USA Wrestling Greco-Roman FILA Junior Nationals

USA Wrestling Greco-Roman FILA Junior Nationals Results and Match video.
April 15, 2012 at Madison, WI

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Tournament Results
Men – 50 KG
1st Place – Bobby Nachreiner of AWA
2nd Place – Ramon Moreno of USOEC
3rd Place – Antonio Juarez of unattached
1st: Bobby Nachreiner (AWA) won by decision over Ramon Moreno (USOEC) (Dec 2-2,6-3)
3rd: Antonio Juarez (unattached) received a bye () (Bye)

Men – 55 KG
1st Place – Isaiah Varona of 305 Wrestling / USOEC
2nd Place – Jake Bellis of Iguana Greco
3rd Place – Garth Yenter of Team Kentucky
4th Place – Mac Borrego of Thunder WC
6th Place – Ben Willeford of Cleveland Wrestling Club
1st: Isaiah Varona (305 Wrestling / USOEC) won by decision over Jake Bellis (Iguana Greco) (Dec 1-0,0-1,3-0)
3rd: Garth Yenter (Team Kentucky) won by decision over Mac Borrego (Thunder WC) (Dec 1-0,6-1)
5th: Ben Willeford (Cleveland Wrestling Club) received a bye () (Bye)

Men – 60 KG
1st Place – Joe DeNova of USOEC/NYAC
2nd Place – Jessy Williams of USOEC
3rd Place – Mitch Bengtson of Central Minnesota
4th Place – Renaldo Rodriguez-Spencer of Buffalo Grapplers
5th Place – Zack Nelson of SAMURAI
6th Place – Andrew Brown of Cleveland Wrestling Club
7th Place – Jason Chudzinski of ATWA/USOEC
8th Place – Jesse Holton of Shamrock
1st: Joe DeNova (USOEC/NYAC) won by decision over Jessy Williams (USOEC) (Dec 3-0,1-0)
3rd: Mitch Bengtson (Central Minnesota) won by decision over Renaldo Rodriguez-Spencer (Buffalo Grapplers) (Dec 5-0,7-0)
5th: Zack Nelson (SAMURAI) won by decision over Andrew Brown (Cleveland Wrestling Club) (Dec 0-5,3-0,6-1)
7th: Jason Chudzinski (ATWA/USOEC) won by decision over Jesse Holton (Shamrock) (Dec 3-0,0-4,6-0)

Men – 63 KG
1st Place – Tyler Fraley of Shamrock
2nd Place – Tyrel White of Shamrock
3rd Place – Carter McElhany of Falcon Training Club
4th Place – Iurii Vovk of Polar Bear Wrestling Club
5th Place – Zach Stepan of Minnesota Storm
6th Place – Dallas Brown of unattached
7th Place – Dylan Hyder of Falcon Training Club
8th Place – Omar Maknassi of Gunston WC
1st: Tyler Fraley (Shamrock) won by decision over Tyrel White (Shamrock) (Dec 6-0,5-0)
3rd: Carter McElhany (Falcon Training Club) won by decision over Iurii Vovk (Polar Bear Wrestling Club) (Dec 1-0,5-1)
5th: Zach Stepan (Minnesota Storm) won by decision over Dallas Brown (unattached) (Dec 4-0,0-2,4-2)
7th: Dylan Hyder (Falcon Training Club) won by decision over Omar Maknassi (Gunston WC) (Dec 4-0,6-0)

Men – 66 KG
1st Place – Nick Alvarez of 305 Wrestling / USOEC
2nd Place – Ryne Cokeley of Badger WC
3rd Place – Santonio Thompson of YES Wrestling
4th Place – Kameron Hamley of NDSU
5th Place – Matt Bystol of New York Athletic Club
6th Place – Travis Himmelman of Bear Cave
7th Place – Zane Nelson of SAMURAI
8th Place – Carlos Rios of 305 Wrestling
1st: Nick Alvarez (305 Wrestling / USOEC) won by decision over Ryne Cokeley (Badger WC) (Dec 4-2,6-4)
3rd: Santonio Thompson (YES Wrestling) won by pin over Kameron Hamley (NDSU) (Pin 8-0,1:01)
5th: Matt Bystol (New York Athletic Club) won by decision over Travis Himmelman (Bear Cave) (Dec 1-0,2-0)
7th: Zane Nelson (SAMURAI) won by pin over Carlos Rios (305 Wrestling) (Pin 3-0,1:07)

Men – 70 KG
1st Place – Brad Dolezal of Minnesota Storm
2nd Place – Dillon Cowan of USOEC
3rd Place – Barrett Stangh of unattached
4th Place – Ronnie Garbinsky of Pittsburgh Wrestling Club
5th Place – Joey Kubica of University of Dubuque WC
6th Place – Zeke Honegger of Team Sehnert
7th Place – Sean O`Malley of Terrapin Wrestling Club
8th Place – Gabe Turetsky of Iron Curtain Wrestling Club
1st: Brad Dolezal (Minnesota Storm) won by decision over Dillon Cowan (USOEC) (Dec 8-3,6-0)
3rd: Barrett Stangh (unattached) won by decision over Ronnie Garbinsky (Pittsburgh Wrestling Club) (Dec 2-0,6-0)
5th: Joey Kubica (University of Dubuque WC) won by decision over Zeke Honegger (Team Sehnert) (Dec 3-2,2-0)
7th: Sean O`Malley (Terrapin Wrestling Club) won by decision over Gabe Turetsky (Iron Curtain Wrestling Club) (Dec 5-0,2-4,1-0)

Men – 74 KG
1st Place – Caleb Smith of unattached
2nd Place – Eric Fajardo of New York Athletic Club
3rd Place – Patrick Budd of USOEC
4th Place – Austin Barton of USOEC
5th Place – Matthew Gray of Ringers
6th Place – Andres Lukacs-Farkas of Zapas
7th Place – Connor Sutton of Happy Yo
8th Place – Sheldon Brandenburg of Cleveland Wrestling Club
1st: Caleb Smith (unattached) won by decision over Eric Fajardo (New York Athletic Club) (Dec 2-0,0-6,3-1)
3rd: Patrick Budd (USOEC) won by decision over Austin Barton (USOEC) (Dec 1-0,5-0)
5th: Matthew Gray (Ringers) won by decision over Andres Lukacs-Farkas (Zapas) (Dec 3-2,7-0)
7th: Connor Sutton (Happy Yo) won by decision over Sheldon Brandenburg (Cleveland Wrestling Club) (Dec 3-0,1-0)

Men – 79 KG
1st Place – Geordan Speiller of Florida JETS
2nd Place – Terrence Zaleski of YES Wrestling
3rd Place – Carson Powell of Team Excel
4th Place – Drew Rebling of New York Athletic Club
5th Place – Jimmy Prince of lake land predator
6th Place – Tyler Thomas of TNT
1st: Geordan Speiller (Florida JETS) won by decision over Terrence Zaleski (YES Wrestling) (Dec 1-0,5-0)
3rd: Carson Powell (Team Excel) won by decision over Drew Rebling (New York Athletic Club) (Dec 3-0,5-0)
5th: Jimmy Prince (lake land predator) won by decision over Tyler Thomas (TNT) (Dec 7-3,8-6)

Men – 84 KG
1st Place – Lucas Sheridan of HWC / CYC
2nd Place – Anthony Gardner of Terrapin Wrestling Club
3rd Place – Kevin Beazley of Detroit Catholic Central
4th Place – Lee Wildes of USOEC
5th Place – Alex Bambic of Team Arizona
6th Place – Zachary Freundt of lake land predator
7th Place – Micah Kullman of SAMURAI
8th Place – Vaughn Monreal-Berner of Team West Wolves
1st: Lucas Sheridan (HWC / CYC) won by decision over Anthony Gardner (Terrapin Wrestling Club) (Dec 7-1,2-0)
3rd: Kevin Beazley (Detroit Catholic Central) won by decision over Lee Wildes (USOEC) (Dec 0-1,3-0,1-0)
5th: Alex Bambic (Team Arizona) won by tech fall over Zachary Freundt (lake land predator) (TF 6-0,6-0)
7th: Micah Kullman (SAMURAI) won by forfeit over Vaughn Monreal-Berner (Team West Wolves) (FF)

Men – 96 KG
1st Place – Marcus Finau of NYAC
2nd Place – Austin Schafer of Army
3rd Place – Michael Sojka of Cardinal Wrestling Club
4th Place – Conor Wetzel of Terrapin Wrestling Club
5th Place – Hudson Buck of NDSU
6th Place – Matt Idelson of New York Athletic Club
7th Place – Brandon Rivera of Team Overtime
8th Place – Laquan Hightower of PSC
1st: Marcus Finau (NYAC) won by decision over Austin Schafer (Army) (Dec 1-0,0-4,1-0)
3rd: Michael Sojka (Cardinal Wrestling Club) won by tech fall over Conor Wetzel (Terrapin Wrestling Club) (TF 6-0,6-0)
5th: Hudson Buck (NDSU) won by decision over Matt Idelson (New York Athletic Club) (Dec 1-0,0-1,2-0)
7th: Brandon Rivera (Team Overtime) won by decision over Laquan Hightower (PSC) (Dec 2-0,1-0)

Men – 120 KG
1st Place – Adam Coon of WOW
2nd Place – Parker Betts of Minnesota Storm
3rd Place – Wyatt Baker of New York Athletic Club
4th Place – David Woody of YES Wrestling
5th Place – Blake Lucas of OVUWC
6th Place – Tyler Smith of Heidelberg University
1st: Adam Coon (WOW) won by decision over Parker Betts (Minnesota Storm) (Dec 1-0,8-4)
3rd: Wyatt Baker (New York Athletic Club) won by decision over David Woody (YES Wrestling) (Dec 4-0,5-0)
5th: Blake Lucas (OVUWC) won by decision over Tyler Smith (Heidelberg University) (Dec 2-0,2-0)

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