Jan 112012

Rochester defeated Itasca 31-12 Wednesday evening at Grand Rapids, MN.

Rochester 31 Itasca 12
125: Jered Kemp RCTC WBF over Justin Valhuerdi ICC 2:21
133: Dillon Solberg RCTC WBF over Julian Valhuerdi ICC 6:01
141: Nate Larson RCTC Maj Dec over Matt Dunlap ICC 9-0
149: Casey Williams ICC Dec over Hector Millan RCTC 5-2
157: Thomas Gullikson ICC WBF over Tyler Jackson RCTC 4:20
165: Holton Lubinski RCTC Dec over David Booth ICC 6-1
174: Connor Monk ICC Dec over Shelby Deno RCTC 10-6
184: Jordan Arndt RCTC Dec over Matt Beehler ICC 3-0
197: Logan Barrett RCTC Dec over Spencer Corey ICC 10-4
Hwt: Jake Minske RCTC Forfeit over ICC

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