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Minnesota: Adrian, Albany, Albert Lea, Andover, Anoka, Becker, Benilde St. Margaret’s, Byron, Cambridge-Isanti, Chanhassen/Chaska, Coon Rapids, Delano, Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton, Eagan, East Ridge, Eden Prairie, Elk River, Fairmont/MCW, Faribault, Farmington, Fertile-Beltrami, Foley , Frazee, Jackson County Central , Kenyon-Wanamingo, Lakeville North, Madelia-Truman, Minneota, Moorhead, New London-Spicer, New Prague, Osseo, Rosemount, Royalton, St. Cloud Apollo, St. Cloud Tech, St. Croix Lutheran, Scott West, Stewartville, Totino-Grace, Thief River Falls, Trinity at River Ridge, Wayzata, White Bear Lake, Windom Area, Woodbury

North Dakota: Central Cass, Fargo Davies, Fargo North, Fargo South, Grand Forks Red River, Hillsboro-Central Valley, Lisbon, Minot, South Border, Valley City, Wahpeton, West Fargo

Nebraska: Omaha Skutt Catholic

New Mexico: Cleveland

South Dakota: Canton, Rapid City-Stevens, Sisseton, Spearfish, Tri-Valley

Past Results:

106 Results
1st Place – Brian Peska of Omaha Skutt
2nd Place – Tyler Waterson of Spearfish
3rd Place – Trevor Schultz of Fairmont/MCW
4th Place – Taylor Venz of Farmington
5th Place – Beau Johnsrud of Albert Lea
6th Place – Lucas Brown of Carrington
7th Place – Josh Bryant of Coon Rapids
8th Place – Wade Sullivan of Lakeville North
1st: Brian Peska (Omaha Skutt) 18-5, Jr. over Tyler Waterson (Spearfish) 20-2, 8th. (Dec 13-10).
3rd: Trevor Schultz (Fairmont/MCW) 17-2, Sr. over Taylor Venz (Farmington) 16-2, Fr. (Dec 7-6).
5th: Beau Johnsrud (Albert Lea) 14-7, So. over Lucas Brown (Carrington) 17-3, Sr. (For.).
7th: Josh Bryant (Coon Rapids) 16-5, Fr. over Wade Sullivan (Lakeville North) 14-8, 8th. (M. For.).

113 Results
1st Place – Garrett Wangsness of Albert Lea
2nd Place – Paul Mascarenas of Cleveland
3rd Place – David Flynn of Scott West
4th Place – Collin Degrammont of Lakeville North
5th Place – Jt Sloboth of Omaha Skutt
6th Place – Rance Sivertsen of Spearfish
7th Place – Reed Cronin of West Fargo
8th Place – Monty Frederiksen of Cambridge-Istanti
1st: Garrett Wangsness (Albert Lea) 16-1, Sr. over Paul Mascarenas (Cleveland) 18-1, Sr. (Dec 4-3).
3rd: David Flynn (Scott West) 21-4, So. over Collin Degrammont (Lakeville North) 11-6, Jr. (Dec 2-1).
5th: Jt Sloboth (Omaha Skutt) 18-4, Sr. over Rance Sivertsen (Spearfish) 19-5, So. (MD 12-0).
7th: Reed Cronin (West Fargo) 16-6, Jr. over Monty Frederiksen (Cambridge-Istanti) 12-11, Fr. (SV-1 5-3).

120 Results
1st Place – Jordan Shearer of West Fargo
2nd Place – Jarred Oftedahl of Benilde St. Margaret`s
3rd Place – Tyler Funk of Foley
4th Place – James Goman of Trinity School
5th Place – Tom Walton of Fargo North
6th Place – Dakota Wangsness of Albert Lea
7th Place – Jakob Stageberg of New London-Spicer
8th Place – Reid Lyden of East Ridge
1st: Jordan Shearer (West Fargo) 22-1, So. over Jarred Oftedahl (Benilde St. Margaret`s) 19-1, Sr. (Dec 10-4).
3rd: Tyler Funk (Foley) 18-1, Jr. over James Goman (Trinity School) 13-2, Sr. (Dec 2-0).
5th: Tom Walton (Fargo North) 25-2, Sr. over Dakota Wangsness (Albert Lea) 13-6, Sr. (Dec 8-5).
7th: Jakob Stageberg (New London-Spicer) 16-2, Jr. over Reid Lyden (East Ridge) 16-5, Jr. (Dec 3-0).

126 Results
1st Place – Blake Bosch of South Border
2nd Place – Ryan Schuman of Tri-Valley
3rd Place – Zach Siegle of Scott West
4th Place – Griffin Parriott of New Prague
5th Place – Jace Berg of Lisbon
6th Place – Trevor Kringlie of West Fargo
7th Place – Matt Braun of St. Cloud Apollo
8th Place – Tristan Manderfeld of Foley
1st: Blake Bosch (South Border) 17-0, Sr. over Ryan Schuman (Tri-Valley) 23-1, Jr. (Dec 5-4).
3rd: Zach Siegle (Scott West) 19-4, Jr. over Griffin Parriott (New Prague) 22-3, Fr. (UTB 1-0).
5th: Jace Berg (Lisbon) 11-3, Sr. over Trevor Kringlie (West Fargo) 9-3, Sr. (For.).
7th: Matt Braun (St. Cloud Apollo) 13-7, Sr. over Tristan Manderfeld (Foley) 15-3, Sr. (For.).

132 Results
1st Place – Ben Brancale of Eden Prairie
2nd Place – Austin Oyen of Tri-Valley
3rd Place – Eliot Jurries of Jackson County Central
4th Place – Logan Kass* of Benilde St. Margaret`s
5th Place – Evan Caldon of Elk River
6th Place – Garrett Peterson of Rapid City Stevens
7th Place – Treyton Austvold of New London-Spicer
8th Place – Alex Johnson of Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton
1st: Ben Brancale (Eden Prairie) 13-1, So. over Austin Oyen (Tri-Valley) 23-1, Sr. (Dec 9-7).
3rd: Eliot Jurries (Jackson County Central) 21-3, Sr. over Logan Kass* (Benilde St. Margaret`s) 13-4, So. (Dec 7-4).
5th: Evan Caldon (Elk River) 14-3, Sr. over Garrett Peterson (Rapid City Stevens) 21-6, Sr. (Dec 4-0).
7th: Treyton Austvold (New London-Spicer) 15-5, So. over Alex Johnson (Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton) 14-7, Jr. (SV-1 7-5).

138 Results
1st Place – Mitch Bengtson of St. Cloud Apollo
2nd Place – Weston Droegemueller of Wayzata
3rd Place – Luke Zilverberg of Scott West
4th Place – Cole Mehring of Fargo Davies
5th Place – Ben Donnelly of Woodbury
6th Place – Cody Haugen of Minot
7th Place – Bruce Lemon of Frazee
8th Place – Alec Engler of Minneota
1st: Mitch Bengtson (St. Cloud Apollo) 18-0, Sr. over Weston Droegemueller (Wayzata) 16-2, Sr. (Dec 3-2).
3rd: Luke Zilverberg (Scott West) 19-4, Sr. over Cole Mehring (Fargo Davies) 16-4, Sr. (MD 9-1).
5th: Ben Donnelly (Woodbury) 16-3, So. over Cody Haugen (Minot) 22-4, Sr. (Dec 1-0).
7th: Bruce Lemon (Frazee) 18-4, Sr. over Alec Engler (Minneota) 11-4, So. (Dec 3-0).

145 Results
1st Place – Travis Holt of Cambridge-Istanti
2nd Place – Paden Moore of Jackson County Central
3rd Place – Alex Davies of Canton
4th Place – Weston Dobler of West Fargo
5th Place – Lucas Hansen of Albert Lea
6th Place – Brett Bradford of Byron
7th Place – Brenden Olevson of Chaska-Chanhassen
8th Place – Dylan Urbach of Lisbon
1st: Travis Holt (Cambridge-Istanti) 19-1, Sr. over Paden Moore (Jackson County Central) 17-3, So. (Dec 6-4).
3rd: Alex Davies (Canton) 20-2, Jr. over Weston Dobler (West Fargo) 16-4, So. (Dec 4-3).
5th: Lucas Hansen (Albert Lea) 18-4, Sr. over Brett Bradford (Byron) 17-4, Sr. (Dec 4-3).
7th: Brenden Olevson (Chaska-Chanhassen) 19-4, Fr. over Dylan Urbach (Lisbon) 19-3, Jr. (M. For.).

152 Results
1st Place – Andrew Fogarty of Scott West
2nd Place – Zach Schuman of Tri-Valley
3rd Place – Justin Herold-Plakut of Woodbury
4th Place – Ty Torgerson of Cambridge-Istanti
5th Place – Kyle Schultz of Central Cass
6th Place – Luke Norland of Jackson County Central
7th Place – Shane Undem of Valley City
8th Place – Brandon Krone of Anoka
1st: Andrew Fogarty (Scott West) 20-1, Sr. over Zach Schuman (Tri-Valley) 23-1, Sr. (Dec 1-0).
3rd: Justin Herold-Plakut (Woodbury) 16-2, Jr. over Ty Torgerson (Cambridge-Istanti) 17-5, Sr. (UTB 4-3).
5th: Kyle Schultz (Central Cass) 21-3, Jr. over Luke Norland (Jackson County Central) 16-4, So. (M. For.).
7th: Shane Undem (Valley City) 20-4, Sr. over Brandon Krone (Anoka) 14-3, So. (Dec 5-3).

160 Results
1st Place – Adam Cooling of Madelia-Truman
2nd Place – Mitch Lange of Royalton-Upsala
3rd Place – Cody Skog of Cambridge-Istanti
4th Place – Joe Carpenter of Moorhead
5th Place – Jake Deutschlander of Benilde St. Margaret`s
6th Place – Shelby Schulz of West Fargo
7th Place – Lucas Westrich of Lakeville North
8th Place – Nathanael Holecek of Thief River Falls
1st: Adam Cooling (Madelia-Truman) 17-0, Sr. over Mitch Lange (Royalton-Upsala) 16-1, Jr. (Dec 3-1).
3rd: Cody Skog (Cambridge-Istanti) 17-4, Jr. over Joe Carpenter (Moorhead) 15-3, Sr. (Dec 8-2).
5th: Jake Deutschlander (Benilde St. Margaret`s) 17-4, Jr. over Shelby Schulz (West Fargo) 7-3, Sr. (Dec 14-10).
7th: Lucas Westrich (Lakeville North) 14-4, So. over Nathanael Holecek (Thief River Falls) 16-3, So. (For.).

170 Results
1st Place – Darick Vancura of Jackson County Central
2nd Place – Ethan Loosbrock of Chaska-Chanhassen
3rd Place – Miles Hammerlund of Delano
4th Place – Colton Vekved of Becker
5th Place – Brian Bertram of Byron
6th Place – Tommy Longendyke of White Bear Lake
7th Place – Arturo Vigil of Cleveland
8th Place – Phillip Rasmussen of Omaha Skutt
1st: Darick Vancura (Jackson County Central) 18-1, Sr. over Ethan Loosbrock (Chaska-Chanhassen) 20-2, Sr. (Dec 4-3).
3rd: Miles Hammerlund (Delano) 10-1, Sr. over Colton Vekved (Becker) 17-3, Sr. (Dec 3-2).
5th: Brian Bertram (Byron) 16-3, Jr. over Tommy Longendyke (White Bear Lake) 18-5, Sr. (For.).
7th: Arturo Vigil (Cleveland) 18-4, Sr. over Phillip Rasmussen (Omaha Skutt) 15-9, Sr. (Dec 7-2).

182 Results
1st Place – Preston Lehmann of West Fargo
2nd Place – Isaac Josephson of Minneota
3rd Place – Isaac Florell of Totino Grace
4th Place – AJ Wheeler of Moorhead
5th Place – Tyler Midas of Foley
6th Place – Dayne Haman of Minot
7th Place – Sam Moeller of Rosemount
8th Place – Grant Vagle of New London-Spicer
1st: Preston Lehmann (West Fargo) 22-0, Sr. over Isaac Josephson (Minneota) 14-1, Sr. (Fall 1:15).
3rd: Isaac Florell (Totino Grace) 15-3, So. over AJ Wheeler (Moorhead) 13-3, Sr. (UTB 5-4).
5th: Tyler Midas (Foley) 15-5, Jr. over Dayne Haman (Minot) 16-4, Sr. (Dec 9-5).
7th: Sam Moeller (Rosemount) 14-4, . over Grant Vagle (New London-Spicer) 12-6, Sr. (Dec 7-6).

195 Results
1st Place – Lance Benick of Totino Grace
2nd Place – Nate Rotert of Spearfish
3rd Place – Chase Morlock of Moorhead
4th Place – Christian DuLaney of Benilde St. Margaret`s
5th Place – Tristan Westerlund of Albert Lea
6th Place – Adam Garms of Adrian
7th Place – Tanner Meidinger of South Border
8th Place – Nick Jensen of Omaha Skutt
1st: Lance Benick (Totino Grace) 14-1, So. over Nate Rotert (Spearfish) 23-1, Sr. (Dec 6-1).
3rd: Chase Morlock (Moorhead) 16-1, Sr. over Christian DuLaney (Benilde St. Margaret`s) 16-4, Jr. (MD 11-3).
5th: Tristan Westerlund (Albert Lea) 16-4, So. over Adam Garms (Adrian) 12-5, Sr. (Dec 2-0).
7th: Tanner Meidinger (South Border) 15-3, Sr. over Nick Jensen (Omaha Skutt) 16-8, Sr. (Dec 9-2).

220 Results
1st Place – Nathan Preston of New Prague
2nd Place – Bryce Kirchner of St. Cloud Apollo
3rd Place – Logan Hortop of Faribault
4th Place – Mitch Keeler of Foley
5th Place – Aaron Almedina of Lakeville North
6th Place – Olaf Hanson of Fargo North
7th Place – Tanner Broughton of Canton
8th Place – Clay Panky of Cleveland
1st: Nathan Preston (New Prague) 21-4, Jr. over Bryce Kirchner (St. Cloud Apollo) 12-5, Jr. (Fall 0:40).
3rd: Logan Hortop (Faribault) 17-4, Sr. over Mitch Keeler (Foley) 13-5, Jr. (Fall 0:51).
5th: Aaron Almedina (Lakeville North) 19-4, Sr. over Olaf Hanson (Fargo North) 19-6, Jr. (MD 16-5).
7th: Tanner Broughton (Canton) 20-3, Jr. over Clay Panky (Cleveland) 17-4, Sr. (Dec 5-4).

285 Results
1st Place – Michael Burckhardt of Coon Rapids
2nd Place – Cordell Schroeder of Carrington
3rd Place – Colin Fisher of Eagan
4th Place – Jerrad Nieland of St. Cloud Tech
5th Place – Bryan Bjerk of Grand Forks Red River
6th Place – Garrett Malstrom of Frazee
7th Place – Colton Hines of Fairmont/MCW
8th Place – Chris Kucera of Thief River Falls
1st: Michael Burckhardt (Coon Rapids) 17-1, Sr. over Cordell Schroeder (Carrington) 20-1, Sr. (Dec 5-2).
3rd: Colin Fisher (Eagan) 20-2, Sr. over Jerrad Nieland (St. Cloud Tech) 15-4, Sr. (SV-1 3-1).
5th: Bryan Bjerk (Grand Forks Red River) 17-2, Sr. over Garrett Malstrom (Frazee) 17-6, So. (Dec 6-0).
7th: Colton Hines (Fairmont/MCW) 14-4, Sr. over Chris Kucera (Thief River Falls) 9-4, Jr. (Dec 10-9).

Junior Varsity Results

95 Results
1st Place – Jared Franek of West Fargo
2nd Place – Victor Gliva of Farmington
3rd Place – Ethan Cota of Kenyon Wanamingo
4th Place – Jackson Stauffacher of Scott West
5th Place – Austin Devlaeminck of Minneota
6th Place – Riley White of Eagan
7th Place – Ty Okada of East Ridge
8th Place – Kaden Spindler of Anoka
1st: Jared Franek (West Fargo) 10-1, 7th. over Victor Gliva (Farmington) 14-5, Fr. (Dec 3-0).
3rd: Ethan Cota (Kenyon Wanamingo) 8-1, Fr. over Jackson Stauffacher (Scott West) 5-2, 7th. (Dec 5-2).
5th: Austin Devlaeminck (Minneota) 13-2, 8th. over Riley White (Eagan) 10-6, Fr. (MD 9-1).
7th: Ty Okada (East Ridge) 7-2, 8th. over Kaden Spindler (Anoka) 8-8, 7th. (Dec 6-2).

106 Results
1st Place – Jamin Leduc of Farmington
2nd Place – Eric Hauswedell of Minneota
3rd Place – Neil Schmalz of Becker
4th Place – Marvin Berry of Fargo South
5th Place – Grant Brendemuhl of Moorhead
6th Place – Dakota Galt of West Fargo
7th Place – Mitch Rothfork of Foley
8th Place – Carter Piche of Scott West
1st: Jamin Leduc (Farmington) 18-1, Fr. over Eric Hauswedell (Minneota) 11-1, Fr. (Dec 4-0).
3rd: Neil Schmalz (Becker) 15-5, 8th. over Marvin Berry (Fargo South) 23-3, Fr. (For.).
5th: Grant Brendemuhl (Moorhead) 8-2, So. over Dakota Galt (West Fargo) 11-4, 8th. (TF-1.5 4:21 (16-1)).
7th: Mitch Rothfork (Foley) 10-9, 7th. over Carter Piche (Scott West) 4-3, Fr. (Dec 5-4).

113 Results
1st Place – Evan Kluck of Wayzata
2nd Place – Matthew Houglum of Kenyon Wanamingo
3rd Place – Ben Gibas of Elk River
4th Place – Chris Timm of Eden Prairie
5th Place – Joey Bothwell of Coon Rapids
6th Place – Bradley Kish of Kenyon Wanamingo
7th Place – Ryan Thompson of East Ridge
8th Place – L.J. Bird of Canton
1st: Evan Kluck (Wayzata) 6-0, So. over Matthew Houglum (Kenyon Wanamingo) 5-1, 8th. (Dec 5-0).
3rd: Ben Gibas (Elk River) 10-6, Fr. over Chris Timm (Eden Prairie) 11-5, So. (Dec 4-2).
5th: Joey Bothwell (Coon Rapids) 17-2, 8th. over Bradley Kish (Kenyon Wanamingo) 6-3, 8th. (Dec 7-0).
7th: Ryan Thompson (East Ridge) 6-2, Jr. over L.J. Bird (Canton) 12-5, So. (Fall 0:55).

120 Results
1st Place – Logan Wood of Rapid City Stevens
2nd Place – Nate Volk of Central Cass
3rd Place – Drew Vanvleet of St. Cloud Apollo
4th Place – Keenan Kvamme of Carrington
5th Place – Jake Ashline of Valley City
6th Place – Josh Schrodek of Anoka
7th Place – Brandon Henn of Hillsboro-Central Valley
8th Place – Tyler Strandberg of Minot
1st: Logan Wood (Rapid City Stevens) 17-3, Fr. over Nate Volk (Central Cass) 16-4, Fr. (Fall 1:14).
3rd: Drew Vanvleet (St. Cloud Apollo) 6-1, Fr. over Keenan Kvamme (Carrington) 17-7, Fr. (Fall 1:10).
5th: Jake Ashline (Valley City) 5-2, Fr. over Josh Schrodek (Anoka) 11-3, Fr. (Dec 4-3).
7th: Brandon Henn (Hillsboro-Central Valley) 12-10, So. over Tyler Strandberg (Minot) 11-5, 8th. (Dec 5-1).

126 Results
1st Place – Juan Rodriquez of West Fargo
2nd Place – Caleb Vekved of Becker
3rd Place – Leo Buysse of Minneota
4th Place – Alek Nelson of New Prague
5th Place – Grant Jepson of Frazee
6th Place – Nikolas Austermiller of West Fargo
7th Place – Spencer Schrupp of Foley
8th Place – David Dower of Spearfish
1st: Juan Rodriquez (West Fargo) 10-2, Sr. over Caleb Vekved (Becker) 8-8, So. (Dec 8-3).
3rd: Leo Buysse (Minneota) 8-8, Fr. over Alek Nelson (New Prague) 7-2, Jr. (Dec 5-2).
5th: Grant Jepson (Frazee) 6-5, Fr. over Nikolas Austermiller (West Fargo) 7-4, Sr. (Dec 8-2).
7th: Spencer Schrupp (Foley) 10-6, So. over David Dower (Spearfish) 7-6, Fr. (Dec 4-1).

132 Results
1st Place – Jesse Shearer of West Fargo
2nd Place – Nathan Goulet of Foley
3rd Place – Leo Kerfeld of Albany
4th Place – Sam Gibas of Elk River
5th Place – Kyle Ziemer of Elk River
6th Place – Sam Kirchner of Becker
7th Place – Tyler Bolemperti of Omaha Skutt
8th Place – Alec Bueltel of Minneota
1st: Jesse Shearer (West Fargo) 15-5, 8th. over Nathan Goulet (Foley) 12-2, So. (Dec 8-4).
3rd: Leo Kerfeld (Albany) 10-6, So. over Sam Gibas (Elk River) 15-3, 8th. (Dec 5-3).
5th: Kyle Ziemer (Elk River) 13-5, Fr. over Sam Kirchner (Becker) 5-6, So. (Dec 3-1).
7th: Tyler Bolemperti (Omaha Skutt) 13-2, So. over Alec Bueltel (Minneota) 12-4, 8th. (Dec 6-0).

138 Results
1st Place – Randy Jenson of Foley
2nd Place – Isaac Boyum of Chaska-Chanhassen
3rd Place – Ben Matsui of Eden Prairie
4th Place – Malek Larimer of Grand Forks Red River
5th Place – Dalton Miller of Anoka
6th Place – Kevin Bradbury of White Bear Lake
7th Place – Tyler Mattson of Andover
8th Place – Ken Leuer of Wayzata
1st: Randy Jenson (Foley) 9-2, Jr. over Isaac Boyum (Chaska-Chanhassen) 7-2, So. (Fall 1:50).
3rd: Ben Matsui (Eden Prairie) 14-3, Fr. over Malek Larimer (Grand Forks Red River) 13-9, Fr. (Dec 5-4).
5th: Dalton Miller (Anoka) 7-2, 8th. over Kevin Bradbury (White Bear Lake) 10-3, So. (Fall 2:26).
7th: Tyler Mattson (Andover) 8-2, Fr. over Ken Leuer (Wayzata) 4-3, Sr. (Dec 5-3).

145 Results
1st Place – David Kent of Cambridge-Istanti
2nd Place – John Walz of Farmington
3rd Place – Ross Pergande of West Fargo
4th Place – Brandon Jackson of Foley
5th Place – Santana Acosta of Albert Lea
6th Place – Augustus Siaway of Fargo South
7th Place – Ethan Johnson of Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton
8th Place – John Gehling of Foley
1st: David Kent (Cambridge-Istanti) 11-0, So. over John Walz (Farmington) 7-9, Jr. (Dec 8-2).
3rd: Ross Pergande (West Fargo) 10-4, So. over Brandon Jackson (Foley) 15-6, So. (Dec 4-2).
5th: Santana Acosta (Albert Lea) 5-2, . over Augustus Siaway (Fargo South) 10-3, Fr. (MD 9-0).
7th: Ethan Johnson (Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton) 5-2, So. over John Gehling (Foley) 11-9, Jr. (Dec 2-0).

152 Results
1st Place – Anjelo Shepherd of West Fargo
2nd Place – Nate Starry of Frazee
3rd Place – Codie Auren of Cambridge-Istanti
4th Place – Mike Malone of Stewartville
5th Place – Nathan Beehler of Foley
6th Place – Adam Olson of Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton
7th Place – Tyler Labatte of Cambridge-Istanti
8th Place – Brandon Lyzhoft of Cambridge-Istanti
1st: Anjelo Shepherd (West Fargo) 19-3, Jr. over Nate Starry (Frazee) 13-4, Jr. (Dec 4-2).
3rd: Codie Auren (Cambridge-Istanti) 10-1, Sr. over Mike Malone (Stewartville) 6-9, Sr. (Dec 1-0).
5th: Nathan Beehler (Foley) 10-6, Sr. over Adam Olson (Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton) 5-3, So. (M. For.).
7th: Tyler Labatte (Cambridge-Istanti) 7-2, . over Brandon Lyzhoft (Cambridge-Istanti) 11-5, Jr. (Fall 4:08).

160 Results
1st Place – Connor Larsen of Anoka
2nd Place – Sam Swanson of Trinity School
3rd Place – Noah Diamond of Rapid City Stevens
4th Place – Tanner Torgerson of Cambridge-Istanti
5th Place – Jaydn Broughton of Canton
6th Place – Jared Roubideaux of Rapid City Stevens
7th Place – Nick Graham of St. Cloud Apollo
8th Place – Dedoch Chan of Albert Lea
1st: Connor Larsen (Anoka) 12-0, Fr. over Sam Swanson (Trinity School) 5-1, Jr. (Fall 1:02).
3rd: Noah Diamond (Rapid City Stevens) 15-9, Fr. over Tanner Torgerson (Cambridge-Istanti) 13-3, Jr. (Fall 3:53).
5th: Jaydn Broughton (Canton) 15-3, Fr. over Jared Roubideaux (Rapid City Stevens) 6-5, Jr. (Fall 3:29).
7th: Nick Graham (St. Cloud Apollo) 6-2, So. over Dedoch Chan (Albert Lea) 5-3, . (Dec 4-0).

170 Results
1st Place – Tim Karpitski of Wayzata
2nd Place – Josh Lasley of Canton
3rd Place – Alex Caldarilla of Coon Rapids
4th Place – Zach Lehmann of West Fargo
5th Place – Dylan Gyberg of Adrian
6th Place – Cameron Womack of Rosemount
7th Place – Jake Pasch of Cambridge-Istanti
8th Place – Charley Weber of West Fargo
1st: Tim Karpitski (Wayzata) 6-0, Sr. over Josh Lasley (Canton) 17-1, So. (Dec 9-2).
3rd: Alex Caldarilla (Coon Rapids) 12-4, So. over Zach Lehmann (West Fargo) 11-3, So. (Fall 3:14).
5th: Dylan Gyberg (Adrian) 11-3, 8th. over Cameron Womack (Rosemount) 8-5, Jr. (Fall 1:30).
7th: Jake Pasch (Cambridge-Istanti) 16-4, Jr. over Charley Weber (West Fargo) 7-8, Fr. (Dec 3-2).

182 Results
1st Place – Dustin Peterson of Becker
2nd Place – Lee Mueller of Eagan
3rd Place – Jordan Magnuson of Valley City
4th Place – Ryan Brandt of Frazee
5th Place – Robert Schmitz of Elk River
6th Place – Cody Binger of Cambridge-Istanti
7th Place – Bailey Paquin of Kenyon Wanamingo
8th Place – Jon Olson of Foley
1st: Dustin Peterson (Becker) 8-0, Sr. over Lee Mueller (Eagan) 10-9, Jr. (Dec 4-3).
3rd: Jordan Magnuson (Valley City) 9-1, Fr. over Ryan Brandt (Frazee) 14-6, Jr. (Dec 7-0).
5th: Robert Schmitz (Elk River) 13-2, So. over Cody Binger (Cambridge-Istanti) 12-3, Jr. (Dec 9-6).
7th: Bailey Paquin (Kenyon Wanamingo) 6-2, So. over Jon Olson (Foley) 6-3, Jr. (TB-1 4-3).

195 Results
1st Place – Mitch Struffert of Foley
2nd Place – Ryley Ostbye of Canton
3rd Place – Rob Schulke of Wayzata
4th Place – Trevor Zins of Lisbon
5th Place – Tryston Bemboom of Foley
6th Place – Ben Beuning of New London-Spicer
7th Place – John Mcniff of Woodbury
8th Place – Adalberto Rodriguez of West Fargo
1st: Mitch Struffert (Foley) 15-3, . over Ryley Ostbye (Canton) 17-2, Fr. (MD 13-2).
3rd: Rob Schulke (Wayzata) 9-1, Sr. over Trevor Zins (Lisbon) 8-2, Sr. (Dec 7-0).
5th: Tryston Bemboom (Foley) 19-3, Fr. over Ben Beuning (New London-Spicer) 4-3, Jr. (Fall 1:20).
7th: John Mcniff (Woodbury) 11-2, Jr. over Adalberto Rodriguez (West Fargo) 8-4, So. (Dec 4-0).

220 Results
1st Place – Aj Belanger of Foley
2nd Place – Jeremy Rodman of Anoka
3rd Place – Jon Wittman of Chaska-Chanhassen
4th Place – Brody Jerome of Moorhead
5th Place – Noah Welsch of New London-Spicer
6th Place – Dj Mcgargill of Omaha Skutt
7th Place – Caden Reimers of Omaha Skutt
8th Place – Richard Rico of South Border
1st: Aj Belanger (Foley) 10-0, Jr. over Jeremy Rodman (Anoka) 6-2, Fr. (Dec 7-2).
3rd: Jon Wittman (Chaska-Chanhassen) 15-10, Jr. over Brody Jerome (Moorhead) 6-2, Fr. (Fall 2:35).
5th: Noah Welsch (New London-Spicer) 7-2, So. over Dj Mcgargill (Omaha Skutt) 4-3, So. (Dec 9-8).
7th: Caden Reimers (Omaha Skutt) 13-2, So. over Richard Rico (South Border) 6-8, So. (Dec 6-0).

285 Results
1st Place – Dylan Stang of Foley
2nd Place – Casey Vesledahl of Becker
3rd Place – Daniel Kochlin of Scott West
4th Place – Jakob Edling of Becker
5th Place – Chris Mcgrady of Chaska-Chanhassen
6th Place – Josiah Schatz of Scott West
7th Place – Nate Horn of Jackson County Central
8th Place – Derek Biendara of St. Cloud Apollo
1st: Dylan Stang (Foley) 15-3, So. over Casey Vesledahl (Becker) 13-2, Fr. (Fall 0:41).
3rd: Daniel Kochlin (Scott West) 6-1, Jr. over Jakob Edling (Becker) 8-4, Fr. (Fall 1:56).
5th: Chris Mcgrady (Chaska-Chanhassen) 21-5, Fr. over Josiah Schatz (Scott West) 5-3, Fr. (Fall 0:54).
7th: Nate Horn (Jackson County Central) 9-4, So. over Derek Biendara (St. Cloud Apollo) 4-3, Jr. (Fall 1:04).

The Guillotine Minnesota Rankings
December 28, 2012
Rumble on the Red MN Teams

106 #1-2A Trevor Schultz, Fairmont/Martin County West, 12
106 #2-1A Wyatt Stevnes, Windom/Mountain Lake, 10
106 #2-3A Taylor Venz, Farmington, 9
106 #4-2A Jake Allar, Benilde-Saint Margaret’s, 8
106 #5-1A Brock Buysse, Minneota, 10
106 #7-1A Tanner Reetz, Frazee, 8
106 #7-3A Peter Nelson, Saint Cloud Apollo, 8
106 #8-3A Garrett Caldon, Elk River, 9
106 #10-2A Skylar Hieronimus, Adrian, 9

113 #1-2A Jarred Oftedahl, Benilde-Saint Margaret’s, 12
113 #4-2A Jakob Stageberg, New London-Spicer, 11
113 #6-2A David Flynn, Scott West, 10
113 #8-3A Jacob Gabbard, Farmington, 11
113 #9-3A Jake Stufft, Wayzata, 12
113 #10-1A Bryon Byer, Frazee, 10
113 #10-3A Collin DeGrammont, Lakeville North, 11
113 #10-2A Luke Schmalz, Becker, 10

120 #1-2A Griffin Parriott, New Prague, 9
120 #2-1A James Goman, Trinity at River Ridge, 12
120 #2-2A Zach Siegle, Scott West, 12
120 #3-2A Jaydan Bullerman, Adrian, 12
120 #5-3A Nick O’Brien, Wayzata, 11
120 #5-2A Tyler Funk, Foley, 11
120 #6-1A Jordan Biehn, Jackson County Central, 11
120 #7-3A Dan Rosa, Rosemount, 12
120 #8-3A Joe Anderson, Coon Rapids, 12
120 #9-3A Reid Lyden, East Ridge, 11
120 #10-3A Travis Swanson, Cambridge-Isanti, 11
120 #10-2A Oden Rogers, New London-Spicer, 12

126 #4-2A Tristan Manderfeld, Foley, 12
126 #6-2A Logan Kass, Benilde-Saint Margaret’s, 10
126 #7-3A Brandon Peters, Faribault, 12
126 #8-1A Bryce Bruner, Minneota, 9
126 #8-3A Trent Butcher, Chaska, 12
126 #9-1A Cameron Henning, Jackson County Central, 12
126 #10-1A Austin Skillings, Frazee, 10
126 #10-2A Tony Lynn, Adrian, 10

132 #1-1A Eliot Jurries, Jackson County Central, 12
132 #2-2A Brett Stolarzyk, Stewartville, 12
132 #3-3A Ben Brancale, Eden Prairie, 10
132 #4-1A Jared Willaby, Windom/Mountain Lake, 10
132 #5-2A Keith Thell, Foley, 12
132 #6-1A Alec Engler, Minneota, 11
132 #7-3A Evan Caldon, Elk River, 12
132 #8-1A Hunter Sorenson, Frazee, 11
132 #8-2A Treyton Austvold, New London-Spicer, 10
132 #10-1A Bryan Forstner, Madelia/Truman/Martin Luther, 12
132 #10-2A Nate Loosbrock, Adrian, 12

138 #1-3A Mitch Bengtson, Saint Cloud Apollo, 12
138 #3-3A Weston Droegemueller, Wayzata, 12
138 #3-2A Luke Zilverberg, Scott West, 12
138 #6-3A Ben Donnelly, Woodbury, 10
138 #8-2A Ben Mulder, Adrian, 12
138 #9-2A Carter Nielsen, Foley, 10

145 #1-3A Grant Nehring, Saint Cloud Apollo, 12
145 #3-1A Bruce Lemon, Frazee, 12
145 #3-3A Travis Holt, Cambridge-Isanti, 12
145 #5-3A Brenden Olevson, Chanhassen, 9
145 #6-2A Zach Jaeger, Stewartville, 12
145 #7-1A Keegan Moore, Jackson County Central, 9
145 #7-2A Morgan Pariott, New Prague, 16
145 #9-3A Marcus Riggle, Faribault, 12
145 #9-2A Brett Bradford, Byron, 12
145 #10-3A Colton Pasvogel, Lakeville North, 11

152 #1-1A Luke Norlund, Jackson County Central, 10
152 #1-2A Andrew Fogarty, Scott West, 10
152 #2-3A Justin Herold-Plakut, Woodbury, 11
152 #3-3A Ty Torgerson, Cambridge-Isanti, 12
152 #4-2A Jake Deutschlander, Benilde-Saint Margaret’s, 12
152 #6-3A Chase Monger, Eden Prairie, 12
152 #7-3A Brandon Krone, Anoka, 11
152 #9-2A Walker Thiele, Totino-Grace, 11
152 #10-2A Joe Weber, Fairmont/Martin County West, 11

160 #1-1A Adam Cooling, Madelia/Truman/Martin Luther, 12
160 #2-1A Mitch Lange, Royalton/Upsala, 11
160 #2-3A Ethan Loosbrock, Chaska, 12
160 #3-1A Paden Moore, Jackson County Central, 10
160 #4-3A Cody Skog, Cambridge-Isanti, 11
160 #5-3A Joe Carpenter, Moorhead, 12
160 #5-2A Colten Vekved, Becker, 12
160 #6-3A Lucas Westrich, Lakeville North, 10
160 #8-3A Matt Gribben, Eden Prairie, 12
160 #9-2A Jesse Slater, Adrian, 10
160 #10-2A Kezelee Flomo, Totino-Grace, 10

170 #1-1A Darick Vancura, Jackson County Central, 12
170 #3-3A Tommy Longendyke, White Bear Lake Area, 12
170 #4-3A Corey Parsons, Andover, 11
170 #5-1A Isaac Josephson, Minneota, 12
170 #6-1A Alex Jackson, Kenyon-Wanamingo, 12
170 #6-3A Sam Moeller, Rosemount, 12
170 #9-1A Tyler Ziegler, Frazee, 12
170 #9-2A Isaac Florell, Totino-Grace, 10

182 #1-3A AJ Wheeler, Moorhead, 12
182 #1-2A Lance Benick, Totino-Grace, 10
182 #3-2A Miles Hammerlund, Delano, 12
182 #6-3A Tristyn Hanson, Lakeville North, 10
182 #6-2A Christian Dulaney, Benilde-Saint Margaret’s, 11
182 #8-2A Brian Bertram, Byron, 11

195 #2-3A Chase Morlock, Moorhead, 12
195 #5-1A Vincent Johnson, Windom/Mountain Lake, 12
195 #7-2A Adam Garms, Adrian, 12
195 #10-3A Dakota Johnson, Cambridge-Isanti, 11

220 #1-2A Joe Schiller, Totino-Grace, 12
220 #2-1A Tony Reurink, Frazee, 12
220 #4-1A Cory Wensman, Royalton/Upsala, 12
220 #6-2A Nathan Preston, New Prague, 11
220 #7-3A Aaron Almedina, Lakeville North, 12
220 #10-3A Bryce Kirchner, Saint Cloud Apollo, 11

285 #1-3A Michael Burckhardt, Coon Rapids, 12
285 #3-3A Jerrad Nieland, Saint Cloud Tech, 12
285 #3-2A Colton Hines, Fairmont/Martin County West, 12
285 #4-3A Colin Fisher, Eagan, 12
285 #8-3A Chandler Wright, Wayzata, 12
285 #9-1A Garrett Malstrom, Frazee, 10
285 #9-3A Jeremy Seed, White Bear Lake Area, 11
285 #10-2A Mitch Keeler, Foley, 11

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