Rochester 54 Itasca 3

Rochester defeated Itasca 54-3 on January 21, 2014 in Grand Rapids, Minn.

Rochester 54 Itasca 3
125-Josh Farr RCTC Forfeit ICC
133- Label Lewis RCTC Forfeit ICC
141- Joe Munos RCTC Forfeit ICC
149- Trevor Scott RCTC WBF over Josh Greetan ICC
157- Zach Pickering RCTC WBF over Marcus Riggle ICC
165- Marcus Blount-McKinnley RCTC Forfeit ICC
174- Garret Miller RCTC WBF over Matt Mason ICC
184- David Johnson RCTC Forfeit ICC
197- Juan Gomez RCTC WBF over Justin Peper ICC
HWT- Alex Yeager ICC 6-3 Decision over Mike Dyer RCTC

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