risk. We want to eliminate as much jeopardy as possible.

The little things make a substantial difference over time. Since we learn and act on habits that are detrimental, does it not stand to reason we also can build, over time, actions that help us move forward. Ask yourself if you were going into battle and had to choose your team of fighters, who are you going to choose and why? Whatever it is, strive to develop these qualities. In the heart of hearts, would others choose you? If not, Why, and what can you do to change?

I’m not talking about talent; you wake up in your life with different talents. I’m talking about awareness, confronting doubts, getting involved with your thinking, cultivating an optimistic attitude, and giving extraordinary effort.

We all get uncovered anyway, so it does not matter what we say. What matters is making everything count. I am not talking about being counterfeit or an idiot. I’m not talking about making mistakes, winning or losing. I’m talking about while you’re here for this very short period of time measured in minutes, hours, days, weeks, and years, you make all opportunities to advance, count. It’s sensible to give thought to the quality of your days. The thinking that “it really does not matter,” to “it really does matter,” will make an enormous difference in your life.

Stay with your labors a little longer when you would like to close shop. Many of us wait to feel ideal before we act; tussle it out! Slog at full effort regardless how things seem to be going. This is where you build your mental and physical unyielding institution. This is where self-belief can soar.

Yeah, without a doubt, everything counts.

The Guillotine will be featuring motivation by Mark Schwab throughout the season. Look for Mark’s advice every other Monday.

Mark Schwab is an assistant coach at the University of Northern Iowa. Schwab has a Masters Degree with an emphasis on Sport Psychology and is currently writing a book entitled “Opportunities to Succeed-Common Sense but Not Common Practice.” Schwab also gives a 40 minute presentation on opportunities to succeed. To know more you can email him at mark.schwab@uni.edu for details.

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