Browerville Duals

Browerville Tiger DualsDuals

Holdingford 37 Prairie Valley 33
106: Justin Mattocks (PV) pinned Alex Lange (HOLD) in 3 minutes and 57 seconds.
113: Jamey Koetter (HOLD) won by forfeit.
120: Ryan Skroch (HOLD) beat Will Dodds (PV) 11-8 (Decision).
126: Zach Scott (HOLD) pinned Nolan Hart (PV) in 21 seconds.
132: Tom Leeseberg (PV) beat Tazz Taflinger (HOLD) 0-13 (Major Decision).
138: Clem Gerads (HOLD) pinned Mason Nibbe (PV) in 47 seconds.
145: Jake Knettel (HOLD) pinned Nic Shircliff (PV) in 3 minutes and 12 seconds.
152: Kyle Gerads (HOLD) pinned CJ Marotto (PV) in 58 seconds.
160: Kyle Schlosser (PV) pinned Nolan Prokott (HOLD) in 2 minutes and 37 seconds.
170: Dillion Borchert (PV) pinned Tony Kierstead (HOLD) in 4 minutes and 58 seconds.
182: Nathan Brinker (HOLD) beat Josh McKeown (PV) 20-6 (Major Decision).
195: Double Forfeit
220: Eric Brauch (PV) won by forfeit.
Hwt: Logan Nibbe (PV) won by forfeit.

Holdingford 33 Border West 27
106: Kaden Spindler (BW) pinned won by forfeit .
113: Jamey Koetter (HOLD) pinned Dylan Menge (BW) in 1 minute and 43 seconds.
120: Ryan Skroch (HOLD) beat Jason Martinez (BW) 10-6 (Decision).
126: Cameron Sykora (BW) beat Zach Scott (HOLD) 0-3 (Decision).
132: Tazz Taflinger (HOLD) beat Mason Pullis (BW) 9-7 (Decision).
138: Clem Gerads (HOLD) pinned Chase Odegaard (BW) in 30 seconds.
145: Jake Knettel (HOLD) pinned Eric Schwagel (BW) in 4 minutes and 43 seconds.
152: Kyle Gerads (HOLD) beat Dylan Pullis (BW) 4-3 (Decision).
160: Carter Behrens (BW) beat Nolan Prokott (HOLD) 5-1 (Decision).
170: Tony Kierstead (HOLD) won by forfeit against Border West.
182: Austin Maanum (BW) beat Nathan Brinker (HOLD) 10-9 (Decision).
195: Zak Adelman (BW) won by forfeit.
220: Chris Kleindl (BW) won by forfeit.
Hwt: Double Forfeit

West Central Area/Ashby/Evansville 49 Holdingford 26
106 Drake Swanson (WCAAE) Fall Alex Lange (HOL)1:27
113 Jake Nohre (WCAAE) Maj. Dec. Jamey Koetter (HOL) 12-4
120 Levi Larkin (WCAAE) Dec. Ryan Skroch (HOL) 7-5 OT
126 Zach Scott (HOL) Tech. Fall Keaton Long (WCAAE) No Time Given
132 Tazz Taflinger (HOL) Fall Tyler Onstad (WCAAE) 1:24
138 Clem Gerads (HOL) Fall Jake Larkin (WCAAE) 1:45
145 Jake Knettel (HOL) Dec. Kyle Mickelsen (WCAAE) 4-0
152 Kyle Gerads (HOL) Fall Kode Seifort (WCAAE) 1:15
160 Royal Crow (WCAAE) Won by Forfeit
170 Braedon Long (WCAAE) Won by Forfeit
182 Blake Amundson (WCAAE) Won by Forfeit
195 Sid Kamrath (WCAAE) Won by Forfeit
220 Hunter Fick (WCAAE) Won by Forfeit
285 Buzz Miller (WCAAE) won per forfeit

West Central Area/Ashby/Evansville 53 Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa 17
106 Drake Swanson (WCAAE) Fall Tyler Bents (BBE) 4:45
113 Jake Nohre (WCAAE) Dec. Kaleb Voss (BBE) 10-4
120 Josey Tensen (BBE) Tech. Fall Levi Larkin (WCAAE) No Time given
126 Keaton Long (WCAAE) Fall Adam Jaeger (BBE) 3:09
132 Tyler Onstad (WCAAE) Tech. Fall Isiah Gilbert (BBE) No Time Given
138 Jake Larkin (WCAAE) Fall Jonah Voss (BBE) 3:20
145 Kyle Mickelsen (WCAAE) Fall Treven Quade (BBE) 1:30
152 Royal Crow (WCAAE) Dec. Alex Schramel (BBE) 9-6
160 Braedon Long (WCAAE) Dec. Trustin Ziemer (BBE) 6-2
170 Ben Thompson (BBE) Fall Blake Amundson (WCAAE) 3:07
182 Sid Kamrath (WCAAE) Dec. Joe Reller (BBE) 6-1
195 Hunter Fick (WCAAE) Won by Borfeit
220 Buzz Miller (WCAAE) Won by Forfeit
285 Ben Feuerhake (BBE) Fall T.J.Waskosky (WCAAE) 1:02

West Central Area/Ashby/Evansville 60 Prairie Valley 15
106 Drake Swanson (WCCAE) Fall Trevor Arceneau (PV) 2:30
113 Jake Nohre (WCAAE) Won by Forfeit
120 Levi Larkin (WCAAE) Dec. Will Dodds (PV) 2-1
126 Keaton Long (WCAAE) Fall Nolan Hart (PV) 1:02
132 Tom Leesberg (PV) Dec. Tyler Onstad (WCAAE) 7-3
138 Jake Larkin (WCAAE) Fall Mason Nibbe (PV) 1:20
145 Kyle Mickelsen (WCAAE) Fall Zach Ward (PV) 5:36
152 Royal Crow (WCAE) Fall Nic Shirclk (PV) 2:19
160 Braedon Long (WCAAE) Fall C.J.Marotto (PV) 1:32
170 Blake Amundson (WCAAE) Dec. Dillon Borchet (PV) 2-1
182 Josh McKeown (PV) Fall Sid Kamrath (PV) 1:12
195 Hunter Fick (WCAAE) Won by Forfeit
220 T.J. Waskosky (WCAAE) Fall Eric Brauch (PV) :10
285 Logan Nibbe (PV) defeated Buzz Miller (WCAAE) 3-1 OT

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