MN/USA Wrestling Junior Greco-Roman State Tournament

MN/USA Wrestling Junior Greco-Roman State Tournament Results and Match video.
April 14, 2012 at Augsburg College, Minneapolis, Minn.

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Junior – 100 pounds
1st Place – Paul Fitterer of Cannon Falls Mat Rats
2nd Place – Logan Donais of Central Wrestling Club
1st Place Match: Paul Fitterer (Cannon Falls Mat Rats) over Logan Donais (Central Wrestling Club) Dec 2-0,2-1

Junior – 106 pounds
1st Place – Gannon Volk of Apple Valley
2nd Place – Trent Piepenburg of Central Wrestling Club
3rd Place – Austin Anderly of Valley Elite WC
4th Place – Alex Haynes of Rochester Wrestling
1st Place Match: Gannon Volk (Apple Valley) over Trent Piepenburg (Central Wrestling Club) Dec 4-0,1-0
3rd Place Match: Austin Anderly (Valley Elite WC) over Alex Haynes (Rochester Wrestling) TF 9-1,9-3

Junior – 113 pounds
1st Place – Skyler Petry of Unattached
2nd Place – Blane Tschida of Unattached
3rd Place – Ty Johnson of East Metro
4th Place – Kareed Williams of East Side Wrestling Club
5th Place – Isaac Wangen of Unattached
Round Robin Matches
Blane Tschida (Unattached) over Ty Johnson (East Metro) Dec 2-0,3-1
Skyler Petry (Unattached) over Ty Johnson (East Metro) TF 0-6,0-6
Skyler Petry (Unattached) over Blane Tschida (Unattached) Dec 7-0,3-0

Junior – 120 pounds
1st Place – Jarred Oftedahl of Hi-Flyers
2nd Place – Trevor Westerlund of Albert Lea
3rd Place – Reid Lyden of Unattached
4th Place – Drew Bienusa of Central Wrestling Club
5th Place – Gabe Foltz of Northwest Wrestling Club
Round Robin Matches
Jarred Oftedahl (Hi-Flyers) over Trevor Westerlund (Albert Lea) Fall 7-1,0:52
Jarred Oftedahl (Hi-Flyers) over Reid Lyden (Unattached) Fall 0:49
Trevor Westerlund (Albert Lea) over Reid Lyden (Unattached) Fall 1:58

Junior – 126 pounds
1st Place – Tone Fuenffinger of screaming yetis
2nd Place – Austin Hjelle of Unattached
3rd Place – Russell Caldwell of Mankato Wrestling Club
4th Place – Alex Rod of White Bear Ice
5th Place – James Goman of Bloomington Wrestling Club
6th Place – Sam Waln of Northwest Wrestling Club
1st Place Match: Tone Fuenffinger (screaming yetis) over Austin Hjelle (Unattached) Dec 2-0,1-0
3rd Place Match: Russell Caldwell (Mankato Wrestling Club) over Alex Rod (White Bear Ice) TF 7-0,7-0
5th Place Match: James Goman (Bloomington Wrestling Club) over Sam Waln (Northwest Wrestling Club) Dec 4-2,2-4,5-1

Junior – 132 pounds
1st Place – Seth Gross of Apple Valley
2nd Place – Grant Dullinger of screaming yetis
3rd Place – Ben Brancale of Bloomington Wrestling Club
4th Place – John Thao of East Side Wrestling Club
5th Place – Michael Pleski of Forest Lake
6th Place – Joe Anderson of coon rapids
1st Place Match: Seth Gross (Apple Valley) over Grant Dullinger (screaming yetis) Dec 0-5,4-1,3-1
3rd Place Match: Ben Brancale (Bloomington Wrestling Club) over John Thao (East Side Wrestling Club) Dec 3-1,9-3
5th Place Match: Michael Pleski (Forest Lake) over Joe Anderson (coon rapids) TF 6-0,6-0

Junior – 138 pounds
1st Place – Joe Munos of Pinnacle
2nd Place – Brett Stolarzyk of Stewartville
3rd Place – Evan Caldon of Elk River
4th Place – Deven Donais of Central Wrestling Club
5th Place – Jared Kinley of Unattached
6th Place – Brandon Peters of Faribault
1st Place Match: Joe Munos (Pinnacle) over Brett Stolarzyk (Stewartville) Dec 4-0,1-8,5-0
3rd Place Match: Evan Caldon (Elk River) over Deven Donais (Central Wrestling Club) Dec 0-1,3-2,1-0
5th Place Match: Jared Kinley (Unattached) over Brandon Peters (Faribault) Dec 6-0,0-1,1-0

Junior – 145 pounds
1st Place – Wayne Voss of Hi-Flyers
2nd Place – Parker Jackson of Northwest Wrestling Club
3rd Place – Zach Baker of Northwest Wrestling Club
4th Place – Tyler Jones of Central Wrestling Club
5th Place – Aaron Trio of Mankato Wrestling Club
6th Place – Scott Mattison of Apple Valley
1st Place Match: Wayne Voss (Hi-Flyers) over Parker Jackson (Northwest Wrestling Club) Dec 5-0,4-1
3rd Place Match: Zach Baker (Northwest Wrestling Club) over Tyler Jones (Central Wrestling Club) Fall 1:09
5th Place Match: Aaron Trio (Mankato Wrestling Club) over Scott Mattison (Apple Valley) Dec 4-0,1-0

Junior – 152 pounds
1st Place – Tim Ostby of Central Wrestling Club
2nd Place – Grant Nehring of Central Wrestling Club
3rd Place – Josh Halicke of Central Wrestling Club
4th Place – Chase Monger of Eden Prairie
5th Place – Timothy Moore of Rochester Wrestling
6th Place – Zach Jaeger of Stewartville
1st Place Match: Tim Ostby (Central Wrestling Club) over Grant Nehring (Central Wrestling Club) Dec 6-2,6-3
3rd Place Match: Josh Halicke (Central Wrestling Club) over Chase Monger (Eden Prairie) Dec 4-0,6-1
5th Place Match: Timothy Moore (Rochester Wrestling) over Zach Jaeger (Stewartville) Fall 5-0,0:41

Junior – 160 pounds
1st Place – Jordon Rothers of Aftershock
2nd Place – Holden Nelson of Thief River Falls
3rd Place – Jake Deutschlander of Pinnacle
4th Place – Cory Flaata of East Metro
5th Place – Luke Kelvington of Central Wrestling Club
6th Place – Orrin Holmbeck of screaming yetis
1st Place Match: Jordon Rothers (Aftershock) over Holden Nelson (Thief River Falls) TF 7-0,6-0
3rd Place Match: Jake Deutschlander (Pinnacle) over Cory Flaata (East Metro) Dec 4-2,5-1
5th Place Match: Luke Kelvington (Central Wrestling Club) over Orrin Holmbeck (screaming yetis) TF 7-0,6-0

Junior – 170 pounds
1st Place – Dalton Westerlund of Barbarians
2nd Place – Tommy Longendyke of White Bear Ice
3rd Place – Isaac Florell of Totino Grace
4th Place – Mitch Lange of Central Wrestling Club
5th Place – Luke Schmit of Southern MN Wrestling Club
6th Place – Marcus Mckinley of Rochester Wrestling
1st Place Match: Dalton Westerlund (Barbarians) over Tommy Longendyke (White Bear Ice) Fall 3-1,0-2,0:56
3rd Place Match: Isaac Florell (Totino Grace) over Mitch Lange (Central Wrestling Club) Dec 4-1,1-5,3-0
5th Place Match: Luke Schmit (Southern MN Wrestling Club) over Marcus Mckinley (Rochester Wrestling) Dec 6-0,4-3

Junior – 182 pounds
1st Place – Brett Pfarr of Valley Elite WC
2nd Place – Logan Giles of Barbarians
3rd Place – Codie Laframboise of Mayhem
4th Place – Trey Hable of Team Unit
5th Place – Miles Hammerlund of Delano
6th Place – Cody Anderson of White Bear Ice
1st Place Match: Brett Pfarr (Valley Elite WC) over Logan Giles (Barbarians) Dec 4-1,7-3
3rd Place Match: Codie Laframboise (Mayhem) over Trey Hable (Team Unit) Dec 0-3,8-0,4-1
5th Place Match: Miles Hammerlund (Delano) over Cody Anderson (White Bear Ice) Fall 0-5,2-1,1:52

Junior – 195 pounds
1st Place – Mitch Robinson of Zimmerman
2nd Place – Alexander Mond of Aftershock
3rd Place – Mitch Diller of White Bear Ice
Round Robin Matches
Mitch Robinson (Zimmerman) over Alexander Mond (Aftershock) Dec 3-1,4-1
Mitch Robinson (Zimmerman) over Mitch Diller (White Bear Ice) TF 8-1,8-1
Alexander Mond (Aftershock) over Mitch Diller (White Bear Ice) TF 8-1,7-1

Junior – 220 pounds
1st Place – Tommy Petersen of Lakevillle
2nd Place – Nathan Preston of Barbarians
3rd Place – Tony Reurink of Northwest Wrestling Club
4th Place – Jordan Fester of acgc
Round Robin Matches
Tommy Petersen (Lakevillle) over Nathan Preston (Barbarians) Dec 4-0,4-0
Tommy Petersen (Lakevillle) over Tony Reurink (Northwest Wrestling Club) Fall 0:32
Nathan Preston (Barbarians) over Tony Reurink (Northwest Wrestling Club) Fall 0:11

Junior – 285 pounds
1st Place – Sam Stoll of Team Unit
2nd Place – Jon Erickson of Thief River Falls
3rd Place – Luis Pinto of Barbarians
4th Place – Zach LaFavor of Barbarians
1st Place Match: Sam Stoll (Team Unit) over Jon Erickson (Thief River Falls) TF 5-0,5-0
3rd Place Match: Luis Pinto (Barbarians) over Zach LaFavor (Barbarians) Fall 1:34