J Robinson Intensive Camps dontates to Keep Wrestling In The Olympics Movement

100% of proceeds raised by poster sales donated to Keep Olympic Wrestling fund

Minneapolis, MN – J Robinson Intensive Camps is a proud supporter of the 2020 Vision|Keep the Dream Alive movement to save Olympic wrestling. Upon hearing about wrestling being cut from the Olympics, the staff at J Robinson Intensive Camps wanted to take part in the fight to save the Olympics’ oldest sport.

J Robinson Intensive Camps sold posters of past Olympic wrestlers, with 100% of the proceeds from the posters going to the Keep Olympic Wrestling fund. $1,250 was raised and donated to the fund.

“If nothing changes, nothing changes” said J Robinson, founder of J Robinson Intensive Camps and head University of Minnesota Wrestling Coach. “We feel that we need to do something to help preserve the sport of wrestling and all that it stands for.” Posters of Olympic greats like Bruce Baumgartner and Dan Gable, along with many others, were available for sale to help raise the funds that were donated.

MN/USA Wrestling Representative Bill Hinchley was on hand to accept the check on behalf of USA Wrestling.

J Robinson Intensive Camps check
J Robinson Intensive Camps staff presenting the check to MN/USA Wrestling Rep Bill Hinchley.