NJCAA North Central District Qualifier

February 11, 2012 at Mason City, IA

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NJCAA North Central District Qualifier
1. Iowa Central Community College 166
2. Iowa Lakes Community College 111.5
3. North Iowa Area Community College 100.5
4. Ridgewater College 82.5
5. Iowa Western Community College 81
6. Rochester Community and Tech. College 75
7. Ellsworth Community College 72
8. Itasca Community College 47
9. Minnesota West 6

125 pounds
1st: Jacob Colon (Iowa Central) major decision Andrew Clark (Ellsworth) (Maj 13-1)
3rd: Lonny Booshu (Ridgewater) decision Andres Torres (North Iowa Area) (Dec 9-3)
5th: Dillon Solberg (Rochester) decision Tyler Espitia (Iowa Western) (Dec 9-4)
7th: Justin Valhuerdi (Itasca) pin Kolby Mauch (Iowa Lakes) (Pin 4:48)

133 pounds
1st: Brandon Wright (Iowa Central) tech fall Stephen Spradlin (Iowa Western) (TF 26-8)
3rd: Blaine Smith (Iowa Lakes) decision Nate Larson (Rochester) (Dec 8-4)
5th: Philippe Walker (Minnesota West) decision Kirk Sallis (North Iowa Area) (Dec 6-4)
7th: Javior Portillo (Ridgewater) decision Andrew Sulawske (Ellsworth) (Dec 12-7)

141 pounds
1st: Wismit Moinius (North Iowa Area) injury default Tyler Lashbrook (Ellsworth) (Inj.)
3rd: Mariano Portillo (Ridgewater) major decision Skyler Rice (Iowa Lakes) (Maj 14-1)
5th: Kevin Olson (Iowa Western) decision Matt Dunlap (Itasca) (Dec 15-8)
7th: Terrel Wilbourn (Iowa Central) and Jered Kemp (Rochester) (DDQ)

149 pounds
1st: Edwin Cooper (Iowa Central) major decision Klinton Van Heuelin (Ridgewater) (Maj 10-2)
3rd: Casey Williams (Itasca) major decision Demetrius Taylor (Ellsworth) (Maj 18-4)
5th: Tyler Jackson (Rochester) pin Victor Diaz (North Iowa Area) (Pin 3:31)
7th: Ben Lieben (Iowa Western) decision Travis Johnson (Iowa Lakes) (Dec 13-10)

157 pounds
1st: Michael Perez (Iowa Central) major decision Conner Monk (Itasca) (Maj 14-2)
3rd: Shane Fessenmaier (Ridgewater) decision Brock Storm (Iowa Lakes) (Dec 10-6)
5th: Holton Lubinski (Rochester) decision Chase Dunlap (Iowa Western) (Dec 9-2)
7th: Gibson Metellus (North Iowa Area) tech fall James Kent (Ellsworth) (TF 20-4)

165 pounds
1st: Colin Hewitt (Iowa Central) pin Dan Williams (Iowa Western) (Pin 1:56)
3rd: Tyrell Martin (Ridgewater) decision Andrew Rilley (Ellsworth) (Dec 7-0)
5th: David Booth (Itasca) major decision Justin Head (North Iowa Area) (Maj 16-4)
7th: Kolby Baier (Iowa Lakes) decision Dakota Hanson (Rochester) (Dec 4-0)

174 pounds
1st: Jahwon Akui (Iowa Central) major decision Jameel Bryant (North Iowa Area) (Maj 10-2)
3rd: Thomas Moman (Iowa Lakes) decision Trevor Mahlum (Ridgewater) (Dec 11-7)
5th: Isaac Olson (Iowa Western) pin Travis Jones (Ellsworth) (Pin 2:53)
7th: Zach Curry (Rochester) received a bye () (Bye)

184 pounds
1st: Basil Minto (North Iowa Area) decision Christian Mays (Iowa Central) (Dec 3-1)
3rd: Nick Lawrence (Iowa Lakes) decision Shelby Deno (Rochester) (Dec 4-2)
5th: Aaron Satterwhite (Iowa Western) pin Jimmy Brown (Ellsworth) (Pin 1:47)
7th: Kevin Hahn (Ridgewater) decision Matt Beehler (Itasca) (Dec 4-3)

197 pounds
1st: Jim Doyle (Iowa Lakes) decision Logan Barrett (Rochester) (Dec 4-1)
3rd: Kolton Kersten (Iowa Central) decision Josh Lambrecht (Ellsworth) (Dec 5-0)
5th: Michael Guerrero (North Iowa Area) pin Beau Muehling (Iowa Western) (Pin 1:06)
7th: Spencer Corey (Itasca) decision Taylor Andrews (Minnesota West) (Dec 5-0)

285 pounds
1st: Matt Wyss (Iowa Lakes) decision Jake Minske (Rochester) (Dec 1-0)
3rd: Lonnie Brown (Iowa Central) decision Jordan Heiderman (Iowa Western) (Dec 7-2)
5th: Mark Tiedemann (North Iowa Area) decision Charlie Gelhaye (Ridgewater) (Dec 2-0)
7th: Arthur O`Neill (Ellsworth) received a bye () (Bye)

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