Yellowjacket Open

Yellowjacket Open results. November 2, 2013 at Rochester, Minn.

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OPEN – 125
1st: Dakota Trom (RCTC) won by fall over Tanner Johnshoy (SCSU) (Fall 2:22)
3rd: Jarred Oftedahl (SCSU) won by fall over Joel Salomon (SCSU) (Fall 1:22)
5th: Shane Novak (MOOR) won by tech fall over Justice Parker (TCC) (TF 18-3)

OPEN – 133
1st: Carson Henry (UN) won by fall over Robert Turner (TCC) (Fall 1:03)
3rd: Logan Crosby (RW) won by decision over Andrew Foutch (SCSU) (Dec 4-3)
5th: Adam Sutlief (RW) won by forfeit over Jameel Carter (TCC) (FF)

OPEN – 141
1st: Joe Munos (RCTC) won by decision over Nathaniel Behnke (UWEC) (Dec 6-3)
3rd: Tanner Mills (MANK) won by fall over Label Lewis (RCTC) (Fall 4:21)
5th: Frank Wilczek (RW) won by fall over Eliot Jurries (MANK) (Fall 0:40)

OPEN – 149
1st: Kaden Spurgeon (SCSU) won by decision over Mitchell Hartwig (MANK) (Dec 3-2)
3rd: Matt Meyer (RW) won by fall over Trevor Scott (RCTC) (Fall 2:00)
5th: Brett Stolarzyk (SCSU) won by fall over Joe Franta (MANK) (Fall 6:35)

OPEN – 157
1st: Adam Cooling (MANK) won by decision over Bryce Andrews (MANK) (Dec 8-3)
3rd: Darius Henry of TCC vs Jared Nickman of MN-W – result n/a
5th: Matt Koch (UWEC) won by decision over Austin Koski (RCTC) (Dec 3-1)

OPEN – 165
1st: Alex Anaya (SCSU) won by major decision over Ryan Behnke (UWEC) (Maj 14-6)
3rd: Damien Luchterhand (SCSU) won by tech fall over Max Bullock (MANK) (TF 16-0)
5th: Ben Tinkham (RCTC) won by fall over Julian Calderon (SCSU) (Fall 1:53)

OPEN – 174
1st: Ben Goodwin (MN-W) won by decision over Garrett Miller (RCTC) (Dec 6-5)
3rd: Darick Vancura (MANK) won by fall over Alex Van Krevelen (UN) (Fall 0:43)
5th: Tim Moore (SCSU) won by forfeit over Wyatt Lafriniere (UMD) (FF)

OPEN – 184
1st: Dylon Braun (SCSU) won by decision over James Nelson (MANK) (Dec 9-3)
3rd: Scott VanDeLoo (MANK) won by major decision over Brett Hoffman (RW) (Maj 13-4)
5th: Jorge Munoz-Pederson (MOOR) won by decision over Shawn Johnson (RW) (Dec 10-4)

OPEN – 197
1st: Mike Kessler (MANK) won by fall over Josh Cormican (UWEC) (Fall 4:22)
3rd: Tyler Schlosser (MOOR) won by fall over Schoen Kichler (RW) (Fall 2:53)
5th: Juan Gomez of RCTC vs Richard Runyon of TCC – result n/a

OPEN – 285
1st: Trae Story (SCSU) won by decision over Mike Dyer (RCTC) (Dec 11-4)
3rd: Dan Lovik (MANK) won by decision over Joey Urso (TCC) (Dec 1-0)
5th: Spencer Mueske (RCTC) won by decision over Justn Karkula (UWEC) (Dec 13-10)

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