SCSU Super 3 Wrestling Regional Day 1 Results

The #3 St. Cloud State University wrestling completed the first day of competition at the 2014 NCAA Division II Super 3 Regional in Edmond, Oklahoma on Friday, Feb. 28 with all 10 of its wrestlers still alive in competition. The 17 team tournament will conclude on Saturday, March 1 with the final rounds of competiton, which will help determine the top five contestants in each weight bracket who will qualify for the upcoming 2014 NCAA Division II championships.

SCSU HuskiesThe Huskies currently sit in fourth place in the team standings with 45.5 points along with host Central Oklahoma. The University of Nebraska-Kearney leads the tournament with 61.5 points, while Fort Hays State is second with 53.0 points and Lindenwood is third at 50.0 points.

SCSU wrestlers to advance to the championship round semi-finals include 133-pounder Andy Pokorny, 141-pounder Matt Nelson, Clint Poster at 157-pounds and Clayton Jennissen at 174-pounds. The complete results of the first day of competition are listed below.

If you would like to check out the tournament brackets after the first day of competition, please click TOURNAMENT BRACKETS FIRST DAY

Team Scores – Day 1
1. Nebraska-Kearney 61.5
2. Fort Hays State 53.0
3. Lindenwood 50.0
4. Central Oklahoma 45.5
4. St. Cloud State 45.5
6. Upper Iowa 42.0
7. Augustana 39.0
8. Ouachita Baptist 36.5
9. Central Missouri 27.5
10. Minnesota State-Moorhead 24.5
11. Southwest Minnesota 24.0
12. Minnesota State-Mankato 17.5
13. Minot State 13.0
14. Newman 10.0
15. Mary 9.0
15. Truman State 9.0
17. Northern State 2.5


125 pounds
1st Round: Malacai Collins (UCM) Dec. Tanner Johnshoy (SCSU) 7-3
Wrestleback: Tanner Johnshoy (SCSU) Fall Anthony Bruno (NSU) 6:26
2nd Round Wrestleback: Tanner Johnshoy (SCSU) dec. Connor Bolling (UNK) 8-6
3rd Round Wrestleback: Tannery Johnshoy (SCSU) will face Josh Breece (UCO) on March 1.

133 pounds
1st Round: Andrew Pokorny (SCSU) Dec. Joshua Douglas (Minot) 6-3
2nd Round: Andrew Pokorny (SCSU) MD Morgan Engebrecht (Augustana) 11-0
Semi-Finals: Andrew Pokorny (SCSU) will face Daniel DeShazer (UNK) on March 1.

141 pounds
1st Round: Matt Nelson (SCSU) Fall. Mark Smith (TSU) 2:09
2nd Round: Matt Nelson (SCSU) MD Jordan Roths (UIU)
Semi-Finals: Matt Nelson (SCSU) will face Charles Napier (FHSU) on March 1.

149 pounds
1st Round: Jay Hildreth (SCSU) MD. Beau Buysse (SMSU) 12-2
2nd Round: Destin McCauley (UNK) dec. Jay Hildreth (SCSU) 7-5
2nd Round Wrestleback: Jay Hildreth (SCSU) MD Jon Wilson (MINOT) 9-1
3rd Round Wrestleback: Jay Hildreth (SCSU) will face Noah Killip (FHSU) on March 1

157 pounds
1st Round: Clint Poster (SCSU) MD. Codie Lane (SMSU) 9-0
2nd Round: Clint Poster (SCSU) TB-1 Adam Coolings (MANKATO) 2-1
Semi-Finals: Clint Poster (SCSU) will face Bradyn Neises (AUGUSTANA) on March 1

165 pounds
1st Round: Brock Krumm (Mary) Dec. Gabe Forgarty (SCSU) 10-5
Wrestlerback: Gabe Fogarty (SCSU) dec. Tim Weber (AUGUSTANA) 5-2
2nd Round Wrestleback: Gabe Fogarty (SCSU) dec. Dalton Westerlund (UIU) 5-2
3rd Round Wrestleback: Gabe Fogarty (SCSU) will face Bradley Little (FHSU) on March 1.

174 pounds
1st. Round: Clayton Jennissen (SCSU) Dec. Michael Kubik (New) 4-0
2nd Round: Clayton Jennissen (SCSU) dec. Brendan Eichmann (MANKATO) 4-3
Semi-finals: Clayton Jennissen (SCSU) will face Pat Martinez (UNK) on March 1

184 pounds
1st Round: Dylon Braun (SCSU) MD. Tom Devito (Mary) 10-2
2nd Round: Sean Derry (AUGUSTANA) dec. Dylon Braun (SCSU) 7-6
2nd Round Wrestleback: Dylon Braun (SCSU) dec. Josh Ploof (UCM) 17-11
3rd Round Wrestleback: Dylon Braun (SCSU) will face Znick Ferrell (UCO) on March 1

197 pounds
1st Round: Chris Brassell (SCSU) Dec. Tyler Schlosser (Moor) 4-0
2nd Round: Jayd Docken (AUGUSTANA) dec. Chris Brassell (SCSU) 8-3
2nd Round Wrestleback: Chris Brassell (SCSU) dec. Garrett Henshaw (UCO) 4-1
3rd Round Wrestleback: Chris Brassell (SCSU) will face Kenny Breaux (Lindenwood) on March 1

285 pounds
1st Round: Gerad Fugleburg (Moor) Fall Austin Goergen (SCSU) 0:14
Wrestleback: Austin Goergen (SCSU) Fall Anthony Reurink (NSU) 1:05
2nd Round Wrestleback: Austin Goergen (SCSU) Fall Mike Lowman (AUGUSTANA) 1:38
3rd Round Wrestleback: Austin Goergen (SCSU) will face Kelsey Empting (UNK) on March 1