Division II Wrestling Coaches Association Rankings

EDMOND, Okla. — Notre Dame (Ohio) maintained its hold on the No. 1 ranking in the NCAA Division II wrestling poll, it was announced Wednesday by the Division II Wrestling Coaches Association.

The Falcons earned seven first-place votes and finished with 159 points in balloting of head coaches from around the country to keep the top spot for the fifth straight time. NDC has seven wrestlers in the individual rankings, topped by No. 1 pick Joey Davis at 174 pounds.

Two-time defending national champion Nebraska-Kearney earned the remaining first-place vote and earned 153 points to jump from fourth to second in the poll. Newberry is third with 142 points, St. Coud State (Minn.) fourth with 138 and
Central Oklahoma fifth with 117.

Rounding out the top 10 is Fort Hays State (Kan.), Upper Iowa, Western State (Colo.) Mercyhurst (Pa.) and Kutztown (Pa.).

Central Oklahoma has three top-ranked individuals in 149-pounder Jordan Basks, 157-pounder Cory Dauphin and 165-pounder Chris Watson, while Nebraska-Kearney has two in 133-pounder Daniel DeShazer and 197-pounder Romero Cotton.

The top 20 poll, with points and each team’s last ranking, following by the individual rankings at each weight:

[eztable width=”700″]
Rank,School (State),Points,Previous
1,Notre Dame (Ohio),159,1st
3,Newberry (S.C.),142,2nd
4,St. Cloud State (Minn.),138,3th
5,Central Oklahoma,117,5th
6,Fort Hays State (Kan.),112,6th
7,Upper Iowa,104,8th
8,Western State (Colo.),97,9th
9,Mercyhurst (Pa.),95,12th
10,Kutztown (Pa.),93,7th
11,Indianapolis (Ind.),80,10th
12,Pittsburgh-Johnstown (Pa.),60,T13th
T13.,Colorado Mesa,54,18th
T13.,McKendree (Ill.),54,15th
15,Adams State (Colo.),49,11th
16,San Francisco State (Calif.),27,T19th
T17.,Ashland (Ohio),26,17th
19,Maryville (Mo.),25,T19th
20,Ouachita Baptist (Ark.),19,T13th

Others receiving votes: California Baptist, Gannon (Pa.), Lake Erie (Ohio), Lindenwood (Mo.), Southwest Minnesota.

[eztable width=”700″]
125 Pounds,,,
1,Bryden Lazaro,California Baptist,2
2,Skylor Davis,Simon Fraser (Canada),3
3,Dave Fogle,Pittsburgh-Johnstown (Pa.),4
4,T.J. North,Augustana (S.D.),5
5,Alex Johns,Indianapolis (Ind.),1
6,Jeff Vesta,Newberry (S.C.),6
7,Connor Bolling,Nebraska-Kearney,NR
8,Adam Ludwin,Fort Hays State (Kan.),7
133 Pounds,,,
1,Daniel DeShazer,Nebraska-Kearney,1
2,Andy Pokorny,St. Cloud State (Minn.),2
3,Michael Labry,Ashland (Ohio),3
4,Dustin Stodola,Chadron State (Neb.),4
5,Casy Rowell,Central Oklahoma,5
6,Marty Carlson,Notre Dame (Ohio),6
7,Evan Yenolevich,Kutztown (Pa.),7
8,Justin Reinsma,Southwest Minnesota,8
141 Pounds,,,
1,Ryan Fillingame,Adams State (Colo.),1
2,Maurice Miller,Notre Dame (Ohio),3
3,B.J. Young,Newberry (S.C.),5
4,Matt Nelson,St. Cloud State (Minn.),4
5,C.J. Napier,Fort Hays State (Kan.),NR
6,Daniel Ownbey,North Carolina-Pembroke,6
7,Dylan D’Urso,Mercyhurst (Pa.),7
8,Alphonso Vruno,Minnesota State-Mankato,NR
149 Pounds,,,
1,Jordan Basks,Central Oklahoma,1
2,James Martinez,Colorado Mesa,2
3,Frank Cagnina,Central Missouri,3
4,Cameryn Brady,Indianapolis (Ind.),4
5,Edwin Cooper,Upper Iowa,5
6,Ryan Maus,Truman State (Mo.),6
7,Trevor Johnson,Mary (N.D.),7
8,Kyle Williams,McKendree (Ill.),8
157 Pounds,,,
1,Cory Dauphin,Central Oklahoma,1
2,Brady Bersano,California Baptist,5
3,Zak Vargo,Lake Erie (Ohio),2
4,Josh Ballard,McKendree (Ill.),7
5,Clint Poster,St. Cloud State (Minn.),4
6,Chase White,Nebraska-Kearney,3
7,Jon Rivera,Notre Dame (Ohio),8
8,Ray Hall,Colorado State-Pueblo,NR
165 Pounds,,,
1,Chris Watson,Central Oklahoma,1
2,Braden Turner,East Stroudsburg (Pa.),5
3,Dimitri Willis,Maryville (Mo.),NR
4,Jessie Hoffschneider,Colorado Mesa,NR
5,Brock Smith,Nebraska-Kearney,NR
6,Eric Burgey,Notre Dame (Ohio),NR
7,Gabe Fogarty,St. Cloud State (Minn.),2
8,Nick Giulietti,American International (Mass.),6
174 Pounds,,,
1,Joey Davis,Notre Dame (Ohio),1
2,Adam Walters,Findlay (Ohio),2
3,Elliot Copeland,Western State (Colo.),3
4,Patrick Martinez,Nebraska-Kearney,4
5,Brendan McKeown,East Stroudsburg (Pa.),5
6,Chester Granard,Colorado Mesa,7
7,Trevor Grant,Colorado State-Pueblo,8
8,Zeb Wahle,Maryville (Mo.),NR
184 Pounds,,,
1,Dallas Smith,Ouachita Baptist (Ark.),1
2,Bryson Hall,Ashland (Ohio),3
3,Travis McKillop,Pittsburgh-Johnstown (Pa.),2
4,Blake Sorensen,Upper Iowa,4
5,Zack Zelcs,Gannon (Pa.),5
6,Garrett Lineberger,Notre Dame (Ohio),NR
7,Kyle Piatt,Western State (Colo.),6
8,Jordan DeBus,Chadron State (Neb.),7
197 Pounds,,,
1,Romero Cotton,Nebraska-Kearney,1
2,Carl Broghammer,Upper Iowa,2
3,Brandon Johnson,Notre Dame (Ohio),3
4,Julian Smith,McKendree (Ill.),5
5,Jayd Docken,Augustana (S.D.),4
6,Joe Brandt,Ashland (Ohio),6
7,Tanner Kriss,Fort Hays State (Kan.),8
8,Paul Wilson,Colorado School of Mines,NR
285 Pounds,,,
1,Ziad Haddad,Kutztown (Pa.),1
2,Matt Wade,Newberry (S.C.),3
3,Austin Goergen,St. Cloud State (Minn.),4
4,Kevin Christman,Tiffin (Ohio),5
5,Donnell Walker,Maryville (Mo.),6
6,Logan Hopp,Upper Iowa,7
7,Trey Page,Fort Hays State (Kan.),NR
8,Steven Butler,Lindenwood (Mo.),NR