Living the Dream Medal Fund pushes wrestlers to stay with sport

Johny Hendricks is a two-time NCAA wrestling champion. On August 6 he made $44,000 for beating Mike Pierce in a UFC fight with no title implications; he was guaranteed half of the purse just for competing. In 2011 he fought three times, earning more than $150,000 from the UFC.

Jordan Burroughs is also a two-time NCAA wrestling champion. On September 18 he made $50,000 for winning the freestyle world championships. The gold medal means Burroughs was the best 163-pound wrestler in the world in 2011 and it makes him a favorite to win gold at the 2012 Olympics, but without endorsements Burroughs earned less than one-third of what he could have made as a mediocre UFC fighter in 2011. Continue reading at

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