USA Wrestling Cadet Women National Championships

USA Wrestling Cadet Women National Championships results. July 13 at the FargoDome in Fargo, North Dakota.

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Cadet Women Results for Minnesota:

Team 19th Place, 2 Wrestlers, 1 All-American

Cadet WM-115 – Hunter Dawson – DNP
Match #1 Madison Seales (Texas) over Hunter Dawson (Minnesota) Fall 0:30
Match #2 Victoria Smith (California) over Hunter Dawson (Minnesota) Fall 1:04

Cadet WM-172 – Courtney Getty’s place is 4th.
Match #1 Courtney Getty (Minnesota) over Audrey Costello (Oregon) Fall 0:34
Match #2 Azusenna-Molina Sanchez (California) over Courtney Getty (Minnesota) Fall 0:37
Match #3 Courtney Getty (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #4 Alana Quackenbush (Wisconsin) over Courtney Getty (Minnesota) Fall 0:34

Cadet Women Medal Matches:

Cadet WM – 84 pounds
1st Place – Malie Gonsalves of Hawaii

Cadet WM – 95 pounds
1st Place – Brittnee Cook of Washington
2nd Place – Rebbeca Forsyth of Virginia
1st: Brittnee Cook (Washington) over Rebbeca Forsyth (Virginia) Fall 7-0,0:50

Cadet WM – 101 pounds
1st Place – Jessica DeHart of Oregon
2nd Place – Marizza Birrueta of Washington
3rd Place – Harriet Symington of Maryland
4th Place – Gabriella Garcia of California
5th Place – Kayla Walker of California
6th Place – Olivia LoGiurato of Pennsylvania
7th Place – Brooke Bunch of Indiana
8th Place – Stephanie Nadig of Illinois
1st: Jessica DeHart (Oregon) over Marizza Birrueta (Washington) Dec 6-0,1-0
3rd: Harriet Symington (Maryland) over Gabriella Garcia (California) Fall 0:50
5th: Kayla Walker (California) over Olivia LoGiurato (Pennsylvania) Fall 1:04
7th: Brooke Bunch (Indiana) over Stephanie Nadig (Illinois) Fall 4-3,0:36

Cadet WM – 108 pounds
1st Place – Cadence Lee of California
2nd Place – Llanes Angelica of California
3rd Place – Arian Carpio of Washington
4th Place – Emily Pinson of Georgia
5th Place – Victoria Smith of California
6th Place – Isabell Nunez of Washington
7th Place – Kaitlin Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania
8th Place – Harmonie Roberts of California
1st: Cadence Lee (California) over Llanes Angelica (California) Fall 1:55
3rd: Arian Carpio (Washington) over Emily Pinson (Georgia) Fall 3-2,0:53
5th: Victoria Smith (California) over Isabell Nunez (Washington) Dec 1-0,0-1,1-0
7th: Kaitlin Fitzpatrick (Pennsylvania) over Harmonie Roberts (California) Fall 1:55

Cadet WM – 115 pounds
1st Place – Cassandra Herkelman of Iowa
2nd Place – Francesco Giorgio of Pennsylvania
3rd Place – Jessika Rottier of Wisconsin
4th Place – Courtney Gray of Indiana
5th Place – Harmony Pacheco of Hawaii
6th Place – Hailey Huerta of Washington
7th Place – Lania Aguayo of California
8th Place – Amber Smith of Michigan
1st: Cassandra Herkelman (Iowa) over Francesco Giorgio (Pennsylvania) Dec 0-4,1-0,2-1
3rd: Jessika Rottier (Wisconsin) over Courtney Gray (Indiana) TF 6-0,6-0
5th: Harmony Pacheco (Hawaii) over Hailey Huerta (Washington) Fall 5-0,0:31
7th: Lania Aguayo (California) over Amber Smith (Michigan) TF 7-0,6-0

Cadet WM – 124 pounds
1st Place – Teshya Alo of Hawaii
2nd Place – Maya Nelson of Colorado
3rd Place – Kayla Miracle of Indiana
4th Place – Steffanie Hampton of Michigan
5th Place – Amber Quintana of California
6th Place – August Smith of Minnesota
7th Place – Jenna Elmlinger of Wyoming
8th Place – Katherine Renz of Idaho
1st: Teshya Alo (Hawaii) over Maya Nelson (Colorado) Dec 4-3,2-2,4-1
3rd: Kayla Miracle (Indiana) over Steffanie Hampton (Michigan) TF 8-2,7-0
5th: Amber Quintana (California) over August Smith (Minnesota) Fall 1:26
7th: Jenna Elmlinger (Wyoming) over Katherine Renz (Idaho) Fall 0:49

Cadet WM – 132 pounds
1st Place – Becca Leathers of Oklahoma
2nd Place – Shannon Paaaina of Hawaii
3rd Place – Jasmine Mendoza of California
4th Place – Jessica Rodriguez of California
5th Place – Tatum Sparks of Washington
6th Place – Shannon Oryniak of New Jersey
7th Place – Destiny Espinoza of California
8th Place – Ramsey Minto of Texas
1st: Becca Leathers (Oklahoma) over Shannon Paaaina (Hawaii) Dec 2-0,1-4,5-1
3rd: Jasmine Mendoza (California) over Jessica Rodriguez (California) Fall 1:15
5th: Tatum Sparks (Washington) over Shannon Oryniak (New Jersey) Fall 1:08
7th: Destiny Espinoza (California) over Ramsey Minto (Texas) Fall 0:54

Cadet WM – 143 pounds
1st Place – Alexis Porter of New York
2nd Place – Anna Naylor of California
3rd Place – Hannah Gladden of Alabama
4th Place – Marlie Gillis of Wisconsin
5th Place – Alyssa Hernandez of California
6th Place – Kennedie Eddings of New York
7th Place – Katie Sugden of Wisconsin
8th Place – Ariana Olivas of Kansas
1st: Alexis Porter (New York) over Anna Naylor (California) Fall 1:32
3rd: Hannah Gladden (Alabama) over Marlie Gillis (Wisconsin) Dec 6-5,5-3
5th: Alyssa Hernandez (California) over Kennedie Eddings (New York) Fall 4-1,1:55
7th: Katie Sugden (Wisconsin) over Ariana Olivas (Kansas) Fall 7-0,0:50

Cadet WM – 154 pounds
1st Place – Autumn Rux of Michigan
2nd Place – Samantha Cushard of Michigan
3rd Place – Alyssa Bambic of Arizona
4th Place – Miranda Lee of Montana
1st: Autumn Rux (Michigan) over Samantha Cushard (Michigan) Fall 4-0,0-3,1:43
3rd: Alyssa Bambic (Arizona) over Miranda Lee (Montana) Fall 1:04

Cadet WM – 172 pounds
1st Place – Kaitlyn Hill of Michigan
2nd Place – Azusenna Molina of California
3rd Place – Yuneris Diaz of New York
4th Place – Alana Quackenbush of Wisconsin
Round Robin Matches
Kaitlyn Hill (Michigan) over Azusenna Molina (California) Dec 1-0,2-4,4-0
Kaitlyn Hill (Michigan) over Yuneris Diaz (New York) Fall 1-0,1:17
Azusenna Molina (California) over Yuneris Diaz (New York) Fall 2-0,0:59

Cadet WM – 198 pounds
1st Place – Ryan Gibbons of Washington

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