New Prague 28, Scott West 27

New Prague 28, Scott West 27
106 Ben Kelvington (SW) 9-4 over Sam Reyant (NP)
113 David Flynn (SW) 17-2 over Nick Knutson (NP)
120 Jacob Backlund (SW) 5-1 over Alek Nelson (NP)
126 Griffin Parriott (NP) 3-1 over Zach Siegle (SW)
132 James Berg (NP) 4-1 over Jake Wierke (SW)
138 Richard Reinartz (NP) 19-7 over Tyler Ackerman (SW)
145 Luke Zilverburg (SW) 7-3 over Morgan Parriott (NP)
152 Joe Heinz (NP) 6-3 over Shane Abraham (SW)
160 Andrew Fogarty (SW) over forfeit (NP)
170 Derek Dahlke (SW) 18-4 over Andrew Maruska (NP)
182 Jake Schultz (SW) 9-3 over Mitch Gullickson (NP)
195 Cody Sirek (NP) 5-0 over Ray Carter (SW)
220 Nathan Preston (NP) pin over William Staples III (SW)
285 Zach LaFavor (NP) pin over Daniel Kochlin (SW)

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