Champions crowned in five divisions at NWCA/Cliff Keen Multi-National Duals in Springfield, Ill.

By Coyte Cooper NWCA

MANHEIM, PA – With 64 top teams entering the 2013 NWCA/Cliff Keen Multi-Divisional National Duals, five emerged as champions following Saturday afternoon’s finals. One of the most exciting finals match-ups came at the NAIA division where a fall at the heavyweight class determined the match.

The NAIA finals pitted returning National Duals Champion and #1 Grand View against #2 Southern Oregon. In a match that was highly contested, Eric Thompson got the fall at heavyweight for Grandview to secure the win by a score of 20-18.

“I really can’t believe it right now,” said head coach Nick Mitchell. “I knew it was going to be a real tough dual and I am happy we got the win.”

Grand View reached the semifinals after defeating Dickinson State 39-8. In the semifinals, Grand View defeated #5 Campbellsville 32-4, with victories in nine of the ten weight classes.

Southern Oregon reached the semifinals after defeating Baker 34-11. In the semifinals the Raiders defeated #3 Great Falls 23-19, with victories in five of the ten weight classes including one pin by Charles Johnson at 197 pounds.

In another key event storyline, Wartburg legendary coach Jim Miller’s #1 seeded team advanced to the finals where they faced #2 Elmhurst. In his final National Dual’s event, his team won 24-10 in an impressive performance where they captured their seventh National Duals championship.

“It means a lot to compete in this event,” said head coach Jim Miller. “I am just grateful for all of the alums out there that have supported the program.”

Wartburg reached the semifinals after defeating #9 Ithaca College 33-6. In the semifinals Wartburg faced #5 Centenary College and wrestled to a 23-12 victory. Wartburg logged victories in six of the ten weight classes including a pin from Gilberto Camacho at 125 pounds.

Elmhurst entered the semifinals after defeating #10 Wisconsin-Whitewater 26-9. The Blue Jays then defeated #3 Cortland State 26-19 with victories in six weight classes, including two pins registered by Lillashawn Coleman at 125 pounds and Dalton Bullard at 133 pounds.

The Women’s division finals, a marquee event at the duals, highlighted a matchup between #1 Oklahoma City and #3 Simon Fraser. In an impressive performance filled with top wrestlers, Simon Fraser pulled away and upset Oklahoma City by a score of 27-13. The victory marked the first time that a team other than Oklahoma City won the championship since 2007.

“You know it is a great win for us,” said head coach Mike Jones. “The girls wrestled really well today and we are just happy to come out on top.”

Oklahoma City reached the semifinals after defeating #8 Waldorf 21-3. The semifinals pitted Oklahoma City against #5 Missouri Valley. The Stars wrestled to a 33-7 victory, logging eight weight class victories including four pins registered by Emily Webster at 101 pounds, Joey Miller at 116 pounds, Audrey Morehouse at 130 pounds and Heather O’Connor at 191 pounds.

Simon Fraser reached the semifinals with a first round 26-3 victory against #6 University of the Cumberlands. Once in the semifinals, Simon Fraser defeated #2 King 27-13, wrestling to victories in eight of the ten weight classes including one pin registered by Victoria Anthony at 109 pounds.

At the Division II level, the championship match pitted #4 St. Cloud State against #7 Notre Dame, after several upsets earlier in the day. In a match that went down to the heavyweight match, St. Cloud State clinched the title with a 17-15 victory.

St. Cloud State’s path to the final match-up included a 29-12 victory against #5 Upper Iowa. The Huskies advanced to the semifinals where they faced Wisconsin-Parkside, who had upset #1 Nebraska Kearney in the first round of competition. St. Cloud State defeated Wisconsin-Parkside 27-9, with victories in eight of the ten weight classes.

Notre Dame advanced to the semifinals after defeating #2 Newberry 21-15. In the semifinals the Fighting Irish faced #3 Central Oklahoma, who they defeated 19-13 with wins in six of the ten weight classes. This is the first year Notre Dame has competed at the Division II level, they had formerly been crowned champion at the NAIA level.

The NJCAA division finals showcased a matchup of #1 Labette against #3 Colby. In a dominating performance, Labette won nine matches and secured the title with a 39-3 score.

Labette reached the semifinals after defeating #8 Iowa Lakes 41-6. Once in the semifinals, Labette defeated Niagara 46-6. The Cardinals wrestled to victories in nine of the ten weight classes, including five pins recorded by Eric Hughes at 133 pounds, Spencer Rutherford at 149 pounds, Devin Aguirre at 165 pounds, Payne Hatter at 174 pounds and Jack Page at 285 pounds.

Colby reached the semifinals after defeating #6 Harper 25-15. In the semifinals, Colby defeated #2 Iowa Central 36-9, with wins in eight weight classes including one pin registered by Xavier Fisher at 285 pounds.

The NWCA/Cliff Keen National Duals was presented by Hibiclens and The Marines. The attendance for the event was 1200. For more information on the event, visit the NWCA website.

Results on TrackWrestling


St. Cloud State 17, Notre Dame 13
125 Eric Forde (St. Cloud State) over Johnny Papesh (Notre Dame) Dec 2-1
133 Andrew Pokorny (St. Cloud State) over Marty Carlson (Notre Dame) Maj 14-3
141 Maurice Miller (Notre Dame) over Matt Nelson (St. Cloud State) Dec 7-3
149 Jacob D. Horn (St. Cloud State) over Jonaton Rivera (Notre Dame) Dec 3-0
157 Jeffrey Pelton (Notre Dame) over Clint Poster (St. Cloud State) Dec 7-6
165 Joey Davis (Notre Dame) over Gabe Fogarty (St. Cloud State) Maj 18-8
174 Eric Burgey (Notre Dame) over Kurt Salmen (St. Cloud State) Dec 8-2
184 Shamus O`Grady (St. Cloud State) over Charles Mason (Notre Dame) Maj 12-3
197 Brandonn Johnson (Notre Dame) over Chris Brassell (St. Cloud State) Dec 7-2
285 Jake Kahnke (St. Cloud State) over Orlando Scales (Notre Dame) Dec 3-0
unsportsmanlike on wrestler -1.000

Wartburg 24, Elmhurst 10
125 Gilberto Camacho (Wartburg) over Lillashawn Coleman (Elmhurst) Dec 4-1
133 Kenneth Anderson (Wartburg) over Dalton Bullard (Elmhurst) Dec 3-0
141 Ryan Earley (Elmhurst) over Thomas Mirocha (Wartburg) Dec 8-5
149 Kodie Silvestri (Wartburg) over Maxx Lozano (Elmhurst) TF 18-3
157 Cole Welter (Wartburg) over Alex Maynard (Elmhurst) Maj 12-4
165 Landon Williams (Wartburg) over Nick DiNardo (Elmhurst) Dec 5-0
174 Dylan Azinger (Wartburg) over Danny Balderas (Elmhurst) Dec 6-5
184 Josef Rau (Elmhurst) over Sam Upah (Wartburg) Maj 19-6
197 Mike Benefiel (Elmhurst) over Punahele Soriano (Wartburg) Maj 9-0
285 Ryan Fank (Wartburg) over Jack Lewis (Elmhurst) Dec 6-0
wrestler misconduct -1.000

Grand View 20, Southern Oregon 18
125 Mitchell Lofstedt (Southern Oregon) over Alex Peitz (Grand View) Pin 2:10
133 Prescott Gardner (Southern Oregon) over Tanner Werner (Grand View) Dec 10-3
141 Gustavo Martinez (Grand View) over Justin Eldred (Southern Oregon) Dec 7-2
149 Jimmy Eggemeyer (Southern Oregon) over Isaiah Tatum (Grand View) SV-1 3-1
157 Chad Lowman (Grand View) over Dalton Urrutia (Southern Oregon) Maj 11-0
165 Jimmie Schuessler (Grand View) over Bryson Gutches (Southern Oregon) Maj 11-1
174 Brock Gutches (Southern Oregon) over Thomas Moman (Grand View) Dec 5-3
184 Jacob Abrams (Southern Oregon) over Christian Mays (Grand View) TB-2 3-2
197 Derek Nightser (Grand View) over Charles Johnson (Southern Oregon) Dec 4-3
285 Eric Thompson (Grand View) over Bubba Owens (Southern Oregon) Pin 3:12

Labette 41, Iowa Lakes 6
125 Josh Walker (Labette) over Dylan Konechne (Iowa Lakes) Pin 3:49 6.00 0
133 Eric Hughes (Labette) over Skyler Rice (Iowa Lakes) Dec 7-6 3.00 0
141 Tyler Davis (Labette) over Alex Anderson (Iowa Lakes) Dec 6-2 3.00 0
149 Spencer Rutherford (Labette) over Cody Cline (Iowa Lakes) TF 16-0 5.00 0
157 Jeromy Davenport (Labette) over Travis Johnson (Iowa Lakes) Pin 1:27 6.00 0
165 Devin Aguirre (Labette) over Nate Lawrence (Iowa Lakes) Dec 11-5 3.00 0
174 Payne Hatter (Labette) over Nick Lawrence (Iowa Lakes) Dec 6-3 3.00 0
184 Ethan Lindquist (Iowa Lakes) over Aaron Seybold (Labette) Pin 1:02 0 6.00
197 Shelby Krout (Labette) over Glenn cothren (Iowa Lakes) Pin 0:36 6.00 0
285 Jack Page (Labette) over Jeff Erickson (Iowa Lakes) Pin 5:00 6.00 0

Simon Fraser 27, Oklahoma City 13
101 Emily Webster (Oklahoma City) over Darby Huckle (Simon Fraser) TF 6-0,6-0
109 Victoria Anthony (Simon Fraser) over Brianna Rahall (Oklahoma City) TF 7-0,6-0
116 Nnikkie Brar (Simon Fraser) over Kristi Garr (Oklahoma City) Dec 3-0,4-0
123 Laura Wilson (Simon Fraser) over Joey Miller (Oklahoma City) Dec 2-5,1-0,3-0
130 Helen Maroulis (Simon Fraser) over Brieana Delgado (Oklahoma City) Pin 0:57
136 Audrey Morehouse (Oklahoma City) over Laura Gordon (Simon Fraser) Dec 3-0,4-0
143 Stephanie Geltmacher (Oklahoma City) over Sidney Morrison (Simon Fraser) Dec 1-0,2-1
155 Danielle Lappage (Simon Fraser) by forfeit
170 Justina Distasio (Simon Fraser) over Brittany Roberts (Oklahoma City) Dec 1-0,3-1
191 Jenna McLatchy (Simon Fraser) over Heather O`Connor (Oklahoma City) Dec 0-3,5-1,5-0

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