NCAA Division II National Championships

NCAA Division II National Championships results. March 14-15, 2014 at Cleveland, Ohio.

1. Notre Dame (OH) 99.5
2. Nebraska-Kearney 64.5
3. Maryville University 58.5
4. Ouachita Baptist 56.0
5. Central Oklahoma 54.5
6. St. Cloud State 51.0
7. Lindenwood 48.5
8. University of Indianapolis 46.0
9. Pitt-Johnstown 44.5
10. McKendree University 43.5
11. UNC-Pembroke 38.5
12. Cal Baptist 38.0
13. University of Findlay 35.5
14. Ashland University 34.0
15. Upper Iowa 33.0
16. Newberry College 29.5
17. Kutztown 29.0
18. Central Missouri 27.5
19. Colorado Mesa 23.0
20. Western State Colorado 22.0
21. Fort Hays State 21.5
22. Mercyhurst 20.5
23. CSU-Pueblo 17.5
24. Augustana 16.0
25. Lake Erie College 14.5
26. Chadron State 13.5
27. Gannon 12.5
28. Adams State 5.0
28. San Francisco State 5.0
28. Southwest Minnesota 5.0
31. Minnesota State-Moorhead 1.5
32. West Liberty 1.0
33. Belmont Abbey 0.5
33. Coker College 0.5
33. Seton Hill 0.5
36. Anderson University 0.0
36. East Stroudsburg 0.0
36. New Mexico Highlands 0.0
36. Newman 0.0
36. Shippensburg 0.0
36. Simon Fraser 0.0
36. University of Wisconsin-Parkside 0.0

NCAA Division II National Championships brackets

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125 Results
1st Place – Ben Sergent of University of Findlay
2nd Place – TJ North of Augustana
3rd Place – Dave Fogle of Pitt-Johnstown
4th Place – Matthew Turek of Gannon
5th Place – Bryden Lazaro of Cal Baptist
6th Place – Marco Tamayo of Lindenwood
7th Place – Alex Johns of University of Indianapolis
8th Place – Garrett Evans of Ouachita Baptist
1st: Ben Sergent (University of Findlay) 23-6, RS Sr. over TJ North (Augustana) 33-4, So. (Dec 7-4).
3rd: Dave Fogle (Pitt-Johnstown) 31-6, Sr. over Matthew Turek (Gannon) 26-8, RS Jr. (Fall 2:54).
5th: Bryden Lazaro (Cal Baptist) 28-9, Sr. over Marco Tamayo (Lindenwood) 20-13, RS Jr. (Dec 12-7).
7th: Alex Johns (University of Indianapolis) 30-5, RS Sr. over Garrett Evans (Ouachita Baptist) 27-9, RS Jr. (MD 10-1).

133 Results
1st Place – Casy Rowell of Central Oklahoma
2nd Place – Daniel DeShazer of Nebraska-Kearney
3rd Place – Michael Labry of Ashland University
4th Place – Dustin Stodola of Chadron State
5th Place – Brenden Murphy of McKendree University
6th Place – Evan Yenolevich of Kutztown
7th Place – Nathan Rodriguez of Ouachita Baptist
8th Place – Isaiah Hurtado of San Francisco State
1st: Casy Rowell (Central Oklahoma) 38-5, Sr. over Daniel DeShazer (Nebraska-Kearney) 17-2, So. (TB-2 3-2).
3rd: Michael Labry (Ashland University) 36-5, So. over Dustin Stodola (Chadron State) 27-2, Sr. (Dec 6-1).
5th: Brenden Murphy (McKendree University) 42-11, RS Sr. over Evan Yenolevich (Kutztown) 15-4, Sr. (Fall 2:04).
7th: Nathan Rodriguez (Ouachita Baptist) 29-9, Fr. over Isaiah Hurtado (San Francisco State) 29-11, Jr. (Fall 2:12).

141 Results
1st Place – Daniel Ownbey of UNC-Pembroke
2nd Place – Joshua Myers of Ouachita Baptist
3rd Place – Dylan D`Urso of Mercyhurst
4th Place – Charles Napier of Fort Hays State
5th Place – Bradford Gerl of Cal Baptist
6th Place – BJ Young of Newberry College
7th Place – Darick Lapaglia of Maryville University
8th Place – Kyle Webb of Lindenwood
1st: Daniel Ownbey (UNC-Pembroke) 27-8, RS Jr. over Joshua Myers (Ouachita Baptist) 27-7, RS Jr. (Dec 2-1).
3rd: Dylan D`Urso (Mercyhurst) 32-4, So. over Charles Napier (Fort Hays State) 33-6, Sr. (TB-2 (RT) 3-3).
5th: Bradford Gerl (Cal Baptist) 10-8, So. over BJ Young (Newberry College) 38-9, RS Sr. (MD 15-6).
7th: Darick Lapaglia (Maryville University) 34-14, Fr. over Kyle Webb (Lindenwood) 29-18, RS Jr. (Fall 2:54).

149 Results
1st Place – Frank Cagnina of Central Missouri
2nd Place – Edwin Cooper of Upper Iowa
3rd Place – Terrel Wilbourn of Lindenwood
4th Place – Jay Hildreth of St. Cloud State
5th Place – James Martinez of Colorado Mesa
6th Place – Cameryn Brady of University of Indianapolis
7th Place – Kyle Williams of McKendree University
8th Place – Jeremy Landowski of Mercyhurst
1st: Frank Cagnina (Central Missouri) 40-2, Jr. over Edwin Cooper (Upper Iowa) 42-4, So. (Dec 6-2).
3rd: Terrel Wilbourn (Lindenwood) 14-5, RS So. over Jay Hildreth (St. Cloud State) 21-7, Jr. (Dec 4-3).
5th: James Martinez (Colorado Mesa) 19-4, Jr. over Cameryn Brady (University of Indianapolis) 36-4, RS Sr. (Dec 3-1).
7th: Kyle Williams (McKendree University) 36-12, RS Sr. over Jeremy Landowski (Mercyhurst) 24-7, So. (Dec 7-0).

157 Results
1st Place – Jonatan Rivera of Notre Dame (OH)
2nd Place – Cory Dauphin of Central Oklahoma
3rd Place – Clint Poster of St. Cloud State
4th Place – Justin Pencook of UNC-Pembroke
5th Place – Zak Vargo of Lake Erie College
6th Place – Ray Hall of CSU-Pueblo
7th Place – Bobby Williams of Ouachita Baptist
8th Place – Derrick Weller of Lindenwood
1st: Jonatan Rivera (Notre Dame (OH)) 25-6, So. over Cory Dauphin (Central Oklahoma) 39-1, Sr. (Dec 5-2).
3rd: Clint Poster (St. Cloud State) 33-8, RS So. over Justin Pencook (UNC-Pembroke) 23-9, RS Sr. (Fall 4:17).
5th: Zak Vargo (Lake Erie College) 35-6, RS Sr. over Ray Hall (CSU-Pueblo) 9-6, Sr. (Dec 7-5).
7th: Bobby Williams (Ouachita Baptist) 28-12, RS Sr. over Derrick Weller (Lindenwood) 26-17, RS Jr. (Fall 1:30).

165 Results
1st Place – Eric Burgey of Notre Dame (OH)
2nd Place – Chris Watson of Central Oklahoma
3rd Place – Jeff Weiss of University of Indianapolis
4th Place – Nick Haferkamp of McKendree University
5th Place – Dimitri Willis of Maryville University
6th Place – Brock Smith of Nebraska-Kearney
7th Place – Gabe Fogarty of St. Cloud State
8th Place – Ty Loethen of Central Missouri
1st: Eric Burgey (Notre Dame (OH)) 15-2, Sr. over Chris Watson (Central Oklahoma) 43-4, Jr. (Dec 4-2).
3rd: Jeff Weiss (University of Indianapolis) 33-7, RS Sr. over Nick Haferkamp (McKendree University) 30-15, RS Jr. (Dec 3-2).
5th: Dimitri Willis (Maryville University) 35-14, RS So. over Brock Smith (Nebraska-Kearney) 22-9, Sr. (Dec 6-2).
7th: Gabe Fogarty (St. Cloud State) 13-9, So. over Ty Loethen (Central Missouri) 23-10, Jr. (Dec 6-2).

174 Results
1st Place – Joey Davis of Notre Dame (OH)
2nd Place – Adam Walters of University of Findlay
3rd Place – Patrick Martinez of Nebraska-Kearney
4th Place – Elliot Copeland of Western State Colorado
5th Place – Chester Granard of Colorado Mesa
6th Place – Zeb Wahle of Maryville University
7th Place – Trevor Grant of CSU-Pueblo
8th Place – Blaze Shade of UNC-Pembroke
1st: Joey Davis (Notre Dame (OH)) 39-0, So. over Adam Walters (University of Findlay) 31-4, RS Sr. (Dec 4-1).
3rd: Patrick Martinez (Nebraska-Kearney) 25-2, Sr. over Elliot Copeland (Western State Colorado) 13-4, Jr. (Dec 5-3).
5th: Chester Granard (Colorado Mesa) 24-4, Sr. over Zeb Wahle (Maryville University) 37-11, RS Fr. (Dec 5-2).
7th: Trevor Grant (CSU-Pueblo) 21-14, Sr. over Blaze Shade (UNC-Pembroke) 25-11, So. (Dec 7-0).

184 Results
1st Place – Garrett Lineberger of Notre Dame (OH)
2nd Place – Travis McKillop of Pitt-Johnstown
3rd Place – Dallas Smith of Ouachita Baptist
4th Place – Nick Burghardt of Maryville University
5th Place – Kyle Piatt of Western State Colorado
6th Place – Jared Holliday of Newberry College
7th Place – Mark Fiala of Nebraska-Kearney
8th Place – Bryson Hall of Ashland University
1st: Garrett Lineberger (Notre Dame (OH)) 25-5, Fr. over Travis McKillop (Pitt-Johnstown) 31-5, Jr. (Fall 4:54).
3rd: Dallas Smith (Ouachita Baptist) 33-5, Jr. over Nick Burghardt (Maryville University) 34-12, So. (SV-1 (Fall) 7:21).
5th: Kyle Piatt (Western State Colorado) 29-5, Jr. over Jared Holliday (Newberry College) 40-13, Jr. (Dec 3-2).
7th: Mark Fiala (Nebraska-Kearney) 35-17, Sr. over Bryson Hall (Ashland University) 24-5, Jr. (Dec 6-3).

197 Results
1st Place – Romero Cotton of Nebraska-Kearney
2nd Place – Julian Smith of McKendree University
3rd Place – Carl Broghammer of Upper Iowa
4th Place – Brandonn Johnson of Notre Dame (OH)
5th Place – Joe Brandt of Ashland University
6th Place – Tanner Kriss of Fort Hays State
7th Place – Zachary Bennett of Pitt-Johnstown
8th Place – Evan Rosborough of Lake Erie College
1st: Romero Cotton (Nebraska-Kearney) 23-3, So. over Julian Smith (McKendree University) 42-8, RS Jr. (Dec 8-7).
3rd: Carl Broghammer (Upper Iowa) 42-4, Sr. over Brandonn Johnson (Notre Dame (OH)) 34-9, Sr. (Dec 10-5).
5th: Joe Brandt (Ashland University) 29-6, Jr. over Tanner Kriss (Fort Hays State) 15-9, Sr. (Fall 2:10).
7th: Zachary Bennett (Pitt-Johnstown) 25-6, Jr. over Evan Rosborough (Lake Erie College) 33-13, Fr. (Dec 6-2).

285 Results
1st Place – Ziad Haddad of Kutztown
2nd Place – Jacob Mitchell of Cal Baptist
3rd Place – Steve Butler of Lindenwood
4th Place – Donnell Walker of Maryville University
5th Place – Evan Wooding of University of Indianapolis
6th Place – Austin Goergen of St. Cloud State
7th Place – Josh Duplin of Pitt-Johnstown
8th Place – Matt Wade of Newberry College
1st: Ziad Haddad (Kutztown) 26-0, Jr. over Jacob Mitchell (Cal Baptist) 14-1, Jr. (Dec 5-4).
3rd: Steve Butler (Lindenwood) 20-2, RS Jr. over Donnell Walker (Maryville University) 36-10, RS Fr. (Dec 5-0).
5th: Evan Wooding (University of Indianapolis) 31-10, RS Sr. over Austin Goergen (St. Cloud State) 35-8, RS Fr. (Dec 8-7).
7th: Josh Duplin (Pitt-Johnstown) 27-14, So. over Matt Wade (Newberry College) 37-10, RS Sr. (TB-1 4-1).