Apr 142012

USA Wrestling Freestyle FILA Junior Nationals Results and Match video.
April 14, 2012 at Madison, WI

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Tournament Results

Men – 50 KG / 110.25 lbs
1st Place – Adrian Cordova of Westside
2nd Place – Antonio Juarez of unattached
3rd Place – Bobby Nachreiner of Askren Wrestling Acadamy
4th Place – Jaques Glover of Limestone
1st: Adrian Cordova (Westside) won by decision over Antonio Juarez (unattached) (Dec 1-0,1-1)
3rd: Bobby Nachreiner (Askren Wrestling Acadamy) won by pin over Jaques Glover (Limestone) (Pin 0:36)

Men – 55 KG / 121.25 lbs
1st Place – Joey Dance of Virginia Elite
2nd Place – Conor Youtsey of Michigan Wrestling Club
3rd Place – Joseph McKenna of Blair Academy
4th Place – Caleb Richardson of Finger lakes wrestling Club
5th Place – Nathan Tomasello of Burnett Trained Wrestling
6th Place – Nahshon Garrett of Finger lakes wrestling Club
7th Place – Evan Silver of Cardinal Wrestling Club
8th Place – Jacob Schmitt of Massa Maniacs
1st: Joey Dance (Virginia Elite) won by decision over Conor Youtsey (Michigan Wrestling Club) (Dec 3-0,5-0)
3rd: Joseph McKenna (Blair Academy) won by decision over Caleb Richardson (Finger lakes wrestling Club) (Dec 1-4,2-1,3-2)
5th: Nathan Tomasello (Burnett Trained Wrestling) won by decision over Nahshon Garrett (Finger lakes wrestling Club) (Dec 2-3,1-1,8-1)
7th: Evan Silver (Cardinal Wrestling Club) won by decision over Jacob Schmitt (Massa Maniacs) (Dec 1-0,1-0)

Men – 60 KG / 132.25 lbs
1st Place – Mark Grey of Blair Academy
2nd Place – Cody Brewer of Oklahoma Elite
3rd Place – Fabian Garcia of Roadrunner WC
4th Place – Shelton Mack of Pittsburgh Wrestling Club
5th Place – Matt Kelliher of Badger WC
6th Place – Nick Soto of Chattanooga Wrestling Club
7th Place – Daniel Deshazer of Oklahoma Elite
8th Place – Zane Richards of Quest Wrestling
1st: Mark Grey (Blair Academy) won by decision over Cody Brewer (Oklahoma Elite) (Dec 5-3,3-1)
3rd: Fabian Garcia (Roadrunner WC) won by decision over Shelton Mack (Pittsburgh Wrestling Club) (Dec 4-5,3-2,4-1)
5th: Matt Kelliher (Badger WC) won by decision over Nick Soto (Chattanooga Wrestling Club) (Dec 5-2,6-0)
7th: Daniel Deshazer (Oklahoma Elite) won by forfeit over Zane Richards (Quest Wrestling) (FF)

Men – 63 KG / 138.75 lbs
1st Place – Steven Rodrigues of Illini Wrestling Club
2nd Place – Jameson Oster of Wildcat Wrestling Club
3rd Place – Taylor Moeder of HRWA
4th Place – Jack Clark of Raw 241
5th Place – Tommy Glenn of Badger WC
6th Place – Trevor Jauch of Missouri wrestling foundation
7th Place – Seth Monty of Sunkist Kids
8th Place – Ben Matthiesen of Central Michigan University
1st: Steven Rodrigues (Illini Wrestling Club) won by decision over Jameson Oster (Wildcat Wrestling Club) (Dec 2-2,1-1)
3rd: Taylor Moeder (HRWA) won by decision over Jack Clark (Raw 241) (Dec 3-2,6-0)
5th: Tommy Glenn (Badger WC) won by pin over Trevor Jauch (Missouri wrestling foundation) (Pin 1-2,1:54)
7th: Seth Monty (Sunkist Kids) won by forfeit over Ben Matthiesen (Central Michigan University) (FF)

Men – 66 KG / 145.5 lbs
1st Place – Destin McCauley of Sunkist Kids
2nd Place – Hunter Stieber of Ohio RTC
3rd Place – Jason Tsirtsis of Region Wrestling
4th Place – Cj Cobb of Penn
5th Place – Dylan Ness of Minnesota Storm
6th Place – Kaleb Friedley of Wildcat Wrestling Club
7th Place – Josh Dziewa of hawkeye wrestling club
8th Place – Luke Frey of Nittany Lion Wrestling Club
1st: Destin McCauley (Sunkist Kids) won by pin over Hunter Stieber (Ohio RTC) (Pin 1:25)
3rd: Jason Tsirtsis (Region Wrestling) won by decision over Cj Cobb (Penn) (Dec 6-3,1-0)
5th: Dylan Ness (Minnesota Storm) won by tech fall over Kaleb Friedley (Wildcat Wrestling Club) (TF 7-0,7-0)
7th: Josh Dziewa (hawkeye wrestling club) won by decision over Luke Frey (Nittany Lion Wrestling Club) (Dec 4-1,1-0)

Men – 70 KG / 154.25 lbs
1st Place – Justin Deangelis of Oklahoma Elite
2nd Place – Brad Dolezal of Minnesota Storm
3rd Place – Isaac Jordan of unattached
4th Place – Chris Dowdy of Finger lakes wrestling Club
5th Place – Adam Fierro of Roadrunner WC
6th Place – Ryan Watts of Michigan Wrestling Club
7th Place – Ronnie Garbinsky of Pittsburgh Wrestling Club
8th Place – Tanner Hiatt of Panther Wrestling Club
1st: Justin Deangelis (Oklahoma Elite) won by decision over Brad Dolezal (Minnesota Storm) (Dec 0-2,3-0,2-0)
3rd: Isaac Jordan (unattached) won by pin over Chris Dowdy (Finger lakes wrestling Club) (Pin 1:51)
5th: Adam Fierro (Roadrunner WC) won by tech fall over Ryan Watts (Michigan Wrestling Club) (TF 6-0,6-0)
7th: Ronnie Garbinsky (Pittsburgh Wrestling Club) won by forfeit over Tanner Hiatt (Panther Wrestling Club) (FF)

Men – 74 KG / 163 lbs
1st Place – Nazar Kulchytskyy of World Class Wrestling
2nd Place – Nick Moore of hawkeye wrestling club
3rd Place – Alex Deringer of Gator/Cowboy
4th Place – Taylor Massa of Michigan Wrestling Club
5th Place – Duke Pickett of Finger lakes wrestling Club
6th Place – Patrick Rhoads of hawkeye wrestling club
7th Place – Austin Wilson of NWTC
8th Place – Spartak Chino of Bobcat Wrestling Club
1st: Nazar Kulchytskyy (World Class Wrestling) won by decision over Nick Moore (hawkeye wrestling club) (Dec 1-0,1-0)
3rd: Alex Deringer (Gator/Cowboy) won by forfeit over Taylor Massa (Michigan Wrestling Club) (FF)
5th: Duke Pickett (Finger lakes wrestling Club) won by decision over Patrick Rhoads (hawkeye wrestling club) (Dec 3-1,1-0)
7th: Austin Wilson (NWTC) won by pin over Spartak Chino (Bobcat Wrestling Club) (Pin 0:21)

Men – 79 KG / 174 lbs
1st Place – Tyler Wilps of Pittsburgh Wrestling Club
2nd Place – Frank Cousins of Badger WC
3rd Place – Kris Klapprodt of hawkeye wrestling club
4th Place – Colin Hedash of App State Wrestling Club
5th Place – Alex Meyer of ram wrestling club
6th Place – Ethan Ball of Coe
7th Place – Bryce Hammond of Roadrunner WC
8th Place – Austin Gabel of Virginia Tech WC
1st: Tyler Wilps (Pittsburgh Wrestling Club) won by decision over Frank Cousins (Badger WC) (Dec 1-0,1-0)
3rd: Kris Klapprodt (hawkeye wrestling club) won by decision over Colin Hedash (App State Wrestling Club) (Dec 2-3,6-0,2-1)
5th: Alex Meyer (ram wrestling club) won by decision over Ethan Ball (Coe) (Dec 3-1,4-1)
7th: Bryce Hammond (Roadrunner WC) won by pin over Austin Gabel (Virginia Tech WC) (Pin 0-5,0:26)

Men – 84 KG / 185 lbs
1st Place – Patrick Downey, Iii of Team OTC
2nd Place – Logan Storley of Minnesota Storm
3rd Place – Dwight Howes of Team OTC
4th Place – Lucas Sheridan of HWC / CYC
5th Place – Cody Johnston of Missouri wrestling foundation
6th Place – Kevin Beazley of Detroit Catholic Central
7th Place – Christopher Heald of Cliff Keen Wrestling Club
8th Place – Mitch Sliga of CIA
1st: Patrick Downey, Iii (Team OTC) won by decision over Logan Storley (Minnesota Storm) (Dec 1-0,0-2,3-2)
3rd: Dwight Howes (Team OTC) won by decision over Lucas Sheridan (HWC / CYC) (Dec 0-1,3-2,1-0)
5th: Cody Johnston (Missouri wrestling foundation) won by pin over Kevin Beazley (Detroit Catholic Central) (Pin 0-6,0:46)
7th: Christopher Heald (Cliff Keen Wrestling Club) won by decision over Mitch Sliga (CIA) (Dec 3-1,4-1)

Men – 96 KG / 211.5 lbs
1st Place – Andrew Campolattano of RTC
2nd Place – Scott Schiller of Minnesota Storm
3rd Place – Kyle Snyder of unattached
4th Place – Nathan Burak of New York Athletic Club
5th Place – Tanner Hall of New York Athletic Club
6th Place – Spencer Johnson of NWTC
7th Place – Willie Miklus of ram wrestling club
8th Place – Maximilian Wessell of Lehigh Valley Athletic Club
1st: Andrew Campolattano (RTC) won by decision over Scott Schiller (Minnesota Storm) (Dec 1-0,2-1)
3rd: Kyle Snyder (unattached) won by decision over Nathan Burak (New York Athletic Club) (Dec 1-0,2-0)
5th: Tanner Hall (New York Athletic Club) won by decision over Spencer Johnson (NWTC) (Dec 2-0,4-0)
7th: Willie Miklus (ram wrestling club) won by pin over Maximilian Wessell (Lehigh Valley Athletic Club) (Pin 1:00)

Men – 120 KG / 264.5 lbs
1st Place – Austin Marsden of Gator/Cowboy
2nd Place – Daniel Miller of Navy Mat Club
3rd Place – Connor Medbery of Badger WC
4th Place – Donny Longendyke of NWTC
5th Place – Adam Coon of WOW
6th Place – Chris Lopez of Illini Wrestling Club
7th Place – Tanner Harms of Cowboy Wrestling Club
8th Place – Doug Vollaro of Florida JETS
1st: Austin Marsden (Gator/Cowboy) won by decision over Daniel Miller (Navy Mat Club) (Dec 0-1,1-1,4-1)
3rd: Connor Medbery (Badger WC) won by decision over Donny Longendyke (NWTC) (Dec 3-3,6-0)
5th: Adam Coon (WOW) won by pin over Chris Lopez (Illini Wrestling Club) (Pin 2-1,1:05)
7th: Tanner Harms (Cowboy Wrestling Club) won by injury default over Doug Vollaro (Florida JETS) (Inj.)

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