Intermat’s Andrew Hipps talks About 2013 JJ Classic with Takedown Radio

Imagine that your life long best friend just told you he has cancer. Even more, that he would die from this insidious killer. How would you respond? What would you do?

That’s what happened to Justin Kukowski, Andrew Hipps best friend. After the diagnosis he lived and shared and loved another 588 days. For most, the story would end there. Memories would be enough to sustain the grieving hearts. But in this case there’s more to share. I’ll tell you what Andrew Hipps and his family have done since. They founded and promote the Intermat JJ Classic. This is a growing and continuing effort to keep alive the memory of Andrew’s best friend and offer some hope for those who suffer. The wrestling tournament is something they do together.

Even as the Hipps family developed this event, Andrew’s father has been diagnosed with cancer. Given a 1 year lease on life the Hipps family soldiers on together. Our prayers go out to Andrew’s dad and our friends in Minnesota.

The Intermat JJ Classic is a wrestling tournament that takes place every fall in Rochester, MN. I ask that you think about becoming involved. As an athlete, A Coach, A friend. Be there this year for all the right reasons.

Intermat JJ Classic Website

Takedown Radio Interview with Intermat’s Andrew Hipps:

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