InterMat JJ Classic

InterMat JJ Classic results. November 10, 2013 at Rochester, Minn.

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High School – 100
1st Place – Justin Portillo of Toledo Central Catholic
2nd Place – Ethan Cota of Kenyon-Wanamingo
3rd Place – Tyler Eischens of Anoka
4th Place – Neil Schmalz of Mound-Westonka
5th Place – Alexander Crowe of Shakopee
6th Place – Alex Davis of Champlin Park
1st: Justin Portillo (Toledo Central Catholic) won by fall over Ethan Cota (Kenyon-Wanamingo) (Fall 3:15)
3rd: Tyler Eischens (Anoka) won by decision over Neil Schmalz (Mound-Westonka) (Dec 6-3)
5th: Alexander Crowe (Shakopee) won by decision over Alex Davis (Champlin Park) (Dec 2-1)

High School – 106
1st Place – Tucker Sjomeling of Delano
2nd Place – Brent Jones of Shakopee
3rd Place – Joshua Portillo of Toledo Central Catholic
4th Place – Skylar Hieronimus of Adrian
5th Place – Drew West of Highland
6th Place – Austin Gomez of Glenbard North
1st: Tucker Sjomeling (Delano) won by decision over Brent Jones (Shakopee) (Dec 5-2)
3rd: Joshua Portillo (Toledo Central Catholic) won by major decision over Skylar Hieronimus (Adrian) (Maj 16-4)
5th: Drew West (Highland) won by decision over Austin Gomez (Glenbard North) (Dec 7-4)

High School – 113
1st Place – Nolan Hellickson of Southeast Polk
2nd Place – Travis Piotrowski of Prairie Ridge
3rd Place – Tanner Rohweder of Iowa City West
4th Place – Alex Lloyd of Shakopee
5th Place – Bryce West of Highland
6th Place – Ty Pelot of Two Rivers
1st: Nolan Hellickson (Southeast Polk) won by decision over Travis Piotrowski (Prairie Ridge) (Dec 5-0)
3rd: Tanner Rohweder (Iowa City West) won by major decision over Alex Lloyd (Shakopee) (Maj 12-1)
5th: Bryce West (Highland) won by fall over Ty Pelot (Two Rivers) (Fall 1:15)

High School – 120
1st Place – Kyle Akins of Sycamore
2nd Place – Mitchell McKee of St Michael-Albertville
3rd Place – Michael Cullen of Cary Grove
4th Place – Ben Thornton of La Crosse Central
5th Place – Seth Elwood of Medford
6th Place – Anthony Luft of Worthington
1st: Kyle Akins (Sycamore) won by decision over Mitchell McKee (St Michael-Albertville) (Dec 4-3)
3rd: Michael Cullen (Cary Grove) won by decision over Ben Thornton (La Crosse Central) (Dec 3-2)
5th: Seth Elwood (Medford) won by decision over Anthony Luft (Worthington) (Dec 5-3)

High School – 126
1st Place – Tommy Thorn of St Michael-Albertville
2nd Place – Louie Sanders of LCWM
3rd Place – Kaz Onoo of Mason City
4th Place – Adam Hedin of Rosemount
5th Place – John Gioffredi of Indianola
6th Place – Hunter Genco of Clinton
1st: Tommy Thorn (St Michael-Albertville) won by fall over Louie Sanders (LCWM) (Fall 5:00)
3rd: Kaz Onoo (Mason City) won by decision over Adam Hedin (Rosemount) (Dec 4-2)
5th: John Gioffredi (Indianola) won by injury default over Hunter Genco (Clinton) (Inj. 0:00)

High School – 132
1st Place – PJ Klee of Wrestling Prep
2nd Place – Chris Walters of Iowa City West
3rd Place – Alexander Butler of Boylan
4th Place – Devin Bahr of West Salem
5th Place – Nick O`Brien of Wayzata
6th Place – Joshua Wenger of Cedar Rapids Prairie
1st: PJ Klee (Wrestling Prep) won by decision over Chris Walters (Iowa City West) (Dec 2-0)
3rd: Alexander Butler (Boylan) won by decision over Devin Bahr (West Salem) (Dec 3-2)
5th: Nick O`Brien (Wayzata) won by injury default over Joshua Wenger (Cedar Rapids Prairie) (Inj. 0:00)

High School – 138
1st Place – Ben Brancale of Eden Prairie
2nd Place – Miles Patton of Rochester Mayo
3rd Place – Taylor Lehman of Clarion-Goldfield
4th Place – Jacob Steinbauer of Waconia
5th Place – Wyatt Forsyth of Charles City
6th Place – Brandon Moen of Owatonna
1st: Ben Brancale (Eden Prairie) won by decision over Miles Patton (Rochester Mayo) (Dec 7-3)
3rd: Taylor Lehman (Clarion-Goldfield) won by decision over Jacob Steinbauer (Waconia) (Dec 3-1)
5th: Wyatt Forsyth (Charles City) won by injury default over Brandon Moen (Owatonna) (Inj. 0:00)

High School – 145
1st Place – Matthew Rundell of OPRF
2nd Place – Mark Voss of St Michael-Albertville
3rd Place – Joseph Nelson of Stoughton
4th Place – Mason Brownlee of Tri-City United
5th Place – Kyle Benjamin of Farmington
6th Place – Mike Falco of St Rita
1st: Matthew Rundell (OPRF) won in overtime over Mark Voss (St Michael-Albertville) (OT 5-3)
3rd: Joseph Nelson (Stoughton) won by decision over Mason Brownlee (Tri-City United) (Dec 5-2)
5th: Kyle Benjamin (Farmington) won by decision over Mike Falco (St Rita) (Dec 6-3)

High School – 152
1st Place – Owen Webster of Shakopee
2nd Place – Trey Blaha of Cedar Rapids Prairie
3rd Place – Harvey Friederichs of Chatfield
4th Place – Brandon Krone of Anoka
5th Place – Quincy Kalkbrenner of Le-Win
6th Place – Brady Nelson of Rochester Mayo
1st: Owen Webster (Shakopee) won by fall over Trey Blaha (Cedar Rapids Prairie) (Fall 3:00)
3rd: Harvey Friederichs (Chatfield) won by decision over Brandon Krone (Anoka) (Dec 4-2)
5th: Quincy Kalkbrenner (Le-Win) won by major decision over Brady Nelson (Rochester Mayo) (Maj 15-5)

High School – 160
1st Place – Dayton Racer of Apple Valley
2nd Place – Colten Carlson of Willmar
3rd Place – Jacob Rukavina of Eastview
4th Place – Matt Njos of Anoka
5th Place – Sean O`Neil of Prior Lake
6th Place – Lucas Westrich of Lakeville North
1st: Dayton Racer (Apple Valley) won by major decision over Colten Carlson (Willmar) (Maj 14-1)
3rd: Jacob Rukavina (Eastview) won by decision over Matt Njos (Anoka) (Dec 10-4)
5th: Sean O`Neil (Prior Lake) won by injury default over Lucas Westrich (Lakeville North) (Inj. 0:00)

High School – 170
1st Place – Mark Hall of Apple Valley
2nd Place – Dan Marquette of Hastings
3rd Place – Tyler DeMoss of Hononegah
4th Place – Seth Gardner of St Michael-Albertville
5th Place – Samuel Grove of Moorhead
6th Place – Cory Flaata of Park
1st: Mark Hall (Apple Valley) won by decision over Dan Marquette (Hastings) (Dec 10-4)
3rd: Tyler DeMoss (Hononegah) won by decision over Seth Gardner (St Michael-Albertville) (Dec 9-2)
5th: Samuel Grove (Moorhead) won by fall over Cory Flaata (Park) (Fall 2:31)

High School – 182
1st Place – Bobby Steveson of Apple Valley
2nd Place – Brian Bertram of Byron
3rd Place – Collin Sohn of Wayzata
4th Place – Gable Steveson of Apple Valley
5th Place – Joe Hoeve of Farmington
6th Place – Alex King of Shakopee
1st: Bobby Steveson (Apple Valley) won by tech fall over Brian Bertram (Byron) (TF 22-7)
3rd: Collin Sohn (Wayzata) won in overtime over Gable Steveson (Apple Valley) (OT 13-11)
5th: Joe Hoeve (Farmington) won by decision over Alex King (Shakopee) (Dec 7-2)

High School – 195
1st Place – Nicholas Pegelow of Eastview
2nd Place – Austin Benton of Stoughton
3rd Place – Ryan Jones of St Michael-Albertville
4th Place – Jake Olson of Anoka
5th Place – Taylor Cole of Charles City
Round 1
Austin Benton (Stoughton) won by fall over Ryan Jones (St Michael-Albertville) (Fall 5:00)
Jake Olson (Anoka) won by decision over Taylor Cole (Charles City) (Dec 13-8)
Round 2
Nicholas Pegelow (Eastview) won by major decision over Jake Olson (Anoka) (Maj 11-2)
Ryan Jones (St Michael-Albertville) won in overtime over Taylor Cole (Charles City) (OT 5-3)
Round 3
Nicholas Pegelow (Eastview) won by fall over Taylor Cole (Charles City) (Fall 4:30)
Austin Benton (Stoughton) won by fall over Jake Olson (Anoka) (Fall 4:42)
Round 4
Nicholas Pegelow (Eastview) won by decision over Austin Benton (Stoughton) (Dec 8-7)
Ryan Jones (St Michael-Albertville) won by fall over Jake Olson (Anoka) (Fall 2:52)
Round 5
Nicholas Pegelow (Eastview) won by decision over Ryan Jones (St Michael-Albertville) (Dec 7-6)
Austin Benton (Stoughton) won by injury default over Taylor Cole (Charles City) (Inj. 0:00)

High School – 220
1st Place – Nathan Rose of Sibley East
2nd Place – Christian DuLaney of Benilde-St Margaret`s
3rd Place – Jacob Lynch of Rush City
4th Place – Jalen Cabrera of Willmar
5th Place – Aaron Maloy of Charles City
6th Place – Cody Linssen of Park
1st: Nathan Rose (Sibley East) won by decision over Christian DuLaney (Benilde-St Margaret`s) (Dec 6-4)
3rd: Jacob Lynch (Rush City) won by fall over Jalen Cabrera (Willmar) (Fall 1:33)
5th: Aaron Maloy (Charles City) won by injury default over Cody Linssen (Park) (Inj. 0:00)

High School – 285
1st Place – George Weege of Winona
2nd Place – Zachary Kennedy of Pine Island
3rd Place – Caleb Hanson of Clarion-Goldfield
4th Place – Reid Johnson of Chanhassen
5th Place – Aaron Moore of Minnetonka
6th Place – Timothy Duffy of Eastview
1st: George Weege (Winona) won by decision over Zachary Kennedy (Pine Island) (Dec 8-5)
3rd: Caleb Hanson (Clarion-Goldfield) won by fall over Reid Johnson (Chanhassen) (Fall 1:34)
5th: Aaron Moore (Minnetonka) won by fall over Timothy Duffy (Eastview) (Fall 5:30)

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