Mar 102014

INDIANAPOLIS — The NCAA Division III Wrestling Committee announced on Monday the participants in the 2014 NCAA Division III Wrestling Championship.

The championships will be held March 14-15 at the US Cellular Center in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Cornell (Iowa) will serve as the host.

A total of 180 participants will compete in the championships. Student-athletes qualified for the championship by placing top-three in their respective weight classes at one of the six NCAA regional tournaments held on March 1 and 2. will stream all sessions.

Division III Championship brackets 2014


125 Daniel Page Central (Iowa) Central (Loras)
125 Nicholas Rivera Dubuque Central (Loras)
125 Gilberto Camacho Wartburg Central (Loras)
133 Phillip Opelt Cornell (Iowa) Central (Loras)
133 Evan Obert Luther Central (Loras)
133 Kenny Anderson Wartburg Central (Loras)
141 Brian Travis Dubuque Central (Loras)
141 Matt Holmes Loras Central (Loras)
141 Connor Campo Wartburg Central (Loras)
149 Trevor Engle Cornell (Iowa) Central (Loras)
149 Nick Drendel Dubuque Central (Loras)
149 Mark Pinero Wartburg Central (Loras)
157 Dimitri Boyer Coe Central (Loras)
157 Steven DeWitt Loras Central (Loras)
157 Brett Yonkovic Wartburg Central (Loras)
165 Farai Sewera Coe Central (Loras)
165 Derek Mizaur Dubuque Central (Loras)
165 Cole Welter Wartburg Central (Loras)
174 Ethan Ball Coe Central (Loras)
174 Brent Hamm Cornell (Iowa) Central (Loras)
174 Landon Williams Wartburg Central (Loras)
184 Thomas Reyhons Augustana (Ill.) Central (Loras)
184 Ryan Sheldon Coe Central (Loras)
184 Jayden DeVilbiss Luther Central (Loras)
197 Donnie Horner Coe Central (Loras)
197 Alex Coolidge Cornell (Iowa) Central (Loras)
197 Punahele Soriano Wartburg Central (Loras)
HW Corey Becker Coe Central (Loras)
HW James Buss Loras Central (Loras)
HW Ryan Fank Wartburg Central (Loras)
125 Kevin Corrigan TCNJ East (Kings)
125 Paul Bewak Johns Hopkins East (Kings)
125 Michael Mui Merchant Marine East (Kings)
133 Jaydon Rice Hunter East (Kings)
133 Ryan O'Boyle McDaniel East (Kings)
133 Myzar Mendoza Wilkes East (Kings)
141 Logan Meister Ferrum East (Kings)
141 Henry Stauber Johns Hopkins East (Kings)
141 Brandon Jones New York East (Kings)
149 Dylan Thorson TCNJ East (Kings)
149 Vinny Fava Delaware Valley East (Kings)
149 Mark Hartenstine Wilkes East (Kings)
157 Emmanuel Ajagbe Delaware Valley East (Kings)
157 Richie Jasinski Ursinus East (Kings)
157 Kristopher Krawchuk Wilkes East (Kings)
165 Chris Burdge TCNJ East (Kings)
165 Tommy Desir Kings (Pa.) East (Kings)
165 Anthony Carlo Ursinus East (Kings)
174 Zach Zotollo YCNJ East (Kings)
174 Joshua Sibblies TCNJ East (Kings)
174 Kyle Diesel Wilkes East (Kings)
184 Brian Broderick TCNJ East (Kings)
184 Giovanni Santiago TCNJ East (Kings)
184 Ryan Dormann Stevens East (Kings)
197 Aaron Karns Delaware Valley East (Kings)
197 Christian Psomas Ursinus East (Kings)
197 Eric Bach Wilkes East (Kings)
HW Zach Roseberry Delaware Valley East (Kings)
HW Matan Peleg Ursinus East (Kings)
HW William Fletcher Wilkes East (Kings)
125 Jesse Gunter Balwin Wallace Mideast (York)
125 Matthias Ellis II Brockport Mideast (York)
125 Lucas Malmberg Messiah Mideast (York)
133 Andrew Taylor Balwin Wallace Mideast (York)
133 Colin McDermitt Heidelberg Mideast (York)
133 Jeremy Border Mount Union Mideast (York)
141 Kaleb Lott Messiah Mideast (York)
141 Wayne Black Mount St. Joseph Mideast (York)
141 Bryant Roby Mount Union Mideast (York)
149 Daniel Mirman John Carroll Mideast (York)
149 Brad Mayville RIT Mideast (York)
149 Luke Lohr Waynesburg Mideast (York)
157 Terner Gott John Carroll Mideast (York)
157 Jon Garrison Mount Union Mideast (York)
157 Josh Etzel Washington & Jefferson Mideast (York)
165 David Shapiro Balwin Wallace Mideast (York)
165 Stephen Cannon Messiah Mideast (York)
165 Nicholas Carr Washington & Jefferson Mideast (York)
174 William Herman Elizabethtown Mideast (York)
174 Ricardo Plummer Messiah Mideast (York)
174 Anthony Bonaventura Waynesburg Mideast (York)
184 Josh Thomson Messiah Mideast (York)
184 David Dibenedetto Washington and Jefferson Mideast (York)
184 Cameron Fine Waynesburg Mideast (York)
197 Paul Glover Brockport Mideast (York)
197 Jason Russell Heidelberg Mideast (York)
197 Jacob Lowry Thiel Mideast (York)
HW Nino Majoy Heidelberg Mideast (York)
HW Sean Brooks Mount St. Joseph Mideast (York)
HW Cody Lovejoy Ohio Northern Mideast (York)
125 Nicolas Santos North Central Midwest (Wabash)
125 Robert Bidlingmaier Olivet Midwest (Wabash)
125 Tommy Poynter Wabash Midwest (Wabash)
133 Brandon Preston Trine Midwest (Wabash)
133 Dustin Weinmann Wisconsin-LaCrosse Midwest (Wabash)
133 Jimmy Nehls Wisconsin-Whitewater Midwest (Wabash)
141 Charles Banaszak Chicago Midwest (Wabash)
141 Justin Holm Olivet Midwest (Wabash)
141 Matt Adcock Wisconsin-Whitewater Midwest (Wabash)
149 Ryan Prater Elmhurst Midwest (Wabash)
149 Gage Pederson Olivet Midwest (Wabash)
149 Elroy Perkins Wisconsin-Whitewater Midwest (Wabash)
157 Josh Tardy North Central Midwest (Wabash)
157 Reece Lefever Wabash Midwest (Wabash)
157 Mark Savenok Wheaton (Ill.) Midwest (Wabash)
165 Josh Sampson Wabash Midwest (Wabash)
165 Stephen Aiello Wheaton (Ill.) Midwest (Wabash)
165 Cedric Gibson Wisconsin-Whitewater Midwest (Wabash)
174 Jamie Jakes Alma Midwest (Wabash)
174 Nicholas Allen Olivet Midwest (Wabash)
174 Conner Lefever Wabash Midwest (Wabash)
184 Jeff Holm Olivet Midwest (Wabash)
184 Riley Lefever Wabash Midwest (Wabash)
184 Eric Twohey Wisconsin-La Crosse Midwest (Wabash)
197 Danny Balderas Elmhurst Midwest (Wabash)
197 Austin O'Neil Wabash Midwest (Wabash)
197 Shane Siefert Wisconsin-Whitewater Midwest (Wabash)
HW Mackenzie Green Trine Midwest (Wabash)
HW Jacob Minske Wisconsin-LaCrosse Midwest (Wabash)
HW Anthony Edgren Wisconsin-Whitewater Midwest (Wabash)
125 Jimmy Kaishian Ithaca Northeast (Wesleyan)
125 Jonathan Murray Rhode Island College Northeast (Wesleyan)
125 Sean Kempf Cortland State Northeast (Wesleyan)
133 Alex Gomez Ithaca Northeast (Wesleyan)
133 Silas Murray Rhode Island College Northeast (Wesleyan)
133 Nathaniel Giorgio Coast Guard Northeast (Wesleyan)
141 Dominick Giacolone Ithaca Northeast (Wesleyan)
141 Michael Ferinde Johnson & Wales (R.I.) Northeast (Wesleyan)
141 Brian Bistis Cortland State Northeast (Wesleyan)
149 Joey Gaccione Johnson & Wales (R.I.) Northeast (Wesleyan)
149 Eric Hamrick Springfield Northeast (Wesleyan)
149 Bobby Dierna Cortland State Northeast (Wesleyan)
157 Kevin Collins Ithaca Northeast (Wesleyan)
157 Everet Desilets Johnson & Wales (R.I.) Northeast (Wesleyan)
157 Jorge Lopez Williams Northeast (Wesleyan)
165 Kristoph Schimek Ithaca Northeast (Wesleyan)
165 Collin Crowell Roger Williams Northeast (Wesleyan)
165 Dylan Foley Springfield Northeast (Wesleyan)
174 Carlos Toribio Ithaca Northeast (Wesleyan)
174 Colin Lenhardt Johnson Wales (R.I.) Northeast (Wesleyan)
174 Lou Puca Cortland State Northeast (Wesleyan)
184 David Welch Roger Williams Northeast (Wesleyan)
184 Jonathan Deupree Southern Maine Northeast (Wesleyan)
184 Christop Chorzepa Williams Northeast (Wesleyan)
197 Shane Parcel Roger Williams Northeast (Wesleyan)
197 Joe Giaramita Cortland State Northeast (Wesleyan)
197 Petros Hologitas Trinity (Conn.) Northeast (Wesleyan)
HW Ricky Causo Bridgewater State Northeast (Wesleyan)
HW Lance Moore Cortland State Northeast (Wesleyan)
HW Kyle McGuire Trinity (Conn.) Northeast (Wesleyan)
125 Mike Fuenffinger Augsburg West (Augsburg)
125 Sean Ambrocio Concordia (Wis.) West (Augsburg)
125 Cole Ferguson Wisconsin-Platteville West (Augsburg)
133 Chad Bartschenfeld Augsburg West (Augsburg)
133 Marcus Lubner Concordia (Wis.) West (Augsburg)
133 Jacoby Bergeron Concordia-Moorhead West (Augsburg)
141 Marcus Hamer Augsburg West (Augsburg)
141 Ben Henle St. John's (Minn.) West (Augsburg)
141 Nathaniel Behnke Wisconsin-Eau Claire West (Augsburg)
149 Will Keeter Augsburg West (Augsburg)
149 Jacob Long Concordia-Moorhead West (Augsburg)
149 Ryan Seidler Wisconsin-Eau Claire West (Augsburg)
157 Kyle LeDuc Concordia-Moorhead West (Augsburg)
157 Carl Elmer St. Olaf West (Augsburg)
157 Nazar Kulchytskyy Wisconsin-Oshkosh West (Augsburg)
165 Justin Bowland Augsburg West (Augsburg)
165 Jake Krogstad Concordia-Moorhead West (Augsburg)
165 Peter Kootstra Milwaukee Engineering West (Augsburg)
174 Sebastian Gardner Concordia-Moorhead West (Augsburg)
174 James Roach St. Olaf West (Augsburg)
174 Dan Schiferl Wisconsin-Oshkosh West (Augsburg)
184 Tommy Teigen Augsburg West (Augsburg)
184 Christian Harrison Concordia-Moorhead West (Augsburg)
184 Caleb Malychewski Pacific West (Augsburg)
197 Matt Hechsel Augsburg West (Augsburg)
197 Jake Reuteler Concordia (Wis.) West (Augsburg)
197 Ryan Michaelis St. John's (Minn.) West (Augsburg)
HW Chad Johnson Augsburg West (Augsburg)
HW Cody Kasprick Concordia-Moorhead West (Augsburg)
HW Zack Gibson St. Olaf West (Augsburg)
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