Becker Triangular

Becker Triangular
Becker 40 Fillmore Central/Lanesboro/Mabel-Canton 28
Fillmore Central/Lanesboro/Mabel-Canton 42 Champlin Park 26
Becker 61 Champlin Park 6
106 Josh Lumley (Bec) Dec over Dalton Droemuller (CP) 5-2
113 Kevin Andres (Bec) over Forfeit
120 Colten Demant (Bec) Dec. over Malik Byrd (CP) 8-3
126 Giovanni Jessee (CP) Fall over Zach Fisher (Bec) 1:58
132 Andy Johnson (Bec) over Forfeit
138 Caleb Vekved (Bec) Dec. over Paul Winkerman (CP) 1-0
145 Cody Ferris (Bec) Fall over Andrew Ockuly (CP) 4:57
152 Jaylin Hildebrandt (Bec) Maj. Dec Brandon Sukkinen (CP) 14-0
160 Zack Zimmer (Bec) Fall over John Danner (CP) 1:52
170 Tyler France (Bec) OT Dec over Dalton Lesser (CP) 3-1
182 Bobby Lee (Bec) Fall over Abraham Ricks (CP) 0:53
195 Chris Weberg (Bec) Dec over Roy Nyangaresi (CP) 6-1
220 Mason Olson (Bec) Fall over Tim Warren (CP) 1:05
285 Casey Vesledahl (Bec) over Forfeit

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