MN/USA Wrestling Kids and Cadets Freestyle State Championships

MN/USA Wrestling Kids and Cadets Freestyle State Championships results. May 19, 2013 at Rochester, Minn.

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PeeWee – 35 pounds
1st Place – Owen Stuwe of Shakopee
2nd Place – William Lee of Stillwater
1st: Owen Stuwe (Shakopee) over William Lee (Stillwater) TF 8-0,6-0

PeeWee – 40 pounds
1st Place – Titan Friederichs of Norwood
2nd Place – Brady Murphy of Waseca Area
3rd Place – Wrigley Clark of Northwest
4th Place – Joel Friederichs of Norwood
5th Place – Owen Gruchow of West Central Area
Round Robin Matches
Titan Friederichs (Norwood) over Wrigley Clark (Northwest) Dec 5-1,6-0
Brady Murphy (Waseca Area) over Wrigley Clark (Northwest) Fall 0:57
Titan Friederichs (Norwood) over Brady Murphy (Waseca Area) Dec 0-1,5-4,5-3

PeeWee – 45 pounds
1st Place – Frankie McAninch of Mankato Area
2nd Place – Tyler Laudenbach of Apple Valley
3rd Place – Hova Willford of Richfield/Edina
Round Robin Matches
Tyler Laudenbach (Apple Valley) over Hova Willford (Richfield/Edina) Fall 0:37
Frankie McAninch (Mankato Area) over Hova Willford (Richfield/Edina) Fall 0:36
Frankie McAninch (Mankato Area) over Tyler Laudenbach (Apple Valley) Fall 0:12

PeeWee – 50 pounds
1st Place – Ronald Reinardy of Owatonna
2nd Place – Kyler Walters of Shakopee
3rd Place – Gavin Isaacs of Apple Valley
4th Place – Marcus Hubbard of Park
5th Place – Cole Neary of Lakeville Youth
6th Place – Ryan Haley of Flat Earth
1st: Ronald Reinardy (Owatonna) over Kyler Walters (Shakopee) Dec 4-3,7-4
3rd: Gavin Isaacs (Apple Valley) over Marcus Hubbard (Park) Dec 8-3,6-1
5th: Cole Neary (Lakeville Youth) over Ryan Haley (Flat Earth) TF 6-0,6-0

PeeWee – 55 pounds
1st Place – Derek Nason Jr of Screaming Yetis
2nd Place – Audrey Rogotzke of East Ridge
3rd Place – John Northquest of Southern MN
Round Robin Matches
Derek Nason Jr (Screaming Yetis) over Audrey Rogotzke (East Ridge) Fall 0:41
Audrey Rogotzke (East Ridge) over John Northquest (Southern MN) Fall 0:13
Derek Nason Jr (Screaming Yetis) over John Northquest (Southern MN) Fall 0:52

PeeWee – 60 pounds
1st Place – Blake Fitcher of Owatonna

PeeWee – 65+ pounds
1st Place – Joseph Goodwin of Richfield/Edina

Bantam – 40 pounds
1st Place – Brandon Lee of Stillwater
2nd Place – Ty Zitzmann of Shakopee
1st: Brandon Lee (Stillwater) over Ty Zitzmann (Shakopee) Fall 0:42

Bantam – 45 pounds
1st Place – Logan Swensen of Apple Valley
2nd Place – Hunter Flen of Lakeville Youth
3rd Place – Michael Olson of Albert Lea
4th Place – Kristin Neary of Lakeville Youth
Round Robin Matches
Hunter Flen (Lakeville Youth) over Michael Olson (Albert Lea) Fall 1:16
Logan Swensen (Apple Valley) over Hunter Flen (Lakeville Youth) Dec 0-3,0-7
Logan Swensen (Apple Valley) over Michael Olson (Albert Lea) Dec 4-0,4-0

Bantam – 50 pounds
1st Place – Austin Laudenbach of Apple Valley
2nd Place – Nolan Ambrose of Flat Earth
3rd Place – Isaac Murphy of Waseca Area
4th Place – Henry Dillingham of East Metro
5th Place – Dov Nathanson of Matstalkers
Round Robin Matches
Nolan Ambrose (Flat Earth) over Isaac Murphy (Waseca Area) TF 7-0,6-0
Austin Laudenbach (Apple Valley) over Isaac Murphy (Waseca Area) TF 6-0,6-0
Austin Laudenbach (Apple Valley) over Nolan Ambrose (Flat Earth) TF 6-0,7-0
4th: Henry Dillingham (East Metro) over Dov Nathanson (Matstalkers) Fall 0:32

Bantam – 55 pounds
1st Place – Jacob Myers of Iron Mustang
2nd Place – Michael Reinardy of Owatonna
3rd Place – Noah Torgerson of Herakles
4th Place – Hudson Burnett of Pipestone Arrows
5th Place – Riley Graber of Northfield
6th Place – Alex Braun of East Metro
1st: Jacob Myers (Iron Mustang) over Michael Reinardy (Owatonna) Dec 1-1,7-0
3rd: Noah Torgerson (Herakles) over Hudson Burnett (Pipestone Arrows) Dec 4-3,5-10,6-4
5th: Riley Graber (Northfield) over Alex Braun (East Metro) Dec 2-1,4-0

Bantam – 60 pounds
1st Place – Zachary Hanson of Lakeville Youth
2nd Place – Elliott Betz of Mankato Area
3rd Place – Alex Diederich of Sauk Rapids/Rice Storm
4th Place – Hunter Gruchow of Elbow Lake
5th Place – Zak McPhee of North Shore
6th Place – Brecken Northquest of Southern MN
1st: Zachary Hanson (Lakeville Youth) over Elliott Betz (Mankato Area) TF 6-0,8-0
3rd: Alex Diederich (Sauk Rapids/Rice Storm) over Hunter Gruchow (Elbow Lake) Fall 0:31
5th: Zak McPhee (North Shore) over Brecken Northquest (Southern MN) Fall 7-4,0:32

Bantam – 65 pounds
1st Place – Calvin Lonnquist of Hi Flyers
2nd Place – Kolton Duff of Valley Elite
3rd Place – Logan Jungling of Herakles
4th Place – Bart McAninch of Mankato Area
5th Place – Justin Benjamin of Minneapolis Select
6th Place – Seth Stai of Flat Earth
1st: Calvin Lonnquist (Hi Flyers) over Kolton Duff (Valley Elite) Fall 7-0,0:18
3rd: Logan Jungling (Herakles) over Bart McAninch (Mankato Area) Fall 7-0,0:26
5th: Justin Benjamin (Minneapolis Select) over Seth Stai (Flat Earth) TF 7-0,9-3

Bantam – 70 pounds
1st Place – Caden Rose of Aftershock
2nd Place – Matthew Haley of Flat Earth
3rd Place – Jack Neal of Richfield/Edina
4th Place – Kaleb Palkki of Gladiators
Round Robin Matches
Matthew Haley (Flat Earth) over Jack Neal (Richfield/Edina) Fall 1-2,6-5,0:48
Caden Rose (Aftershock) over Matthew Haley (Flat Earth) Fall 2-5,1:22
Caden Rose (Aftershock) over Jack Neal (Richfield/Edina) Dec 6-0,7-3

Bantam – 75 pounds
1st Place – Adam Haselius of Saint Paul
2nd Place – Ryan Lexvold of Mat Rats
3rd Place – Joshua Couch of Rochester Mayo
Round Robin Matches
Adam Haselius (Saint Paul) over Ryan Lexvold (Mat Rats) Dec 1-0,3-0
Adam Haselius (Saint Paul) over Joshua Couch (Rochester Mayo) TF 6-0,8-2
Ryan Lexvold (Mat Rats) over Joshua Couch (Rochester Mayo) Fall 1:12

Bantam – 75+ pounds
1st Place – Caleb Vancura of Flat Earth
2nd Place – Brogan McMillen of Valley Elite
1st: Caleb Vancura (Flat Earth) over Brogan McMillen (Valley Elite) Fall 0:21

Bantam – 75++ pounds
1st Place – Nathan Spindler of Herakles

Intermediate – 50 pounds
1st Place – Jore Volk of Apple Valley
2nd Place – John Martens of Pipestone Arrows
3rd Place – Keno Vanier of Richfield/Edina
4th Place – Max Enderlein of Apple Valley
Round Robin Matches
Jore Volk (Apple Valley) over John Martens (Pipestone Arrows) TF 6-0,6-0
John Martens (Pipestone Arrows) over Keno Vanier (Richfield/Edina) Fall 5-5,0:44
Jore Volk (Apple Valley) over Keno Vanier (Richfield/Edina) Dec 6-0,5-2

Intermediate – 55 pounds
1st Place – Derrick Cardinal of Forest Lake
2nd Place – Ethan Fischer of Central MN
3rd Place – Gavin Gould of Gladiators
4th Place – Alan Koehler of Prior Lake
5th Place – Cody Zitzmann of Shakopee
Round Robin Matches
Ethan Fischer (Central MN) over Gavin Gould (Gladiators) Dec 2-3,7-0,1-0
Derrick Cardinal (Forest Lake) over Gavin Gould (Gladiators) TF 6-0,7-0
Derrick Cardinal (Forest Lake) over Ethan Fischer (Central MN) TF 6-0,6-0

Intermediate – 60 pounds
1st Place – Reid Nelson of Forest Lake
2nd Place – Mason Gehloff of Waseca Area
3rd Place – Drayden Morton of Central MN
4th Place – Beau Murphy of Northfield
5th Place – Jake Messner of Northfield
6th Place – Kley Krause of Bloomington
1st: Reid Nelson (Forest Lake) over Mason Gehloff (Waseca Area) Dec 2-1,1-0
3rd: Drayden Morton (Central MN) over Beau Murphy (Northfield) TF 6-0,6-0
5th: Jake Messner (Northfield) over Kley Krause (Bloomington) Dec 0-0,6-2

Intermediate – 65 pounds
1st Place – Ashton Wollan of Herakles
2nd Place – Jacob Bross of Herakles
3rd Place – Luke Studer of Blaine
4th Place – Dason Thomas of East Metro
5th Place – Davin Rose of Aftershock
6th Place – Michael Bobo of Owatonna
1st: Ashton Wollan (Herakles) over Jacob Bross (Herakles) Dec 4-0,7-0
3rd: Luke Studer (Blaine) over Dason Thomas (East Metro) Fall 1:22
5th: Davin Rose (Aftershock) over Michael Bobo (Owatonna) Dec 1-2,7-3,8-0

Intermediate – 70 pounds
1st Place – Cael Berg of New Prague
2nd Place – Ryder Rogotzke of East Ridge
3rd Place – Nicholas Lattery of Herakles
4th Place – Payton Handevidt of Flat Earth
5th Place – Tucker Wills of Lake Crystal
6th Place – Kain Sanders of Central MN
1st: Cael Berg (New Prague) over Ryder Rogotzke (East Ridge) TF 6-0,8-1
3rd: Nicholas Lattery (Herakles) over Payton Handevidt (Flat Earth) Dec 2-1,0-5,2-0
5th: Tucker Wills (Lake Crystal) over Kain Sanders (Central MN) Dec 2-8,3-1,5-4

Intermediate – 75 pounds
1st Place – Kail Wynia of Albert Lea
2nd Place – Quinn Christoffersen of East Metro
3rd Place – Landen Johnson of Waseca Area
4th Place – Dalton Anderson of Gladiators
5th Place – Adam Zosel of Aftershock
6th Place – Maxwell Petersen of MN Elite
1st: Kail Wynia (Albert Lea) over Quinn Christoffersen (East Metro) Dec 4-5,3-2,5-2
3rd: Landen Johnson (Waseca Area) over Dalton Anderson (Gladiators) TF 6-0,8-2
5th: Adam Zosel (Aftershock) over Maxwell Petersen (MN Elite) TF 5-0,8-0

Intermediate – 80 pounds
1st Place – Bryce Dagel of Herakles
2nd Place – Kyle Boeke of Princeton
3rd Place – Cole Sutrick of Shakopee
4th Place – Jacob Reinardy of Owatonna
5th Place – Aj Aitkin of Osseo
6th Place – Rheave Danford of Central MN
1st: Bryce Dagel (Herakles) over Kyle Boeke (Princeton) Dec 3-0,6-0
3rd: Cole Sutrick (Shakopee) over Jacob Reinardy (Owatonna) Fall 1:15
5th: Aj Aitkin (Osseo) over Rheave Danford (Central MN) Fall 0:30

Intermediate – 87 pounds
1st Place – Hunter Lyden of Pinnacle
2nd Place – Cole Ranweiler of Rolling Thunder
3rd Place – Bennett Tabor of Simley
4th Place – Parker Venz of Farmington
5th Place – Mack Dungey of South St. Paul
6th Place – Cayden Homme of Wayzata
1st: Hunter Lyden (Pinnacle) over Cole Ranweiler (Rolling Thunder) Dec 5-3,2-0
3rd: Bennett Tabor (Simley) over Parker Venz (Farmington) Fall 0:58
5th: Mack Dungey (South St. Paul) over Cayden Homme (Wayzata) Fall 6-0,0:47

Intermediate – 95 pounds
1st Place – Evan Mertz of Richfield/Edina
2nd Place – Mathew Sloan of Saint Paul
3rd Place – Brady Schubitzke of North Shore
Round Robin Matches
Evan Mertz (Richfield/Edina) over Mathew Sloan (Saint Paul) Fall 5-6,0:35
Mathew Sloan (Saint Paul) over Brady Schubitzke (North Shore) Dec 7-0,3-1
Evan Mertz (Richfield/Edina) over Brady Schubitzke (North Shore) Fall 0:28

Intermediate – 103 pounds
1st Place – Max Balow of Impact
2nd Place – Brody Rud of TCU Titans
1st: Max Balow (Impact) over Brody Rud (TCU Titans) Fall 0-1,0:55

Intermediate – 112 pounds
1st Place – Mehki Hexum of Blaine
2nd Place – Ty Vinje of Richfield/Edina
1st: Mehki Hexum (Blaine) over Ty Vinje (Richfield/Edina) Dec 4-0,2-0

Intermediate – 120+ pounds
1st Place – Justin Matson of Hinckley-Pine City
2nd Place – Mitchell Wicklander of Lakeville Youth
1st: Justin Matson (Hinckley-Pine City) over Mitchell Wicklander (Lakeville Youth) Fall 9-1,0:19

Novice – 60 pounds
1st Place – Paxton Creese of Apple Valley
2nd Place – Landen Parent of Princeton
3rd Place – Jacob Hill of Ghost Riders
4th Place – Kanin Hable of Waseca Area
5th Place – Michael Majerus of Mat Rats
Round Robin Matches
Landen Parent (Princeton) over Jacob Hill (Ghost Riders) Fall 3-6,0:23
Paxton Creese (Apple Valley) over Jacob Hill (Ghost Riders) Dec 6-0,3-0
Paxton Creese (Apple Valley) over Landen Parent (Princeton) TF 6-0,7-1

Novice – 65 pounds
1st Place – Dakari Saunders of Herakles
2nd Place – Ryan Scherber of Hi Flyers
3rd Place – Ryan Cripe of Lakeville Youth
4th Place – Tyson Neary of Lakeville Youth
5th Place – Evan Bruckner of Shakopee
6th Place – Chase Murphy of Northfield
1st: Dakari Saunders (Herakles) over Ryan Scherber (Hi Flyers) TF 7-0,7-0
3rd: Ryan Cripe (Lakeville Youth) over Tyson Neary (Lakeville Youth) TF 6-0,7-0
5th: Evan Bruckner (Shakopee) over Chase Murphy (Northfield) Fall 0:51

Novice – 70 pounds
1st Place – Jeron Matson of Albert Lea
2nd Place – Nic Cantu of Albert Lea
3rd Place – Ryan Sokol of Simley
4th Place – Mason Enderlein of Apple Valley
5th Place – Cael Swensen of Apple Valley
6th Place – Isaiah Mlsna of Hi Flyers
1st: Jeron Matson (Albert Lea) over Nic Cantu (Albert Lea) Dec 5-3,3-1
3rd: Ryan Sokol (Simley) over Mason Enderlein (Apple Valley) TF 7-0,8-1
5th: Cael Swensen (Apple Valley) over Isaiah Mlsna (Hi Flyers) TF 7-0,7-0

Novice – 75 pounds
1st Place – Mitchel Petersen of MN Elite
2nd Place – Regan Schrempp of Apple Valley
3rd Place – Jake Svihel of Herakles
4th Place – Emily Shilson of Maple Grove
5th Place – Ty Smidt of Stewartville
6th Place – Trayton Hewitt of Mankato Area
1st: Mitchel Petersen (MN Elite) over Regan Schrempp (Apple Valley) Dec 4-1,6-0
3rd: Jake Svihel (Herakles) over Emily Shilson (Maple Grove) Dec 4-3,4-2
5th: Ty Smidt (Stewartville) over Trayton Hewitt (Mankato Area) Dec 7-4,5-9,7-6

Novice – 80 pounds
1st Place – Reid Ballantyne of Stillwater
2nd Place – Willie Bastyr of Lakeville Youth
3rd Place – Carl Leuer of Hi Flyers
4th Place – Brody Olson of Stewartville
5th Place – Dawson Fallon of Pine Island Panthers
6th Place – Max Scheffler of New Prague
1st: Reid Ballantyne (Stillwater) over Willie Bastyr (Lakeville Youth) TF 5-0,7-0
3rd: Carl Leuer (Hi Flyers) over Brody Olson (Stewartville) Fall 0-7,7-4,0:39
5th: Dawson Fallon (Pine Island Panthers) over Max Scheffler (New Prague) Dec 5-1,5-4

Novice – 85 pounds
1st Place – Brennan Rutt of Ghost Riders
2nd Place – Tyler Shackle of Ghost Riders
3rd Place – Willie VonRuden of Faribault
4th Place – Randy Myers of Iron Mustang
5th Place – Andrew Sanders of Hi Flyers
6th Place – Connor Dehn of Andover
1st: Brennan Rutt (Ghost Riders) over Tyler Shackle (Ghost Riders) Dec 6-1,6-0
3rd: Willie VonRuden (Faribault) over Randy Myers (Iron Mustang) Dec 3-1,7-0
5th: Andrew Sanders (Hi Flyers) over Connor Dehn (Andover) Dec 1-4,5-3,5-2

Novice – 90 pounds
1st Place – Colby Njos of Herakles
2nd Place – Zavier Grefe of Central MN
3rd Place – Tj Turinske of Ice Bears
4th Place – Roman Rogotzke of East Ridge
5th Place – Brendan Dunagan of Iron Mustang
6th Place – Kyle Thelemann of Valley Elite
1st: Colby Njos (Herakles) over Zavier Grefe (Central MN) TF 7-0,7-0
3rd: Tj Turinske (Ice Bears) over Roman Rogotzke (East Ridge) TF 7-0,7-0
5th: Brendan Dunagan (Iron Mustang) over Kyle Thelemann (Valley Elite) TF 5-2,5-8,9-2

Novice – 95 pounds
1st Place – Cade King of Waseca Area
2nd Place – Michael Murphy of Eagan
3rd Place – Nick Dunagan of Iron Mustang
4th Place – Nolan Wanzek of Simley
5th Place – Carey Vanier of Richfield/Edina
6th Place – Jack Latterell of Central MN
1st: Cade King (Waseca Area) over Michael Murphy (Eagan) TF 9-0,6-0
3rd: Nick Dunagan (Iron Mustang) over Nolan Wanzek (Simley) Dec 7-0,5-0
5th: Carey Vanier (Richfield/Edina) over Jack Latterell (Central MN) Fall 1:08

Novice – 100 pounds
1st Place – Phil Skeps of Lakeville Youth
2nd Place – Trevor Pomeroy of Winona Area Youth
3rd Place – Dylan Fudge of Perham
4th Place – Anthony Dawson of Simley
5th Place – Brady Dahlstrom of Gladiators
Round Robin Matches
Trevor Pomeroy (Winona Area Youth) over Dylan Fudge (Perham) 0-8,ID
Phil Skeps (Lakeville Youth) over Dylan Fudge (Perham) Dec 3-4,2-9
Phil Skeps (Lakeville Youth) over Trevor Pomeroy (Winona Area Youth) TF 6-0,7-0

Novice – 105 pounds
1st Place – Sean Howk of Rolling Thunder
2nd Place – Devon Dawson of Simley
3rd Place – Avery Northquest of Southern MN
4th Place – Trappier Botz of Central MN
5th Place – Kyle Finken of Pinnacle
6th Place – Jace Demmers of Ghost Riders
1st: Sean Howk (Rolling Thunder) over Devon Dawson (Simley) TF 5-3,8-1
3rd: Avery Northquest (Southern MN) over Trappier Botz (Central MN) Fall 6-1,3-6,0:47
5th: Kyle Finken (Pinnacle) over Jace Demmers (Ghost Riders) Dec 6-7,5-5,3-1

Novice – 112 pounds
1st Place – Ravin Jackson of Simley
2nd Place – Bryce Smith of Screaming Yetis
1st: Ravin Jackson (Simley) over Bryce Smith (Screaming Yetis) Fall 0:53

Novice – 120 pounds
1st Place – Carter Marx of Whitewater Rattlers
2nd Place – Brett Mages of Central MN
1st: Carter Marx (Whitewater Rattlers) over Brett Mages (Central MN) TF 7-0,6-0

Novice – 140 pounds
1st Place – Hunter Oviatt of Stewartville

Novice – 140+ pounds
1st Place – Nicky Pierce of Forest Lake
2nd Place – Tyler Nachtigal of Winona Area Youth
3rd Place – Donald Nde of East Metro
Round Robin Matches
Nicky Pierce (Forest Lake) over Donald Nde (East Metro) Fall 0-5,1-0,1:07
Nicky Pierce (Forest Lake) over Tyler Nachtigal (Winona Area Youth) Dec 2-0,1-4,2-0
Tyler Nachtigal (Winona Area Youth) over Donald Nde (East Metro) Dec 4-2,3-1

Schoolboy/girl – 70 pounds
1st Place – Maxwell Crowe of Shakopee
2nd Place – Dayne Morton of Central MN
1st: Maxwell Crowe (Shakopee) over Dayne Morton (Central MN) Dec 3-0,4-0

Schoolboy/girl – 77 pounds
1st Place – Aaron Cashman of Apple Valley
2nd Place – Patrick McKee of Hi Flyers
3rd Place – Teddy Pesch of Ghost Riders
4th Place – Ashton Clark of Northwest
5th Place – Hunter Burnett of Pipestone Arrows
6th Place – Tyler Jones of Shakopee
1st: Aaron Cashman (Apple Valley) over Patrick McKee (Hi Flyers) Dec 2-1,5-2
3rd: Teddy Pesch (Ghost Riders) over Ashton Clark (Northwest) TF 7-1,8-2
5th: Hunter Burnett (Pipestone Arrows) over Tyler Jones (Shakopee) Dec 7-2,11-4

Schoolboy/girl – 84 pounds
1st Place – Samuel Webster of Shakopee
2nd Place – Anthony Meister of Herakles
3rd Place – Parker Huss of Ghost Riders
4th Place – Sebas Swiggum of Apple Valley
5th Place – Garrett Vos of Waconia
6th Place – Jacob Mueller of Pinnacle
1st: Samuel Webster (Shakopee) over Anthony Meister (Herakles) Dec 2-0,7-0
3rd: Parker Huss (Ghost Riders) over Sebas Swiggum (Apple Valley) Dec 5-0,4-2
5th: Garrett Vos (Waconia) over Jacob Mueller (Pinnacle) Dec 5-3,6-2

Schoolboy/girl – 91 pounds
1st Place – Jake Gliva of Simley
2nd Place – Nathan Larson of Apple Valley
3rd Place – Tyler Eischens of Herakles
4th Place – Cain Van Ryn of Pinnacle
5th Place – Alex Kern of Central MN
6th Place – Brady Gross of Apple Valley
1st: Jake Gliva (Simley) over Nathan Larson (Apple Valley) Dec 5-3,8-1
3rd: Tyler Eischens (Herakles) over Cain Van Ryn (Pinnacle) TF 7-0,8-2
5th: Alex Kern (Central MN) over Brady Gross (Apple Valley) Dec 6-3,3-8,1-0

Schoolboy/girl – 98 pounds
1st Place – Rylee Molitor of Central MN
2nd Place – Kaden Spindler of Herakles
3rd Place – Peyton Robb of Owatonna
4th Place – Kellen Schauer of Screaming Yetis
5th Place – Charlie DesMarais of Hi Flyers
6th Place – Gage Zieske of Central MN
1st: Rylee Molitor (Central MN) over Kaden Spindler (Herakles) Dec 4-1,3-2
3rd: Peyton Robb (Owatonna) over Kellen Schauer (Screaming Yetis) Dec 7-0,5-2
5th: Charlie DesMarais (Hi Flyers) over Gage Zieske (Central MN) TF 6-0,6-0

Schoolboy/girl – 105 pounds
1st Place – Wade Sullivan of Lakeville Youth
2nd Place – Teddy Pierce of Forest Lake
3rd Place – Tyler Shilson of Maple Grove
4th Place – Hayden Stensland of Unattached
5th Place – Jackson Stauffacher of Ghost Riders
6th Place – Braydon Ortloff of Northwest
1st: Wade Sullivan (Lakeville Youth) over Teddy Pierce (Forest Lake) Dec 6-0,3-0
3rd: Tyler Shilson (Maple Grove) over Hayden Stensland (Unattached) TF 8-2,9-3
5th: Jackson Stauffacher (Ghost Riders) over Braydon Ortloff (Northwest) TF 6-0,6-0

Schoolboy/girl – 112 pounds
1st Place – Dalton Wagner of Flat Earth
2nd Place – Jake Allar of Hi Flyers
3rd Place – Calvin Germinaro of Herakles
4th Place – Dylan Pauly of Valley Elite
5th Place – Tony Watts of Apple Valley
6th Place – Jonathan Tostenson of Aftershock
1st: Dalton Wagner (Flat Earth) over Jake Allar (Hi Flyers) Fall 0-7,7-0,1:34
3rd: Calvin Germinaro (Herakles) over Dylan Pauly (Valley Elite) Fall 0:30
5th: Tony Watts (Apple Valley) over Jonathan Tostenson (Aftershock) Fall 7-0,0:24

Schoolboy/girl – 120 pounds
1st Place – Kenny O`Neil of Ghost Riders
2nd Place – Michael Suda of Pipestone Arrows
3rd Place – McCoy Tekautz of LARP
4th Place – Kelby O`Reilly of Mat Rats
5th Place – Brady Bastyr of Lakeville Youth
6th Place – Jackson Street of Herakles
1st: Kenny O`Neil (Ghost Riders) over Michael Suda (Pipestone Arrows) Dec 3-2,5-3
3rd: McCoy Tekautz (LARP) over Kelby O`Reilly (Mat Rats) Fall 1:19
5th: Brady Bastyr (Lakeville Youth) over Jackson Street (Herakles) TF 7-2,7-1

Schoolboy/girl – 128 pounds
1st Place – Bailee O`Reilly of Mat Rats
2nd Place – Xavier Rosenbloom of Eagan
3rd Place – Mason Hall of Gladiators
4th Place – Kyle Erickson of Hastings
5th Place – Jordan Carlson of Valley Elite
6th Place – Payton Jackson of Northwest
1st: Bailee O`Reilly (Mat Rats) over Xavier Rosenbloom (Eagan) Fall 1:42
3rd: Mason Hall (Gladiators) over Kyle Erickson (Hastings) Dec 8-1,2-0
5th: Jordan Carlson (Valley Elite) over Payton Jackson (Northwest) ID

Schoolboy/girl – 136 pounds
1st Place – Samuel Gibas of Elk River
2nd Place – Noah Peichel of Sartell
3rd Place – Trevor Block of Valley Elite
4th Place – Joe Tindale of Screaming Yetis
5th Place – Sarah Tison of Maple Grove
6th Place – Nick Belmares of Thunderbolts
1st: Samuel Gibas (Elk River) over Noah Peichel (Sartell) Fall 7-3,1:48
3rd: Trevor Block (Valley Elite) over Joe Tindale (Screaming Yetis) Fall 1:39
5th: Sarah Tison (Maple Grove) over Nick Belmares (Thunderbolts) Fall 1:37

Schoolboy/girl – 144 pounds
1st Place – Mason Rutt of Tri City United
2nd Place – Aaron Zosel of Aftershock
3rd Place – Cody Dravis of Northwest
4th Place – Tyler Buesgens of Ghost Riders
1st: Mason Rutt (Tri City United) over Aaron Zosel (Aftershock) Fall 6-0,1:24
3rd: Cody Dravis (Northwest) over Tyler Buesgens (Ghost Riders) Fall 1:54

Schoolboy/girl – 152 pounds
1st Place – Jared Florell of East Metro
2nd Place – Jacob Scherber of Hi Flyers
3rd Place – Danyel Olivera of Matstalkers
Round Robin Matches
Jared Florell (East Metro) over Danyel Olivera (Matstalkers) TF 6-0,7-0
Jacob Scherber (Hi Flyers) over Danyel Olivera (Matstalkers) Fall 0:27
Jared Florell (East Metro) over Jacob Scherber (Hi Flyers) Fall 1:18

Schoolboy/girl – 160 pounds
1st Place – Tyler Snoberger of Central MN
2nd Place – Logan Theodore of Screaming Yetis
3rd Place – Bryce Benhart of Lakeville Youth
Round Robin Matches
Logan Theodore (Screaming Yetis) over Bryce Benhart (Lakeville Youth) TF 8-0,6-0
Tyler Snoberger (Central MN) over Bryce Benhart (Lakeville Youth) TF 7-0,7-0
Tyler Snoberger (Central MN) over Logan Theodore (Screaming Yetis) Dec 7-3,5-4

Schoolboy/girl – 175 pounds
1st Place – Phillip Murphy of Screaming Yetis

Schoolboy/girl – 190 pounds
1st Place – Gable Steveson of Apple Valley
2nd Place – Keegan Cavallero of Central MN
1st: Gable Steveson (Apple Valley) over Keegan Cavallero (Central MN) TF 7-0,6-0

Schoolboy/girl – 210 pounds
1st Place – Tj Esping of SMSU

Cadet – 88 pounds
1st Place – Alexander Crowe of Shakopee
2nd Place – Kyle Rathman of Apple Valley
3rd Place – Matthew Petersen of MN Elite
Round Robin Matches
Alexander Crowe (Shakopee) over Kyle Rathman (Apple Valley) Dec 6-5,6-0
Alexander Crowe (Shakopee) over Matthew Petersen (MN Elite) TF 7-0,8-1
Kyle Rathman (Apple Valley) over Matthew Petersen (MN Elite) TF 6-0,7-0

Cadet – 94 pounds
1st Place – Brent Jones of Shakopee
2nd Place – Anthony Hennen of Norwood
1st: Brent Jones (Shakopee) over Anthony Hennen (Norwood) TF 7-0,6-0

Cadet – 100 pounds
1st Place – Alex Davis of Screaming Eagles
2nd Place – Noah Buck of MN Elite
3rd Place – Riley Orr of Rochester
4th Place – Jacob Nohre of Central MN
5th Place – Zachary Nygaard of Hi Flyers
6th Place – Mitchell Lewison of Hi Flyers
1st: Alex Davis (Screaming Eagles) over Noah Buck (MN Elite) Dec 0-1,4-3,1-0
3rd: Riley Orr (Rochester) over Jacob Nohre (Central MN) Dec 4-3,7-0
5th: Zachary Nygaard (Hi Flyers) over Mitchell Lewison (Hi Flyers) Dec 5-3,4-0

Cadet – 106 pounds
1st Place – Paul Fitterer of Mat Rats
2nd Place – Henry Pesch of Ghost Riders
3rd Place – Tanner Pasvogel of Valley Elite
4th Place – Joey Thompson of Stewartville
1st: Paul Fitterer (Mat Rats) over Henry Pesch (Ghost Riders) Dec 8-4,7-0

Cadet – 113 pounds
1st Place – Skylar Hieronimus of SMI
2nd Place – Cole Jones of Screaming Yetis
3rd Place – Jackson Sweeney of Hi Flyers
4th Place – Morgan Fuenffinger of Screaming Yetis
5th Place – Tanner Day of Iron Mustang
6th Place – Drew Breun of Screaming Yetis
1st: Skylar Hieronimus (SMI) over Cole Jones (Screaming Yetis) Fall 0:16
3rd: Jackson Sweeney (Hi Flyers) over Morgan Fuenffinger (Screaming Yetis) Dec 2-0,4-0
5th: Tanner Day (Iron Mustang) over Drew Breun (Screaming Yetis) Fall 1-1,1:03

Cadet – 120 pounds
1st Place – Mitchell McKee of Hi Flyers
2nd Place – Taylor Venz of Farmington
3rd Place – Ryan Killeen of Hi Flyers
4th Place – Christian Bahl of Stillwater
5th Place – Jakob Bergeland of Centennial
6th Place – Brady Mc Ginnis-Friederics of Norwood
1st: Mitchell McKee (Hi Flyers) over Taylor Venz (Farmington) Dec 7-1,2-0
3rd: Ryan Killeen (Hi Flyers) over Christian Bahl (Stillwater) Dec 2-1,5-0
5th: Jakob Bergeland (Centennial) over Brady Mc Ginnis-Friederics (Norwood) Fall 1:42

Cadet – 126 pounds
1st Place – Ty Johnson of East Metro
2nd Place – Austin Braun of East Metro
3rd Place – Joshua Bryant of Mat Bandits
4th Place – Zach Chytka of Apple Valley
5th Place – Evan Kluck of Hi Flyers
6th Place – Andrew Mergen of Central MN
1st: Ty Johnson (East Metro) over Austin Braun (East Metro) Dec 1-0,6-0
3rd: Joshua Bryant (Mat Bandits) over Zach Chytka (Apple Valley) Dec 5-2,1-0
5th: Evan Kluck (Hi Flyers) over Andrew Mergen (Central MN) Dec 6-0,3-1

Cadet – 132 pounds
1st Place – Louie Sanders of Mankato Area
2nd Place – Grant Bolduan of Pinnacle
3rd Place – Levi Marsh of Mankato Area
4th Place – Liam Strong of Herakles
5th Place – Matthew Rustad of Pinnacle
6th Place – Aaron Sistrunk of Pinnacle
1st: Louie Sanders (Mankato Area) over Grant Bolduan (Pinnacle) Dec 2-0,2-0
3rd: Levi Marsh (Mankato Area) over Liam Strong (Herakles) Fall 6-0,1:45
5th: Matthew Rustad (Pinnacle) over Aaron Sistrunk (Pinnacle) Dec 4-1,3-2

Cadet – 138 pounds
1st Place – Griffin Parriott of Pinnacle
2nd Place – Logan Kass of Pinnacle
3rd Place – Justin Burg of East Side
4th Place – Dylan Connell of Pinnacle
5th Place – Drake Heath of Hi Flyers
6th Place – Donnie Leuer of Hi Flyers
1st: Griffin Parriott (Pinnacle) over Logan Kass (Pinnacle) Dec 5-1,6-0
3rd: Justin Burg (East Side) over Dylan Connell (Pinnacle) Dec 5-1,3-1
5th: Drake Heath (Hi Flyers) over Donnie Leuer (Hi Flyers) Dec 5-4,8-0

Cadet – 145 pounds
1st Place – Owen Webster of Shakopee
2nd Place – Paul Winkelmann of Screaming Eagles
3rd Place – Carson Brolsma of Hi Flyers
4th Place – Kolton Eischens of Central MN
5th Place – Louis Johnson of Iron Mustang
6th Place – Devante Jelle of Screaming Yetis
1st: Owen Webster (Shakopee) over Paul Winkelmann (Screaming Eagles) TF 6-0,8-2
3rd: Carson Brolsma (Hi Flyers) over Kolton Eischens (Central MN) Fall 6-0,2:00
5th: Louis Johnson (Iron Mustang) over Devante Jelle (Screaming Yetis) Fall 7-1,0:50

Cadet – 152 pounds
1st Place – Austin Eichmann of Hastings
2nd Place – Nicholas Esping of SMSU
3rd Place – Justin Dravis of Northwest
4th Place – Dietrich Balsbaugh of Bloomington
5th Place – Gannon Strain of Northern Elite
6th Place – Tyson Leon of Shakopee
1st: Austin Eichmann (Hastings) over Nicholas Esping (SMSU) Dec 6-0,2-0
3rd: Justin Dravis (Northwest) over Dietrich Balsbaugh (Bloomington) Fall 1:08
5th: Gannon Strain (Northern Elite) over Tyson Leon (Shakopee) TF 6-0,7-1

Cadet – 160 pounds
1st Place – Conner Larsen of Herakles
2nd Place – Derek Herman of Mankato Area
3rd Place – Shane Siewert of Impact
4th Place – Cole Hennen of SMSU
5th Place – Jacob Mages of Central MN
6th Place – Judd O`Connor of Hastings
1st: Conner Larsen (Herakles) over Derek Herman (Mankato Area) Dec 4-5,6-6,5-1
3rd: Shane Siewert (Impact) over Cole Hennen (SMSU) Fall 1:12
5th: Jacob Mages (Central MN) over Judd O`Connor (Hastings) Fall 0:31

Cadet – 170 pounds
1st Place – Seth Gardner of Central MN
2nd Place – Jonah Lange of Northwest
3rd Place – Logan Judge of Bloomington
4th Place – Kyle Lange of Central MN
5th Place – Kyle Heusbourg of Farmington
Round Robin Matches
Seth Gardner (Central MN) over Logan Judge (Bloomington) Fall 1:51
Seth Gardner (Central MN) over Jonah Lange (Northwest) TF 0-6,0-7
Jonah Lange (Northwest) over Logan Judge (Bloomington) Fall 3-2,0:18

Cadet – 182 pounds
1st Place – Keegan Moore of Flat Earth
2nd Place – Austin May of Central MN
3rd Place – Damon Phagan of Screaming Yetis
4th Place – Alex King of Shakopee
Round Robin Matches
Keegan Moore (Flat Earth) over Damon Phagan (Screaming Yetis) TF 6-0,7-0
Keegan Moore (Flat Earth) over Austin May (Central MN) TF 10-1,6-0
Austin May (Central MN) over Damon Phagan (Screaming Yetis) Fall 0:27

Cadet – 195 pounds
1st Place – Isaac Florell of East Metro
2nd Place – Lorenzo Hernandez of Southern MN
3rd Place – Dylan Gluck of Waconia
4th Place – Alec Gausman of Central MN
5th Place – Taylor Tison of Maple Grove
Round Robin Matches
Isaac Florell (East Metro) over Lorenzo Hernandez (Southern MN) Fall 6-1,0:59
Lorenzo Hernandez (Southern MN) over Dylan Gluck (Waconia) Dec 9-3,5-0
Isaac Florell (East Metro) over Dylan Gluck (Waconia) Fall 7-0,0:36
4th: Alec Gausman (Central MN) over Taylor Tison (Maple Grove) 0-6,ID

Cadet – 220 pounds
1st Place – Shane Nelson of Mankato Area
2nd Place – Adam Gehling of Stewartville
1st: Shane Nelson (Mankato Area) over Adam Gehling (Stewartville) Dec 4-0,8-1

Cadet – 285 pounds
1st Place – Jovanny Garcia of Saint Paul
2nd Place – Sam Anderson of Gladiators
3rd Place – Kyle Lipkie of Stewartville
Round Robin Matches
Jovanny Garcia (Saint Paul) over Kyle Lipkie (Stewartville) Fall 3-0,1-3,0:39
Jovanny Garcia (Saint Paul) over Sam Anderson (Gladiators) Dec 1-0,6-0
Sam Anderson (Gladiators) over Kyle Lipkie (Stewartville) Fall 0:50

Girls – A pounds
1st Place – Kristin Neary of Lakeville Youth

Girls – B pounds
1st Place – Mikayla Baker of Minneapolis Select
2nd Place – Audrey Rogotzke of East Ridge
3rd Place – Jasmine Wundrow of Mat Rats
Round Robin Matches
Audrey Rogotzke (East Ridge) over Jasmine Wundrow (Mat Rats) Fall 0:08
Mikayla Baker (Minneapolis Select) over Jasmine Wundrow (Mat Rats) TF 6-0,6-0
Mikayla Baker (Minneapolis Select) over Audrey Rogotzke (East Ridge) Fall 0:11

Girls – C pounds
1st Place – Emily Shilson of Maple Grove

Girls – D pounds
1st Place – Haily Klar of Elite

Girls – E pounds
1st Place – Devyn Johnson of Osakis
2nd Place – Melissa Jacobs of Ghost Riders
3rd Place – Hunter Dawson of Circle Pine
Round Robin Matches
Devyn Johnson (Osakis) over Melissa Jacobs (Ghost Riders) Fall 6-0,1:25
Melissa Jacobs (Ghost Riders) over Hunter Dawson (Circle Pine) Dec 1-0,2-1
Devyn Johnson (Osakis) over Hunter Dawson (Circle Pine) Fall 5-0,0:52

Girls – F pounds
1st Place – August Smith of Minneapolis Select
2nd Place – Sarah Tison of Maple Grove
3rd Place – Mercedes Waagen of RandallMercedes
Round Robin Matches
Sarah Tison (Maple Grove) over Mercedes Waagen (RandallMercedes) Fall 5-5,0:50
August Smith (Minneapolis Select) over Sarah Tison (Maple Grove) Dec 3-2,4-3
August Smith (Minneapolis Select) over Mercedes Waagen (RandallMercedes) Dec 4-0,1-0

Girls – G pounds
1st Place – Courtney Getty of Bloomington