USA Wrestling Junior Women National Championships

USA Wrestling Junior Women National Championships results. July 15-16 at the FargoDome in Fargo, North Dakota.

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Junior Women Results for Minnesota:

Team 22nd Place, 3 Wrestlers, 2 All-Americans

Junior WM-112 – Aleighna Haberkorn – DNP
Match #1 Vicmarie Requena (Puerto Rico) over Aleighna Haberkorn (Minnesota) Fall 0:49
Match #2 Victoria Smith (California) over Aleighna Haberkorn (Minnesota) Fall 0:39

Junior WM-112 – Devyn Johnson’s place is 6th.
Match #1 Devyn Johnson (Minnesota) over Lizette Young (California) TF 10-0
Match #2 Devyn Johnson (Minnesota) over Cara Romeike (Texas) Fall 2:24
Match #3 Devyn Johnson (Minnesota) over Mallory Dagg (Florida) ID
Match #4 Devyn Johnson (Minnesota) over Marylou Martinez (Washington) Dec 7-5
Match #5 Devyn Johnson (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #6 Emily Pinson (Georgia) over Devyn Johnson (Minnesota) TF 10-0
Match #7 Emily Pinson (Georgia) over Devyn Johnson (Minnesota) TF 10-0
Match #8 Amanda Nelson (Massachusetts) over Devyn Johnson (Minnesota) TF 12-2
Match #9 Devyn Johnson (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #10 Sierra Blasone (New Jersey) over Devyn Johnson (Minnesota) TF 11-0

Junior WM-130 – Mercedes Waagen’s place is 8th.
Match #1 Hannah Gladden (Alabama) over Mercedes Waagen (Minnesota) Fall 1:58
Match #2 Mercedes Waagen (Minnesota) over Dani McClennen (Oregon) Fall 1:13
Match #3 Mercedes Waagen (Minnesota) received a bye.
Match #4 Mercedes Waagen (Minnesota) over Shannon Henry (New York) Dec 9-4
Match #5 Maya Nelson (Colorado) over Mercedes Waagen (Minnesota) Fall 1:31
Match #6 Amberlee Brasch (Washington) over Mercedes Waagen (Minnesota) TF 10-0

Junior Women Medal Matches:

Junior WM – 97 pounds
1st Place – Marina Doi of California
1st Place – Regina Doi of California
3rd Place – Maia Phanthadara of Hawaii
4th Place – Tayler Resuriz of Texas
5th Place – McKenzie Bacich of California
6th Place – Thai Ha Sloan of Hawaii
7th Place – Kim Cardenas of New York
8th Place – Rebecca Forsyth of Virginia
1st: This match has not been wrestled yet.
3rd: Maia Phanthadara (Hawaii) over Tayler Resuriz (Texas) Fall 1:20
5th: McKenzie Bacich (California) over Thai Ha Sloan (Hawaii) ID
7th: Kim Cardenas (New York) over Rebecca Forsyth (Virginia) TF 14-4

Junior WM – 105 pounds
1st Place – Cody Pfau of Colorado
2nd Place – Amy Hou of Georgia
3rd Place – Angelica Llanes of California
4th Place – Sheykaliz Cintron of Puerto Rico
5th Place – Alesha Zappitella of Ohio
6th Place – Cadence Lee of California
7th Place – Daisy Santos of Florida
8th Place – Nicoleta Spiridon of New Jersey
1st: Cody Pfau (Colorado) over Amy Hou (Georgia) TF 11-0
3rd: Angelica Llanes (California) over Sheykaliz Cintron (Puerto Rico) Fall 5:52
5th: Alesha Zappitella (Ohio) over Cadence Lee (California) ID
7th: Daisy Santos (Florida) over Nicoleta Spiridon (New Jersey) Dec 8-5

Junior WM – 112 pounds
1st Place – Vicmarie Requena of Puerto Rico
2nd Place – Emily Pinson of Georgia
3rd Place – Amanda Nelson of Massachusetts
4th Place – Michelle Lomas of Texas
5th Place – Sierra Blasone of New Jersey
6th Place – Devyn Johnson of Minnesota
7th Place – Nicole Small of Pennsylvania
8th Place – Kassi Strano of Washington
1st: Vicmarie Requena (Puerto Rico) over Emily Pinson (Georgia) Dec 4-1
3rd: Amanda Nelson (Massachusetts) over Michelle Lomas (Texas) TF 11-1
5th: Sierra Blasone (New Jersey) over Devyn Johnson (Minnesota) TF 11-0
7th: Nicole Small (Pennsylvania) over Kassi Strano (Washington) Fall 3:37

Junior WM – 117 pounds
1st Place – Steffanie Hampton of Michigan
2nd Place – Danielle Coughlin of Massachusetts
3rd Place – Jasmine Bailey of Iowa
4th Place – Ricki Liang of California
5th Place – Julia Long of Wyoming
6th Place – Isabella Fernandez of California
7th Place – Lindsay Spjut of Texas
8th Place – Rebekah Johnson of Hawaii
1st: Steffanie Hampton (Michigan) over Danielle Coughlin (Massachusetts) Fall 5:59
3rd: Jasmine Bailey (Iowa) over Ricki Liang (California) TF 10-0
5th: Julia Long (Wyoming) over Isabella Fernandez (California) Fall 2:31
7th: Lindsay Spjut (Texas) over Rebekah Johnson (Hawaii) Fall 0:41

Junior WM – 121 pounds
1st Place – Rachel Hale of New York
2nd Place – Cassidy Jasperson of Texas
3rd Place – Kristin Yamasaki of Hawaii
4th Place – Christina Jenne of California
5th Place – Arian Carpio of Washington
6th Place – Marina Briceno of California
7th Place – Kesey Ricketts of Michigan
8th Place – Jennah Brennan of Massachusetts
1st: Rachel Hale (New York) over Cassidy Jasperson (Texas) TF 14-2
3rd: Kristin Yamasaki (Hawaii) over Christina Jenne (California) Fall 2:20
5th: Arian Carpio (Washington) over Marina Briceno (California) Dec 10-4
7th: Kesey Ricketts (Michigan) over Jennah Brennan (Massachusetts) TF 14-2

Junior WM – 125 pounds
1st Place – Teshya Alo of Hawaii
2nd Place – Gabrielle Weyhrich of Nebraska
3rd Place – Rosemary Flores of New York
4th Place – Taylor Alva of Texas
5th Place – Marlie Gillis of Michigan
6th Place – Ismileyna Valles of California
7th Place – Areana Villaescusa of Arizona
8th Place – Jenna Elmlinger of Wyoming
1st: Teshya Alo (Hawaii) over Gabrielle Weyhrich (Nebraska) Fall 1:50
3rd: Rosemary Flores (New York) over Taylor Alva (Texas) Fall 1:08
5th: Marlie Gillis (Michigan) over Ismileyna Valles (California) Dec 8-6
7th: Areana Villaescusa (Arizona) over Jenna Elmlinger (Wyoming) Dec 13-5

Junior WM – 130 pounds
1st Place – Maya Nelson of Colorado
2nd Place – Jessika Rottier of Wisconsin
3rd Place – Kiera Gabaldon of Oregon
4th Place – Hannah Gladden of Alabama
5th Place – Scharice Schnell of Iowa
6th Place – Shannon Paaaina of Hawaii
7th Place – Amberlee Brasch of Washington
8th Place – Mercedes Waagen of Minnesota
1st: Maya Nelson (Colorado) over Jessika Rottier (Wisconsin) Dec 11-3
3rd: Kiera Gabaldon (Oregon) over Hannah Gladden (Alabama) Dec 9-2
5th: Scharice Schnell (Iowa) over Shannon Paaaina (Hawaii) Dec 11-7
7th: Amberlee Brasch (Washington) over Mercedes Waagen (Minnesota) TF 10-0

Junior WM – 139 pounds
1st Place – Becka Leathers of Oklahoma
2nd Place – Kayla Miracle of Indiana
3rd Place – Francesca Giorgio of Pennsylvania
4th Place – Alexis Bleau of New York
5th Place – Skylar Grote of New Jersey
6th Place – Kayci Bele of Florida
7th Place – Forrest Molinari of California
8th Place – Tatum Sparks of Washington
1st: Becka Leathers (Oklahoma) over Kayla Miracle (Indiana) Dec 10-2
3rd: Francesca Giorgio (Pennsylvania) over Alexis Bleau (New York) Fall 1:28
5th: Skylar Grote (New Jersey) over Kayci Bele (Florida) Fall 0:28
7th: Forrest Molinari (California) over Tatum Sparks (Washington) Fall 3:15

Junior WM – 148 pounds
1st Place – Alexis Porter of New York
2nd Place – Jasmine Mendoza of California
3rd Place – Kenya Spencer of Michigan
4th Place – Rachel Watters of Iowa
5th Place – Rachel Bates of Texas
6th Place – Ilania Keju of Texas
7th Place – Destiny Garza of Texas
8th Place – Katie Auxier of California
1st: Alexis Porter (New York) over Jasmine Mendoza (California) Dec 11-2
3rd: Kenya Spencer (Michigan) over Rachel Watters (Iowa) Dec 15-9
5th: Rachel Bates (Texas) over Ilania Keju (Texas) Fall 1:45
7th: Destiny Garza (Texas) over Katie Auxier (California) Fall 4:33

Junior WM – 159 pounds
1st Place – Autumn Rux of Michigan
2nd Place – Taylor Rosario of Texas
3rd Place – Sam Cushard of Michigan
4th Place – Alyssa Hernandez of California
5th Place – Nicole Diaz of California
6th Place – Nahiela Magee of California
7th Place – Keneddi Eddins of New York
8th Place – Brandi Braico of New Jersey
1st: Autumn Rux (Michigan) over Taylor Rosario (Texas) Dec 6-0
3rd: Sam Cushard (Michigan) over Alyssa Hernandez (California) TF 12-1
5th: Nicole Diaz (California) over Nahiela Magee (California) Fall 1:41
7th: Keneddi Eddins (New York) over Brandi Braico (New Jersey) Dec 10-5

Junior WM – 172 pounds
1st Place – Kiaya Van Scoyoc of Washington
2nd Place – Stephanie Pantoja of Florida
3rd Place – Destane Garrick of New York
4th Place – Kaitlyn Hill of Michigan
5th Place – Courteney Tompkins of California
6th Place – Milagros Garcia of California
7th Place – Cassie Garcia of Texas
8th Place – Mariana Olalde of New York
1st: Kiaya Van Scoyoc (Washington) over Stephanie Pantoja (Florida) TF 11-0
3rd: Destane Garrick (New York) over Kaitlyn Hill (Michigan) TF 13-2
5th: Courteney Tompkins (California) over Milagros Garcia (California) Fall 0:52
7th: Cassie Garcia (Texas) over Mariana Olalde (New York) Dec 4-1

Junior WM – 198 pounds
1st Place – Ryan Gibbons of Washington
2nd Place – Nadine Fiege of Florida
3rd Place – Kim Chavira of Texas
4th Place – Brenna Ramirez of Michigan
5th Place – Nicola Newton of Texas
6th Place – Yuneris Taveras of New York
7th Place – Raegan Hernandez of Texas
1st: Ryan Gibbons (Washington) over Nadine Fiege (Florida) Fall 0:43
3rd: Kim Chavira (Texas) over Brenna Ramirez (Michigan) Fall 2:23
5th: Nicola Newton (Texas) over Yuneris Taveras (New York) Fall 2:23
7th: Raegan Hernandez (Texas) received a bye.