Northern Plains Freestyle Junior Regional Championships

Northern Plains Freestyle Junior Regional Championships results. May 11, 2013 at Waterloo, Iowa.

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100 pounds
1st Place – Ethan Reel of Illinois

106 pounds
1st Place – Paul Bianchi of Wisconsin
2nd Place – Tony Heng of Nebraska
3rd Place – Nick Pastika of Minnesota
Round Robin Matches
Paul Bianchi (Wisconsin) over Nick Pastika (Minnesota) Dec 4-0,4-3
Paul Bianchi (Wisconsin) over Tony Heng (Nebraska) TF 7-0,6-0
Tony Heng (Nebraska) over Nick Pastika (Minnesota) Fall 6-5,1:02

113 pounds
1st Place – Nolan Hellickson of Iowa
2nd Place – Tanner Rohweder of Iowa
3rd Place – Noah Ajram of Iowa
4th Place – Marlo Bell of North Dakota
1st Place Match
Nolan Hellickson (Iowa) over Tanner Rohweder (Iowa) Dec 2-0,3-0
3rd Place Match
Noah Ajram (Iowa) over Marlo Bell (North Dakota) Dec 3-1,0-6,2-2

120 pounds
1st Place – Skyler Petry of Minnesota
2nd Place – LoganLogan Hanselmann of Illinois
3rd Place – Blane Tschida of Minnesota
4th Place – Ben Thornton of Wisconsin
1st Place Match
Skyler Petry (Minnesota) over LoganLogan Hanselmann (Illinois) Dec 4-0,6-1
3rd Place Match
Blane Tschida (Minnesota) over Ben Thornton (Wisconsin) Dec 3-0,5-3

126 pounds
1st Place – Jens Lantz of Wisconsin
2nd Place – Alijah Jeffery of Iowa
3rd Place – Jarred Oftedahl of Minnesota
4th Place – Gannon Volk of Minnesota
1st Place Match
Jens Lantz (Wisconsin) over Alijah Jeffery (Iowa) Dec 1-0,1-0
3rd Place Match
Jarred Oftedahl (Minnesota) over Gannon Volk (Minnesota) TF 7-0,7-0

132 pounds
1st Place – Mark Voss of Minnesota
2nd Place – Leighton Gaul of Iowa
3rd Place – Dante` Rodriguez of Nebraska
4th Place – Jordan Shearer of North Dakota
1st Place Match
Mark Voss (Minnesota) over Leighton Gaul (Iowa) Dec 2-0,2-0
3rd Place Match
Dante` Rodriguez (Nebraska) over Jordan Shearer (North Dakota) Fall 1:05

138 pounds
1st Place – Seth Gross of Minnesota
2nd Place – Max Thomsen of Iowa
3rd Place – Kyle Gliva of Minnesota
4th Place – Colton McCrystal of Unattached
1st Place Match
Seth Gross (Minnesota) over Max Thomsen (Iowa) Dec 3-3,1-0
3rd Place Match
Kyle Gliva (Minnesota) over Colton McCrystal (Unattached) Dec 5-1,7-1

145 pounds
1st Place – James Berg of Minnesota
2nd Place – Chase Straw of Iowa
3rd Place – Lincoln Mallinger of Minnesota
4th Place – Darius Wright of Wisconsin
1st Place Match
James Berg (Minnesota) over Chase Straw (Iowa) Dec 7-1,1-3,6-5
3rd Place Match
Lincoln Mallinger (Minnesota) over Darius Wright (Wisconsin) Dec 5-2,3-1

152 pounds
1st Place – Brandon Sorensen of Iowa
2nd Place – Jared Scharenbrock of Wisconsin
3rd Place – Logan Thomsen of Iowa
4th Place – Tyler Weyer of Wisconsin
1st Place Match
Brandon Sorensen (Iowa) over Jared Scharenbrock (Wisconsin) Dec 3-0,6-3
3rd Place Match
Logan Thomsen (Iowa) over Tyler Weyer (Wisconsin) Fall 3-2,1:10

160 pounds
1st Place – Travis Hettinga of Wisconsin
2nd Place – Dayton Racer of Minnesota
3rd Place – Weston Dobler of North Dakota
4th Place – Timothy Moore of Minnesota
1st Place Match
Travis Hettinga (Wisconsin) over Dayton Racer (Minnesota) Dec 4-0,0-2,3-0
3rd Place Match
Weston Dobler (North Dakota) over Timothy Moore (Minnesota) Dec 5-4,4-2

170 pounds
1st Place – Jacob Morrissey of Wisconsin
2nd Place – Angus Arthur of Michigan
3rd Place – Lucas Westrich of Minnesota
4th Place – Jordon Rothers of Minnesota
1st Place Match
Jacob Morrissey (Wisconsin) over Angus Arthur (Michigan) Dec 3-3,4-1,4-0
3rd Place Match
Lucas Westrich (Minnesota) over Jordon Rothers (Minnesota) Fall 1:46

182 pounds
1st Place – Jacob Stilling of Wisconsin
2nd Place – Dylan Blackford of Iowa
3rd Place – Aaron Rothwell of Wisconsin
4th Place – Adam Drain of Iowa
1st Place Match
Jacob Stilling (Wisconsin) over Dylan Blackford (Iowa) Fall 1:59
3rd Place Match
Aaron Rothwell (Wisconsin) over Adam Drain (Iowa) Dec 7-3,6-0

195 pounds
1st Place – Marcus Harrington of Iowa
2nd Place – Yacob Briggs of Minnesota
3rd Place – Christian DuLaney of Minnesota
4th Place – Matthew Stopka of Illinois
1st Place Match
Marcus Harrington (Iowa) over Yacob Briggs (Minnesota) Fall 7-0,1:31
3rd Place Match
Christian DuLaney (Minnesota) over Matthew Stopka (Illinois) Fall 0:32

220 pounds
1st Place – Nathan Preston of Minnesota
2nd Place – Richard Briggs of Minnesota
3rd Place – Bryce Fisher of Iowa
4th Place – Tyler Schmidt of Wisconsin
1st Place Match
Nathan Preston (Minnesota) over Richard Briggs (Minnesota) Dec 6-3,10-5
3rd Place Match
Bryce Fisher (Iowa) over Tyler Schmidt (Wisconsin) Dec 2-1,6-3

285 pounds
1st Place – Newton Smerchek of Wisconsin
2nd Place – Jake Scanlan of Iowa
3rd Place – Jessie Nelson of Wisconsin
4th Place – Benjamin Mauk-O`Connor of Illinois
1st Place Match
Newton Smerchek (Wisconsin) over Jake Scanlan (Iowa) Dec 1-0,2-0
3rd Place Match
Jessie Nelson (Wisconsin) over Benjamin Mauk-O`Connor (Illinois) Dec 1-0,6-0