Briar Cliff Open

Briar Cliff Open results. February 1, 2014 at Sioux City, Iowa.

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125 Results
1st Place – Andrew Clark of Grand View
2nd Place – Bo Bettinson of Waldorf
3rd Place – Ernesto Escobar of Grand View
4th Place – David Potratz of Augustana
1st: Andrew Clark (Grand View) 26-10, Jr. over Bo Bettinson (Waldorf) 4-1, Jr. (Dec 7-1).
3rd: Ernesto Escobar (Grand View) 5-1, Fr. over David Potratz (Augustana) 11-8, Fr. (Dec 8-7).

133 Results
1st Place – Joao Vicente of William Penn
2nd Place – Scottie Bonds of William Penn
3rd Place – Jacob Grant of Grand View
4th Place – Kodie Cole of Condordia
1st: Joao Vicente (William Penn) 4-0, So. over Scottie Bonds (William Penn) 3-1, Fr. (Inj. 0:00).
3rd: Jacob Grant (Grand View) 4-1, Fr. over Kodie Cole (Condordia) 2-2, . (Dec 3-1).

141 Results
1st Place – Walker Marshall of Grand View
2nd Place – Kevin Olson of Morningside
3rd Place – Brandon Chesnut of Augustana
4th Place – Michael Frehse of Northwestern
1st: Walker Marshall (Grand View) 27-12, Fr. over Kevin Olson (Morningside) 15-7, Sr. (MD 8-0).
3rd: Brandon Chesnut (Augustana) 14-12, So. over Michael Frehse (Northwestern) 4-2, Fr. (Fall 1:38).

149 Results
1st Place – Dillon Kifer of Jamestown
2nd Place – David Kellogg of Grand View
3rd Place – Justian Dixon of Grand View
4th Place – Tyler Boyer of Midland
1st: Dillon Kifer (Jamestown) 18-7, So. over David Kellogg (Grand View) 4-1, So. (Fall 0:46).
3rd: Justian Dixon (Grand View) 5-1, Sr. over Tyler Boyer (Midland) 4-2, Fr. (Dec 3-2).

157 Results
1st Place – Colin Holler of South Dakota State
2nd Place – Clayton Ream of North Dakota State
3rd Place – Mitchell Rechtzigel of Augustana
4th Place – Jevon Schnaubert of Jamestown
1st: Colin Holler (South Dakota State ) 4-0, Fr. over Clayton Ream (North Dakota State) 4-1, Fr. (Dec 5-0).
3rd: Mitchell Rechtzigel (Augustana) 21-13, Fr. over Jevon Schnaubert (Jamestown) 12-21, Jr. (MD 8-0).

165 Results
1st Place – Patrick Nord of Jamestown
2nd Place – Cameron Ream of Missouri Baptist
3rd Place – Nathaniel Stadeker of Grand View
4th Place – Parker Swanson of Augustana
1st: Patrick Nord (Jamestown) 23-5, Sr. over Cameron Ream (Missouri Baptist) 4-1, Sr. (Dec 13-12).
3rd: Nathaniel Stadeker (Grand View) 4-1, Jr. over Parker Swanson (Augustana) 11-8, Jr. (Fall 1:39).

174 Results
1st Place – James Roach of St Olaf
2nd Place – Dyaln Blackford of Grand View
3rd Place – Joe Madison of York
4th Place – Jaykob Miller of Jamestown
1st: James Roach (St Olaf) 18-2, Sr. over Dyaln Blackford (Grand View) 22-8, . (Dec 9-2).
3rd: Joe Madison (York) 14-9, Sr. over Jaykob Miller (Jamestown) 24-13, Sr. (Dec 7-4).

184 Results
1st Place – Tyree Cox of Northwestern
2nd Place – Justin Koethe of Grand View
3rd Place – Logan Kellogg of Grand View
4th Place – Dalton Peterson of Grand View
1st: Tyree Cox (Northwestern) 4-0, Jr. over Justin Koethe (Grand View) 3-1, Fr. (Dec 7-6).
3rd: Logan Kellogg (Grand View) 4-1, Fr. over Dalton Peterson (Grand View) 4-2, Fr. (Inj. 0:00).

197 Results
1st Place – Lucas Keene of Missouri Baptist
2nd Place – Lane Lettau of Augustana
3rd Place – Derrick Hawkins of Grand View
4th Place – Ken Burkhardt of Condordia
1st: Lucas Keene (Missouri Baptist) 4-0, Sr. over Lane Lettau (Augustana) 16-11, Fr. (Fall 0:42).
3rd: Derrick Hawkins (Grand View) 4-1, So. over Ken Burkhardt (Condordia) 4-2, . (Dec 11-4).

285 Results
1st Place – Zack Gibson of St Olaf
2nd Place – Angel Gomez of Waldorf
3rd Place – Abram Reynolds of Briar Cliff
4th Place – Brian Ervin of Briar Cliff
1st: Zack Gibson (St Olaf) 19-2, So. over Angel Gomez (Waldorf) 3-1, So. (Dec 3-1).
3rd: Abram Reynolds (Briar Cliff) 5-1, Jr. over Brian Ervin (Briar Cliff) 4-2, So. (Inj. 0:00).

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