State champion Novak to MSU-Moorhead

State champion Shane Novak of New York Mills has given a verbal commitment to wrestle for MSU-Moorhead next season.

Novak is a four-time state placer. He won the 113-pound Class A state championship as a junior. Novak was runner-up at 120 pounds this season as a senior and runner-up at 112 pounds as a sophomore. He was fifth at 103 pounds as an eighth grader.

Novak is projected to wrestle at 125 pounds in college.

Shane Novak. Photo by Jeff Beshey.

The Guillotine Wrestler Files
Shane Novak, New York Mills
2013 MN HS State Tournament 1A 12th 120 2nd
2012 NHSCA Nationals Folk 11th 113 DNP
2012 MN HS State Tournament 1A 11th 113 1st 42-1
2011 Big Bear Tournament A 11th 113 1st
2011 NHSCA Nationals Folk 10th 112 DNP
2011 MN HS State Tournament 1A 10th 112 2nd 37-6
2010 Big Bear Tournament 1A 10th 112 2nd
2010 NHSCA Nationals 1A 9th 103 DNP
2010 MN HS State Tournament 1A 9th 103 DNP 36-5
2009 Big Bear Tournament 1A 9th 103 2nd
2009 MN HS State Tournament 1A 8th 103 5th 33-11
2008 Big Bear Tournament 1A 8th 103 8th

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