Benefit to help former Foley wrestler planned for August 23rd

Jesse Kipka wrestled in the State Tournament for Foley and is a 1998 graduate.

On February 8th, 2013 everything changed for former Foley wrestler Jesse Kipka and his family. Jesse went to work as a Sherburne County Correctional Officer and was brutally attacked by three inmates.

Jesse was stunned by a blow to the back of the head and neck. He was blinded and beaten by his own pepper spray canister. According to Jesse’s father Pat, “Jesse was able to see a leg (orange garment) and instinctively did a single leg takedown on the big inmate and got him down, which made the blows he received less severe. I really think his training in the wrestling may have helped save his life.”

He suffered a severe concussion, resulting in symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder, light and sound sensitivities, migraine headaches, and a brain injury. Due to these injuries, he is unable to work or drive and has multiple medical appointments per week. At this point, Jesse has to let his brain heal, which can take years.

A Silent Auction, Spaghetti Dinner, and DJ is planned for Friday, August 23rd at Jack & Jim’s in Foley.

Proceeds of this event will go to help the Kipka Family with expenses related to the attack.

Jesse Kipka Benefit– benefit details

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