USA Wrestling Northern Plains Cadet/Girls Freestyle Regional Championships

USA Wrestling Northern Plains Cadet/Girls Freestyle Regional Championships Results

June 16, 2012 at Grand Island, NE

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Cadet – 100 Results
1st Place – Noah Ajram of Iowa
2nd Place – Tanner Coleman of Illinois

Cadet – 106 Results
1st Place – Patrick Augustyn of Illinois
2nd Place – Brad Osatiuk of Minnesota
3rd Place – Josh Harris of Illinois
4th Place – Cameron Williams of Nebraska
5th Place – Tyler Keener of North Dakota
6th Place – Brandon Hanson of North Dakota
1st Place Match
Patrick Augustyn (Illinois) over Brad Osatiuk (Minnesota) Dec 2-1,4-2
3rd Place Match
Josh Harris (Illinois) over Cameron Williams (Nebraska) ID
5th Place Match
Tyler Keener (North Dakota) over Brandon Hanson (North Dakota) Dec 1-0,7-3

Cadet – 113 Results
1st Place – Cameron Sykora of Minnesota
2nd Place – Michael Cullen of Illinois
3rd Place – Casey Callahan of Illinois
4th Place – Ty Johnson of Minnesota
5th Place – Robert Alvarado of Illinois
6th Place – Kahlen Morris of South Dakota
1st Place Match
Cameron Sykora (Minnesota) over Michael Cullen (Illinois) Dec 0-3,2-0,3-1
3rd Place Match
Casey Callahan (Illinois) over Ty Johnson (Minnesota) Dec 5-3,0-6,3-1
5th Place Match
Robert Alvarado (Illinois) over Kahlen Morris (South Dakota) Fall 7-1,0:35

Cadet – 120 Results
1st Place – Dante` Rodriguez of Nebraska
2nd Place – Dylan Connell of Minnesota
3rd Place – Logan Hanselmann of Illinois
4th Place – Tobias Northrup of Iowa
5th Place – Hunter Washburn of Iowa
6th Place – Don Cavitt of Illinois
1st Place Match
Dante` Rodriguez (Nebraska) over Dylan Connell (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,6-0
3rd Place Match
Logan Hanselmann (Illinois) over Tobias Northrup (Iowa) Dec 3-2,0-7,7-0
5th Place Match
Hunter Washburn (Iowa) over Don Cavitt (Illinois) Dec 3-0,4-0

Cadet – 126 Results
1st Place – Tyler Dickman of Kansas
2nd Place – Jordan Shearer of North Dakota
3rd Place – GRIFFIN PARRIOTT of Minnesota
4th Place – Bailey Vanderpool of Nebraska
5th Place – ANTHONY LAMBERSON of North Dakota
Round Robin Matches
Tyler Dickman (Kansas) over GRIFFIN PARRIOTT (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,2-1
Jordan Shearer (North Dakota) over GRIFFIN PARRIOTT (Minnesota) Dec 2-3,7-3,4-2
Tyler Dickman (Kansas) over Jordan Shearer (North Dakota) Dec 0-3,3-1,3-2

Cadet – 132 Results
1st Place – Nate Jozsa of Illinois
2nd Place – tyler hall of Wisconsin
3rd Place – Preston Flaherty of Minnesota
4th Place – Jackson Schauer of Minnesota
5th Place – Andrew Walock of Minnesota
6th Place – Jacob Johnson of Minnesota
1st Place Match
Nate Jozsa (Illinois) over tyler hall (Wisconsin) TF 7-1,7-0
3rd Place Match
Preston Flaherty (Minnesota) over Jackson Schauer (Minnesota) Dec 2-2,3-5,3-1
5th Place Match
Andrew Walock (Minnesota) over Jacob Johnson (Minnesota) Fall 1:55

Cadet – 138 Results
1st Place – Michael Olsen of Kansas
2nd Place – Nikolaus Borchert of Minnesota
3rd Place – Joseph Hayek of Nebraska
4th Place – Jaron Lunday of North Dakota
5th Place – KASEY KLAPPRODT of South Dakota
6th Place – Cody Hooper of Illinois
1st Place Match
Michael Olsen (Kansas) over Nikolaus Borchert (Minnesota) Dec 4-0,1-0
3rd Place Match
Joseph Hayek (Nebraska) over Jaron Lunday (North Dakota) TF 6-0,6-0
5th Place Match
KASEY KLAPPRODT (South Dakota) over Cody Hooper (Illinois) Dec 4-2,1-3,1-0

Cadet – 145 Results
1st Place – Tucker Black of Iowa
2nd Place – Austin Yde of Wisconsin
3rd Place – Sir Romeo Howard of Illinois
4th Place – Matt Njos of Minnesota
5th Place – Weston Dobler of North Dakota
6th Place – Nicholas Hines of Nebraska
1st Place Match
Tucker Black (Iowa) over Austin Yde (Wisconsin) Dec 4-2,4-1
3rd Place Match
Sir Romeo Howard (Illinois) over Matt Njos (Minnesota) Dec 2-1,2-0
5th Place Match
Weston Dobler (North Dakota) over Nicholas Hines (Nebraska) Dec 7-0,1-0

Cadet – 152 Results
1st Place – Regan Bye of South Dakota
2nd Place – John Porter of Nebraska
3rd Place – Zachary Carlson of Minnesota
4th Place – Tucker Ksiazek of Iowa
5th Place – Spencer Oen of North Dakota
6th Place – Daniel Burnley of Illinois
1st Place Match
Regan Bye (South Dakota) over John Porter (Nebraska) Dec 2-1,2-0
3rd Place Match
Zachary Carlson (Minnesota) over Tucker Ksiazek (Iowa) Fall 2-3,1:50
5th Place Match
Spencer Oen (North Dakota) over Daniel Burnley (Illinois) Fall 0:27

Cadet – 160 Results
1st Place – Derell Hinkle of Illinois
2nd Place – Brek Laducer of North Dakota

Cadet – 170 Results
1st Place – Skyler Weber of Nebraska
2nd Place – Michael Bailey of Illinois

Cadet – 182 Results
1st Place – Jacob Anderson of Nebraska
2nd Place – Brandon Rodriguez of North Dakota
3rd Place – Jordan Hassan of Illinois
4th Place – DAVID FOX of Nebraska
5th Place – Shawn Hileman of Illinois
Round Robin Matches
Jacob Anderson (Nebraska) over Jordan Hassan (Illinois) TF 6-0,6-0
Jacob Anderson (Nebraska) over Brandon Rodriguez (North Dakota) Fall 1:19
Brandon Rodriguez (North Dakota) over Jordan Hassan (Illinois) Dec 2-1,1-0

Cadet – 195 Results
1st Place – Paul Pennington of Illinois
2nd Place – Zach Griffing of Missouri

Cadet – 220 Results
1st Place – Terrion Jones of Illinois

Cadet – 285 Results
1st Place – Antonio James of Illinois

Girls – 60-60 Results
1st Place – Emily Shilson of Minnesota

Girls – 70-70 Results
1st Place – Jaycee Acosta of Nebraska

Girls – 126-126 Results
1st Place – Sarah Tison of Minnesota

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