30th NSPSL Wrestling Championships

The North Suburban Parochial School League (NSPSL) celebrated the completion of their 30th year on the mat with the 2012 NSPSL Wrestling Championships held Saturday, March 24th at Totino-Grace High School. Twelve schools participated in the dual meet season and the individual tournament, involving upper elementary through 8th grade boys.

Epiphany of Coon Rapids won their third consecutive team title, ahead of runner-up St. Stephen’s of Anoka and third place Trinity at River Ridge (Egan). This was the 14th time Epiphany has hoisted the “Jeff McNallan” league championship trophy.

Epiphany held the lead from the opening round and never looked back, placing wrestlers among the top three at 8 of 12 weight classes. The “Stars” had seven championship “All League” finalists, including four individual gold-medalists.

St. Vincent de Paul eighth grader Adam Vettel was voted the league’s Most Outsanding Wrestler for 2012 by the NSPSL Wrestling Coaches Association. Although Vettel was unable to compete in this year’s tournament, he was recognized as a two-time League Champion, winning titles in 2010 & 2011 and for his exemplary qualities as a student-athlete.

Epiphany “Stars” 2012 NSPSL Champions!
Epiphany “Stars” 2012 NSPSL Champions!

Also among the league’s outstanding eighth graders completing successful NSPSL careers by winning their second titles this year were Maverik Cain of Sacred Heart (140 lbs) and Brandon Lundeen of St. Raphael’s (Hwt).

St. Stephen’s sixth grader Kaden Spindler earned his third straight league title with a gold medal performance at 90 pounds, with teammate Henry Exner (75) winning his second championship. Other two-time champions include Epiphany’s Jake Svihel (70 lbs), Connor Dehn (80) and Carter Walch (125) and Trinity’s Henry Leighton at 103 pounds.

Winning their first league titles were St. Vincent’s Kiernan Lundgren (85) and Dominic Smith (95), along with Epiphany’s Marcus Loger (65) and Patrick Larson of St. Raphael’s at 112 lbs. The league’s dual meet championship was determined on Tuesday, March 20th at St. Stephen’s School in Anoka, with Epiphany taking home top honors and the “Michael Daugherty” Memorial Trophy with a (36-27) victory over the “RSC” cooperative in the title match. St. Stephen’s topped Trinity at River Ridge (37-36) for third place. Epiphany finished with a perfect 8-0 record, in winning their ninth ‘all time’ dual meet league title, followed by “RSC” 5-3 and St. Stephen’s 4-4.

NSPSL Wrestling Director Dan Vandermyde reports there were 145 participants in the league this season.

Schools (Pts)
1. Epiphany, Coon Rapids (185)
2. St. Stephen’s, Anoka (158)
3. Trinity at River Ridge, Egan (102.5)
4. St. Raphael’s, Crystal (100)
5. St. Alphonsus, Brooklyn Center (91)
6. St. Vincent de Paul, Osseo (66)
7. St. John the Baptist, New Brighten (61)
8. Sacred Heart , Robbinsdale (24)
9. St. Paul Area /Holy Spirit, St. Peter Claver, Maternity of Mary (14)
10. St. Odilia, Shoreview (8)

65 LBS
1. Marcus Loger (Epiphany)
2. Jon DeMarais (Trinity@RvrRdg)
3. Brice Erkenbrack (Epiphany)*
4. Skylar Gish (St. Stephen’s)
5. Thomas Cornell (St. Raphael’s)
70 LBS
1. Jake Svihel (Epiphany)
2. Zion Jessee (St. Alphonsus)
3. Paul Wlazlo (St. Odilia)
4. Stephen Johnson (St.Odilia)*
5. Thomas Nicklaus (Trinity@RvrRdg)
75 LBS
1. Henry Exner (St. Stephen’s)
2. Trae Janisch (Epiphany)
3. Jack Ridgway (Trinity@RvrRdg)
4. Joe Lewis (Epiphany)*
5. Darby Jones (St. Vincent dP)
80 LBS
1. Connor Dehn (Epiphany)
2. Dominic Cummings (St. Alphonsus)
3. Rowan Jungling (St. Stephen’s)
4. William Hoye (St. John the Baptist)
5. Jack Arachtingi (Trinity@RvrRdg)
85 LBS
1. Kiernan Lundgren (St. Vincent dP)
2. Daniel Claussen (St. Alphonsus)
3. Michael Menth (Epiphany)
4. William Corbett (St. Stephen’s)
5. Michael Fahnlander (St. Al’s)*
90 LBS
1. Kaden Spindler (St. Stephen’s)
2. Tim Janisch (Epiphany)
3. Joe Abel (St. Raphael’s)
4. Tyler Nygren (St. John the Baptist)
5. Zach Mokamba (Epiphany)*
95 LBS
1. Dominic Smith (St. Vincent dP)
2. Max Cummings (St. Alphonsus)
3. Adam Meyer (St. John the Baptist)
4. Michael Kellett (St. Raphael’s)
5. Simon Wicks (Epiphany)
103 LBS
1. Henry Leighton (Trinity@RvrRdg)
2. Caleb Jungling (St. Stephen’s)
3. Matt Bebeau (St. John the Baptist)
4. Alex Benson (TrinityRR)*
5. Logan Ehlenz (St. Raphael’s)
112 LBS
1. Patrick Larson (St. Raphael’s)
2. Matt Kraemer (St. Alphonsus)
3. Devin Howe (St. Stephen’s)
4. Danny Tracy (Epiphany)
5. Langston Butler (St. Paul Area)
125 LBS
1. Carter Walch (Epiphany)
2. John Lewis (Epiphany)*
3. Spencer Howe (St. Stephen’s)
4. Minhyuk Park (Trinity@RvrRdg)
5. Theo Staggert (St. Stephen’s)*
140 LBS
1. Maverik Cain (Sacred Heart)
2. Kyle Peterson (St. Stephen’s)
3. Tyler Sunnell (Epiphany)
4. Dan Gainer (St. Paul Area)
5. Eli Andrzejek (Epiphany)*
1. Brandon Lundeen (St. Raphael’s)
2. Dave Dahl (Trinity@RvrRdg)
3. Dan Bittner (TrinityRR)*
4. Jake Hilton (St. Stephen’s)
5. Gabe Andrzejek (Epiphany)

* wild card entries.

NSPSL “Most Outstanding Wrestler” 2012: Adam Vettel (St. Vincent de Paul), 112 lbs. *Did not compete in 2012 championships.