USA Wrestling Junior Freestyle National Duals

USA Wrestling Junior Freestyle National Duals results. June 28-29, 2013 at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

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Freestyle Results

Gold/Silver Pool Results (Places 1-8)
1st place match
Illinois defeated Michigan Blue 38-24
3rd place match
Oklahoma Red defeated California 34-32
5th place match
Iowa Blue defeated Missouri 35-30
7th place match
Minnesota Black defeated Washington 34-33

FIRST PLACE – Illinois 38 Michigan 24
100: IAN PARKER (Michigan Blue) over Kirk Johansen (Illinois) TF 10-0
106: Miguel Silva Jr (Illinois) over Joe Garcia (Michigan Blue) TF 13-4
113: Michael Cullen (Illinois) over CAMDEN BERTUCCI (Michigan Blue) TF 10-0
120: Tommy Pawelski (Illinois) over CHRIS POLAND (Michigan Blue) TF 12-2
126: Jered Cortez (Illinois) over COLE WEAVER (Michigan Blue) TF 11-0
132: ZAC HALL (Michigan Blue) over Jordan Laster (Illinois) Dec 1-0
138: JACOB SCHMITT (Michigan Blue) over Nick Gil (Illinois) Dec 6-2
145: Bryce Brill (Illinois) over LOGAN MASSA (Michigan Blue) Inj 5:34
152: Brian Murphy (Illinois) over JORDAN AMINE (Michigan Blue) TF 10-0
160: Xavier Montalvo (Illinois) over LOGAN MARCICKI (Michigan Blue) TF 10-0
170: Davonte Mahomes (Illinois) over JORDAN COOKS (Michigan Blue) TF 11-1
182: ANDREW GARCIA (Michigan Blue) over Joey Ariola (Illinois) Dec 7-0
195: Ricky Robertson (Illinois) over TYLER WILDMO (Michigan Blue) TF 11-0
220: PAYNE HAYDEN (Michigan Blue) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
285: ADAM COON (Michigan Blue) over Michael Hobbs (Illinois) TF 11-0

THIRD PLACE – Oklahoma 34 California 32
100: Josh Copeland (Oklahoma Red) over andrew nelm (California) Pin 2:01
106: joey cisneros (California) over Montorie Bridges (Oklahoma Red) TF 10-0
113: Christian Moody (Oklahoma Red) over sean nickell (California) TF 10-0
120: Eli Hale (Oklahoma Red) over gionn peralta (California) TF 10-0
126: Zahid Valenica (California) over Cub Yeager (Oklahoma Red) Dec 12-8
132: Luke Wolfenberger (Oklahoma Red) over mason pengilly (California) TF 12-1
138: Ali Naser (California) over Gary Harding (Oklahoma Red) Pin 2:48
145: Joe Smith (Oklahoma Red) over Michael Longo (California) Dec 13-10
152: Anthony Valenica (California) over Keilan Torres (Oklahoma Red) TF 19-8
160: Jacobe Smith (Oklahoma Red) over Andrew Simmons (California) TF 22-12
170: Zach Beard (Oklahoma Red) over Anthony Anderson (California) TF 12-0
182: Lance Dixon (Oklahoma Red) over Sohrab Movahedi (California) TF 10-0
195: Taryn Christiansen (California) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
220: Trevor Smith (California) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
285: Hildelv Manzur (California) over Nathan Jackson (Oklahoma Red) Dec 3-0

FIFTH PLACE – Iowa 35 Missouri 30
100: Jack Wagner (Iowa Blue) over Jet Tyron (Missouri) TF 11-0
106: Tanner Rohweder (Iowa Blue) over Sydney Oliver (Missouri) Dec 6-2
113: Nolan Hellickson (Iowa Blue) over Matt Barmann (Missouri) TF 10-0
120: KeShawn Hayes (Missouri) over Kaz Onoo (Iowa Blue) TF 12-0
126: Leighton Gaul (Iowa Blue) over John Erneste (Missouri) TF 19-9
132: Fredy Stroker (Iowa Blue) over Noah Teaney (Missouri) Dec 7-4
138: Logan Ryan (Iowa Blue) over Rodney Clevenger (Missouri) Dec 9-4
145: Connor Flynn (Missouri) over Bryce Steiert (Iowa Blue) TF 10-0
152: Darick Lapaglia (Missouri) over Brady Jennings (Iowa Blue) TF 10-0
160: Tim Miklus (Iowa Blue) over Braxxtin Todd (Missouri) TF 11-0
170: Austin Repp (Missouri) over Andrew Bartel (Iowa Blue) TF 11-1
182: Michael Pixley (Missouri) over Dylan Blackford (Iowa Blue) TF 12-2
195: Marcus Harrington (Iowa Blue) over JJ Filipek (Missouri) TF 21-11
220: Jaden Cox (Missouri) over Bryce Fisher (Iowa Blue) TF 11-0
285: Jacob Scanlan (Iowa Blue) over Jacob Semple (Missouri) TF 12-1

SEVENTH PLACE – Minnesota 34 Washington 33
100: Nick Pastika (Minnesota Black) over Zac Hanson (Washington) Pin 0:45
106: Paul Fitterer (Minnesota Black) over Trenton Skelton (Washington) Dec 6-3
113: Jesse Barajas (Washington) over Austin Anderly (Minnesota Black) Pin 3:33
120: Skyler Petry (Minnesota Black) over Gabriel Martinez (Washington) Pin 1:26
126: Gannon Volk (Minnesota Black) over Jesse Marek (Washington) Dec 6-4
132: Josh Newberg (Washington) over Reid Lyden (Minnesota Black) TF 11-1
138: Tyler Wicken (Washington) over Logan Kass (Minnesota Black) Dec 15-14
145: Mitch Bengtson (Minnesota Black) over Joseph Grable (Washington) TF 10-0
152: Jake Deutschlander (Minnesota Black) over Cody Kiourkas (Washington) Dec 12-7
160: Tyler McLean (Washington) over Zach Carlson (Minnesota Black) TF 25-13
170: Chandler Rogers (Washington) over Dayton Racer (Minnesota Black) TF 12-2
182: Ryan Christensen (Washington) over Daniel Marquette (Minnesota Black) TF 10-0
195: Will Balow (Minnesota Black) over Tanner Orndorff (Washington) TF 10-0
220: Matt Voss (Washington) over Nathan Preston (Minnesota Black) Pin 1:53
285: Jerrad Nieland (Minnesota Black) over Edwin Torres (Washington) Dec 8-3

Bronze/Copper Pool Results (Places 9-16)
9th Place Match
Kansas defeated Georgia 35-33
11th Place Match
Texas Blue defeated Nebraska 45-22
13th Place Match
Utah defeated Ohio Red 41-27
15th Place Match
Colorado defeated Pennsylvania 36-35

Red/Blue Pool Results (Places 17-24)
17th Place Match
New York defeated North Dakota Blue 35-34
19th Place Match
Florida defeated Michigan Red 47-16
21st Place Match
Tennessee defeated New Jersey 30-27
23rd Place Match
Iowa Red defeated Ohio Blue 50-18

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