Rochester Yellowjackets Place 7th at 2014 NWCA National Duals

The Rochester Community and Technical College Yellowjackets competed in the NWCA National Duals this past weekend in Des Moines, IA. The Jackets went 3-2 to capture 7th place in the NJCAA Division.

RCTC YellowjacketsRochester started the event with a loss to IA Central, and then rebounded with a pair of wins over two top ten-ranked NJCAA schools – Lincoln and Nassau. During the second day of the event the Yellowjackets lost to North Iowa Area Community College before finishing in 7th place with a win over Iowa Western Community College.

Leading Rochester with 5-0 records were Dakota Trom and Garret Miller. “Dakota and Garret looked very good at this event. Both of them had no issues going up a weight class to pick up wins for the team,” said Coach Rager. Trom not only had five wins, but three were by fall.

By watching Miller this past weekend, you would never know that he has been out with an injury and removed his own cast to compete in this competition. Miller wrestled 174 and 184 depending on where the team needed a win. He also picked up three falls in his five matches.

NWCA Multi-Divisional National Duals Results and Information

The Yellowjacekts compete next in the IA/MN Duals on Saturday 1/18. The event is hosted by RCTC with wrestling action starting at 10:00.

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Match #1 Champ. Round 1:

Iowa Central defeated Rochester 34-18
125 – Nate Smith (Iowa Central) over Josh Farr (Rochester) Fall 6:01
133 – Dakota Trom (Rochester) over Darrell Pampkin (Iowa Central) Fall 3:56
141 – Teddie Harvey (Iowa Central) over Label Lewis (Rochester) Fall 4:15
149 – Richie Lewis (Iowa Central) over Trevor Scott (Rochester) Fall 4:04
157 – Ryan Niven (Iowa Central) over Marcus Blount-mckinley (Rochester) TF 15-0
165 – Cory Berry (Rochester) over Corbin Farrell (Iowa Central) Fall 3:44
174 – Christopher Whilden (Iowa Central) over Ben Tinkham (Rochester) Fall 5:54
184 – Garrett Miller (Rochester) over Gunnar Clark (Iowa Central) Fall 2:10
197 – Bryce Fisher (Iowa Central) over Josh Vaughan (Rochester) Dec 14-7
285 – Malcolm Allen (Iowa Central) over Mike Dyer (Rochester) Dec 1-0
Iowa Central’s team score was adjusted by -1.000 for Un-sportsman

Match #2 Cons. Round 1:

Rochester defeated Lincoln 33-18
125 – Leslie Williams (Lincoln) over Josh Farr (Rochester) Dec 9-3
133 – Dakota Trom (Rochester) over Camron Halton (Lincoln) Fall 1:44
141 – Label Lewis (Rochester) over Jeremiah Tucker-Shead (Lincoln) Fall 4:48
149 – Trevor Scott (Rochester) over Graham Lough (Lincoln) Fall 6:55
157 – Luke Dunn (Lincoln) over Marcus Blount-mckinley (Rochester) Dec 10-5
165 – Cory Berry (Rochester) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
174 – Ben Tinkham (Rochester) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
184 – Garrett Miller (Rochester) over Archie Williams (Lincoln) Dec 6-4
197 – Stephon Rudicil (Lincoln) over Josh Vaughan (Rochester) Fall 1:05
285 – Dequence Goodman (Lincoln) over Mike Dyer (Rochester) Fall 2:47

Match #3 Cons. Round 2:

Rochester defeated Nassau 31-18
125 – Tyler Walsh (Nassau) over Josh Farr (Rochester) Fall 1:10
133 – Dakota Trom (Rochester) over Santiago Valdez (Nassau) Fall 2:04
141 – Label Lewis (Rochester) over Vincent Turano (Nassau) Dec 7-3
149 – Alexis Blanco (Nassau) over Trevor Scott (Rochester) Dec 5-4
157 – Kyle Wade (Nassau) over Marcus Blount-mckinley (Rochester) TF 16-1
165 – Adam Dejesus (Nassau) over Cory Berry (Rochester) Maj 17-4
174 – Garrett Miller (Rochester) over Zacharia Small (Nassau) Fall 1:06
184 – Ben Tinkham (Rochester) over Steve Lambert (Nassau) Fall 3:40
197 – Josh Vaughan (Rochester) over Chris Chambers (Nassau) Maj 17-8
285 – Mike Dyer (Rochester) over Nicholas Brennan (Nassau) Fall 1:35

Match #4 Cons. Semi:

North Iowa Area defeated Rochester 38-15
125 – Jp Gamez (North Iowa Area) over Josh Farr (Rochester) Maj 12-1
133 – Dakota Trom (Rochester) over Jorge Pau (North Iowa Area) Dec 7-2
141 – Blake Spotts (North Iowa Area) over Label Lewis (Rochester) Fall 2:38
149 – Nosomy Pozo (North Iowa Area) over Trevor Scott (Rochester) TF 21-5
157 – Yoanse Mejias (North Iowa Area) over Marcus Blount-mckinley (Rochester) Fall 2:59
165 – Tristin Luther (North Iowa Area) over Cory Berry (Rochester) Fall 3:46
174 – Garrett Miller (Rochester) over Thomas Daniels (North Iowa Area) Fall 3:42
184 – Andy Glaser (North Iowa Area) over Ben Tinkham (Rochester) TF 17-0
197 – Shakheim Chapman (North Iowa Area) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
285 – Mike Dyer (Rochester) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

Match #5 7th Place Match:

Rochester defeated Iowa Western 26-23
125 – Adrian Lozano (Iowa Western) over Josh Farr (Rochester) Maj 12-2
133 – Dakota Trom (Rochester) over Wilfred Charbono (Iowa Western) TF 16-0
141 – Label Lewis (Rochester) over Sergio Lopez (Iowa Western) Fall 1:35
149 – Tyler Nation (Iowa Western) over Trevor Scott (Rochester) Dec 5-3
157 – Aleksei Vickers (Iowa Western) over Marcus Blount-mckinley (Rochester) Maj 10-2
165 – Cory Berry (Rochester) over Tim Hester (Iowa Western) Inj 2:22
174 – Garrett Miller (Rochester) over Matt Walker (Iowa Western) Dec 8-3
184 – Ben Tinkham (Rochester) over Josh Kloppel (Iowa Western) Fall 2:34
197 – Tim Mcdonald (Iowa Western) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
285 – Nathan Judge (Iowa Western) over Mike Dyer (Rochester) Fall 1:01

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