Winning is not a location; it’s in the vault – Motivation by Mark Schwab

Yes there are locations that continuously turn out accomplishments. There are teams, programs, institutions, and businesses that frequently produce title fight results. Is it the city or property the university or business is built on? No! Is it the management, coaches, instructor’s or leadership that’s responsible? No doubt this is important; however, there are many who have trained, studied, or worked in the exact premises, and the result was unsound. So location can’t be it, but we’re close. Similar to the combo 12-13-14 and you’re using 11-12-13, it’s real close, but the vault will not open. So what opens your vault? I believe the prevalent component of achievement is one’s self-talk; the communication that goes on behind our eyes has the ultimate voice.

About Mark SchwabWe’re just picture frames. No matter how fancy, expensive, plain, or unappealing the frame may look, it only surrounds the picture; this is similar to our body and faces being the frame and our mind/self-talk is the picture. The exterior has a voice, but the interior dictates behavior and tells all. Our behavior heavily eclipses our words just as our interior heavily eclipses our exterior.

There are countless who clearly have a less than ideal location, and they still find a way to produce high-level results. Although some locations do produce more than others, it’s not the location itself, but what resides behind the eyes involved. Even if you’re surrounded by top management, teachers, and coaches, you still have to allow your vault to be opened; this is much easier said than completed. There are destinations thousands of miles away that we can easily get to, but most of us struggle with what’s behind our own eyes. Triumph is where we least often look. We can see with it and use it, but can we unbolt our vault and direct it? We don’t open this vault with an explosive or welding torch. This vault opens with calmness, awareness, and simplicity.

You can have success in any location; success and excellence resides behind your eyes. People win and have success from many locations. The location itself is where one prepares. Yes, locality can and does make an enormous difference, but it’s still up to you. The tools that matter most are available. They are accessible wherever you go, free at your disposal to use or not use. Knowing this is important, but taking action is an absolute. This is liberating because now you know the “unbounded” is possible. Excuses and excessive explanations have moved out. Possibility and opportunity have moved in.

Look, I’m not foolish enough to think a number of locations are not better than others in regards to experience, preparation, a plan, coaching, management, facilities, talent, or resources; all these ingredients will aid tremendously. Nevertheless, you can negate everything and everyone if you organize and employ your tools of infinite potential. The tools I speak of are behind your own eyes.

Locations ensure nothing! Attainment will be in your efforts and intelligent labors. All aspects of your preparation are behind your eyes. Your self-talk regulates your behavior, progress or termination. If you’re interested in your outcome, awareness and managing your thoughts are the trail to the peak.

Know this, success is mobile and has no permanent residence. Wherever you are is the most excellent place to prosper.

Combination to the vault:

  • Understand, self-talk cannot be stopped but can be altered
  • Recognize regions of your self-talk where unconstructive self-talk occurs and get involved. Relax, butt-in, and replace with constructive self-talk; awareness is essential.
  • Become a student and learn to direct you’re self-talk. When you do, you will govern your performance.

The Guillotine will be featuring motivation by Mark Schwab throughout the season. Look for Mark’s advice every other Monday.

Mark Schwab is an assistant coach at the University of Northern Iowa. Schwab has a Masters Degree with an emphasis on Sport Psychology and is currently writing a book entitled “Opportunities to Succeed-Common Sense but Not Common Practice.” Schwab also gives a 40 minute presentation on opportunities to succeed. To know more you can email him at for details.

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